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Software : GPS Software

Product Name: Navi2Go Mobile
Company: 3DVU

Navi2Go Mobile enables mobile devices with limited processing power, graphics and memory to stream and display aerial images as 3D motion maps, with real time GPS tracking as well as routes and points of interest. All landmarks, roads and intersections are in the palm of your hand.

Product Name: Navi2Go Personal Navigation Device
Company: 3DVU

3DVU brings Navi2Go PND an on-board solution for your devices.

Product Name: Navi2Go Web
Company: 3DVU

Save your route corridor to your mobile device. View the route and its surrounding over a 3D image with terrain elevation. You can also print your route instructions with 3D images (with terrain elevation) from the driver‘s perspective. Save snapshots of your 3D route way-points (with terrain) to your portable music player or SMS them to your mobile phone.

Product Name: Virtual City
Company: 3DVU

3DVU will bring the ultimate urban navigation tool where it matters – on the go. High definition 3D models of actual urban buildings can now be streamed and displayed on mobile digital devices. The hurdles of limited computing devices and communications bandwidth have finally been overcome.

Product Name: Airborne LiDAR
Company: AAM

AAMHatch offers the team of Airborne LiDAR professionals who introduced this exciting technology to Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region. Having implemented LiDAR technology into the Australasian region in 1998 our staff are the most experienced in Australia. We take advantage of GPS and airborne direct, georeferencing technologies in every phase of your projects to deliver new levels of product accuracy and cost effectiveness.

Product Name: GSR 2700 RS Reference Station
Company: Advanced Micronic Devices Ltd.

With SOKKIA’s GSR2700 RS and GSR Reference Station Software, you can access valuable GPS data via the Internet 24/7. The GSR2700 RS features a high-precision, dual-frequency GPS receiver and Pentium-based PC with 80 GB hard drive.

Product Name: Vehicle Tracking
Company: Advanced Micronic Devices Ltd.

Tracking Systems for mobile assets management has become one of the most common applications of GPS. Tracking trucks, police vehicles, taxi cabs, emergency vehicles such as fire tenders and ambulances results in higher efficiency of operation. Basically a tracking system requires a position sensor located in the vehicle and GPS offers the most cost effective, accurate and reliable solution.

Product Name: Scale & Altitude Warner
Company: aerial-survey-base

Pilots & Data Acquisition engineers are not able to receive information about the actual height over ground reading aircraft instruments. GPS receivers only reporting Altitude above MSL & Geoid Undulations.

Product Name: aqNav
Company: Airbiquity Inc.

Airbiquity’s aqNav is a real-time, turn-by-turn audio navigation platform for GPS-enabled mobile handsets. It leverages existing wireless voice networks to create enhanced 411 navigation services using a commercially available Text-to-Speech (TTS) navigation server. These services are available anywhere within the widely-deployed wireless voice coverage area.

Product Name: Navigation Tool Kit
Company: Analytical Graphics, Inc.

Navigation Tool Kit is a comprehensive desktop application that predicts how Global Positioning System (GPS)-dependant equipment performs in complex environments—yesterday, today, and in the future.

Product Name: POS Pac
Company: Applanix

POSPac LAND post-processing software is designed to maximize the accuracy potential of the POS LV system. From project planning through to project completion, with POSPac LAND you can schedule your mission, utilize smart time-saving features, and customize your options with powerful quality control and analysis tools.

Product Name: GPS BLACK BOX Rad
Company: Bannari Infotech

The GPS BLACK BOX Rad, is a real-time tracking system that consists of a GPS receiver, active antenna that uses a radio (VHF / UHF) to communicate its position to a control center.

Product Name: GPS BLACK BOX Track
Company: Bannari Infotech

The GPS BLACK BOX Track is an advanced vehicle tracking system aimed at the growing demand for Intelligent Transport Systems and Enhanced Vehicle Security.

Product Name: OPTIROUTE
Company: Bannari Infotech

OPTIROUTE is a GIS based software solution that ensures timely and effective planning of cost effective routes keeping in view employee shift schedules. Employees can be scheduled to be picked up and dropped from their doorstep to reach the workplace and vice-versa.

Product Name: Shield Road Speed Limiter
Company: Bannari Infotech

The dangers of overspeeding are obvious to all. In addition to the loss to life and property, wear and tear to the vehicle and increased fuel consumption are significant and unnecessary.

Product Name: TRIPMAPP
Company: Bannari Infotech

TRIPMAPP is Bannari’s robust GIS based desktop software application complements the GPS Black Box to provide a complete Fleet Management Solution.

Product Name: TransModelerTM
Company: Caliper Corporation

TransModeler is a powerful and versatile traffic simulation package applicable to a wide array of traffic planning and modeling tasks. TransModeler can simulate all kinds of road networks, from freeways to downtown areas, and can analyze wide area multimodal networks in great detail and with high fidelity. You can animate the behavior of complex traffic systems to illustrate traffic flow, signal operation, and overall network performance

Product Name: CG-GPS
Company: Carlson Software

Typically the handheld unit for a GPS receiver is just that. You still need another handheld data collector to do all your calculations, staking, cut and fills, closures, etc.

Product Name: Mappls Teleconvergence
Company: CE Info Systems (Pvt.) Ltd

Mappls TeleConvergence is a knowledge based business intelligence system that addresses the specialized demands of telecommunications industry with its newly emerging convergence of wired telephony, cellular telephony, be it Copper, Fiber or Coaxial, Broadband, Internet through Cable or Cable Television.

Product Name: LT400HS GNSS
Company: CHC Navigation

The LT400HS is a rugged 120-channel GPS+GLONASS handheld receiver designed to achieve sub-meter to RTK centimeter accuracy in adverse mapping conditions. The LT400HS is the most cost-effective and powerful GNSS Solution for survey, construction and GIS professionals.

Product Name: LoadMyTracks
Company: ClueTrust

ClueTrust is happy to provide the free program, LoadMyTracks, to facilitate importing and exporting data between Mac OS X computers and GPS devices from many manufacturers, including:
  • Garmin
  • US Globalsat
  • Lowrance
  • Magellan
  • Timex
  • TomTom
  • Sony
Export the data from your GPS to KML or GPX and use it on your blog or in your favorite fitness program.    

Product Name: CompassAVL:
Company: CompassCom, Inc.

CompassAVL is the public view utility designed to run imbedded in a third-party portal such as an agency website or company web site, showing your field service organization in action, including breadcrumb trails and color-coded vehicles. Street sweepers, waste haulers, sprayers, shuttle buses– let your community see that there's no question where they've been or the route they're taking. Prove efficiency and accountability.

Product Name: CompassTrac Mobile
Company: CompassCom, Inc.

CompassTrac Mobile is an ESRI based solution designed for public safety and other mobile workers in the field, who need to know their location in relation to the rest of the fleet and in a mobile GIS map environment.   CompassTrac Mobile can be loaded onto laptops so that it can be viewed by first responders, command and control to enable action in the field. CompassRespond a CompassTrac utility, displays GIS and attribute information about pre-determined sites such as campuses, large buildings and complexes, hospitals, airports, etc., to increase the incident command capabilities and improve the safety of emergency responders.

Product Name: CompassTracker
Company: CompassCom, Inc.

CompassTracker is a mobile application that can be loaded on many wireless devices to support real-time tracking. As with other CompassCom mobile asset tracking products, CompassTracker is fully compatible with the CompassLDE™ Server applications.

Product Name: CMSGPS
Company: Coulter Mapping Solutions (CMS), Inc.

CMSGPS is a simple to use, low cost GPS tracking software that can be used with ArcView 3.X or ArcMap.  The extension primarily tracks the current GPS position and shows this position graphically on the GIS.  As your position moves, the screen will pan to keep your position visible.   Users are able to record and log GPS positions to a shapefile.  Raw NMEA output can be logged to a file and can even be played back by using the "Read From File" feature.  The software provides a sophisticated display panel that can be used to: Display Speed, Number of Satellites, PDOP, GPS Time, and complete satellite position and strength information.

Product Name: Air M3
Company: CSI Wireless, Inc.

The Air M3 provides state-of-the-art GPS guidance for aerial applicators. Available with either AirTrac™ or AirStar™ guidance software, the M3 allows you to fly and spray precise patterns using constant and/or variable rate fl ow control, reducing fuel, flying time, and application costs.

Product Name: Topo USA
Company: DeLorme

For your desktop PC or laptop. Topo USA 6.0 is a state-of-the-art tool for planning & traveling. 3-D TopoQuads 2.0 are general references for when the most current map and program features are not required.

Product Name: Trimble Geocache Navigator
Company: Digital Mapping Solutions

Trimble Geocache Navigator is the first fully featured geocaching application for the mobile phone. It features real time access to the largest geocache database in the world and provides you with GPS navigation tools to find caches near your location.

Product Name: GeoPinpoint Suite
Company: DMTI Spatial

The GeoPinPoint Suite is geocode millions of records each year and is applying an advanced address-parsing technology ensuring superior match rates even with the most incomplete data. GeoPinpoint Suite innovative modular design allows the software to encompass future module enhancements without jeopardizing its performance or usability.

Product Name: Ekahau Site Survey
Company: Ekahau, Inc.

Ekahau Site Survey is a software tool for IT managers, wireless engineers, and Wi-Fi professionals who are planning, deploying, and troubleshooting 802.11 a/b/g networks. The Ekahau Site Survey offers easy planning, quick site surveys, state-of-the-art visual representation, and advanced analysis, optimization, and reporting features. Site surveys have never been this quick and accurate before - in just a couple of minutes you can make sure that you got yourself fully covered.

Product Name: HydroPlus® CE.
Company: Electronic Data Solutions

We realize the problems associated with owning water quality instruments from different manufacturers. Each manufacturer uses different methods of collecting, retrieving, and displaying data. Elecdata's software development department has solved this problem with the latest release of HydroPlus® CE. We have created software that will function with the three most common multi-probes on today's market…In-Situ, Hydrolab and YSI. Imagine the cost savings of having one display for all your various multi-probes. Imagine the time saved in training one method of data collection and data download

Product Name: Envitia Web Services
Company: Envitia

Envitia deploy a fully supported suite of Open Standards Geospatial Web Services comprising the full OpenGeo Suite and Envitia’s GI Web Services Suite. This proven and highly capable platform provides organisations with extended functionality, advanced web processing services, performance and security. Envitia combines the power of open source plus the reliability and support of a single, stable vendor behind a full stack of software.

Product Name: EX-OR1000 Web Based GPS Fleet Management Software
Company: ExtremTrac

The EX1000 ( support ExtremTrac GPS/GPRS/SMS vehicle trackers, personal trackers, pet trackers ) is a web based GPS fleet tracking and management software application, a web viewer dedicated to the management of units fleets (land, air and sea), its finality is to bring a complete information, detailed and actualized of different nature about the units (cars, ships, people, and others).

Product Name: EX100
Company: ExtremTrac

 The EX100 is a stand alone PC based GPS tracking software communicating by PC Serial Port. It supports Microsoft MapPoint map and Google Earth map. Friendly interface for vehicle/personal tracking and controlling. A number of versions are availabe for different applications, 3 vehicle version, 10 vehicle version, 50 vehicle version, 100 vehicle version etc.

Product Name: Eye4Gps GPS Mapping Software
Company: Eye4Software B.V.

The Eye4Software GPS Mapping software can be used for realtime navigation or positioning, route planning and to manage your maps, waypoints, tracks and GPS routes. The software supports different types of map formats like including: GeoTIFF, AutoCad DXF/DGN files, ESRI Shapefiles, BSB nautical charts and image files like GIF, BMP, JPG, TIF and PNG files, which can be calibrated using different map projections.

Product Name: Eye4Software GPS Toolkit
Company: Eye4Software B.V.

The Eye4Software GPS Toolkit (GPS SDK) allows software developers to add GPS functionality to their programs and scripts, without the need for any knowledge on serial communications and GPS protocols like NMEA 0183 and geodesy.

Product Name: Marcus Real Time Tracking System
Company: Fleetistics

With Marcus® there are no excessive monthly airtime fees or roaming fees like with cell phone network based systems. MARCUS utilizes the GSM® wireless network operated by AT&T.

The Marcus® GPS vehicle tracking, location and dispatching system is our #1 real time fleet tracking system. It provides continuous information on stop times and locations, routes taken, speed and exceptions using email alerts. Companies in the service, delivery and transportation industries are finding the standard 2-minute updates and web access to be extremely useful and convenient for increasing efficiency, accountability, productivity and profitability.

Product Name: Real Time Vehicle Tracking - Teen Tracker
Company: Fleetistics

Top 5 Benefits of the Teen Tracker Very low monthly fees Alerts via email or call to cell phone Simple asset location with ignition block option Find vehicle in an emergency without invading daily privacy "Ping" unit or set scheduled updates

Product Name: Real-Time GPS Tracking - Heavy Equipment Unit
Company: Fleetistics

Designed specifically for tracking large industrial equipment by exception or only a few times per day. The extensive coverage footprint allows you to keep track of inventory over a large area, be notified if the equipment is removed from a job site and locate a piece of missing or stolen equipment.

Product Name: GpsGate Server v1.2
Company: Franson Technology AB

GpsGate Server can be used to track people, vehicles and objects. It is a tracking platform designed with today's Internet technologies in mind.

Product Name: Fugawi
Company: Fugawi

FUGAWI is a complete navigational system that makes powerful use of the extraordinary GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM. With FUGAWI, you easily create accurate digital maps from any scanned map or existing map database (ie. BSB MARINE CHARTS or USGS TOPOGRAPHIC MAPS). Then, in real-time navigation mode, your exact position is displayed on the map as you move and new maps are automatically loaded as you travel to new areas.

Product Name: Fugawi Global Navigator
Company: Fugawi

Fugawi Global Navigator™ is the ideal PC software tool for route planning, GPS programming, and real-time GPS navigation on land, sea and in the air.

Product Name: Fugawi Google Earth Plug-in (Beta)
Company: Fugawi

This is a free “Plug-in” component, which allows Fugawi Global Navigator and Fugawi Marine ENC users to interact with the Google Earth software in a new and powerful way.

Product Name: Fugawi Marine ENC
Company: Fugawi

Fugawi Marine ENC™ is the ultimate PC software for marine navigation. With Fugawi Marine ENC you can navigate using many types of vector and raster charts, including: Navionics Gold, Gold+, Silver, Fish'N'Chip and HotMaps® nautical charts,

Product Name: Fugawi Tracker 4
Company: Fugawi

Fugawi Tracker 4 is an affordable tracking software for the PC incorporating Fugawi moving map technology. Fugawi Tracker 4 delivers professional tracking solutions for land, air and marine applications.

Product Name: Fugawi UK Digital Maps
Company: Fugawi

Fugawi UK Digital Maps™ offers a seamless view using the highly detailed Ordnance Survey® Landranger® or Explorer® maps. This is a brilliant and easy to use PC atlas with included GPS and PDA software.

Product Name: Navionics HotMaps Explorer™
Company: Fugawi

Packed with more than 10,000 top-ranked U.S. fishing lakes, HotMaps Explorer, powered by Fugawi, is an unparalleled fresh water fishing, planning and exploration tool for PC with groundbreaking features.

Product Name: GPSxCAD
Company: Gecko Software Mapping Solutions

GPSxCAD is a complete GPS extension for AutoCAD. GPSxCAD provides new commands within AutoCAD to access, view and input GPS data. GPSxCAD works with most handheld GPS.

Product Name: Real-Time GPS Tracking
Company: GeoAge, Inc.

GeoAge GPS tracking runs on mobile devices and allows you to rapidly locate your mobile workforce. The application displays the current location or a track history. Mobile users can be grouped for display by department or other division. Geographic boundaries can be set for alerts when crossed.

Product Name: Geobis GPS
Company: GeoBis International

With your personal computer and GPS Unit track your location in real time or in post process directly on digital dynamic maps. Digital Intelligent Maps TM - MDI TM available from National Overview level up to city and main most important towns around the world.

Product Name: MapInfo Professional
Company: GeoBis International

MapInfo Professional v12.0 is an industry leading location intelligence desktop solution used for creating, editing, visualizing and analyzing customer and business data in the context of location. The version 12.0 provides an assortment of dynamic new features, including a powerful user interface, enhanced data access, and robust map output capabilities.

Product Name: GeoBlade AVL
Company: Geographic Technologies Group (GTG)

The Automatic Vehicle Location Blade takes the signal from most previously-purchased vehicle GPS units and plots it to a map inside GeoBlade.

Product Name: g-Sense III
Company: GeoPresent Pty Ltd

Embed g-Sense III with your product packaging and remotely monitor the temperature, humidity and light conditions over a mobile phone.g-Sense III is easy to deploy, can be reconfigured remotely over a mobile phone and is an out-of-the-box solution.

Product Name: GeoLocateX
Company: GeoPresent Pty Ltd

With GeoLocateX software you can turn your mobile phone into a location-tracking device. A blue tooth GPS, GeoLocateX software and a Symbian phone is all that is required to track, locate and position.

Product Name: GTrack Premium
Company: GeoPresent Pty Ltd

GTrack Premium is advanced tracking software that uses smart phones and an Internet based control room software to manage hundreds of tracked phones in the field.

Product Name: Cadastral Database
Company: GeoSmart (NZ) Ltd

GeoSmart has spent 8 years building a NZ wide spatially accurate digital cartographic dataset using differential GPS and photogrammetry. This dataset was built to meet a wide range of cartographic and GIS navigation objectives.

Product Name: GO MOBILE
Company: GEOTAB, Inc.

GO MOBILE is a Geotab software suite that puts GPS technology in the hands of your field force.

Product Name: ACU Controller
Company: Geotech

The Trimble Survey Controller™ software is a proven data collection solution for the field. It operates on the Trimble® ACU and TSCe™ controllers and offers powerful features for streamlining all your surveying operations, making you more productive and profitable.

Product Name: GeoTrag Fleet Management
Company: GIS Cloud Limited

GeoTrag is all in one, simple yet powerful web system helping your company fully exploit the economic benefit of a fleet management solution. Taking your enterprise operations as a whole, GeoTrag doesn't just reduces fuel cost and eliminate time-wasting unauthorized and unnecessary stops; integrating it to your business systems helps you increase overall efficiency and oversee your company business processes. 

Product Name: GPS Asset Protection Unit
Company: Global Tracking Communications Inc.

The Asset Protection Unit (APU) is for companies or individuals that do not have a requirement for constant monitoring of their vehicle(s) or asset(s), but have a need to locate their vehicles on demand, once or twice a day, or for automobile and theft recovery.

Product Name: GPS Fleet Tracking - Locator 2000
Company: Global Tracking Communications Inc.

The GPS Locator L2000 is a real-time GPS vehicle tracking system that provides vehicle location updates every 5 minutes (standard) for a flat monthly fee of only $29.99 per month.

Product Name: Locator 6000 - GPS Vehicle Tracking
Company: Global Tracking Communications Inc.

The Locator 6000 is the "Mercedes Benz" (at Chevy prices) of the GPS real-time vehicle tracking world.

Product Name: T1000 - Vehicle Tracking system
Company: Global Tracking Communications Inc.

The T1000 provides fleet managers with a low cost, easy to install, reliable and power efficient means to keep tabs on anything that has a view of the sky. A variety of sensors are available to monitor alarms, exceptions, intrusion, temperature, G loads and many more.

Product Name: Validator 2000
Company: Global Tracking Communications Inc.

The Validator 2000 series is an event-triggered, data-logging Vehicle Location System utilizing a two-way communication module to automatically download data to the base station.

Product Name: MapGPS
Company: Graticule

MapGPS DLL software component library contains a series of functions that allow developers to create custom solutions which quickly and seamlessly integrate data from GPS receivers into applications. MapGPS DLL is compatible with Windows NT/2000/XP environments. MapGPS DLL has an Application Programming Interface (API) that is easy to use and lets developers read NMEA strings from GPS receivers via computer serial ports or from text files.

Product Name: Aerial Triangulation
Company: HJW GeoSpatial, Inc.

Aerial triangulation is a mathematical process used to determine the position and orientation of each photograph at the moment of exposure. Aerial triangulation solves for each photo’s exterior orientation parameters, which convey the information necessary to convert image measurements into ground coordinates, as well as determine image points that correspond to points on the ground.

Product Name: Automated Driving Survey
Company: Integrated Mapping Services, Inc.

  Automated Driving Survey (ADS), developed for Smallworld versions 3.3 and 4.0, automates record keeping for driving surveys, and provides auditable data to help utilities demonstrate compliance.  

Product Name: GPS Locator 2.0: The Only Real-Time GPS Mapping Solution for Smallworld
Company: Integrated Mapping Services, Inc.

The InMaps GPS Locator provides a real-time GPS mapping solution for Smallworld. It enables mobile crews to pinpoint the location of their facilities in their GIS in relation to where they are, in real time using GPS technology. Natural gas and electric utilities have found that GPS Locator in the field has equipped mobile crews with what they need when they need it.

Product Name: Kuva Asset Tracking
Company: InterGis LLC

Using battery-operated GPS and wireless tracking devices, the Kuva Asset Tracking Solution allows you to pinpoint the precise location of high-value loads, vehicles, cargo shipments and heavy equipment both within and outside of the Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) wireless coverage area –anywhere in the world.

Product Name: QuickGPS
Company: InterGis LLC

QuickGPS works on your desktop or laptop PC with gps enabled phones to provide robust vehicle tracking and driver history – there is never anything to mount in any vehicle.

Product Name: Vericom MRM Plus
Company: InterGis LLC

Coming in 2009, the Vericom MRM Plus Solution will provide businesses an opportunity to take real-time GPS fleet tracking to the next level. With Vericom MRM Plus, Intergis combines routing, scheduling and fleet optimization with GPS tracking and reporting capabilities [available with Vericom MRM] to provide customers with an enhanced level of savings and business efficiencies

Product Name: GPS Navigation
Company: ITT Space Systems Division

ITT has been designing, developing, integrating and manufacturing payloads for the highly successful US Air Force NAVSTAR Global Positioning System (GPS) since 1974. In fact, our payloads have been on every GPS satellite ever launched. They have accumulated nearly 300 years of on orbit life without a single mission related failure. Today, new GPS technologies are being developed that will dramatically improve the accuracy and reliability of this global utility.

Product Name: HELIX Controller and Data Logger
Company: LiDAR Services International Inc.

LSI currently operates one aircraft-based and two helicopter-based LiDAR systems. Each system incorporates a sensor controller/data logger unit tasked with interfacing each sensor on a proprietary level with integral precise timing referenced to GPS time. Sensors configured for data collection have a software interface for operator monitoring and control capabilities.

Product Name: GPS Handheld
Company: Lowrance

Outdoors enthusiasts use them for hunting, fishing, offroading, as a backup to their chartplotter or multifunction device on a boat, and countless other uses and situations. When situational awareness is needed for a number of activities, a handheld GPS is the perfect solution, and the Lowrance Endura Series is the ideal handheld GPS. Know your location, altitude and bearing. Mark areas like trails, food plots, wildlife activity, fishing hotspots and other locations that are important to your outdoor lifestyle. With the Endura, you have the tools you need to make the most of any excursion.

Product Name: MapCreate™ USA Topo 6.3 Software
Company: Lowrance

MapCreate™ USA Topo 6.3 mapping software is the industry's best value in higher-detail, topographical electronic charts for  GPS navigation. MapCreate™ USA Topo charts deliver incredible detail for navigation, including: enhanced shoreline and nav aids detail for inland and coastal waters, excellent land detail with major highways, city streets, rural roads, railways, key landmarks, and more - Plus a unique, searchable database of up to 2,000,000 Points-of-Interest to find marinas, restaurants, hotels, airports, emergency services, shopping, and lots more, along with streets and addresses, National Parks and Forests with boundaries, Wildlife Preserves, and other great detail!

Product Name: RichPoint enabled Field Systems
Company: Lupine Logic Inc.

Our RichPoint enabled product line leverages a versatile software foundation that blends support for traditional data types and work flows with real-time support for multimedia information, environmental and industrial sensors.

Product Name: CarPad
Company: MapmyIndia

MapmyIndia, India's leader in GPS navigation, has introduced the CarPad, its exciting new next- generation device that promises to revolutionize the way we travel in cars in India. MapmyIndia's research on and discussions with car travelers' highlighted their needs in the car for, beyond navigation, entertainment, connectivity and productivity. Existing mobile phones and tablets, however, were not optimized for use in-car. This led to the genesis of CarPad, which has been developed by MapmyIndia in collaboration with Qualcomm, with a vision to converge cars, consumers and connectivity and herald in a new era of smart, connected cars.

Product Name: Carpad5
Company: MapmyIndia

MapmyIndia, India's leader in Digital Maps, Navigation and Location Based Services, today announced the launch of CarPad 5, the next generation of MapmyIndia's connected car products. CarPad 5 is an all-In-One GPS Navigator, Smart Phone and 3G Tablet, which runs on 1GHz Samsung processor (Cortex A8, S5PV210), Android OS, built-in 3G & Wi-Fi and has a 5 inch capacitive touch screen. The new navigation device is pre-loaded with Aura, MapmyIndia's latest, fully 3D and connected GPS navigation interface.

Product Name: Lx340
Company: MapmyIndia

Portable 10.9cm navigation device loaded with multimedia and India Best Navigation Maps. Get everything you want right into your palm. Wherever you want to go, chances are, we've got your destination covered.

Product Name: RoadPilot II
Company: MapmyIndia

Slim, pocket friendly 8.9cm navigation device loaded with all India maps for turn-by-turn voice guided navigation across India. The RoadPilot II works exclusively on GPS signals and does not require a SIM card or GPRS connection to work Which means that you can just punch in a location, and enjoy voice guided navigation without worries of monthly payments, slow data rates, incomplete data, etc. It's the perfect navigation device for your car.

Product Name: Smart Mirror
Company: MapmyIndia

The left side of the Smart Mirror features a touch screen GPS Navigation device. This provides easy and comfortable view at navigation screen while driving. The Navigation application intuitive menus let you operate the navigator easily. A 12.7 cm wide touch screen, Smart Mirror gives an unbelievable navigation +entertainment experience in your car. It comes with an internal flash memory of 2GB and has an SD card slot that can store up to 4GB of movies and songs

Product Name: VT1
Company: MapmyIndia

A basis for remote vehicle monitoring is a small hardware device VT1 mounted inside the car, truck or ships. The device is actually an On board Computer with GPS and wireless communication capabilities that transfers all relevant information from vehicle to the fleet management center. It gives you straight answers to the questions like: where did the vehicle drive for the last, say, 10 days, where did it stop, how fast did it drive, was there over speeding moments, how many kilometers did it make, and much more.

Product Name: Vx340
Company: MapmyIndia

The stylish and sleek 10.9cm portable navigation device is another premium offering by MapmyIndia. Get everything you want right into your palm. Wherever you want to go, chances are, we've got your destination covered.

Product Name: Zx250
Company: MapmyIndia

India's first portable 3D navigator with full 3D landmarks, 3D buildings and 3D elevation across hills and mountains. Zx250 is powered by Aura & offers Large touchscreen, Multimedia playback & built-in city and travel guides.

Product Name: Zx350
Company: MapmyIndia

The premium 12.7cm large 3D Navigator is best product of its class offering host of other features along with 3D Navigation .Zx350 is powered by MapmyIndia 3D navigation & offers large touchscreen, lane guidance & built-in city and travel guides.

Product Name: SmartNAV
Company: MappointAsia

Package includes SmartNav software and map.Software works with compact flash slot GPS or normal com1 GPS. Bangkok map or Thailand map available. Map and Database Details
@ Bangkok - Showing all major highways, Roads, Soi's with major POI's annotated. Full search database of over 10,000 records for Dept. Stores, Restaurants and entertainment establishments, Police Stations, Hospitals, hotels, Bank and ATM's, Major Buildings, Minimarts, Gas Stations, many others.
@ Thailand, City-to-City version - Showing all Express Ways, All Higways, Major Roads, Major cities, All Province and Districts of Thailand. Voice Assist both inThai and English. Time and distance estimate to desired destination. Full Map manipulation functions for Zoom and Pan

Product Name: Vehicle Tracking Solution
Company: MappointAsia

MPA's Smart Fleet allows to track and manage your fleet by knowing the location and status of your vehicles anytime of the day. By using GPS, your vehicles' positions are known and can be sent back to your center using the GPRS or Short Message capability of GSM phones. 
Application of Vehicle Location System include :
Allow your customers to track status of your delivery truck via the Wrieless network
Locating vehicle nearest to customer for faster service
Cutting mobile fleet costs
Personnel tracking

Product Name: Chart Navigator Pro
Company: Maptech, Inc.

Chart Navigator Pro is Maptech’s full-featured GPS Planning and Chart-plotting software. It includes detailed United States cartography on 17 DVDs, including Raster Charts, Photo Charts, Topographic Maps, and 3D Contour Charts, as well a full array of software tools to help you plan and enjoy your time on the water.

Product Name: Offshore Navigator
Company: Maptech, Inc.

Offshore Navigator GPS planning and chartplotting software is fully compatible with Maptech/BSB charts. Use it to plan routes, print route plans and show your real-time GPS position right on the PC screen.

Product Name: GeoLink
Company: Michael Baker Corporation

Discover why GeoLink 6.1 for Windows 95/98/NT/2000 is the most powerful GPS/GIS field mapping system available today! Use GeoLink 6.1 and you'll base your management decisions on LIVE DATA direct from the field. GeoLink 6.1 is USER FRIENDLY making it easy to accurately create or update geographic databases to reflect your real world.

Product Name: GeoLink XDS Module
Company: Michael Baker Corporation

The XDS (eXternal Data Source) Module for GeoLink for Windows 95/98/NT/2000 or GeoLink for DOS allows the georeferencing and mapping of electronic sensor measurements received from external devices.

The XDS (eXternal Data Source) Module for GeoLink allows the georeferencing of data received from an external device.

Product Name: GeoLink® Methane Gas Survey & Detection System
Company: Michael Baker Corporation

Baker's Methane Gas Leak Detection and Survey System enables the gas transmission and distribution industry to easily comply with PSC regulations.

Product Name: 2007S PREDATOR rugged PDA series
Company: Micronics Pty Ltd

The 2007S rugged pda is provided standard with our range of Micronics GPS/DGPS systems. A degaussed 2007S rugged pda for Magnetometers,is available for Sale or Hire with MagGUIDER systems for visual line guidance

Product Name: TUSANI™ OmniSTAR
Company: Micronics Pty Ltd

The MICRONICS TUSANI™ OmniSTAR is the latest DGPS technology applied for Mobile Mapping. The Wearable DGPS Safety Vest is the next generation precision GPS, for decimeter surveying such as drainage applications, complies with City and Shire Councils requirements to be highly visible for safety whilst collecting council data thus satisfying insurance requirements. The Wearable DGPS is extremely light and comfortable to carry is less than 1.2Kg including Batteries, integrated Demodulator /GPS and antenna pole. A range of colors is available including military camouflage.

Product Name: Microsoft AutoRoute
Company: Microsoft MapPoint

Microsoft AutoRoute is the customisable travel planning software that helps you get accurate directions, easily explore new areas and find the services you want and need along the way. Plan your complete trip including multiple destinations, rest stops, scenic detours, fuel stops, and add your own notes.

Product Name: Microsoft AutoRoute with GPS Locator
Company: Microsoft MapPoint

Microsoft AutoRoute with GPS Locator includes the same software and functionality as AutoRoute, but adds a sleek, cordless Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver. Now it is easier than ever to plan your trip and track your location in real-time.

Product Name: Microsoft Streets & Trips with GPS Locator
Company: Microsoft MapPoint

The 2010 version of Microsoft Streets & Trips with GPS Locator pairs the trip-planning features of Streets & Trips software with a compact, cable-free Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver. This device plugs directly into your laptop and when used with Streets & Trips gives you spoken driving guidance plus automatic rerouting if you miss a turn, making it easier to navigate with confidence.

Product Name: Nav4All 7.0
Company: Nav4All

Nav4All 7.0 integrates Navigation, Tracking & Tracing and Myworld in one product. Locating your parked car in a bustling city? Navigating by driving or walking to another Nav4All user? Finding out where employees or company vehicles are?
The Nav4All Tracking & Tracing function not only makes this possible, it also makes everything easier to organize.*

Company: Nav4All

Locating your parked car in a bustling city? Navigating by driving or walking to another Nav4All user? Finding out where employees or company vehicles are?
The Nav4All Tracking & Tracing function not only makes this possible, it also makes everything easier to organize.Nav4All has developed software to link the position of moving vehicles with SAP.

Product Name: GrafNav/GrafNet
Company: NavTech

GrafNav/GrafNet is a Windows software package developed by Waypoint Consulting Inc. that corrects raw GPS data so that accuracies are significantly improved. Given the right GPS equipment and proper field procedures, accuracies of 1 cm or better can be achieved. Such processing requires data from two stations in order to perform the correction. GrafNet is a static network baseline processing tool used mainly by surveyors. However, any user that wishes to obtain a station's coordinates using RINEX files from a number of continuously operating sites (i.e. CORS or IGS) will find GrafNet very useful.

Product Name: Navtech GPS
Company: NavTech

authorized dealers for more than 20 GPS-related manufacturers, also project-based integrators

Product Name: RTKNav
Company: NovAtel Inc.

RTKNav is a unique and powerful tool for precise real-time trajectory determination in both forward and reverse RTK applications.RTKNav’s most useful feature is the real-time location of multiple roving units with simultaneous precise computations. The base station may be stationary or moving. In the case of a moving base, azimuth or roll, pitch and heading attitude may be computed.

Product Name: DATA LOGGER
Company: Nucleus GIS Inc.

Peace of Mind- You can track any person in the world via simple phone connection ,personnel computer with map display tracking history and personnel details can be accessed wirelessly from your cell. Make phone calls - Receive phone calls from It can connect to nearest ones with pushoff Buttons upto 3 preset phone numbers can be programmed to connect for phone conversation with just a simple push off button.

Company: Proficio GeoTechnologies Pvt Ltd

PRO-TMS Commute is an internet / intranet based Route Optimization software, developed to meet the needs of logistics professionals, quickly and efficiently solve complex routing and scheduling problems resulting in a quantifiable decrease in the time and cost of employee transportation, this net decrease in costs and overheads, quickly translates to an increase in profits.

Company: Proficio GeoTechnologies Pvt Ltd

Strategic supply chain initiatives focus on warehousing, distribution, and store operations as major areas for cost control and augmented efficiencies. Transportation operations are the lifeblood of modern enterprise, and new systems are required to provide savings and operational control in this sphere.

Product Name: turnkey solutions
Company: Racal Tracs Ltd.

Racal-Tracs offers positioning and communications products and customized turnkey tracking, telemetry, monitoring and asset management solutions.

Product Name: Lost? Call Us! (LCU)
Company: SatNav Technologies

Lost on the road? Don't know whom to ask? Want to get to a friend's place, but don't want to call numerous times asking for the directions? Need to make it to an important business appointment, out of station meetings, want to reach on time? Or just want to plan your schedule for the day? Need to find out the nearest restaurants, schools, hospitals, etc? Or simply stuck in a road jam and need to find an alternate route?

Product Name: SatGuide
Company: SatNav Technologies

SatGuide is India’s 1st GPS Navigation software. It is a “must have” navigator that guides the user within a particular city or from one city to another across India. With the help of satellites, SatGuide displays your position on the map at all times, hence ensuring that you NEVER GET LOST!TM

Product Name: SatTracX
Company: SatNav Technologies

SatTracX is a web based Tracking and Logistics System that can be integrated with GSM, Radio or Satellite based communication systems. It uses the web to enable precise, speedy and efficient vehicle tracking and logistic solutions.

Product Name: SoftMap 5
Company: SoftMap

SoftMap 5 includes the main functions of version 4: seamless navigation, printing, search tools, etc. SoftMap 5 installs (installation demo) beside SoftMap version 4, when required, and restores the existing SoftMap data on your computer: cartographic references, personal database, SoftMap databases (place-names, addresses, and metadata), and GPS databases.

Product Name: SoftMap GPS
Company: SoftMap

Link your GPS receiver to the SoftMap Plus software in all our consumer products, especially our Topo50 Series offering all topographic maps of the main areas of Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia and the Maritimes.

Product Name: SoftMap Plus
Company: SoftMap

This generic software designed with the general public in mind is a simplified version of SoftMap Pro™. It is normally used in combination with other tools, including maps, additional data, and multimedia. With this state-of-the-art software, you can easily navigate and explore the maps, locate any place with its geographical coordinates, and access the map-related information.

Product Name: GSR Reference Station
Company: Sokkia Corporation

SOKKIA’s GSR Reference Station Software gives you access to valuable GPS data via the Internet 24/7. Accessible from any computer with an available Internet browser, the software can be used to create custom data collection sessions and log several sessions simultaneously, perform remote upload of receiver firmware, view graphical plots of current and past satellite information (number, DOP, etc.), and much more.

Product Name: Planning software
Company: Sokkia Corporation

Planning software is an integral part of the Spectrum Survey Suite package.With Planning, you can determine the availabilty of satellites at any time of day by setting up GPS receiver parameters in your office.

Product Name: Spectrum Survey
Company: Sokkia Corporation

Spectrum Survey is a comprehensive, user-friendly, Windows® based post-processing software package that supports all phases of GPS survey operations. It supports commonly used methods of survey data collection, including static, rapid-static, kinematic and stop-and-go.

Product Name: Stratus Controller
Company: Sokkia Corporation

Stratus Controller software provides a user-friendly solution for monitoring and managing your Stratus receiver data. Shorten your workload by storing site information in the field, such as point identification, feature codes and antenna height.

Product Name: FIELDPORT® Custom Solutions
Company: Spacient Technologies, Inc.

Fieldport® Custom Solutions provide complete field computing software solutions tailored to the unique business needs of industry field service organizations and mobile workers. Leveraging a robust .NET web and wireless platform, Fieldport Custom Solutions can be tailored to address specific field work processes, providing customers with proven mobile business solutions.

Product Name: SBS Spatial Portal
Company: Spatial Business Systems, Inc.

SBS Spatial Portal is a web services platform for advanced application development, viewing, and editing of geospatial and business information in a service-oriented architecture, based on the Oracle Spatial database and GE’s GeoXtension web client platform

Product Name: Smallworld Integration Server for ESRI
Company: Spatial Business Systems, Inc.

The Smallworld Integration Server for ESRI is Spatial Business Systems’ next-generation solution for interoperability between General Electric’s Smallworld GIS and the ESRI ArcGIS product line. It allows ArcGIS products to access Smallworld data stores across the enterprise in real-time which enables a truly open and seamless operating environment for access to Smallworld-based geospatial data.

Product Name: Smallworld Thematic Viewer
Company: Spatial Business Systems, Inc.

ThematicView 4.0 for Smallworld allows users to easily define how objects are drawn and displayed based on a user-defined theme within version 4.0 of Smallworld GIS. The main interface is designed like the Smallworld Object Control Tab and allows all objects to be displayed in the familiar hierarchical tree structure, grouped by data stores, specific themes, object types, geometries and user-defined styles.

Product Name: VirtualEarth
Company: SpatialPoint

Virtual Earth is an exciting new component of Microsoft's vision for local search. It allows users to see what it's like to be in a location and explore what they can do there. A key Microsoft initiative supported from the very top of Microsoft, Virtual Earth confirms Microsoft's long-term commitment to an innovative and industry leading mapping platform

Product Name: Rand McNally StreetFinder® Wireless
Company: TeleCommunication Systems(TCS)

Rand McNally StreetFinder® Wireless, a downloadable location-enabled maps, directions, and point-of-interest (POI) mobile application, is a convenient and affordable alternative to more expensive navigation products. Available on J2ME and BREW handsets, Rand McNally StreetFinder Wireless allows users to look up a location by category or business name while providing maps, directions, and contact information.

Product Name: TeleNav GPS Navigator™
Company: TeleNav, Inc.

Throw your maps away. Get TeleNav GPS Navigator and you will always have driving directions available on your mobile phone — by voice and onscreen. With TeleNav GPS Navigator, you can drive more safely and with confidence, keeping your eyes on the road. Getting lost will be history.

Product Name: Telmap Navigator
Company: Telmap

Telmap Navigator is a complete GPS navigation solution running on all major mobile platforms that gives you the best overall navigation experience available today.

Product Name: Map Suite GPS Tracking Server
Company: ThinkGeo

Map Suite GPS Tracking Server is a Web-based GPS asset tracking solution that you can bring in-house. Offering a scalable and secure architecture and one-time device licensing, it's a fast and affordable way to host your own enterprise asset tracking system for your business. Source code option is also available.

Product Name: AgForm-3D
Company: Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc.

AgForm-3D is the perfect field design software to accompany your AGS Agriculture GPS System. AgForm-3D lets you view and design the existing field to suit your needs, and it's quick and easy to transfer site survey files between your computer and the AGS-C System Five 3D control box. With AgForm-3D on your laptop computer and the HiperLite precision GPS receiver, you have a completely wireless Ag survey system.

Product Name: eTrex Vista®
Company: Tri-Global Technologies, LLC

The eTrex Vista® combines a basemap of North and South America, with a barometric altimeter and electronic compass. The compass provides bearing information while you're standing still and the altimeter determines your precise altitude. The Vista is also designed to provide precise GPS positioning using correction data obtained from the Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS). This product will provide position accuracy to less than three meters when receiving WAAS corrections.

Product Name: GPSMAP 76
Company: Tri-Global Technologies, LLC

The GPSMAP® 76 is designed to provide precise GPS positioning using correction data obtained from the Wide Area Augmentation System. This unit features a built-in quad helix antenna for superior reception and can provide position accuracy to less than three meters when receiving WAAS corrections. The GPSMAP® 76 has an internal memory capacity of eight megabytes. In addition, it comes with a built-in basemap of cities, coastlines, lakes, rivers, interstates, and interstate exit information and a database of nautical navaids.

Product Name: GPSMAP® 276C
Company: Tri-Global Technologies, LLC

The GPSMAP® 276C is an all-in-one, versatile, color chart plotter and automobile navigator — perfect for land or water. This portable GPS navigator features a 256-color TFT display that's easy to read in bright sun along with a built-in basemap and auto routing to provide you with turn-by-turn directions to the marina for a day of boating. On water, the GPSMAP® 276C is a dependable, color chart plotter with a built-in Autoroute basemap enhanced by Garmin's marine cartography. It accepts pre-programmed or user programmed data cards with MapSource® BlueChart® for offshore detail or Recreational Lakes with Fishing Hot Spots® for detail of inland lakes.

Product Name: GPS Analyst™ extension for ESRI ArcGIS
Company: Trimble Navigation

The Trimble® GPS Analyst™ extension for ESRI ArcGIS software will streamline your workflow and improve your productivity by enabling you to work directly with GPS data inside your personal geodatabase. Because GPS Analyst extension comes with Trimble's proven differential correction tools, you can be sure you have the best quality GPS data.

Product Name: GPS Pathfinder® Tools Software Development Kit
Company: Trimble Navigation

The Trimble® GPS Pathfinder® Tools Software Development Kit (SDK) is designed to integrate Trimble GeoExplorer® series handhelds and GPS Pathfinder series receivers with custom mapping and GIS applications.

Product Name: HYDROpro™ Navigation
Company: Trimble Navigation

Trimble's HYDROpro™ Navigation software is an easy to use software solution for today's hydrographic surveyor. Designed with superior performance and efficiency in mind, it allows for significant improvements in productivity on even the most complex marine survey application

Product Name: Terramodel® HDMS
Company: Trimble Navigation

HYDROpro™ Terramodel® HDMS is a powerful postprocessing and 3D visualization software package for the marine surveying and construction industry.

Product Name: TerraSync™
Company: Trimble Navigation

The TerraSync™ software is a flexible data collection and data maintenance tool. Simple and effective, TerraSync software makes field work more productive. Team up TerraSync software with a field computer of your choice and a supported Trimble® GPS receiver, and you have everything you need to collect high-quality data for informed decision making.

Product Name: VRS™ Virtual Reference Station System
Company: Trimble Navigation

Trimble's VRS™ (Virtual Reference Station) system uses the RTK solutions from the Trimble® RTKNet software and provides high-accuracy, real-time kinematic (RTK) GPS positioning for wider areas. The fixed VRS network is available at any time without setting up a base station and provides common control wherever you are in the network.

Product Name: UbiSafe Personal Security
Company: UbiEst

UbiEst markets GPS locatization appliances for personal security, antitheft and emergency needs: small, light and economic devices to stay in contact with familiy members, friends and people in need of special care (elders, invalids, etc.).

Company: Urban Robotics

TerraFlash: The first large scale fully automatic georeferencing system; generate seamless GeoTIFF and Google Earth™ datasets from any aerial imagery.

Product Name: GrafNav
Company: Waypoint Consulting(Accquired by NovAtel Inc.)

GrafNav software supports 25 types of raw GPS and GPS+ GLONASS receiver formats. Ability to process from multiple base stations.

Product Name: GrafNav Lite
Company: Waypoint Consulting(Accquired by NovAtel Inc.)

The GrafNav/GrafNet package developed by Waypoint Consulting Inc. post-processes raw GPS data from most available GPS receivers. Using data from both a roving station and as many as eight base stations, accurate position computations are available with GrafNav. GrafNav can also process a single static baseline. GrafNet allows for batch and network processing of multiple static GPS observation files.

Product Name: RtkNav
Company: Waypoint Consulting(Accquired by NovAtel Inc.)

designed for real time applications, RtkNav can track up to 20 GPS receivers simultaneously, when configured in an inverse fashion.

Product Name: WAAS GUS
Company: Waypoint Consulting(Accquired by NovAtel Inc.)

NovAtel’s WAAS GUS-Type 1 Receiver provides multiple independent receiver sections and unsurpassed signal tracking to ensure reliable and accurate control of uplink signal generation in Satellite-Based Augmentation Systems.

Product Name: Waypoint Inertial Explorer
Company: Waypoint Consulting(Accquired by NovAtel Inc.)

Waypoint Inertial Explorer (GPSIMU) post-processing software suite is aimed at users who wish to integrate rate data from six degrees of freedom IMU sensor arrays with GPS information processed via Waypoint GrafNav, which is included. Waypoint Inertial Explorer is designed to utilize strapdown accelerometer (Dn) and angular rate (Dq) information to produce high rate coordinate and attitude information from a wide variety of IMUs, including high-accuracy navigation grade to inexpensive MEMS (Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems) sensor types.

Product Name: myMap
Company: WorldView Solutions

Distribute all of your ArcMap documents, throughout your organization and to your customers through a simple, intuitive mapping interface. Using the freely distributable myMap 2.1 Viewer,users can open any ArcMap document you publish, search in specific layers, print a layout, zoom to spatial bookmarks and export your map layouts.

Product Name: yLocator
Company: ySystem, spol. s r.o.

yLocator is a system for surveillance and control of persons and objects position and movement - Personal and Mobile Asset Tracking. It is unique and functionally fully variable solution for any organization that needs an overview of motion and safety of both persons and mobile objects. This solution uses special hardware – small discreet tracking device kept by monitored person or inserted to protected and tracked item. GPS position signals gathered within device are transferred through GSM network and GPRS protocol to the dispatcher´s center for further evaluation.

Product Name: yMonitor
Company: ySystem, spol. s r.o.

yMonitor is a web-based service providing you with instant overview of your vehicle fleet from any location using just an internet browser, logbook of trips of your vehicles from any day or any period of time, monthly reports, allowance reports and fuelling reports, statistical overview of your vehicles' utilization, overview of upcoming service inspections, overview of monthly costs of your vehicles, supervising your drivers, whether they drive according a schedule, instant SMS message to your cell-phone when some critical situation occur and many more functions.
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