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Software : Terrain Visualization/Modeling

Product Name: VrVolumes
Company: A TO Z Software Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Fast, flexible volume calculations between surfaces with the ease and power of VrOne

VrVolumes uses a Digital Terrain Model (DTM) based computation method that computes volumes directly from the surface triangles, resulting in highly accurate results. The volumes module will compute cut and fill quantities between a single ground surface and a flat elevation surface, or between two ground surfaces.

Product Name: Smart3DCapture Advanced
Company: Acute3D

Acute3D develops and sells Smart3DCapture™, a software solution allowing to produce high resolution 3D models from simple photographs, without any human intervention. Smart3DCapture™ Advanced allows the production of high resolution 3D models as well as the generation of digital surface models (DSM) and true orthophotos from imagery datasets as big as 10 gigapixels. It is most suited for, but not limited to, UAS/UAV/drone operators.

Product Name: Smart3DCapture Expert
Company: Acute3D

Acute3D develops and sells Smart3DCapture™, a software solution allowing to produce high resolution 3D models from simple photographs, without any human intervention. Smart3DCapture™ Expert pushes the limits of the Advanced edition with an extension to 30 gigapixels per input imagery dataset, and a batch processing ability through a job queue. It is the perfect solution for demanding scanning and surveying projects.

Product Name: Smart3DCapture Ultimate
Company: Acute3D

Acute3D develops and sells Smart3DCapture™, a software solution allowing to produce high resolution 3D models from simple photographs, without any human intervention. Smart3Capture™ Ultimate is dedicated to larger-scale 3D surveying and mapping. It can handle an unlimited number of photographs without any limitation in size, and allows computations to be parallelized on a cluster of 3D reconstruction engines.

Product Name: RealityMap™
Company: Advanced Geospatial Solutions Limited

RealityMap™ can visualise unlimited spatial extents, incorporating gigabytes of imagery, mapping, elevation, vector and 3D building model data.  The software can import all major formats of raw imagery and terrain data straight from data collection in all major coordinate systems and projections.

Product Name: RealityMobile™
Company: Advanced Geospatial Solutions Limited

RealityMobile™ can visualise unlimited spatial extents, incorporating imagery, mapping, elevation, vector and 3D building model data.  The software supports route-planning functionality and allows the user to get a true 3D representation of their surroundings.

Product Name: Geonetx
Company: AnalyGIS, LLC

Geonetx is a business network optimization tool designed to quickly model and plan business asset deployments in existing and new markets without business critical time delays, no other technology today can perform on-the-fly market analyses as well as Geonetx

Product Name: WQMAP™
Company: Applied Science Associates, Inc.

WQMAP is an integrated modeling system designed to study surface water quality issues. The system allows the engineer or scientist to develop numerical grids, perform hydrodynamic simulations, conduct single constituent pollutant transport and multiple constituent eutrophication studies in a geographic context all from one application.

Product Name: Terrain Data
Company: Comsearch

All US terrain data is 1 Arc-Second (30-meter) resolution, Geographic Projection (Decimal Seconds), and NAD83 Datum, with the exception of Alaska. Alaska is a 2-Arc-Second product from 1:63,360 scale maps and Datum NAD27.

Product Name: MobileGL
Company: Data East, LLC

MobileGL is a 2D graphics library specially designed for business and game graphics on mobile platforms. The library allows you to develop effective applications with high quality graphics features. It can be used for dynamic 2D scene creation, drawing dynamic charts, maps, diagrams and etc. The MobileGL includes a large number of geometric primitives. Most algorithms use the integer arithmetic operations. It helps you to improve the graphics drawing speed of your application and to reduce usage of the device memory by your software.

Product Name: MIKE 3
Company: DHI Software

MIKE 3 is a professional engineering software package for 3D free-surface flows. It is applicable to simulations of flows, cohesive sediments, water quality and ecology in rivers, lakes, estuaries, bays, coastal areas and seas. MIKE 3 forms a unique professional software tool for consultancy services related to design, operation and maintenance tasks within the aquatic environment. MIKE 3 is the result of 20 years of continuous development and is tuned through the experience gained from hundreds of applications worldwide.

Product Name: MIKE Animator
Company: DHI Water & Environment

Imagine the power and accuracy of the most widely spread applied hydraulic modeIing system enhanced with a user friendly state of the art animation program. MIKE Animator brings you an exceptional opportunity for communication between the modeling specialist and the client.

Product Name: MIKE FLOOD
Company: DHI Water & Environment

MIKE FLOOD is a dynamically linked one-dimensional and two-dimensional flood modeling package. The new tool is assembled from components taken from two of the most widely applied flood modeling packages - MIKE 11 and MIKE 21 - and enhanced with new features which are targeted specifically towards modeling of floods. This combination ensures a maximum of flexibility by allowing users to model some areas in 2D detail, while other areas can be modeled in 1D.

Product Name: Temporal Analyst
Company: DHI Water & Environment

The traditional limitations of managing time-related data inside your GIS has often forced users to maintain a separate set of data and tools outside of their GIS workspace. However, DHI’s Temporal Analyst tool for GIS brings time series data management directly into ArcGIS™. It is a unique and powerful ArcGIS™ extension for efficient and versatile storage, management, processing, plotting and analysis of virtually any time-related data inside your ArcGIS™ application. The Temporal Analyst tool for GIS effectively removes the barrier between GIS and fully dynamic data handling, modelling and monitoring.

Product Name: OUTRIDER
Company: Divestco Inc.

Outrider is the ideal seismic modeling tool for structural modeling, time-to-depth conversions, and for building velocity depth models for depth migration. It models the most complex structures in depth, and it enables you to perform quick post-stack Kirchoff depth migration and depth conversions. As an interpreter, you can create accurate and validated depth models to use in pre-stack depth migration. Outrider quickly generates alternate iterations to zero-in on the most correct scenario.

Product Name: 3D Terrain Visualisation
Company: Euromap Satellite Data Marketing Company

Euromap's product range includes high quality 3D fly-through terrain visualisations, rendered from Earth observation image data and digital elevation models. Free viewing software, Skyline's TerraExplorer®, is included and enables customers to freely navigate through the photo-realistic scenery of their area of interest, on standard PCs and in real-time.

Product Name: PlanMaster.
Company: Facet Decision Systems, Inc.

The PlanMaster Approach is a web-based scenario modeling framework for building community and regional scenario planning models. Models are assembled from pre-built components, and then customized to fit each locality. The customized models illustrate interactions between land use, transportation, economic development, and environmental decision factors.

Product Name: Digital terrain models
Company: GEOFOTO

Data acquisition for developing of the Digital Terrain Model (DTM) is made by 3D photogrammetric data acquisition from aerial images (stereopairs) according to the principles of the CROTIS (Croatian Topographic Information System), or specifications from the State Geodetic Administration (SGA) developed within the CRONO-GIP project. Data acquisition for the production of the DTM can be performed by the customer's request.

Product Name: Topographic databases
Company: GEOFOTO

In geoinformation systems, topographic data have replaced cartographic materials that had been used in classical, manual systems. Topographic data are saved in a databasis in vector and raster forms, according to the previously designed data model.

Product Name: GenesisIV
Company: Geomantics

GenesisIV understands GIS concepts like layers, shape objects and georeferencing. It interfaces to industry standard GIS systems such as MapInfo and ArcView so you can use your existing data without having to learn new concepts or perform difficult manipulations, and there's reams of documentation to get you started.

Product Name: Landformer Pro
Company: Geomantics

The landscape editing tools have always been a strong feature of our Genesis products. Landformer Pro is a stand-alone heightfield editor for those using other 3D Visualization systems such as Bryce or Terragen who don't wish to purchase the full Genesis IV product.

Product Name: Landscape Explorer
Company: Geomantics

Landscape Explorer is our map and landscape rendering program. Focused on accurate rendition rather than photorealism, Landscape Explorer offers realtime manipulation and rendering of landscapes. Free for non-commercial and educational use - but requires registration for commercial users and those requiring larger image sizes.

Product Name: Strater
Company: Golden Software\

Strater displays your raw data as borehole and well logs, maps and cross sections. Strater offers unsurpassed flexibility in design and layout. Strater’s intuitive point-and-click user interface makes it easy to quickly visualize your subsurface data and create professional repots.

Product Name: Surfer
Company: Golden Software\

Surfer is a full-function 3D visualization, contouring and surface modeling package that runs under Microsoft Windows. Surfer is used extensively for terrain modeling, bathymetric modeling, landscape visualization, surface analysis, contour mapping, watershed and 3D surface mapping, gridding, volumetrics, and much more.

Product Name: Digital Terrain Model
Company: Hansa Luftbild AG

Height information from the terrain surface in regular grid form gives a digital terrain model. The quality of a DTM is directly dependent on the grid interval and the data source from which it is generated. Depending on the required application information about breaklines and embankments will be incorporated

Product Name: DTMaster
Company: Inpho GmbH

DTMaster provides up-to-date technology for fast and precise DTM editing. DTMaster is offered as a monoscopic DTM data editor (DTMaster), or as a photogrammetric DTM editing station (DTMaster Stereo). DTMaster is part of inpho's digital photogrammetric system which comes now with its new core ApplicationsMaster.

Product Name: MATCH-T
Company: Inpho GmbH

MATCH-T stands for automation and precision in DTM generation. MATCH-T is inpho's automated DTM generation environment providing highly precise digital terrain models derived from aerial and satellite imagery. Seamless DTMs are generated for entire blocks or for any sub-block or polygon areas. MATCH-T is part of inpho's digital photogrammetric system which comes now with its new core ApplicationsMaster.

Product Name: SCOP++
Company: Inpho GmbH

SCOP++ is designed for efficient handling of DTM projects of any size, with data coming from LIDAR, photogrammetry or any other source. SCOP++ provides unsurpassed quality of DTM interpolation, filtering, management, application and visualization. SCOP++ is well-proven DTM software for most demanding terrain modeling projects.

Product Name: Dynamo Terrain Modeler® (DTM)
Company: Intergraph Corporation

DTM® creates superior elevation data and relief maps through accurate digital terrain models. These same terrain models can also be used for terrain analysis. DTM detects anomalies and queues them to a user as feature and elevation editing is performed, increasing overall productivity.

Product Name: GeoMedia® Terrain
Company: Intergraph Corporation

GeoMedia Terrain adds terrain analysis and visualization to the GeoMedia environment. Capitalizing on GeoMedia's capabilities to display multiple geographic data types simultaneously without translation, GeoMedia Terrain delivers the ability to ingest terrain, feature and image data to support a variety of terrain analysis applications.

Product Name: ImageStation® DTM Collection
Company: Intergraph Corporation

ImageStation DTM Collection (ISDC) provides an interactive method for collecting digital terrain model (DTM) data, elevation points, breaklines, and other geomorphologic features in stereo models on an ImageStation Z, ImageStation Stereo Softcopy Kit (SSK).

Product Name: MGE™ Terrain Analyst
Company: Intergraph Corporation

MGE Terrain Analyst provides capabilities to create, manipulate, display, and analyze digital terrain models that can be represented as triangulated irregular networks (TIN) or regularly spaced matrices (grid). Terrain models can be built from MicroStation design file elements, ASCII formatted files, DMA DTED files, USGS DEM files, SDTS DEM data, or existing .ttn, .grd, and .xyz files.

Product Name: KLT ATLAS/TIN
Company: KLT Associates

KLT Associates, Inc. has developed a terrain modeling and contour interpolation package running inside the ATLAS environment. The software builds Triangle Irregular Networks (TINs) from ATLAS point and breakline data.

Product Name: DEMZONE
Company: Lepton Software Export & Research (P) Ltd

DEMzone was conceived by Lepton, and is perceived by our esteemed clients as a digitized all-in-all terrain solution, providing valuable data for many resource-related GIS applications. DEMzone range of products are specialized Digital Terrain Models that can represent the ground level land surface and the continuous variation of relief, through a digital raster grid, where each cell represents an elevation value.

Product Name: Visualization & Simulation
Company: MDA Federal Inc.

MDA offers a complete range of imagery and data preparation services for the Visual Simulation, Modeling and Training applications.

Product Name: Pix4Dmapper
Company: Pix4D

Pix4D's desktop software generates high-end, survey-grade accurate orthomosaics, DSMs and Point clouds in a few clicks only and with a fully automatic worfklow. Assess, edit, interpret and improve your results directly in the software using the integrated rayCloud for highly accurate object annotation and project accuracy improvement and Mosaic Editor for fastest seamline editing and orthomosaic improvement on the market.

Product Name: Rapid Terrain Visualization
Company: Raytheon Systems Imagery & Geospatial Systems Division

Raytheon Systems Imagery and Geospatial Systems Division develops and integrates image manipulation technologies, high-performance algorithms, and information technology architectures for digital imagery processing, display and exploitation.

Product Name: MapCalc Learner
Company: Red Hen Systems, Inc.

MapCalc Learner introduces spatial analysis to GIS users.

Product Name: GeoPlan Zoning Appeals
Company: Regional Planning Technologies

GeoPlan provides a full suite of applications for managing municipal operations. This page describes GeoPlan's Zoning Appeals module.

Product Name: Correlator3D™ Software
Company: SimActive Inc.

Correlator3D™ is an ultra-rapid software solution for the generation of high-quality geospatial data from imagery. Designed for speed and ease of use, Correlator3D™ automatically produces digital surface models (DSM), digital terrain models (DTM), orthophotos, mosaics and 3D change maps at a fraction of the cost and time of currently available tools. Highly-trained personnel are no longer needed.

Product Name: Solid Terrain Modeling
Company: Solid Terrain Modeling Inc.

STM models are actual physical models that people can gather around, touch and view from any angle, allowing for a deeper understanding of the information presented. Precisely cut in dense polyurethane foam, our models hold exacting detail, giving a completely realistic rendering of the land formations. Add to that, brilliant full-color hi-resolution printing of satellite imagery, aerial photography or other graphic data on the dimensional surface and the scene comes alive. STM Solid Terrain Models provide a level of understanding not found in any computer model, ordinary topographic model or flat map. Our models can be any size - from table top to wall mounted or even tiled to fill an entire exhibition hall.

Product Name: Digital Elevation Model (DEM)
Company: Spatial Technologies Ltd

STL employs two methods for DTM generation. We use the information from topographical maps at scales from 1:10,000 to 1:250,000 depending on availability to derive DTMs, depending on the required dataset resolution.

Product Name: Tactician Territory Manager
Company: Tactician Corporation

The system has been specifically designed to facilitate the process of creating territories that are contiguous, compact, and reflect the reality of geographic barriers and obstacles - resulting in territories where workload is reasonable and potential can be realized.

Product Name: Tactician Territory Optimizer
Company: Tactician Corporation

Packed with all the features and functionality of Tactician Territory Manager, Tactician Territory Optimizer also contains a powerful sales force optimization model that will automatically optimize geographic components (i.e., ZIP codes, store locations) to an unlimited number of territories, based on factors such as workload balancing, fixed versus floating territory centers, and travel time minimization.

Product Name: RoadMAP 1.0 from TerraSim
Company: TerraSim, Inc.

RoadMAP from TerraSim® is a powerful road network extraction system utilizing advanced image understanding technology to automate the linear feature extraction process. Based upon cutting-edge research in image processing, photo-interpretation, and computer vision, RoadMAP seamlessly combines automated, semi-automated, and manual methods for detecting, delineating, and attributing road networks and other linear features.

Product Name: SOCET SET 2.0
Company: TerraSim, Inc.

BAE Systems’ SOCET SET® is an industry-leading, softcopy digital workstation providing image exploitation tools for both military and commercial applications. TerraSim’s TerraTools® is an industry-leading 3D virtual environment toolset providing rapid construction of high-fidelity, real-time visualizations of geospatial data. With the TerraTools Plug-in to SOCET SET, the intense capabilities of both systems combine to provide a complete image-to-feature-to-visualization production loop, in a familiar, friendly environment.

Product Name: TerraTools 3.0
Company: TerraSim, Inc.

TerraTools 3.0 builds upon the many capabilities of previous TerraTools releases, as well as introducing many new features that make the software more powerful and easier to use. With TerraTools 3.0, novices and experts alike can rapidly exploit GIS data, imagery, and models for high-fidelity real-time visualization.

Product Name: TerraTours® and GISLink
Company: TerraSim, Inc.

The GISLink option for TerraTools provides the capability to link to any georeferenced object in your GIS source data with its corresponding 3D realization as depicted in the TerraTools 3D visualization.

Product Name: TERRA VISTA
Company: TERREX

Terra VistaTM is a standalone, modeler-independent, database generation package, compatible with leading 3D creation and Run-time software. Terra Vista represents a dramatic breakthrough in simulation database development tools

Product Name: TERRADEV
Company: TERREX

The Ultimate in 3D Scene Generation: TerraDev provides the world's most powerful 3D scene generation system in a standalone Windows based application. The software allows fine control and adjustment to be made to all of the parameters and processes involved in building a realtime 3D database.

Product Name: TerraViz
Company: TERREX

TerraViz is the base technology for all the visualization technologies at TERREX including TerraVue and SOFViz/CFViz/NATOViz. TerraViz is a high performance low cost visualization client for Windows.

Product Name: Ecomodeler
Company: Viewscape3D Graphics Ltd.

Ecomodeler and our full motion 3D viewer, Ecoviewer, provide you with the ultimate solution for terrain model building and viewing. Ecomodeler is a GIS data processor that quickly and accurately produces fully-populated 3D landscape models.
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