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Software : Image Processing/Remote Sensing

Product Name: VrBalance
Company: A TO Z Software Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Advanced global image balancing inside VrMosaic or as stand-alone program

VrBalance is an advanced global image balancing solution to correct color and intensity differences between images. VrBalance is integrated seamlessly inside VrMosaic, and may also be used as a standalone program for direct balancing of any set of images. VrBalance will work with raw or ortho rectified images and does not require any image orientation.

Product Name: VrMosaic
Company: A TO Z Software Systems Pvt. Ltd.

A powerful real-time seam line editor with the ability to mosaic, combine and balance for new orthophoto sheets.

Before we developed VrMosaic, we listened. We listened to mapping professionals with hundreds of successful orthophoto jobs completed. We listened to what they wanted in a mosaic software routine.

VrMosaic offers more control of the image mosaic process by displaying real-time all images up to the current seam line. The seam line editor is very powerful with the ability to add, move and delete seam line points with one or two key presses.

Product Name: VrOrtho
Company: A TO Z Software Systems Pvt. Ltd.

VrOrtho is a standalone program that adds the ability to generate digital orthophotos from aerial photography. Powerful, with the ability to process small jobs interactively or large jobs in batch mode, VrOrtho keeps the easy to use feel of VrOne. When used with VrOne, the use of Digital Terrain Model data is seamless and transparent. Results of the orthophoto process are easily reviewed in VrOne.

Product Name: Georeferenced Orthophotos
Company: AAM

The keystone of your planning and consultation activities, ortho imagery (natural or colour infrared) provides the latest information for decision making. Using direct airborne georeferencing technology, we are now able to provide this imagery in a more timely manner.

Product Name: Pictometry
Company: AAM

Pictometry® is a unique information system that combines aerial imaging with an intuitive user interface and range of valuable measurement and navigation tools.

Product Name: satellite imagery
Company: AAM

Imagery with sub-metre spatial resolution (pixel size) is simultaneously captured in panchromatic, natural colour and near infrared. Imagery can be processed with terrain data to generate accurate, georeferenced orthophotos. Imagery can also be acquired to generate terrain models.

Product Name: DigitalGlobe

DigitalGlobe is a leading global provider of commercial high‑resolution Earth imagery products and services. As the global leader in satellite imagery, DigitalGlobe is the first company to deliver 30 cm resolution imagery. 

Product Name: ImageAtlas
Company: AirPhotoUSA

Power up your web site with this powerful image and map viewer. Customize the look and feel, link it to address searches, property listings, etc. Complete with a secure shopping cart. 3D views available soon!

Product Name: STK Product Suite
Company: Analytical Graphics, Inc.

The STK Product Suite supports analysis, planning, design, operation, and post-mission analysis for complex and integrated land, sea, air, and space scenarios.

Product Name: Image Analysis for ArcGIS
Company: Applied Field Data Systems, Inc.

Geographic images are the primary foundation for creating and maintaining Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data and information. Images serve as a permanent record of features, relationships, and processes which exist on the earth's surface.

Product Name: Stereo Analyst for ArcGIS
Company: Applied Field Data Systems, Inc.

Stereo Analyst for ArcGIS empowers Geographic Information Systems (GIS) professionals to use imagery for the direct collection and revision of feature data to a GIS. Stereo Analyst for ArcGIS is the first stereo feature collection product entirely built on a GIS, for a GIS, to feed a GIS. Stereo Analyst for ArcGIS accurately transforms the visual contents of an image into reliable GIS data.

Product Name: ELCOVISION 10 ELSP

ELCOVISION 10 ELSP is the universal, low-priced way into the photogrammetry. With ELCOVISION 10 ELSP you can take measurements from any kind of images. You can also rectify the images within seconds.

Product Name: ELCOVISION 10 ElTheo

ELCOVISION 10 ElTheo is a "devce driver" for a tachymeter. It enables various tachymeter to communicate directly with a CAD system. The tachymeter became a 3d digitizer for the CAD system. Alle drawing functions of the CAD system became measurent functions. You draw online a 3D mode.l of the object.

Product Name: Geographic Imager
Company: Avenza Systems Inc.

Geographic Imager enhances the already commanding Adobe Photoshop imaging environment by adding all the tools and technology necessary to support the import, edit, manipulation and export of geospatial images such as aerial and satellite imagery. In addition to allowing the use of Photoshop’s numerous native imaging functions such as transparencies, cropping, individual pixel editing and brightness/contrast control, Geographic Imager adds the ability to open and recognize geotiffs and other referenced raster formats, automatically mosaic images spatially, reproject images, transform and geo-reference images based on ground control points and save images with all spatial information intact.

Product Name: Titan Image SDK
Company: Beijing Oriental TITAN Technology Co.,LTD

Titan Image C / C + + application programming interface (Application Programming Interface, referred to as API) is a set of C / C + + function (class) library, which is the core of the Titan image processing system, using C / C + + language in the Microsoft Windows operating Under the system platform, in the form of dynamic link libraries provide.

Product Name: Vr Image Utility
Company: Cardinal Systems LLC

Image Utility delivers image project management and image utilities along with automatic interior orientation.

Product Name: VrAirTrig / VrAdjust
Company: Cardinal Systems LLC

Vr Aerial Triangulation with VrAdjust is a stand alone program for the collection and processing of aerial triangulation data VrAirTrig adheres to Cardinal Systems philosophy "easy to learn, easy to use and affordable" and simplifies the accurate collection of aerial triangulation data.  The project management tool helps manage large jobs with the speed and flexibility needed for maximum efficiency in production.

Product Name: VrBalance
Company: Cardinal Systems LLC

Advanced global image balancing inside VrMosaic or as stand-alone program. VrBalance is an advanced global image balancing solution to correct color and intensity differences between images. VrBalance is integrated seamlessly inside VrMosaic, and may also be used as a standalone program for direct balancing of any set of images. VrBalance will work with raw or ortho rectified images and does not require any image orientation.

Product Name: Mojave IOPS
Company: Cardio Logic, Inc.

It is an Image Orthorectification Production software that rectifies the perspective distortion of satellite imagery and supports terrain model management, Ground Control Points (GCPs) for better geolocation accuracy and automated batch processing for mass production of orthorectified images or mosaiced tiles in NITF or GeoTIFF format.

Product Name: Mojave™ Air Photo 3.0
Company: Cardio Logic, Inc.

Responding to the demand for high performance image processing Cardio Logic proudly introduces Mojaveä 3.0 Air Photo, a software plug-in for ENVIä that provides high-speed rectification of aerial and satellite images.

Product Name: Mojave™ IKONOS 3.0
Company: Cardio Logic, Inc.

MojaveÔ 3.0 is an image processing software package from Cardio Logic, Inc. It performs major functions of Rectification and Orthorectification for IKONOS Ortho Kit images with the fastest processing speed on the market. 

Product Name: Mojave™ QuickBird RPC 3.1
Company: Cardio Logic, Inc.

To support the increasing demand for high performance image processing, Cardio Logic introduces Mojave, a plug-in software tool for high-speed orthorectification of satellite images.

Product Name: Mojave™ QuickBird RSM 3.1
Company: Cardio Logic, Inc.

Mojaveä QB RSM 3.1, a plug-in to RSI's ENVI  software suite,  provides orthorectification of QuickBird imagery using QuickBird Rigorous Sensor Model.

Product Name: IDRISI Andes
Company: Clark Labs

IDRISI Andes is an integrated GIS and Image Processing software solution providing over 250 modules for the analysis and display of digital spatial information. IDRISI offers the most extensive set of GIS and Image Processing tools in the industry in a single, affordable package.

Product Name: Summit Evolution
Company: DAT/EM Systems International

Summit Evolution is a human-interface system that occupies the confluence of vector and raster data types. Far more than a routine digitizing tool, Summit is designed with the user in mind, and so provides a set of logical, intuitive, yet powerful tools for extracting information from data. Tools for viewing, analyzing, manipulating, and processing 3-dimensional geodata, all designed with the goal of helping to understand and model the shape and content of the earth’s surface.

Product Name: Compellent: Replication relaxation
Company: Davenport Group

With Compellent, you get it all. Big system capabilities without big system cost or complexity. Data hazard recovery within minutes. Scalability to any capacity across any technology.

Product Name: Definiens Architect XD

Definiens Architect XD enables non-technical users to configure, calibrate, and execute image analysis workflows with great versatility. Users can configure new workflows using a library of analysis actions (‘rules’) that are supplied with the Definiens application or that have been created within Definiens Developer XD.

Product Name: Definiens Cellenger

A fast-growing field of endeavor, high-content analysis is having quite an impact on the drug development process. When technologies such as automated microscopy are applied to systematically scan cellular assays, they generate vast quantities of image data containing a wealth of information. This information is often critical in making informed decisions in the course of the drug development process.

Product Name: Definiens Developer

A powerful, integrated image development environment offering all of eCognition's semantic analysis, visualization workflow and development capabilities

Product Name: Definiens Developer

Definiens Developer is powerful and completely integrated environment used by image analysis specialists to develop, test and package new image analysis applications. Definiens Developer can be used as a standalone tool or in combination with the Definiens eCognition® Server.

Product Name: Definiens Developer XD

Definiens Developer XD enables the development of image analysis solutions for biomedical images from any modality, in any dimension, from basic research to clinical diagnostics.It is a comprehensive toolbox for the complete development process from rapid prototyping to deployment of fully automated image analysis routines. Definiens Developer XD is unmatched in helping you address even the most challenging segmentation tasks, enabling a deeper understanding of underlying biology.

Product Name: Definiens eCognition Server

The heart of the Definiens Enterprise Image Intelligence Suite, the Definiens eCognition Server enables organizations to deploy powerful image analysis applications in a high-performance computing environment. It provides the scalability and processing power required to master even the most complex, data-heavy image analysis challenges.

Product Name: Definiens Enterprise Image Intelligence™ Suite

The Definiens Enterprise Image Intelligence™ Suite is a comprehensive image analysis platform for two-dimensional (2D) image analysis. It contains all the client and server software needed to extract intelligence from any digital image in a fully-automated or semi-automated way.

Product Name: Definiens Server XD

Definiens Server XD provides a processing environment for the batch execution of image analysis using a high- performance grid computing environment. Definiens Server XD includes special components designed  to meet all the requirements of multidimensional image analysis for high-content imaging, digital pathology, and radiology.

Product Name: Definiens TissueBase

The most time-consuming, laborious and expensive task in safety assessment is the manual screening of tissue slides. Conventional manual screening processes are labor intensive and costly, and they entail significant risk of human error in understanding efficacy and toxicity profiles. Compounding an already daunting challenge, the statutory regulations demanding more and more accurate data in safety assessment are growing ever more stringent. All these factors add up to create a bottleneck that slows time to market, thereby dulling the competitive edge of early launch, and that heightens failure rates in a drug candidate’s clinical trials.

Product Name: Definiens Viewer

Definiens Viewer enables users to review the results of any existing image analysis project. The intuitive interface enables users to load, view and export results quickly and easily.

Product Name: Basic Imagery
Company: DigitalGlobe

Basic Imagery products are designed for users with advanced image processing capabilities. DigitalGlobe supplies camera model information with each Basic Imagery product, permitting users to perform sophisticated photogrammetric processing such as orthorectification and three dimensional feature extraction. Basic Imagery is the least processed image product with corrections for radiometric distortions. Adjustments for internal sensor geometry, optical, and sensor distortions have been performed on each scene ordered.

Product Name: Remote Sensing Image Analysis
Company: Divestco Inc.

Divestco's Geomatics group offers Remote Sensing Services to provide feature enhancement and positioning accuracy to imagery data for surface modeling used in oil and gas exploration. It improves the geologic mapping process by reducing field work and enables you to carry out exploration for mineral and energy resources.

Product Name: Clutter Data
Company: DPRA Inc.,

The DPRA company Cuesta Systems uses satellite data as the base for its clutter mapping. Satellite remote sensing data provides consistent accuracy, increased content, and up-to-date mapping.

Product Name: Digital Aerial Imagery
Company: eMap International

eMap International works with industry leaders to provide the highest quality digital imagery collected from an airborne sensor. We offer custom acquisitions of engineering-grade orthoimagery and stereo photos. eMap also offers archived orthoimagery collected over US and European urban markets in two formats. First, there is stunning multispectral imagery with 6-inch resolution.

Product Name: Impervious Surface Maps
Company: eMap International

eMap International produces standard Impervious Surface Map (ISM™) products designed to meet the multiple requirements for NPDES1 compliance and management of Stormwater runoff. These ISM™ products are delivered to clients more quickly, affordably and accurately than previously possible while accommodating different project sizes – from towns and municipalities, to counties, regional districts and watershed systems. In response to the needs of the Stormwater Management community, eMap has pioneered the use of remote sensing image processing to produce impervious surface layers for different geographic and ecological regions. eMap employs an all-digital solution using advanced earth imaging technology and innovative data processing techniques to produce superior ISM™ products.

Product Name: ATCOR
Company: ERDAS, Inc.

The Atmospheric effects, such as haze, reduce the information content of satellite images. The ATCOR add-on modules correct these atmospheric phenomenon, as well as correcting topographic effects such as shadowing to create a more valuable imagery. ATCOR2 and ATCOR3 are both add-on modules for IMAGINE Advantage® or IMAGINE Professional®.

Product Name: ERDAS Apollo
Company: ERDAS, Inc.

ERDAS APOLLO is an enterprise-class data management, delivery and collaboration solution providing remarkable business value for our customers. ERDAS APOLLO is scalable to meet your organization’s specific needs. From a low-cost, remarkably fast image server to a comprehensive data management system, ERDAS APOLLO is the most advanced geospatial enterprise solution, ensuring unprecedented performance even when handling the largest data archives.

Product Name: ERDAS Apollo Feature Interoperability
Company: ERDAS, Inc.

ERDAS APOLLO Feature Interoperability provides a DGN Connector to ERDAS APOLLO, enabling direct access to MicroStation’s DGN v7 and v8 format files via web services. The module is powered by Safe Software’s FME technology, which provides direct read and write support to a large and expanding number of vector feature formats.

Product Name: ERDAS Apollo on the Cloud
Company: ERDAS, Inc.

ERDAS APOLLO on the Cloud provides all of the comprehensive data management and delivery power of ERDAS APOLLO Professional as an affordable monthly subscription service. This fully-loaded package includes everything you need to run the solution on the cloud, including all necessary software licensing, servers, data storage and bandwidth.

Product Name: ERDAS Apollo Professional
Company: ERDAS, Inc.

ERDAS APOLLO offers on-the-fly geoprocessing through a powerful implementation of the OGC Web Processing Service (WPS) specification.  The workflow is designed so that end-users are enabled to execute robust and complex geoprocesses with very little domain knowledge.  An end user can run an entire model, such as change detection, site analysis or elevation change, completely contained within a single Web Processing Service (WPS).   ERDAS APOLLO Professional fully integrates ERDAS APOLLO Advantage and ERDAS APOLLO Essentials - SDI.

Product Name: ERDAS Apollo Solution Toolkit
Company: ERDAS, Inc.

With ERDAS APOLLO Solution Toolkit, you can extend your existing APOLLO Web Client or create new ones, enhancing the APOLLO Web Services with the support of new data or metadata types. You can also add OGC services discovery and visualization in a custom GIS application. ERDAS APOLLO Solution Toolkit is the solution for building the customized geoportal user interface, accessible via a simple browser, from any computer, without any software installation.

Product Name: ERDAS ECW JPEG2000 SDK
Company: ERDAS, Inc.

Customize Your Application to Handle Large Images : Solve the problems associated with large imagery datasets. ERDAS ECW JPEG2000 SDK allows software developers to add support for the JPEG2000 and ECW image formats into their own applications (commercial, internal, server based workflow, etc). JPEG2000 is an International Organization of Standardization (ISO) image format. ECW is an industry standard for handling large geospatial imagery.

Product Name: ERDAS ER Mapper
Company: ERDAS, Inc.

ERDAS ER Mapper provides advanced image processing and compression capabilities widely used in a variety of industries including oil, gas and mineral exploration. ERDAS ER Mapper allows you to visualize, enhance and combine images for a broad array of applications. Extracting the quantitative information you need, ERDAS ER Mapper makes your data more meaningful to solve business problems.

Product Name: ERDAS IMAGINE®
Company: ERDAS, Inc.

ERDAS IMAGINE is a broad collection of software tools designed specifically to process imagery. It allows you to extract data from images like a seasoned professional, regardless of your experience or education. ERDAS IMAGINE performs advanced remote sensing analysis and spatial modeling to create new information. In addition, with ERDAS IMAGINE, you can visualize your results in 2D, 3D, movies, and on cartographic quality map compositions. The core of the ERDAS IMAGINE Suite was designed to scale with your geospatial data production needs; from IMAGINE Essentials, through IMAGINE Advantage and on to IMAGINE Professional. Optional add-on modules providing specialized functionalities are also available to enhance your productivity and capabilities.

Product Name: ERDAS Terrain Editor for ArcGIS
Company: ERDAS, Inc.

An optional extension to Stereo Analyst for ArcGIS, ERDAS Terrain Editor for ArcGIS enables you to update a Geodatabase Terrain file. The Geodatabase Terrain is decomposed into points and breaklines with triangle and contour display. As the terrain is edited, contours are dynamically updated in the stereo window to assist in the visualization and interpretation of the terrain. A complete set of point, breakline and area tools – including a tool for autocorrelating new points to participate in the terrain - are provided for modifying the terrain. 

Product Name: Image Analysis for ArcGIS
Company: ERDAS, Inc.

Image Analysis™ for ArcGIS is the all-in-one solution for preparing, referencing, measuring and analyzing imagery from airborne and satellite sensors. Fully integrated with ArcGIS, it enables you to extract up-to-date information from imagery directly into a geodatabase, dramatically increasing accuracy and productivity. Processing imagery into reliable GIS data, Image Analysis for ArcGIS helps you understand the interrelated behavior of features on the earth’s surface.

Product Name: IMAGINE AutoSync
Company: ERDAS, Inc.

IMAGINE AutoSync is an ERDAS IMAGINE add-on that aligns two or more images of potentially dissimilar types, such as data from different sensors or with different resolutions. Generating thousands of tie points between the images, IMAGINE AutoSync can improve the alignment of already georeferenced data sets, or quickly align raw imagery to an existing georeferenced image.

Product Name: IMAGINE DeltaCue
Company: ERDAS, Inc.

IMAGINE DeltaCue is an ERDAS IMAGINE® add-on that highlights the difference between two images of the same area acquired at different times, rapidly transforming imagery to usable information. The user visualizes only the significant changes, by dynamically setting change thresholds and spatially or spectrally filtering out changes that are not of interest.

Product Name: IMAGINE Enterprise Loader™
Company: ERDAS, Inc.

IMAGINE Enterprise Loader allows users to load vector and raster data into a database system such as Oracle Spatial, enabling the largest number of end users visibility and access to your data. Images can be loaded as individual GeoRasters, or the IMAGINE Enterprise Loader can be used in conjunction with other capabilities offered by ERDAS IMAGINE to automatically combine multiple images into a single GeoRaster. This is available as an add-on module to ERDAS IMAGINE or LPS. Once data is loaded into the database all ERDAS IMAGINE and LPS users can access, view and analyze the information.

Product Name: IMAGINE Feature Interoperability
Company: ERDAS, Inc.

IMAGINE Feature Interoperability extends ERDAS IMAGINE’s native vector format support by adding support for additional GIS and CAD formats. Powered by Safe Software’s FME technology, the module provides direct read and write support to an ever expanding number of vector feature formats starting with MicroStation’s DGN v7 and v8 format files. In addition to direct DGN support, available from the Manage Data ribbon in ERDAS IMAGINE, Safe Software’s FME Workbench and Viewer not only allow for format conversion, but enable data manipulation and analysis.

Product Name: IMAGINE Objective
Company: ERDAS, Inc.

IMAGINE Objective includes an innovative set of tools, enabling geospatial data layers to be created and maintained using remotely sensed imagery. Combining inferential learning with expert knowledge in a true object-oriented feature extraction environment, IMAGINE Objective emulates human visual processing. IMAGINE Objective also encapsulates vector processing operators to produce GIS-ready data with minimal post processing.

Product Name: IMAGINE Vector
Company: ERDAS, Inc.

IMAGINE Vector is an ERDAS IMAGINE add-on that offers essential vector manipulation tools within ERDAS IMAGINE. With IMAGINE Vector, convert raster to vector or vice-versa, reproject, recalculate elevation values, move between vector formats and more. IMAGINE Vector facilitates the integration and use of GIS data in ERDAS IMAGINE with transparent support for vector data. 

Product Name: BINGO Aerial Triangulation Software
Company: Fagerman Technologies, Inc.

Fagerman provides a number of tools for the photogrammetrist. BINGO has been used in production for many years and is a mature bundle block adjustment program.

Product Name: Fiber Manager
Company: Forest One, Inc.

Fiber Manager tracks individual contracts and harvest locations for an entire basin. This powerful software reduces and manages variability within the fiber supply chain through powerful scheduling, reporting, and analysis tools

Product Name: International Mapping
Company: Forest One, Inc.

Acquiring satellite images and aerial photographs for sites around the world, Forest One provides a broad range of GIS and remote sensing services globally. Numerous international projects have given Forest One extensive experience abroad

Product Name: Fugawi MilX
Company: Fugawi

Fugawi MilX software is a second generation targeting-navigational system. This targeting-navigational system has been developed by Northport Systems in conjunction with Lockheed Martin Tactical Aircraft Systems and Innovative Concepts Inc.

Product Name: ArcGIS Server Analysis in Google Earth and Virtual Earth
Company: GCS Research

GCS Research Delivers the Analytical Power of ArcGIS Server in Google Maps and Virtual Earth

Product Name: GeoMarc
Company: GCS Research

GCS Research announces GeoMarc, our new product line that integrates the innovative technology of digital watermarking into ESRI's ArcGIS software applications. The GIS user can now easily identify, track, and connect their digital imagery and mapping products across distributed networks.

Product Name: Homeland Security Solutions
Company: GCS Research

GCS Research Provides Solutions for Real-Time Geospatial Situational Awareness for Emergency Operati....

Product Name: LandView (TM)
Company: GCS Research

LandView is a Microsoft certified .NET Smart Application designed to assist natural resource managers in planning for and responding to wildland fire hazards in the wildland-urban interface.

Product Name: Northern Rockies Geospatial Training Center
Company: GCS Research

The Northern Rockies Geospatial Training Center is a professional development center specializing in ESRI and Microsoft sofware. We focus upon the working professional looking for career advancement and certification.

Product Name: G-RAM
Company: Genesys International Corporation

Genesys offers on an ASP model remote monitoring and diagnostics services G-RAM (Genesys - Remote Application Management) to meet demands of varied applications. G-RAM is unique because of 5-step process it follows. This ensures in-depth analysis of application, and sustained value delivery

Product Name: photogrammetry
Company: Genesys International Corporation

As a single-source provider of Geospatial and IT solutions, Genesys offers a full line of Photogrammetry, Survey and Remote Sensing services and solutions. We are able to provide our customers on-site, off-site and on-shore staff if required.

Product Name: Firemen : GIS and crisis operational management
Company: GeoConcept SA

More and more firemen use the GIS as a great tool in the decision process in their crisis operational management. Much more than a simple tool for graphic representation and analysis, the GIS allows firemen better apprehending crisis and geoptimise the resources available on the territory.

Product Name: Police Force Solution: Crisis management
Company: GeoConcept SA

GeoConcept is a dependable decisional aid at the service of many sectors of the forces of public order. GeoConcept can take over the daily running of an information centre or command and control station to assist with incident localisation, patrol direction, and contingency operations in the wake of a natural disaster, technological breakdowns, social unrest, or any exceptional event...

Product Name: LGAVL
Company: Geographic Technologies Group (GTG)

The Automatic Vehicle Location Blade takes the signal from most previously-purchased vehicle GPS units and plots it to a map inside GeoBlade.

Product Name: Web Mapping
Company: GeoSmart (NZ) Ltd

We have developed a range of API tools that make it easy for your web developer to put our interactive maps on your site. They include the GeoSmart Geocode Tool which makes it possible to quickly and accurately create the co-ordinates to place your location, your customers, your competitors, your sales outlets etc on the map. We have one of the largest Points of Interest (POI) libraries in the country, that you can draw upon to add richness to your web site. These POI include everything from banks and ATM machines to medical centres, hospitals, public car parks, sports grounds, as well as shopping malls, restaurants and cafes.

Product Name: DPS «Delta»
Company: GeoSystem

Processing aerial, close range and satellite images from various sensors. Managing cameras and ground/control points. Importing absolute orientation elements from different formats. Semiautomatic orientation of stereo models and single photos. Total error control and correction at every orientation stage.

Product Name: Access imagery
Company: Geotech

Directly read any ER Mapper, ECW, BMP, JPEG, HDF, TIFF, Geo TIFF, ESRI, BIL, DOQO, Spot view imagery and many other format • Import 100’s of other image formats • Customizable to include your own translators • Comprehensive list of satellite, seismic and airborne data imports • Link to common GIS and database data without importing • Vector and GIS import include:

Product Name: GlobeXplorer
Company: GIS Services

GlobeXplorer makes images of the earth available via the Internet in a fast and affordable manner and provides the world's largest archive of earth imagery - over 450 terabytes of data - comprising aerial and satellite photography depicting areas around the world. 

Product Name: PowerCAD SiteMaster 3
Company: GiveMePower Corp.

Point, Shoot, Done simplicity SiteMaster software with a Bluetooth laser draws walls, openings and more before your eyes, automatically storing room and building information.

Product Name: Cartosat-1
Company: Global Marketing Insights, Inc.

Cartosat-1 is a global, high resolution stereographic imaging mission to support cartographic applictions.

Product Name: Resourcesat-1
Company: Global Marketing Insights, Inc.

Resourcesat-1 is a workhorse mission with a combination of three multi-spectral and multi-resolution cameras for natural resources monitoring and management

Product Name: DRAGON/ips®
Company: Goldin-Rudahl Systems, Inc.

DRAGON/ips® Remote Sensing Image Processing Software is available in various configurations to fit your needs.

Dragon Professional Edition is the newest version of Dragon. It includes all the capabilities of the Dragon Academic Edition (see below) and adds capabilities to meet the needs of more advanced research projects. Added capabilities include processing of full-scene image data sets (up to 16,000 by 16,000 rows and columns), supported by a completely revised model for user interaction with the images. It also includes the Programmer's Toolkit.

Product Name: IBP
Company: Groupe ALTA

Groupe Alta presents Image Batch Processing as a powerful conversion application. Not only does it convert images , but it can also be used to enhance the appearance of images, ro¬tate images, resample etc., all this in batch mode.

Product Name: IBP 7
Company: Groupe ALTA

Consolidate and automate your imagery processing functions in one simple to use, high-performance application. A powerful standalone application for batch image format conversion, rotation, resampling, merging of multiple bands, and enhancement in preparation for any digital imagery workflow is at your fingertips.

Product Name: Orthophoto Production
Company: HJW GeoSpatial, Inc.

HJW’s orthophoto production software, OrthoView, was developed in-house by our staff, and is specially tailored to our workflow. Our intimate knowledge of the software ensures that orthophotos meet our stringent quality requirements. It is optimized for processing efficiency, which translates to quick turnaround time. Our aircraft is equipped with an airborne GPS/IMU system which aids in the orientation of the photography.

Product Name: Remote Sensing Systems
Company: Icaros Geosystems Inc

Icaros Digital Mapper (IDM) collection systems can be installed on a wide variety of aircrafts and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in a matter of hours.  By broadening the possibilities for collection flights, IDM systems minimize costs of installation, licensing and labor. These dynamic, state-of-the-art RGB, thermal, and oblique 3D data collection and processing solutions provide Icaros customers with the information they need, when they need it, at a price that fits their budgets. Icaros digital sensors and processing software offer customers a complete aerial photogrammetric suite.

Product Name: Image Processing
Company: indiGEO Consultants Pvt Limited

IndiGEO is your link between the vast array of satellite data available to the public and an image, customised to your requirements. By applying the appropriate corrections and algorithms using leading-edge image processing software, IndiGEO can produce a suite of enhanced images highlighting the relevant spectral content of the data.

Product Name: inBLOCK
Company: Inpho GmbH

inBLOCK is a new-generation bundle block adjustment software from inpho. It is based on a new design, combining advanced mathematical modeling and adjustment techniques, the landmarks of INPHO, with user-friendliness and excellent interactive graphical analyzing capabilities.

Product Name: MATCH-AT
Company: Inpho GmbH

MATCH-AT provides highly precise automatic digital aerial triangulation based on the advanced and unique image processing algorithms by inpho. MATCH-AT is part of inpho's digital photogrammetric system which comes now with its new core ApplicationsMaster.

Product Name: OrthoVista
Company: Inpho GmbH

OrthoVista is the most powerful professional mosaicking product in use world-wide. It utilizes advanced image processing techniques to automatically adjust and combine orthophotos from any source into one single seamless, color-balanced mosaic. OrthoVista improves the efficiency, quality and profitability of digital orthophoto mosaic production. OrthoVista is part of inpho’s digital photogrammetric system.

Product Name: Remote Sensing
Company: Intec Infocom, Inc.

Intec Infocom offers services in the field of remote sensing in assisting the user to map a large area of interest by undertaking satellite images from various sensors for user specific requirements.

Product Name: ImageStation Stereo for GeoMedia
Company: Intergraph Corporation

ImageStation Stereo for GeoMedia provides modules that enable users to display and manipulate stereo imagery with photogrammetrically accurate 3D curser tracking, stereo vector superimposition, stereo roam, image contrast, and brightness adjustments.

Product Name: Overland
Company: ISTAR

Overland is the software package developed by Infoterra France and designed to derive biophysical parameters from a wide range of spaceborne and airborne sensors. Thanks to the support offered by Infoterra and intended to develop thematic products you want to get, Overland aims to provide you with an autonomous production capability.

Product Name: AHAS - AVHRR Hydrological Analysis System
Company: ITC - Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation

AHAS is a raster-based system devoted to deriving products from 1.1 km NOAA-AVHRR imagery, with an emphasis on hydrological applications and production agriculture. It compiles recent and generalised energy-related methods in an expert system-guided user interface, triggering operations from a GIS/remote sensing system (ILWIS 3.11) working in the background.

Product Name: ILWIS 3.3 - the Remote Sensing and GIS software
Company: ITC - Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation

ILWIS integrates image, vector and thematic data in one unique and powerful package on the desktop. ILWIS delivers a wide range of feautures including import/export, digitizing, editing, analysis and display of data as well as production of quality maps.

Product Name: Photogrammetric software--KLT/ATLAS, ATLAS/TIN, ATLAS/DSP,ATLAS/ORTHO,ATLAS/AT,
Company: KLT Associates

KLT addresses engineering, environmental, close range, terrestrial, and satellite photogrammetric mapping.

Product Name: Landata e-Recording System™ (LERS)
Company: Landata Remote Sensing

The Landata e-Recording System is a state of the art document imaging software package designed to meet all electronic recording needs.

In the real estate market, the "race to record" is an all too important facet of doing business. Lenders want their documents on record as soon as possible, helping to reduce Gap Risk, expedite policy generation, and off improved customer service.

Product Name: remote sensing
Company: Landata Remote Sensing

The remote sensing division of Landata serves as an image database processing, production, balancing, mosaicing and data integration center. Landata has the ability to produce products from a multitude of satellite and airborne image sensors and/or platforms on both the private and public market.

Product Name: Remote Sensing
Company: Luminous Engineering and Technology Services

Luminous ETS has a team of highly qualified remote sensing professionals with experiences in different domains. The group has developed several processes and algorithms to semi-automate the process of image classification. Various tools have been used to undertake stringent quality checks resulting in world-class quality data.

Product Name: EarthSat NaturalVue
Company: MDA Federal Inc.

EarthSat NaturalVue is the leading natural color satellite image product at 15 meter resolution on the shelf ready for delivery. This affordable global satellite imagery product is of unparalleled quality. See our medium resolution data online and zoom to anywhere on Earth.

Product Name: Image Processing Services
Company: MDA Federal Inc.

The Image Processing group at MDA has been at the forefront of developing new algorithms since its inception in 1969. Listed below are explanations and examples for some of our most common image processing tasks. See our newest algorithms for specific research and development applications.

Product Name: Basic Imagery (1B)
Company: Merrick & Company

Basic Imagery products are designed for users having advanced image processing capabilities. DigitalGlobe supplies QuickBird camera model information with each Basic Imagery product to permit you to perform sophisticated photogrammetric processing such as orthorectification and three dimensional feature extraction.

Product Name: Satellite Imagery
Company: Merrick & Company

As an authorized reseller for DigitalGlobe and GeoEye, Merrick & Company offers clients the newest generation of satellite imagery and value-added products. When acquiring this highly complex data and supporting technical materials, a purchase with Merrick provides:

Product Name: Standard Imagery
Company: Merrick & Company

DigitalGlobe's Standard Imagery products are designed for users with knowledge of remote sensing applications and image processing tools that require data of modest absolute geometric accuracy and/or large area coverage.

Product Name: Landscape Mapper
Company: Myriax - Landscape Mapper

Landscape Mapper features at a glance
  • Streamlined photogrammetry and aerial photo interpretation workflow.
  • Semi-automated internal registration of scanned photos.
  • Real time orthorectification of multiple photos during registration to ground control.

Product Name: multispectral imagery
Company: NCDC Imagery & Mapping

  • This technology has been in use commercially since 1972 and involves digitally recording wavelengths of light from aircraft or satellite.
  • It is available from satellite sensors such as Landsat, SPOT, QuickBird, and IKONOS and digital aerial sensors such as the Leica ADS40, digital mapping camera (Zeiss/Intergraph DMC) and Vexcel UltraCam

Product Name: DCAR97
Company: NOAA's National Geodetic Survey (NGS)

DCAR97 is a companion product derived from CARIB97. The geoid is a surface of constant potential which conforms to sea level in an average sense. Deflections of the vertical are the slopes associated with the Earth's equipotential layers. The deflection of the vertical is the departure a plumb bob would take from vertical defined by an ideal ellipsoidal Earth. These quantities are typically a few arc seconds, but can reach an arc minute of departure.

Product Name: DMEX97
Company: NOAA's National Geodetic Survey (NGS)

DMEX97 is a companion product derived from MEXICO97. The geoid is a surface of constant potential which conforms to sea level in an average sense. Deflections of the vertical are the slopes associated with the Earth's equipotential layers. The deflection of the vertical is the departure a plumb bob would take from vertical defined by an ideal ellipsoidal Earth. These quantities are typically a few arc seconds, but can reach an arc minute of departure.

Product Name: LIDAR Technology
Company: Nova Workvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) is a remote sensing system used to collect topographic data. The systems emit pulses of laser light and precisely measure the elapsed time for a reflection to return from the ground below. Knowing the speed of light and the elapsed time, the distance to the target can be calculated.

Product Name: Genie Pro®
Company: Observera, Inc.

Genie Pro® 2.0 is an adaptive automatic feature extraction (AFE) software application that can be used to search and classify remotely sensed imagery.  The software uses techniques from statistical machine learning theory and evolutionary computation theory – also known as genetic programming – to perform robust and customized AFE in multispectral, hyperspectral, panchromatic, and multi-instrument fused imagery.

Product Name: EOS Console
Company: Orbit

The EOS Console is a free tool for administration of any EOS server. You can use the EOS Console locally on your EOS server machine, or remote from your desktop. The EOS Console is included in each EOS server package. For remote use, you can download a free copy or the EOS Console to install locally on your desktop.

Product Name: Microdrone UAV
Company: Orbit

The microdrone is guided by a standard FM radio controller, as with miniature airplanes. Although the omnidirectional action radius is about 500 m, it is better practice to keep the drone within eye-contact from the radio transmitter. The drone, equipped with silent electrical rotors, is battery driven and endures a flight of 20 minutes. A set of batteries comes with the drone and are replaced within a minute. The noise emission is very low thanks to a highly efficient propulsion system: less than 65 dBA on a hoverpoint on 3 meter distance.

Product Name: Orthovista Digital Orthophoto Mosaiking Software
Company: OrthoVista Direct

OrthoVista increases the efficiency, profitability and quality of GIS and photogrammetric processing by automating the production of uniform and seamless digital image mosaics.

Product Name: ELT Connect
Company: Overwatch Geospatial

ELTConnect is an extension which enables analysts to link together ELT/5500 with ESRI’s ArcMap application. This extension provides integration between GEOINT analysis and GIS workflows by allowing analysts to share data, sync views and quickly see updates to vector layers in both applications. Additionally,

Product Name: ELT/1500
Company: Overwatch Geospatial

ELT/1500 is a first tier product in the ELT/Series line offering essential tools for the image analyst. Whether acquiring imagery for viewing and analysis or performing image processing operations, ELT/1500 enables users to accomplish tasks with ease.

Product Name: ELT/5500
Company: Overwatch Geospatial

ELT/5500 is the most comprehensive image exploitation application available on the market today. Developed specifically for primary imagery analysts and geospatial professionals, ELT/5500 software fuses traditional image exploitation functionality with geospatial support in a single easy-to-use software application.

Product Name: Feature Analyst
Company: Overwatch Geospatial

Feature Analyst, well-integrated into existing GIS and image processing software, provides professionals with a complete toolset for extracting features of interest from imagery and scanned maps (buildings, roads, water features, etc.)

Product Name: Geomatica X
Company: PCI Geomatics

PCI Geomatics has introduced a series of image-centric solutions designed to address geospatial industry needs for automation and production capacity. Geomatica X contains the company's software components used for building production workflows, such as automated DEM extraction, orthorectification, mosaicking, and more.

Product Name: Image Mosaicking
Company: PCI Geomatics

Geomatica’s® Image Mosaicking-helping you make sense of the world, piece by piece. Photomosaics are digital assemblies of adjacent images arranged together to display a larger area. Variations between the separate images are minimized to create one seamless image.

Product Name: PCI Geomatica® Applications
Company: PCI Geomatics

Geomatica is a totally integrated software product that includes remote sensing, GIS and cartography.

Product Name: Pictometry® LiDAR Remote Sensing
Company: Pictometry International Corp.

Whether you're planning, analyzing or managing emergency response, Pictometry can provide all of your high accuracy terrain mapping needs.  Our sophisticated LiDAR mapping system, for example, allows us to collect dense, accurate, datasets rapidly and produce a full suite of terrain mapping products to meet your mapping and modeling requirements. Accurate and cost effective, Pictometry LiDAR can be included into your oblique and orthogonal image libraries to create a powerful visualization tool.

Product Name: Pictometry® Oblique Imagery
Company: Pictometry International Corp.

Pictometry captures two types of imagery for every square foot of an area, oblique and vertical. Our innovative oblique images -- captured at an angle -- reveal the world from a more natural perspective, so objects are easier to recognize and interpret. With resolutions set as high as 3-inch Ground Sample Distance (GSD), you can see all in amazing detail and view every feature, structure and parcel from North, South, East, West or straight down. When you layer GIS information on top of such meticulous imagery, you turn data into knowledge.

Product Name: Pictometry® Real3D® Models
Company: Pictometry International Corp.

Make believers out of viewers. Our innovative photo-realistic 3D environments bring unrivaled scale and clarity to models by using intricate oblique imagery, advanced occlusion detection and texturing algorithms. By precisely extracting the models from our oblique imagery the model geometry has greater accuracy, detail and includes features missing in many other 3D models such as roof structures, spires, overhangs and inner courtyards creating a visually compelling effect. Since the textures are from oblique images instead of field orthos, the building textures are of the highest resolution. Plus, we help you view and navigate your virtual world with ease, from either the ArcGIS or an optional 3D Viewer

Product Name: MapXtreme Windows Edition
Company: Pitney Bowes MapInfo Corporation

MapInfo's powerful Internet mapping server for Windows® for broad deployment of mapping applications

Product Name: PG-STEAMER 4.0 RTP Student Edition
Company: Pixoneer Geomatics, Inc.

PG-STEAMER 4.0 RTP Student Edition, the newest release of the company's premier image processing software package. If an effort to provide educational institutions and students with affordable geospatial software products, Pixoneer Geomatics is offering this full function edition of PG-STEAMER 4.0 RTP with a great deal.

Product Name: PG-STEAMER 4.1
Company: Pixoneer Geomatics, Inc.

PG-STEAMER is a professional environment for the processing, analysis, visualization, and documentation of remotely sensed (RS) data. Among its features are a very easy to use interface, an intuitive workflow structure and state-of-the-art memory efficiency.

Product Name: ERDAS IMAGINE®
Company: Planetek Italia srl

ERDAS IMAGINE® the world’s leading geospatial data authoring system, incorporates geospatial image processing and analysis, remote sensing, and GIS capabilities into a single powerful, convenient package. ERDAS IMAGINE enables users to easily create value-added products such as 2D and 3D images, 3D flythrough movies, and cartographic-quality map compositions from geospatial data. Featuring a ribbon interface and custom workflow tabs so you can consolidate your favorite tools, ERDAS IMAGINE makes it easier to access what you need to work efficiently and productively. ERDAS IMAGINE also provides advanced tools for parallel batch processing, spatial modeling, map production, mosaicking, and change detection. In addition, ERDAS IMAGINE also incorporates the ERDAS ER Mapper algorithms, many GeoMedia utilities, and implements OGC standards. 

Product Name: PromptServer
Company: Prompt GmbH

PromptServer is the powerful image processing server that is changing the way imagery is managed, processed and distributed. PromptServer provides quick access and visualization of huge quantities of image data, by large number of users working simultaneously in GIS/CAD and intra/internet environments.

Product Name: LP360
Company: QCoherent Software

LP360 is a first-of-its-kind LIDAR software extension for the ESRITM environment. The LP360 LIDAR extension uses a specially-designed ArcMap™ data layer to access points directly from LAS files. LP360 completely integrates LIDAR point cloud datasets into ArcGIS™ without requiring an import or conversion process.

Product Name: The PHOTOMOD Radar – software for spaceborne SAR data processing
Company: Racurs

The PHOTOMOD Radar software is intended for full-scale processing of Earth remote sensing data acquired by spaceborne radars with synthesized antenna aperture (SAR) such as ERS-1/2, Radarsat, SIR-C/X, ENVISAT ASAR, TerraSAR-X, ALOS, COSMO-SkyMed and generation of so called "secondary information products" from SAR images, such as digital elevation models. The fact that SAR is the active sensor makes possible reception of required measurements independently of time, day and weather conditions.

Product Name: electronic systems
Company: Raytheon Systems Imagery & Geospatial Systems Division

Raytheon Systems Imagery and Geospatial Systems Division develops and integrates image manipulation technologies, high-performance algorithms, and information technology architectures for digital imagery processing, display and exploitation.

Product Name: RealBird™ Map-based Search
Company: RealBird, Inc.

State of the Art Property Search and Lead Generator Map-based MLS/IDX property search has been proven to be one of the most powerful lead generators

Product Name: Digital Aerial Imaging
Company: Rob Wooding and Associates

One of the first products to come out of the firms research programme has been an aerial digital camera system. This combines a high end digital camera with attitude sensors and GPS to produce imagery suitable for automatic mosaicing within hours of the flight taking place.

Product Name: Ground-Based LiDAR Services
Company: Sanborn

As an alternate means of terrain and digital image acquisition used to capture detailed, accurate 3D geometry, laser scanning technology captures more detail and is faster than traditional surveying methods. This technology has a 360 degree horizontal field view that captures digital images and dense point clouds. With its rapid acquisition method, prompt turnaround time, and higher accuracy rate, Sanborn delivers better data faster with the ground-based laser system.

Product Name: Orthoimagery
Company: Sanborn

Sanborn was the first commercial mapping firm to develop and implement a system for the production of digital orthophoto imagery. Our years of experience in small- and large-scale projects give our clients confidence in our abilities and ensure the success of every project. We offer imagery for every need, from second-generation imagery for clients requiring the preservation of their original GIS data to first-generation orthophotos of the of the highest quality imagery.

Product Name: ScanEx Image Processor®
Company: ScanEx RDC

Welcome to the state-of-the-art technology, developed for preliminary and thematic processing of satellite images, for the creation of value-added products based on the Earth data from space (maps, physical indices, models), and for exporting data into GIS and other image processing systems.

Product Name: ScanMagic®
Company: ScanEx RDC

A stand-alone Windows-based application, ScanMagic® is easy-to-use and powerful software for viewing, analyzing and processing of remote sensing (RS) data. In most cases ScanMagic® allows the user to create remote sensing end-products cost-effectively without involving additional software tools. The complete functionality and unique features of ScanMagic® enable to process RS data in near-real time (NRT).

Product Name: VPindex V3
Company: softelec

Benefit from software intelligence for archiving and indexing drawings: With VPindex you can capture, clean, edit, and index legacy documents and CAD drawings quickly, elegantly, and efficiently - independent of sizes and formats. Plus, an automated capture of text from title blocks provides a quick document retrieval: any relevant text content can be exported into a database or EDMS. Or use it to assign new document file names

Product Name: VPview V10
Company: softelec

VPview is an affordable solution for viewing, redlining and printing/plotting of 2D CAD and GIS drawings and scanned documents. Also, zooming, view rotation and panning is possible. Even reviewing the properties of selected objects and CAD entities is possible! Attributes of GIS Entities are also shown. File preview while browsing through directories and fast document loading is combined with extensive zoom and pan features for quick image handling. Redlining is as easy as picking a cloud or an arrow and placing it on the desired area.

Product Name: Landuse / Clutter Data
Company: Spatial Technologies Ltd

Clutter data is classified as the man-made and natural features that may impair radio frequency propagation by reflection, diffraction, absorption, or scattering of the transmission waves. Our Clutter data production is derived from the latest satellite imagery, not from paper maps.

Product Name: Digital Ortho Imagery
Company: SpatiaLogic

SpatiaLogic serves as a distributor of Infotech Enterprises America digital aerial imagery. The affordable high-definition ortho-images are used for various municipal and commercial applications such as real estate assessment, permit review, field data collection, facility management, vehicle tracking, precision farming, public safety, and land planning.

Product Name: Remote sensing Services
Company: Suchan Infotech Limited

Suchan Infotech has a team of highly qualified remote sensing professionals with experiences in different domains. The group has developed several processes and algorithm to semi-automate the process of image classification and has the capacity of delivering more than 80 Land sat images per month. Various tools have been developed to undertake stringent quality checks to provide a world-class quality data.

Product Name: Remote sensing
Company: Terrasystem

Multispectral remote sensing is a tool for land survey employable both on a local and global scale. Ongoing progress in the techniques of remote sensed data processing and the increasing number of available sensors allow for the employement of remote sensing in a great variety of spatial applications.

Product Name: NuQ Model
Company: TerraVerde Technologies

The NuQ is based on the same principles of true reflectance imagery and normalized imagery. The accepted method is to express each band in percent reflectance, in other words the percent of solar irradiance reflected by the target in each band. The NuQ is calibrated to a standard.

Product Name: Radiometers For Reflectance Imaging in Precision Agriculture
Company: TerraVerde Technologies

TerraVerde Technologies provides a line of radiometers especially designed to accompany multispectral airborne and satellite remote sensing operations. Each device is self contained with built–in microprocessor, data storage, and rechargeable battery power. Devices are small enough to hold in one hand. Instrument calibration is provided in milliwatts per square centimeter.

Product Name: Remote Sensing
Company: TerraVerde Technologies

TerraVerde has unmatched expertise in the science of remote sensing. Additionally, they offer many years of experience in the application of image data for precise management of agricultural crops and other natural resources. TerraVerde utilize the process of calibration, which is sometimes called “reflectance imaging.” The resulting image is expressed as a percent of the sun’s irradiance.

Product Name: TerraHawk
Company: TerraVerde Technologies

TerraHawk Aerial Imaging System is an integrated turnkey multispectral imaging system for easy–to–use practical application in production agriculture and natural resource management.

Product Name: LIDAR Processing
Company: TopoSys GmbH

In addition to recording the light traveling time of the first reflecting echo and the last echo for each laser pulse, the TopoSys LIDAR systems also record the intensity of the echo. The task of the software for processing the laser data is to compute digital elevation models, intensity images and derived data records adapted to the client’s application from the recorded data.

Product Name: RGB and CIR Processing
Company: TopoSys GmbH

The TopoSys systems also deliver the capability of digital image data acquisition in four spectral channels. The synchronous recording of the digital elevation model and the associated color information permits computing all the captured objects in correct positional arrangement and without leaning edges.

Product Name: TopPIT
Company: TopoSys GmbH

The TopPIT (TopoSys Processing and Imaging Tools) software package is a development of TopoSys GmbH for the analysis and reprocessing of LIDAR and RGB/NIR data. The software is optimised for the analysis of TopoSys Falcon data. Due to the modular structure of the software and the integrated import interfaces, data of other sensor manufacturers can also be processed efficiently.

Product Name: PeARL Digital Imaging Sensors
Company: Urban Robotics

The PeARL™ Sensor System is a high-end EO-RGB and Near IR frame sensor for aerial reconnaissance and photogrammetric applications. It is typically configured for an aggregate 84 MegaPixel RGB 12-bit/channel sensor cluster. When combined with a WulfPack™ Aerial Computer Cluster, it is capable of near real time optimization and registration of imagery.

Product Name: WulfPack™ COMPUTER CLUSTERS
Company: Urban Robotics

WulfPack™ Computer Clusters provide the computational muscle for the most demanding signal and image processing algorithms. These high performance computer systems are designed for the challenging field environments associated with military aircraft and remote ground installations.

Product Name: Seeker SPR Acquisition Software
Company: US Radar, Inc.

The core of every US Radar Ground Penetrating Radar system is the Seeker SPR Acquisition Software, geared toward the quick and easy location of a multitude of varying targets, in a non-destructive manner. 
It's pinpoint data is displayed in a user-friendly format makes target acquisition much more simple and clear, with vibrant color palettes making targets and features easily recognizable. Gain and averaging filters are automated as required, to create data to satisfy even the most discriminating user. Real-time data is displayed, and can be recorded for further analysis or processing. Simply put, the Seeker SPR allows you to view what is on the other side.

Product Name: Spatial Data Store
Company: Valtus Imagery Services

The Valtus Spatial Data Store allows you to find and order the imagery and LiDAR data you need...exactly how you need it.

Product Name: VAULT
Company: Valtus Imagery Services

VAULT is a private imagery hosting solution, which allows enterprises to manage, store and make available all existing imagery content. Imagery management solutions often involve significant investment in hardware, software, and development time. Valtus takes care of the technology and the infrastructure so you don’t have to.

Product Name: Apex™ Remote Sensing Data Management System
Company: Vexcel Corporation

Vexcel's Apex™ Remote Sensing Data Management System is a complete, integrated, low-cost system for receiving, processing and managing data from today's constellation of government and commercial earth observation remote sensing satellites.

Product Name: CALPRO™ SAR Calibration Workstation
Company: Vexcel Corporation

CALPRO™ is a general purpose calibration processor for SAR data, capable of performing calibration operations for ALOS-PALSAR, ENVISAT-ASAR, Radarsat, ERS1/2 and JERS1.

Product Name: CCD MAP™ Automated CCD Mosaic System
Company: Vexcel Corporation

Vexcel’s CCD Map™ is a fully operational and highly automated system integrated in Vexcel’s Apex™ environment that provides coherent change detection (CCD) from data collected by commercial spaceborne SAR sensors that include Radarsat-1, ERS-1/2, Envisat and JERS.

Product Name: COP™ Control Processor
Company: Vexcel Corporation

The Vexcel Control Processor (COP) is a flexible, highly configurable distributed task scheduler. A central master controller and a relational database comprise the heart of the control processor. Remote Task Executor entities are in charge of executing tasks on the specified host and observe their execution and return value.

Product Name: Earthfinder™ Data Catalog System
Company: Vexcel Corporation

Vexcel's EarthFinder data catalog system is a powerful SQLServer based tool for maintaining and browsing a catalog of stored remote sensing data for all SAR and electro-optical satellite sensors. EarthFinder receives browse images and associated meta-data, stores the meta-data into the relational database, and keeps the browse image in an online store. From there, users can browse the catalog contents and order high-level data products.

Product Name: Image Product Processors
Company: Vexcel Corporation

World-class Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) and Electro-Optical (EO) image processing systems are an integral component of Vexcel's Apex™ Remote Sensing Data Management Systems. Product processors may be easily integrated into existing image processing architectures. Customers can select basic and value-added processing, supporting Level 0 through Level 2 products. Processors incorporate sensor-specific radiometric and geometric corrections to automatically produce standard, certified image products.

Product Name: Orthorectification Processor (OrthoSAR)
Company: Vexcel Corporation

Vexcel‘s OrthoSAR™ Level 2 processor is a high-performance and high-throughput Ortho-rectification SAR processor for Envisat-ASAR, ALOS-PALSAR, Radarsat, ERS1/2 and JERS1. As a disk-to-disk processor, OrthoSAR imports the space agency standard Level 1 formats (mostly CEOS) and produces the standard Level 2 formats (also mostly CEOS).

Product Name: Phase™ SAR Interferometric Processor
Company: Vexcel Corporation

Vexcel's Sar interferometric processor, Phase™, is a standalone software system capable of forming digital elevation models and differential centimeter-level displacement maps from spaceborne SAR satellites including ERS, JERS, Radarsat, Envisat and PALSAR. Phase tools can be controlled from a Java-based Graphical User Interface, which allows the user to operate the system both interactively or as a batch processor.

Product Name: Scatter
Company: Vexcel Corporation

VEXCEL’s Phase History Simulator, Scatter™, simulates the phase history raw data of a spaceborne Synthetic Aperture Radar System. Data produced from Scatter may be ingested directly into Vexcel's SAR processor, FOCUS™, or any other CEOS-compatible SAR processor. Scatter can simulate StripMap, ScanSAR, Spotlight, Polarimetric and Interferometric data.

Product Name: ENVI - Remote Sensing Software
Company: VidaGIS

ENVI is the premier software solution to quickly, easily, and accurately extract information from geospatial imagery.
The growing reliance on geospatial imagery makes it increasingly important for you to get the critical information you need from your imagery. Tools and processes that help you easily and accurately extract information are essential, whether you need information for intelligence, scientific or planning purposes.

Product Name: Vision IPKS
Company: Vision Labs (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Vision IPKS (Image Processing Kernel System) is an extensive library of about 300 "CO / FORTRAN callable low-level Image Processing (IP) functions. These routines are useful in building the state-of.the-art IP applied. cations. Visionlabs shall continue to add more routines to the library thus creating a comprehensive IP kernel a bonanza for IP system designers.

Company: Vision Labs (India) Pvt. Ltd.

VISION LANDSCAPE, is the first indigenously developed and commercially available software of its kind in the country. It is a digital Image Processing and Remote Sensing system which provides all the necessary tools to process and analyses data collected using either in situ or Remote Sensing methods in a complete user friendly environment with context-sensitive help screens.

Product Name: Iris One
Company: Visual Intelligence

Iris One™ is an integrated software driven information centric work flow paradigm. The software is continually being improved to integrate diverse remote sensing camera modules and optimized for on board processing of imaging applications, including but not limited to Ortho Mapping, Stereo DEM Generation, Change/Anomaly Detection, and Sensor Data Fusion.

Product Name: Digitial Orthoquad Database
Company: WhiteStar

WhiteStar's OrthoStar® Orthoquad Database consists of aerial photographic quarter quadrangles each covering approximately 15 square miles at a resolution of approximately one meter. Uniform scale and projection make these images ideal for base maps and for revising and interpreting vector cartographic features. OrthoStar® is compatible with WhiteStar 1:24,000 Texas and Public Land Survey data.

Product Name: Remote Data Gathering
Company: Zekiah Technologies, Inc

Zekiah Technologies recognizes that, despite all best intentions, the most current and relevant data is not always on your desktop or on your server. Sometimes, you just have to go out and get it. For many organizations, this reality means field data collection using some kind of handheld device such as a PDA, Tablet PC or GPS Receiver. In addition, the greater computing power available in modern handheld devices means your users want to take data with them to support them in the field.
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