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Data Providers : Vector data

Product Name: Eagle 3.0
Company: Albireo Data Acquisition

Albireo’s Eagle 3.0 is a Map Server which serves vector map data to various clients like, web browsers, thin clients for cell phones, Windows Mobile and Windows CE.

Product Name: CoverageRight™
Company: American Roamer

CoverageRight™ is a unique map database showing the coverage patterns marketed by each wireless carrier. Hundreds of different wireless carrier coverage maps allow you to view marketed build-outs, compare wireless coverage, or differentiate affiliate areas. Project roaming coverage, find holes in your national footprint, estimate the impact of acquisitions and much more!

Product Name: MarketRight™
Company: American Roamer

MarketRight™ is a file set of GIS polygons representing license area and spectrum ownership for both operational and non-operational carriers. It combines the most reliable geographic data sources with the best market data available to provide you unprecedented information regarding the wireless market landscape.

Product Name: World Scene
Company: Collins Bartholomew

Collins Bartholomew World Scene is a global digital map in raster format, consistent in scale, content and specification across the whole World.

Product Name: Morphology Data
Company: Complete Spatial Solutions

Propagation studies can be expensive and time consuming. Use Comsearch's clutter data to determine potential obstructions in your network design without expensive canopy modeling.

Product Name: Geodata for Wireless Planning: City Planner
Company: ComputaMaps

The City Planner is a high resolution database for use in high frequency line-of-sight network applications, and provides an accurate height model of terrain and all above-ground features such as buildings, vegetation and bridges.

Product Name: Geodata for Wireless Planning: Region Planner
Company: ComputaMaps

The Region Planner is a medium resolution database that allows you to quickly visualize terrain and clutter over large areas or whole countries. It consists of the following integrated layers: Digital Terrain Model (DTM), Clutter, and Linear Vectors. Additional Rastermap or Orthoimagery layers can also be included.

Product Name: Geodata for Wireless Planning: Urban Planner
Company: ComputaMaps

The Urban Planner is a medium resolution database of accurate and up-to-date terrain, clutter, vectors and orthoimagery. It allows for accurate propagation modeling, frequency planning and analysis of network capacity and site overlap in the macro-cellular network environment.

Product Name: Spatial Developer Solutions
Company: Digital Map Products

Digital Map Products’ SpatialStream™ SaaS spatial platform facilitates the streamlined development of spatial applications by offering access to sophisticated, yet easy to use spatial technology and spatial data. With minimal time and resources, developers can spatially enable their applications. The platform frees up developers so they can focus on developing workflow solutions and integrating organizational data sets. By leveraging Digital Map Products’ years of experience in spatial technology organizations have more time to focus on their core business.

Product Name: Orthorectified Satellite Imagery
Company: DigitalGlobe

DigitalGlobe's Orthorectified Imagery products are designed for users who require an imagery product that is GIS ready and for users that require a high degree of absolute geometric accuracy for analytical applications.

Product Name: Archive Imagery
Company: DMC International Imaging Ltd.

In addition to providing the dedicated data ordering service, DMCii is creating coordinated datasets of archive data, covering very large areas with 32m multispectral data.

Product Name: Road Network
Company: East View Geospatial

East View Cartographic provides digital vector road data optimized for route analysis and planning, vehicle navigation and dispatch, and fleet management.

Product Name: VPF Products
Company: East View Geospatial

Vector Product Format (VPF) was developed by National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency as a standard GIS format for its vector-based products. VPF products are designed to be compatible with a wide range of military applications and products.

Product Name: Geocoding
Company: Environics Analytics

Geocoding is assigning an actual location, usually a latitude/longitude, so that customers, prospects and retail outlets can be mapped and linked to other databases. In geodemography, this is an important step because proper geocoding is required for your customer profile or trade area analysis to be accurate. If poor geocoding files or methods are used the money invested in research is wasted and moreover expenditures on marketing campaigns and even new construction that result from the research may be based on a poor foundation.

Product Name: Team-GIS KBridge
Company: Exprodat Consulting Ltd.

Team-GIS KBridge is an extension to ArcGIS Desktop that provides tools for moving data between SMT’s KINGDOM® and ESRI's ArcMap software. 

Product Name: Navionics Gold+ Charts
Company: Fugawi

Charts are supplied on pre-loaded CompactFlash™ (CF) or SecureDigital (SD) memory cards that are ready to use - no CDs, downloads or unlock codes required just plug-and-play.

Product Name: Atlas®/Traffic
Company: Geographic Data Technology, Inc.

Tele Atlas/Traffic provides the ability to deliver historical, real-time and predictive traffic information into the vehicle, over the Web and on mobile devices, greatly enhancing navigation, mapping, logistics, transportation planning, and other location-aware applications

Product Name: Dynamap®
Company: Geographic Data Technology, Inc.

Long known for high quality, and up-to-the-minute accuracy, Dynamap data products are a key part of our North American GIS offerings, available in the United States, Canada, Brazil, and Argentina.

Product Name: Map databases
Company: Geographic Data Technology, Inc.

Geographic Data Technology, Inc. develops premier map databases that provide the foundation for applications such as site selection, routing packages, environmental mapping and direct marketing.

Product Name: MultiNet™
Company: Geographic Data Technology, Inc.

Tele Atlas MultiNet. It’s the global digital map foundation for the world’s leading navigation and location-based solutions. MultiNet powers millions of in-dash and portable navigation devices, Internet sites and mobile phones to enable consumers in more than 50 countries around the world find what’s around them, and get to where they need to go.

Product Name: Exposure Spatial Server
Company: Geometry Pty Ltd

Exposure Spatial Server is an open standards, scalable solution for composing maps from multiple vector sources on the Internet.

Product Name: Digital Maps
Company: GfK GeoMarketing GmbH

GfK GeoMarketing offers a large array of geodata-enhanced digital maps, including the world's largest selection of digital postcode and administrative maps. The company provides up-to-date maps for more than 240 countries worldwide, all of which are ready for immediate use in geomarketing software applications, geographic information systems (GIS), internet and intranet applications, data warehouses and CRM software. The maps are available in a variety of data formats, including *.shp (ESRI ArcGIS), *.tab/*.mid/*.mif (MapInfo Professional), *.lay (RegioGraph), *.gdb (GeoDatabase) and Oracle format.

Product Name: NAVTEQ Data
Company: GIS Solutions, Inc.

GIS Solutions and Navteq have teamed to provide GIS users with the Industry's best map data in nationwide, state and county level geographies. GIS Solutions can deliver NAVTEQ data in variety of GIS formats including shapefile, ArcSDE, personal geodatabase and multiuser geodatabase or a customized request.

Product Name: True-Color Satellite Imagery
Company: Go Spatial Limited

These images are taken from the Blue Marble: Next Generation image produced by NASA's Visible Earth project. Stunning true-color, cloud-free images of the entire earth at a resolution of 500 meters per pixel. The image is broken into the same 52 geographic regions as the Vector Base Map

Product Name: Vector Data
Company: Hansa Luftbild AG

Vector data is obtained through the stereo restitution of geo-referenced aerial photos. The three dimensional view in a stereo model, the observation of identical areas extracted from different photos each being viewed with a separate eye, enables the exact measurement of elevations and positions.

Product Name: EagleView
Company: IDELIX Software Inc.

Geospatial-intelligence is an invaluable tool in today's civilian and military decision-making. First responders and warfighters on the frontlines are ideally situated to benefit from the vast wealth of geospatial-intelligence stored in remote databases. However, until recently, those responders and warfighters lacked the technological means to access and interact with GEOINT in the field. That situation has now changed.

Product Name: PDT C++ SDK
Company: IDELIX Software Inc.

PDT is a visualization technology that enhances current user interfaces by providing users with a more intuitive and efficient means of visualizing and interacting with raster and vector data.

Product Name: PDT Java SDK
Company: IDELIX Software Inc.

PDT is a visualization technology that enhances current user interfaces by providing users with a more intuitive and efficient means of visualizing and interacting with raster and vector data.

Product Name: FileStorm Appliances
Company: Inline Corporation

IceWEB offers a total data management solution consisting of hardware, software, and services. Its appliance design addresses the entire spectrum of data availability challenges and keeps enterprise data accessible. FileStorm storage systems include key features for enhanced reliability and availability:

Product Name: Network Attached Storage (NAS)
Company: Inline Corporation

NAS systems can integrate into any environment and serve files across all operating platforms. On the network, a NAS system appears like a native file server to each of its different clients. That means that files are saved on the NAS system, as well as retrieved from the NAS system, in their native file formats.

Product Name: TruEnterprise 444
Company: Inline Corporation

TruEnterprise 444 4-Gbit Fibre Channel Array delivers Enterprise Class SAN features in a high density 4U rack architecture that provides affordability and performance.

Product Name: TruEnterprise i240
Company: Inline Corporation

The TruEnterprise i240 iSCSI SATA Storage controller delivers an Enterprise Class iSCSI SAN feature that provides high performance and affordability.

Product Name: Summit Evolution
Company: Inpho GmbH

Summit Evolution from DAT/EM Systems International, is a user-friendly digital photogrammetric stereo workstation and allows a 3D feature collection directly into ArcGIS, AutoCAD or MicroStation. Summit Evolution is part of inpho's digital photogrammetric system.

Company: KLT Associates

Within the ATLAS environment, KLT Associates Inc. has developed raster handling and orthophoto options. Orthophotos are planimetric maps where continuous tone photographic images enhance map vector data. Photo tilt, central perspective, and relief displacement are accounted in transforming a perspective geometry aerial photograph into an orthophoto.

Product Name: MapInfo Professional
Company: Lepton Software Export & Research (P) Ltd

MapInfo Professional, the industry's leading business mapping solution, lets you perform sophisticated and detailed data analysis to increase revenue, lower costs, boost efficiency and improve service with location-based intelligence.

Product Name: novaRoSy
Company: M.O.S.S. - Geoinformatics & Computer Graphics

novaRoSy offers everything that has made RoSy such a success - now on the ArcGIS® platform: Hybrid imange processing and map update, vectorisation, pattern recognition, georeferencing, construction, plan processing and output.

Product Name: RoSy®
Company: M.O.S.S. - Geoinformatics & Computer Graphics

The products of the RoSy® family help the user to very quickly perfom capturing, georeferencing, archiving and hybrid updating of scanned topographical maps, plans and technical drawings.

Product Name: OS Sitemap DXF Data
Company: mapfinity

OS Sitemap DXF Data For CAD allows you to choose exactly the mapping you need, centre it on your chosen site and change the orientation if required. Then, once imported to CAD, the new structured data allows the user to select, highlight and measure areas of interest.

Product Name: NAVTEQ Data
Company: NAVTEQ

NAVTEQ maps provide a highly accurate representation of the detailed road network including up to 160 attributes like turn restrictions, physical barriers and gates, one-way streets, restricted access and relative road heights.

Product Name: SheetCutter
Company: New Century Software

SheetCutter is the best-selling alignment sheet tool on the market for auto-generating quality maps displaying pipeline assets. With SheetCutter, you get seamless Esri ArcMap integration, access to multiple data sources, and superior mapping performance. Even more importantly, you experience a streamlined workflow that saves you, on average, over 40% of your valuable time, compared to other methods of alignment sheet generation.

Product Name: GV 3.0™ Full Motion Viewer
Company: PAR Government

GV 3.0™ is the only DoD ISR Task-Force endorsed full motion video viewer. It is the only FMV product that fully adheres to all DoD Standards and Accreditations. GV 3.0™ is an imagery and video viewer tool which is platform independent, extensible, and product-oriented. It is used operationally by US DoD, NATO, and coalition partners to view NITF and UAV/UAS motion imagery data.

Product Name: Demographic data
Company: Pitney Bowes MapInfo Corporation

Demographic data files

Product Name: Telecom
Company: Pitney Bowes MapInfo Corporation

Telecommunications service providers use the Telecom Data Option, a pre-formatted, ready-to-use telecom data set, for more comprehensive analyses.

Product Name: Pixxures’ LineWorks™
Company: Pixxures, Inc.

Let Pixxures align your existing GIS vector layers to your high-resolution imagery using the revolutionary LineWorks™ products and services.

Product Name: CartoUS Streets & Boundaries
Company: Spatial Insights, Inc.

CartoUS is a nationwide mapping database containing over 40 layers of map data. The CartoUS data are sourced from the latest US Census Bureau TIGER files, with enhanced display characteristics and roadway classifications.

Product Name: Dynamap
Company: Tele Atlas

Compiled from Tele Atlas' extensive collection of more than 22,000 map resources, Dynamap Street Networks are the industry's most complete, current, and comprehensive nationwide street and address data products.

Product Name: MultiNet
Company: Tele Atlas

Tele Atlas MultiNet is by far the richest digital map product available on the market today. Offering the broadest coverage and highest accuracy of any map database in the world, Tele Atlas MultiNet contains detailed traffic and address attribute information, unparalleled positional accuracy, superior geocoding capability, and additional features to help you and your customers get where you're going.

Product Name: World Map Kit SDK
Company: ThinkGeo

World Map Kit SDK makes it easy to integrate basemaps into your application by providing all of the C# source code for rendering the map tiles and the 130+ gigabyte dataset in both SQLite and PostgreSQL formats. Create your own offline mapping server.

Product Name: GPS Pathfinder® Office
Company: Trimble Navigation

The Trimble® GPS Pathfinder® Office software adds value to your GIS data collection and data maintenance projects. It supports all aspects of GIS data collection and data maintenance for Trimble GPS Pathfinder receivers, GeoExplorer® series handhelds, and for the Trimble Recon GPS Pocket edition.

Product Name: Land Grid
Company: US Land Grid, Inc.

New Ideas.Better Land Grid.
Land Grid is the necessary foundation for all mapping projects. USLandGrid is an up-to-date land grid that provides more layers, all firmly based on our consistent data model. You can trust our high quality data as that base. Better data equals better land grid.
  •  Industry leading land grid data structure
  •  Available in both Esri Shapefiles and File Geodatabases
  •  Geographic Latitude & Longitude
  •  Available in both North American Datum 1927 & 1983
  •  Compatible with ArcGIS, ArcExplorer, Global Mapper, Petra, and more

Product Name: Surface Geology and Faults
Company: US Land Grid, Inc.

Geology Shapefiles are provided in line and polygon formats. A GIS database of geologic units and structural features in Arizona, with lithology, age, data structure, and format.

Product Name: Tax Parcels
Company: US Land Grid, Inc.

Property Information.Spatial Context.
A robust GIS data library that improves planning, operations and decision making, increases land research productivity, and decreases data collection and field research costs. By providing a more complete tax picture we enable the right information the first time.
  •  Industry leading land data model
  •  Available in both Esri Shapefiles and File Geodatabases
  •  Geographic Latitude & Longitude
  •  Available in both North American Datum 1927 & 1983
  •  Compatible with ArcGIS, ArcExplorer, Global Mapper, Petra, and more
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