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Product Name: Visual Nature Studio 2
Company: 3D Nature, LLC

Visual Nature Studio 2 is an amazing tool that brings your visualization to life. Import your GIS or geospatial data and make all of the numbers and obscure information into a photorealistic image or animation that anyone can easily understand.

Company: AABSyS IT Pvt Ltd

400 km of highway and adjoining ground cadastre information (75 meters on each side) was digitized, containing elements such as streets, houses, and plots. Individual maps were georeferenced using the Gauss-Krueger coordinate system and merged into a single map containing 75 meters on both sides of 400 km of highway. In the second

Product Name: SITE PLAN (Telecom and ALTA Survey)
Company: AABSyS IT Pvt Ltd

AABSyS prepared digital land survey maps for site mapping, analysis, and customized presentation from field survey data (ground truth data). ASCII files containing GPS coordinates, point descriptions, field notes and hand drawn sketches were provided to AABSyS.

Product Name: Alteryx
Company: AnalyGIS, LLC

Alteryx is a new workflow visualization tool that rapidly transforms multiple databases in a single process, and does so with speed and flexibility that is unmatched in the industry.

Product Name: MapInfo Professional Survival
Company: AnalyGIS, LLC

The MapInfo Professional Survival Guide provides users of the software with a comprehensive, yet easy-to-follow "how-to" reference full of screenshots and valuable tips.

Product Name: AGI Viewer
Company: Analytical Graphics, Inc.

AGI Viewer is a free interactive 3D viewer of STK analysis that increases workplace coordination and productivity by allowing you to share and interact with STK scenarios.

Product Name: GO360
Company: Angus GeoSolutions Inc. (AGSI)

AGSI’s family of GO360 products provides an open, scalable and spatially aware solution built on service oriented web architecture. GO360 requires only a web browser for connectivity to access a corporation’s knowledge base. While accessing information through a web browser is not new, many companies and governments alike have always struggled with having one solution that can access information from multiple sources/departments/platforms easily and cost effectively.

Product Name: AIRMAP
Company: Applied Science Associates, Inc.

AIRMAP is an atmospheric dispersion model designed to predict the trajectory and fate of a wide variety of chemical substances and biological agents in the atmosphere

Product Name: CHEMMAP
Company: Applied Science Associates, Inc.

CHEMMAP is a chemical discharge model designed to predict the trajectory, fate, impacts and biological effects of a wide variety of chemical substances three-dimensionally.

Product Name: OILMAP
Company: Applied Science Associates, Inc.

OILMAP™ provides rapid predictions of the movement of spilled oil. It includes simple graphical procedures for entering both wind and hydrodynamic data and specifying a spill scenario.

Product Name: SARMAP
Company: Applied Science Associates, Inc.

SARMAP provides rapid predictions of the movement of drifting objects and missing persons at sea. SARMAP includes the ability to deploy search & rescue units (SRUs) with search patterns and calculate probability of containment (POC), probability of detection (POD), and probability of success (POS).

Product Name: SIMAP
Company: Applied Science Associates, Inc.

SIMAP provides detailed predictions of the three-dimensional trajectory, fate, biological effects, and other impacts of spilled oil and fuels.

Product Name: FREEWAY 2012
Company: Applied Spatial Technology

Freeway is a high performance drive time generator which can produce drive time polygons or origin-destination drive time tables under varying traffic conditions.For end-users, Freeway comes bundled with a fully-integrated MapBasic application that interfaces directly with MapInfo or is available as a stand alone which can generate polygons either in MID/MIF or Atlas BNA formats. For developers, Freeway includes the full API specification, enabling the rapid integration of the system with either mapping or market analysis applications.

Product Name: Autodesk Topobase
Company: Autodesk

Autodesk® Topobase™ infrastructure design and management solutions provide integrated, organization-wide access to spatial information engineering, GIS, operations and business teams.

Product Name: AWhere Express
Company: AWhere, Inc.

Mapping and ability to visualize such data used to require expensive GIS software and a specialist. Not anymore…now Excel users can put their data on a map, to visualize it, ask better questions and make faster, better decisions. Use maps to build consensus, communicate complex ideas and to enhance your report or PowerPoint Presentation.

Product Name: AWhere Insite
Company: AWhere, Inc.

puts the power of a geo-analytics solution into your website, conveniently integrated as ASP web components into a decision workflow of your own design. InSite provides a cost effective, integrated web solution for decision metrics that leverages the AWhere platform’s robust geo-analytic technology and professional collaborative features. A platform that empowers an entire company or organization to interact with and share the location intelligence found in their data, to gain better, faster insights at every level of the organization.

Product Name: AWhere Professional
Company: AWhere, Inc.

AWhere Professional makes your business intelligence data actionable, rather than simply a static repository of knowledge. AWhere adds interaction, experimentation, scenario building, allowing for new and different questions to be asked. The heightened awareness of location allows for problems to be efficiently and effectively identified and new opportunities uncovered.

Product Name: MapAddress
Company: Baseline Business Geographics

MapAddress is the complete solution for generating and maintaining an automated Civic Address numbering system. If you are implementing an emergency response system for your County, State or Province then this is the system for you. If you need an efficient way to number new sub-divisions then look no further. Ask us for a demonstration copy.

Product Name: Vertical Mapper
Company: Baseline Business Geographics

Enhance geographic data analysis and visualization in MapInfo with the power of grids. The Dynamic Duo of Vertical Mapper working seamlessly within MapInfo can display your data and analyze trends over large areas like never before. Whether it's income data or pollutant distribution, turning point observations into a continuous gridded surface provides the user with the analytical power to compare and relate multiple map layers.

Product Name: MapConnect™ Broadband
Company: BroadMap

MapConnect™ Broadband is a trusted broadband mapping solution in use today by many U.S. States and Territories. Our dynamic database infrastructure and interoperability with both State and federal systems, combined with data transparency and granularity, give our customers the information needed for compliance with government requirements. MapConnect™ Broadband is supported by BroadMap's mapping, technical and program management expertise.

Product Name: CyberCity-Modeler Workflow
Company: Cyber City LLC

CC-Modeler is a software package for structuring 3D objects. It works for photogrammetric captured point clouds (x, y, z) based on semi-automatic extraction of objects from stereo-pairs of aerial- (or satellite-) images. In case of buildings the operator measures the essential points of the roof in a photogrammetric stereo model using an Analytical Plotter or a Digital Photogrammetric Station (e.g. CC-VisualStar, SocketSet etc.). The Software takes care about the automatic generation of planar roof faces. Boundary polygons of the roof are intersected with the DTM to get the facades, alternatively cadastrial data can be projected back to the roof to obtain overhanging roofs. Realistic image texture for the roofs and the DTM is derived automatically from the aerial images and mapped onto the individual faces. CC-Modeler is a C-program running under Windows NT/2000.

Product Name: Cyrax System
Company: Cyra Technologies, Inc.(Acquired by Leica Geosystems)

Cyrax is a portable, 3D laser scanning system that captures, visualizes and models complex structures and sites

Product Name: MapLibrary
Company: DCSE

MapLibrary is a web-based application for publication of production-quality maps generated in the ArcGIS software from ESRI or other tools. It allows a GIS organization to author customizable metadata about their map artifacts and publish them to the enterprise, all with just a couple of clicks. These maps then become accessible for searching, viewing, and printing by the enterprise via a browser. MapLibrary assists GIS organizations in servicing their customers faster and more efficiently, while eliminating the need to reproduce maps over and over again. MapLibrary includes an ArcGIS extension which allows for direct publication of maps into the library from within ArcMap.

Product Name: Mapplet.NET
Company: DCSE

Mapplet.NET allows your enterprise to leverage its investment in the Geographical Information System (GIS). Mapplet.NET enables users across the enterprise to gain access to data (including time series data) and documents from a spatial perspective.

Product Name: MIKE GeoModel
Company: DHI Software

MIKE GeoModel is an ArcGIST extension for interpretation, visualization and presentation of borehole geology and geophysical databases. Now you can easily and quickly create, interpret and manage geological models for your area of interest using thousands of borehole data points and hundreds of cross-sections

Product Name: ParcelStream™
Company: Digital Map Products

ParcelStream™ from Digital Map Products allows web developers to build accurate, highly interactive applications without the maintenance issues or prohibitive up-front costs associated with purchasing bulk parcel data. ParcelStream™ is an application that provides delivery of hosted parcel data.

Product Name: WinPICS
Company: Divestco Inc.

WinPICS is a comprehensive, technically advanced seismic interpretation and visualization workstation that allows you to work more accurately and effectively. With its super-fast display updates and intuitive operations, WinPICS increases your productivity and helps you hit your exploration targets.

Product Name: CanMap® RouteLogistics
Company: DMTI Spatial

CanMap® RouteLogistics is based on CanMap Streetfiles, the highest quality street map data available. RouteLogistics provides an exceptional map fabric for applications deriving location intelligence to support vehicle routing, personal navigation, site selection, customer serviceability and more. As a full product solution with hundreds of attribute fields, this product is positioned to drive most decision support systems.

Product Name: CanMap® Streetfiles
Company: DMTI Spatial

Establish a strong foundation with CanMap® Streetfiles. Locate, analyze and display customers, prospects and assets geographically by using Canada’s number one street network centerline product. Canada's leading street network data product with detailed attribution, digital street map data for display, analysis and location based applications (Includes all features in CanMap Major Roads and Highways).

Product Name: Location HubTM Address Points
Company: DMTI Spatial

Address Points are unique and discrete representations of civic address assignments across Canada. It is the ultimate in answering the question of “where” and an anchor for a single source of truth in your mission-critical data. When building your location intelligence solution, this component can represent the single most important geometry feature providing high precision to your application.

Product Name: Blaze Reader
Company: Eternix Ltd.

Blaze Reader is a lightweight application for rapid visualization of geo-data. Blaze Reader can receive and present GIS data in a multitude of formats, including raster (2D imagery and maps) and vector layers. Blaze Reader has excellent data processing performance, instantly opening files of virtually unlimited size and allowing smooth rendering. Blaze Reader uniquely allows on-the-fly geographic reprojection across a multitude of coordinate systems without requiring any pre-processing.

Product Name: FleetBoss
Company: Fleet Boss

FleetBoss is committed to helping your business achieve the highest success. That's why our solutions provide our business clients with exceptional savings and operational benefits that give them a distinctive edge over their competitors.

Product Name: CityMap
Company: GeoNorth, LLC

CityMap is a "database-driven" desktop product for querying and viewing GIS, tabular, and raster data from disparate sources in an integrated "dashboard-style" interface. Data sources, queries, map display properties, and user access can be configured without programming.

Product Name: Aerial Photography
Company: Getmapping Plc

Getmapping are pioneers of modern aerial photography and operate two of the very latest Vexcel UltraCam digital cameras, which enable acquisition of 12.5 cm pixel resolution vertical imagery.

Product Name: Height Data
Company: Getmapping Plc

Getmapping has a range of height data suitable for use by Local Authorities, Government Agencies, plus private sector engineering, environmental and planning consultancies.

Product Name: Property Maps
Company: Getmapping Plc

The property sector is a large user of mapping covering everything from location plans for Home Information Packs to planning applications. Getting hold of maps only solves half the problem they still need to be prepared for presentation.  

Product Name: ARGUS
Company: GIS Dynamics, LLC.

ARGUS, a new and innovative product of GIS Dynamics, is the integration of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and video surveillance. With this tool, users are provided both a visual and spatial means of displaying data as well as the ability to compare and analyze information with surrounding geographic components via live video surveillance.

Product Name: imajnet
Company: IMAJING

imajnet® is complete solution to store, index, archive and distribute imajbox® output data from field survey.

Product Name: Image Scout™
Company: Intergraph Corporation

Image Scout enables quick and accurate broad area search operations on digital imagery, providing the tools to quickly build image mosaics and direct searches using geospatial data.

Product Name: GeoViz WebCentric GeoSpatial Collaboration
Company: Leidos, Inc

WebCentric GeoSpatial Collaboration™ is a Web-based, commercial off-the-shelf, geospatial presentation tool providing 2-D, 3-D and 4-D views. This tool:
  • Is fully integrated with a service-oriented architecture (SOA) providing visualization services
  • Is a collaborative presentation service often used in place of traditional office products
  • Is designed for low bandwidth operations
  • Provides shared geospatial awareness — maps, imagery, video and data — for different users across multiple domains
  • Allows decision makers to simultaneously view what other team members are seeing and join their session
  • Is a real-time record and playback tool for training and analysis
  • Operates in a Web browser environment with a common graphical user interface that allows simple point-and-click operations
  • Is a proven product for critical planning and decision making

Product Name: Label-EZ™
Company: MapText, Inc.

Label-EZ™, a leading productivity tool from MapText, Inc., places text on maps and charts automatically, without any human intervention, eliminating the need for manual text placement. Placement is in full conformance with applicable cartographic specifications and conventions - without text overlap, without ambiguity, and with a high degree of aesthetic quality.

Product Name: LaserAce® 300
Company: Measurement Devices Limited

The LaserAce® 300 is a high performance handheld reflectorless laser measurement system. The LaserAce® 300 will measure distances up to 300m / 1000’ plus elevation and heights, using the integrated digital inclinometer. The system has been designed for ease of use.

Product Name: LaserAce® GIS Pole
Company: Measurement Devices Limited

The LaserAce® GIS Pole is a unique, fully integrated (and cableless) GPS and laser offset positioning system. The LaserAce® GIS Pole is a novel 'hybrid' laser orientation and positioning tool for use in Surveying and GIS data collection operations. It has been designed for use with the NEW LaserAce® Pocket Series laser systems

Product Name: LaserAce® ILM
Company: Measurement Devices Limited

The LaserAce® ILM OEM Laser Modules are compact class 1 eye safe, rugged, multipurpose laser distance meters for integration into OEM applications. The laser distance measuring modules have been specifically designed for additional integration each giving a reflectorless range of up to 700m (2300ft), 300m (1000ft), 150m (500ft) and 35m (110ft) for the IM700, IM300, IM150 and IM35 respectively.

Product Name: LaserAce® Survey
Company: Measurement Devices Limited

MDL’s new LaserAce® Survey (a Pocket Series instrument) is a handheld laser range finder providing a personal surveying capability. It enables the professional surveyor, engineer or layman to measure range, height, slope, missing distance, subtended distance and slopes / ranges to cables with ‘point and shoot’ simplicity.

Product Name: Orthorectified Imagery
Company: Merrick & Company

This imagery is offered as the highest accuracy product of the three. The images are orthorectified to correct for terrain distortions and digitally mosaicked and edge-matched. They are provided as a ready-for-use product for applications that require a relatively high degree of absolute accuracy .

Product Name: PocketFAAR™
Company: NMT Corporation

PocketFAAR™ allows utilities to choose from a range of hardware options for their field personnel, reducing the expense of deploying more expensive devices.

Product Name: WAAS G-II Receiver
Company: NovAtel Inc.

NovAtel’s next generation of WAAS receiver, the WAAS Reference Receiver G-II, benefits from NovAtel’s newest technology to provide exceptional tracking performance, advanced integrity monitoring, and improved multipath rejection for Satellite-Based Augmentation Systems (SBAS).

Product Name: Penmap floorplan
Company: Limited

Penmap floorplan software is an easy to use solution to create accurate floor plans. It is ideal for architects, surveyors, real estate agents, facility managers, craftsmen, interior decorators, domestic energy assessors and many more.

Product Name: GIS Map Viewer
Company: PubWorks

GIS Mapping is seamlessly integrated into PubWorks, meaning that from the screens in PubWorks, an intrinsic mapping function is available. The PubWorks Map Viewer possesses a wide variety of standard GIS functions allowing you to customize the map to represent any data as richly as you wish.

Product Name: RouteFinder for Capita EMS
Company: Routeware

RouteFinder includes a link to the Capita EMS system.

This will be effective with these versions:
- RouteFinder 3.20 for MapInfo (available now)
- RouteFinder 3.00 for ArcGIS 8/9

Product Name: CoverageRight™
Company: SpatialPoint

CoverageRight™ is a unique map database showing a comparison of wireless coverage areas marketed by wireless carriers. CoverageRight: Has over 150 different wireless carrier coverage maps allowing you to view marketed build-outs, compare wireless cellular coverage, differentiate affiliate areas, and much more

Product Name: TerraTools Optional Plug-ins
Company: TerraSim, Inc.

TerraTools Core processing is augmented by optional TerraTools plugins. Each optional plugin is sold separately so that customers can have maximum flexibility to configure their TerraTools licenses with the collection of import, export, or data interchange capabilities. This allows for lower capital costs and targeting of TerraTools licenses for specific task domains. Plugins can be grouped into three functional areas: modeling and simulation export, database interchange, and data import.

Product Name: TSGFly 5.0
Company: TerraSim, Inc.

TSGFly™ is an advanced 3D viewer for Tiled Scene Graph (TSG) databases generated by TerraTools®, TerraSim’s state of the art geospatial visualization software. The TSGFly viewer provides a real-time viewing environment for inspecting and demonstrating visualizations created in TerraTools.

Product Name: Orthophoto MF1k
Company: troyteq

Orthophotography is a map accurate aerial image. Captured at a flying height of 5,000 feet this data is 20cm pixel resolution, delivered in 600x800m tiles.

Product Name: Orthophoto OS1k
Company: troyteq

Orthophotography is a map accurate aerial image. Captured at a flying height of 5,000 feet this data is 20cm pixel resolution, delivered in 600x800m tiles.

Product Name: VUEWorks Storm
Company: VUEWorks Inc.

VUEWorks Storm provides tools to capture and analyze storm drain collection system condition, risk, water quality, and other data for storm water collection systems. Use it to track outfalls and help meet NPDES requirements. Define and prioritize capital projects for capital improvement plans.
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