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Product Name: 1Spatial Plan
Company: 1Spatial (Formerly Laser Scan)

1Spatial Plan provides a web-based environment allowing you to create, edit, schedule and allocate survey jobs.It also allows you to track the progress of jobs as they move through the 1Spatial Management Suite.1Spatial Plan can be used to:
  • Create jobs by digitising and editing spatial extents and defining metadata
  • Manage created jobs (schedule, assign to users, cancel, re-assign, revoke)
  • Visualise jobs in real-time and view their extent and current status
  • Search for jobs based on metadata values
  • Utilise existing Web Feature Services (WFS) as input for job extent definition
  • Utilise existing Web Map Service (WMS) for backdrop mapping
  • Display change intelligence information to assist job planning
  • Search user-specified gazetteer data to find locations such as streets, towns or municipalities
  • Access all job metadata from external systems via web services.

Product Name: Elyx
Company: 1Spatial (Formerly Laser Scan)

An integrated enterprise management solution that allows 3 dimensional data to be stored, managed and shared in a single data warehouse, with direct access to a continuous GIS database. Elyx 3D offers extended management tools for the implementation of business applications.

Product Name: FME Desktop
Company: 1Spatial (Formerly Laser Scan)

A smart alternative to writing code, FME Desktop makes converting data between multiple formats quick and simple.FME Desktop is used to:
  • Exchange data between CAD-based and GIS systems
  • Migrate, load and replicate spatial databases
  • Undertake format-to-format data conversion and translation
  • Integrate and conflate data
  • Convert and translate spatial data
  • Convert coordinate systems
  • Restructure data models
  • Carry out data quality assurance and validation
  • Visually inspect data without the need for translation.

Product Name: Geocortex
Company: 1Spatial (Formerly Laser Scan)

Geocortex Essentials transforms the process of designing, building and maintaining web-based mapping applications based on Esri’s ArcGIS Server platform. With Geocortex Essentials powerful integration capabilities and use of workflow technology, you gain a significant head-start by taking advantage of pre-built off-the-shelf functionality.Geocortex Essentials can be used to:
  • Visually design workflows to simplify complex processes
  • Link to external, non-spatial databases, files or web services
  • Configure appropriate levels of security for applications
  • Print plots and maps using customised and off-the-shelf templates
  • Design forms to prompt data input
  • Manage all applications from a central location
  • Build custom reports quickly and easily.

Product Name: Radius Align™
Company: 1Spatial (Formerly Laser Scan)

Radius Align™ enables users to re-align their asset information to new and updated cadastral data. It enables users to gain the benefits of utilising the latest and most accurate cadastral information by automating the process of re-aligning their asset data. It has been designed to be an easy to use tool with the complex processing hidden behind a three-click user interface.

Product Name: Radius Check™
Company: 1Spatial (Formerly Laser Scan)

The Radius Check suite features user-friendly, Windows-based applications that allow easy identification and administration of spatial data held in Oracle Spatial. Users are able to review the relevant metadata, indexes and SDO_GEOMETRY data in one easy-to-use form. Problems are then highlighted in a user-friendly, colour-coded display with graphic representation available

Product Name: Radius Clarity ™
Company: 1Spatial (Formerly Laser Scan)

Radius Clarity™ is a rules-based environment for automated generalisation and helps you to generate smaller scale cartographic data from large scale cartographic data.

Product Name: Radius Mobile™
Company: 1Spatial (Formerly Laser Scan)

Radius Mobile™ is the mobile version of Radius Vision, providing efficient, cost-effective data capture, input and verification in the field.

Product Name: Radius Sentry™
Company: 1Spatial (Formerly Laser Scan)

Radius Sentry™ is a flexible and lightweight component that extends Oracle9i or Oracle Database 10g and implements feature-level geometric correction based on user-defined rules.

Product Name: Radius Studio ™
Company: 1Spatial (Formerly Laser Scan)

Radius Studio™ is a spatial processing, analysis and compliance engine that makes comprehensive use of the Oracle technology stack. It provides a data certification platform that ensures the quality and consistency of spatial data located in either Oracle 9i / 10g Databases or in vector file formats accessed via Feature Data Objects (FDO).

Product Name: Radius Topology™
Company: 1Spatial (Formerly Laser Scan)

Radius Topology™ is a flexible and lightweight component that extends Oracle9i or Oracle Database 10g and provides dramatic improvements to the quality, speed and consistency of spatial data handling.

Product Name: Radius Vision™
Company: 1Spatial (Formerly Laser Scan)

Radius Vision™ is a powerful tool for the distribution, management and production of digital maps. It is a scaleable system, equally at home on a single desktop, or as an enterprise-wide mapping solution. Radius Vision is a topological editor and provides full mapping and plotting functionality together with advanced customisable data editing features.

Product Name: Express Conductor
Company: 3-GIS, LLC

Express Conductor is the centerpiece of the 3-GIS Suite. Express Conductor provides a scalable GIS processing and data management solution for all your field, engineering, remote, and front-office needs. Since the Express Conductor is IT and OGC compliant and interoperates well with other enterprise software, we enable the integration of GIS with numerous information system technologies so you can gain greater value from your data. Using Express Conductor as your portal, you can share your corporate data across the enterprise and leverage your existing investment to achieve more with what you already have.

Product Name: Express Server ®
Company: 3-GIS, LLC

Express Server® is the enabling technology behind the enterprise publishing of GIS data for 3-GIS. Well suited for a blade architecture, Express Server can grow with your business.

Product Name: Express Web Services ®
Company: 3-GIS, LLC

Express Web Services® provide on-demand mapping and GIS data that otherwise would be cost prohibitive or simply too hard to manage. We bring the world to your fingertips...but only when you need it and at a price you can afford.

Product Name: Field Express Chameleon ®
Company: 3-GIS, LLC

A lightweight user-friendly application that’s as happy on your cell phone as it is on your laptop. Take your maps and data to the field without the burden of costly custom hardware or software.

Product Name: Network Express
Company: 3-GIS, LLC

Network Express is the first ever browser-based full edit client defining the Next Generation of Asset Management. Built on leading ESRI ArcGIS Server technology, Network Express provides blazingly fast editing and geodatabase access across the world wide web.

Product Name: TIMS
Company: 3-GIS, LLC

TIMS is a user friendly tool that provides a precise graphic depiction of your transmission equipment so accurate maintenance records can be created, collected, and maintained.

Product Name: Global Mapper 9
Company: 3D Nature, LLC

Get your hands on one of the most useful and cost-effective GIS data tools available today -- Global Mapper -- used and recommended by 3D Nature staff and developers! There are countless uses for Global Mapper every day, from converting data formats to finding and fetching data, merging, mosaicking, adjusting and cropping geospatial images, clipping data, georeferencing and rectifying rasters and all sorts of basic data prep operations.

Product Name: Ultimate Earth
Company: 3D Nature, LLC

3D Nature has been working for some time on a useful product to bring the benefits of the Ultimate Earth Data Set to WCS and VNS users. Ultimate Earth contains 1 Kilometer land mass terrain data, 10 Kilometer bathymetry, 1 Kilometer color imagery and 5 Kilometer cloudmap data for the entire globe.

Company: AABSyS IT Pvt Ltd

Easy to update your website from any computer with Internet access, anywhere at any time

Product Name: Accela Asset Management
Company: Accela, Inc.

Accela Asset Management tracks and manages your assets and resources, providing an automated solution for costing, inventory, maintenance, and inspections. Accela Asset Management is flexible enough to manage your agency’s entire assets—fleet, street, water, wastewater, parks and recreation, plant and facilities, sewer, railway, roadway, and more.

Product Name: Accela Citizen Access
Company: Accela, Inc.

In today’s fast-paced world, people have come to expect immediate access to information. For government agencies, moving their traditional counter services to the Web is a cost-effective way to provide better services. Accela Citizen Access allows agencies to interact with their citizens in a more meaningful way by providing on-line access to government services and information.

Product Name: Accela Land Management
Company: Accela, Inc.

Accela Land Management is a Web-based solution that tracks and manages land use and community development activities needed to support and promote economic development and prosperity: permits; building safety; inspections, investigations, and reviews; zoning; project planning; code enforcement; and more.

Product Name: Accela Public Health and Safety
Company: Accela, Inc.

Managing and promoting a community’s public health and safety involves many different activities—preventing disease and injury, ensuring against overcrowding or outdated safety equipment, and protecting food, air, and water. Accela Public Health & Safety™ tracks and manages the permit and inspection activities that ensure that community health standards are upheld and environmental health regulations are enforced.

Product Name: Accela Wireless
Company: Accela, Inc.

Accela Wireless is a mobile government application that extends processing capabilities to the field for inspections, investigations, code enforcement, work orders, service requests, and more. Accela Wireless is compatible with PDAs, laptops, and Tablet PCs running on the Microsoft Pocket PC, Windows 2000, or Windows XP operating systems.

Product Name: Licensing and case management
Company: Accela, Inc.

Licensing and case management are the critical functions that are performed in order to protect the health and safety of the public. Given budget constraints and limited resources, agencies need to have technology solutions that will enhance their unique knowledge in helping to create the most effective and efficient methods for handling the processing of licenses, permits, and registrations from application through inspection, and within any investigatory or enforcement actions.

Product Name: AVS Express
Company: Advanced Visual Systems, Inc.

AVS/Express is a comprehensive and versatile data visualization tool for both non-programmers and experienced developers. Rapid data analysis and rich visualization techniques combined with an intuitive, graphical application development environment make AVS/Express the best choice for any data visualization task. AVS/Express provides powerful visualization methods for challenging problems in a vast range of fields, including science, business, engineering, medicine, telecommunications and environmental research.

Product Name: Gsharp
Company: Advanced Visual Systems, Inc.

If you’re a technical professional who requires high-quality presentation graphics for print and the Web, Gsharp is the comprehensive tool you need. Supporting all Windows, Linux, VMS and UNIX platforms.

Product Name: OpenViz
Company: Advanced Visual Systems, Inc.

AVS has a two-decade reputation of creating innovative data visualization software products that have been used by over 2,000 ISV, enterprise and institutional clients to accelerate and improve decisions for nearly 10 million end users. OpenViz is the centerpiece of the AVS strategy to empower product managers, software developers and solution designers to conceive and deploy game-changing interactive data visualizations for every industry.

Product Name: Toolmaster
Company: Advanced Visual Systems, Inc.

Toolmaster is the most comprehensive toolset available for visual data analysis and presentation under X Windows and an excellent foundation for adding graphics to Windows applications. Toolmaster provides X and Windows developers with a cross-platform library of more than 500 C/C++ and FORTRAN functions for scientific, technical and commercial graphics.

Product Name: Trimble Paydirt Software
Company: Allen Instruments & Supplies

Powerful estimating tool for construction earthwork and material quantity calculations.

Product Name: Web Services Spatial Business Analyses for Smallworld
Company: AML Solutions Group

AML's Spatial Business Analyses software for Smallworld is an easy-to-use Thin-Client/Server package that enables employees of all experience levels to quickly view and analyze spatial and business data.

Product Name: Allocate
Company: AnalyGIS, LLC

Allocate is a data engine that compresses, stores, manages, retrieves and displays geographically organized information. The data can include demographic attributes, customer data or any data that can be organized into standard census or postal geographies. This includes information from AGS, ESRI BIS, Claritas, Synergos, the Census Bureau or even your own company data.

Product Name: RoadRunnerTL 2006
Company: AnalyGIS, LLC

RoadRunnerTL 2006 is a national street database derived from the US Census Bureau's TIGER/Line files and enhanced to allow for presentation-quality mapping and location-based analysis. Our clients represent all levels of government, educational institutions, retail organizations, the utilities and telecommunications industries, and commercial real estate, to name a few.

Product Name: Terrapin 2006
Company: AnalyGIS, LLC

Terrapin 2006 is ideal for government agencies, research firms, public service and non-profit organizations, and anyone else in need of conducting location-based studies based on physical geographic information. Terrapin may be used to conduct risk assessment, natural resource management, climactic analysis, contingency planning, site selection and much more.

Product Name: Traffic Count Data
Company: AnalyGIS, LLC

Traffic count information can be a great tool when it comes to site selection, planning, engineering, and more.  Knowing what impact a street realignment project may have on commuters or knowing just how much visibility a new store can expect is important to conducting business and AnalyGIS traffic count data can help.

Product Name: WebTracks 24/7
Company: AnalyGIS, LLC

WebTracks24/7 Version 2.0 is a 100% asset tracking and management library designed to allow organizations to monitor the activities and position of mobile forces – all in real time! Built around the latest and most mature Open Source Software (OSS) technology, WebTracks24/7 is a complete end-to-end solution for asset tracking and management. WebTracks24/7 is deployed in a 3-tier architecture: J2ME Handset Application, Tracking Server, and Web Service library.

Product Name: EDS Data
Company: Applied Science Associates, Inc.

ASA EDS: Environmental Data Server™ collects a wide variety of oceanographic and meteorological data that is used for marine response and crisis management (oil/chemical spill modeling & response and search & rescue planning) as well as providing superior data sources to environmental modeling applications.

Product Name: AST LOCATOR
Company: Applied Spatial Technology

Assigning accurate coordinates to address-based databases is the first step in any geographic analysis. Processing speed, the ability to properly assign the correct coordinates, ease of use, and high costs for geocoding software has historically limited users ability to properly leverage the technology.

Product Name: C&D Pro

C&D works on a basic principle : the association of data sets and vector base maps. This software perfectly fits in with your office tools and finds its place between your spreadsheet and your presentation software.

Product Name: GeoBaseMap
Company: Baseline Business Geographics

GeoBasemap is more than a set of graphical tools. It is a mapping system that helps you maintain and enhance your valuable data, produce quality scaled maps, and analyse data relationships.

Product Name: Town-Know-It-All
Company: Baseline Business Geographics

In response to the demand for more open government and improved efficiency, Baseline Business Geographics Inc. developed an interactive mapping application that brings together a wealth of data important to residents and allows users to view the actual location of the information in real-time.

Product Name: Geolord-AT Automatic Digital Aerotriangulation Sof
Company: Beijing Geo-Vision Tech.Co.,Ltd.

High Efficiency and Automation Digital Aerotriangulation Software

Geolord-AT Automatic Digital Aerotriangulation Software contains more than ten modules. It is a complete digital aero triangulation system including automatically data collection and

Product Name: Titan intelligent mobile data acquisition system
Company: Beijing Oriental TITAN Technology Co.,LTD

863 projects in the country and the State Forestry Administration of Forestry Science and Technology Support Program (project number: 2006BAD23B06), supported by Beijing Oriental TITAN Technology Co., Ltd. developed the "Titan intelligent mobile data acquisition system," the official user-oriented software application. The software is Beijing Oriental TITAN Technology Co., Ltd. independently developed based on the Android operating system for mobile end GIS application software industry. Can be applied on smartphones and tablets based on Android operating systems. Maps can browse, search, edit. Supports direct download maps to the phone and memory card, you can access the tile map in offline situations, without the need for a data connection, and supports a variety of data sources; also for WMS client, address and POI search and path queries; supports multi-touch, supports standard Android search; vector graphics nodes can edit, add, delete and save. Effective demand for mobile multi-industry jobs, to meet the different industry-specific customization features, providing network control data information platform for the transportation, logistics, electricity, forestry and other mobile services.

Product Name: LiDAR Height Data
Company: BlueSky International Limited

Airborne LiDAR is now the most widely used method of rapid and accurate terrain mapping. LiDAR systems are capable of capturing the height of both the terrain and objects on the terrain such as buildings, in amazing high-resolution detail.

Product Name: Vondle™ Complete Project Management
Company: Bricsys

Vondle gives managers control on projects. Vondle is a 100% SaaS product. The speed and performance makes one forget that it all runs in a browser and not on the desktop. Contacts, calendars, tasks, communication, viewing many file formats and automate processes by just design a workflow chart makes it a unique product.

Product Name: MapConnect™ Clearinghouse
Company: BroadMap

MapConnect™ Clearinghouse is BroadMap's answer to the GIS challenges facing State governments today. The comprehensive MapConnect™ Clearinghouse program supports State governments’ initiatives by providing a controlled electronic pathway for public access to a wide-ranging geospatial information warehouse consisting of data, applications, print-ready maps and common services.

Product Name: MapConnect™ Enterprise
Company: BroadMap

MapConnect™ Enterprise, BroadMap’s new flagship product, promotes a new evolution of enterprise GIS. A customer-inspired, user-friendly GIS map data platform based upon industry-leading NAVTEQ data, MapConnect™ Enterprise now allows an unparalleled alternative for all business, non-profit and government users.

Product Name: AssureNRM™ (Network Resource Management)
Company: CADTEL

AssureNRM integrates graphical information such as maps, engineering plans, schematics, and digital photos with verified inventory data to create and display complex information in a relational database. Information is made easily accessible to users throughout the organization via a familiar Windows based client application. And to facilitate the transition from legacy inventory systems, AssureNRM offers sophisticated data import tools to minimize data migration costs and drastically reduce the possibility of human error in the conversion process.

Product Name: SpatialBASE™
Company: CADTEL

At the heart of every Operational Support System is a database containing the critical information necessary to operate and maintain the communications network. It is the single most important element in the OSS infrastructure, without which no other component can function properly. SpatialBASE is the foundation for the CADTEL family of products, serving as the database of record for all Outside Plant assets and plant records for the enterprise.

Product Name: SpatialENGINEER™
Company: CADTEL

A communications provider’s ability to profitably serve its customers depends upon having the right network resources available in the right place at the right time. Too little capacity results in delays in implementing new services, and too much wastes capital investment. Featuring an intuitive graphical user interface, SpatialENGINEER solves the planning, documentation and management problems of telecommunications networks.

Product Name: SpatialNAVIGATOR™
Company: CADTEL

One of the most important assets a company has is its data. Whether managing internal resources, or the services and expectations of customers, timely access to information is crucial to the efficient operation of any communications provider. In most network environments, data is not stored in a single place but distributed over a number of independent databases making quick and efficient access to information more difficult.

Product Name: Tel-Pro™ Mediation
Company: CADTEL

To be a profitable provider of communications services, it is not enough to simply offer the right products at the right price. Managing the ongoing delivery of those products and ensuring the integrity of invoicing, for both customers and vendors, is an equally critical part of the service delivery process.

Product Name: Tel-Pro™ Service Activation
Company: CADTEL

The process of implementing customer orders, whether for new service or feature changes, requires that the network devices involved in service delivery be properly configured. As the customer base grows and service offerings become more varied and complex, the workload on central office technicians and engineers increases as well. And with the requirement to keep costs down to remain competitive in today's market, there has never been a more critical need for tools to make your operations people more productive.

Product Name: VrTwo
Company: Cardinal Systems LLC

The power and interactivity of VrOne in stereo highlights the VrTwo softcopy software.VrTwo adds stereo viewing to the highly successful VrOne editing and data capture package. This software from Cardinal Systems adds stereo viewing display to the highly successful VrOne editing and data capture package. VrTwo is comfortable to the eyes and also comfortable to the pocket. Running on standard PCs, total hardware costs are kept to a minimum.

Product Name: Carlson SurvCE
Company: Carlson Software

Carlson SurvCE is the first choice in data collection software with advanced, yet easy-to-use functionality:
  • Get the software that supports a wide variety of equipment, old or new
  • Enjoy excellent, free (and prompt) technical support
  • Be heard – Carlson listens to its customers’ input for new features or drivers for all of its products
Carlson SurvCE combines advanced functionality, ease-of-use, and sheer capability to make it the first choice in data collection software. Carlson SurvCE is a complete data collection system for Real Time (RTK) GPS and Total Stations with in-field coordinate geometry. It supports the widest range of popular and new release RTK GPS and conventional/ robotic total stations. Newest instrument drivers added for Total Stations and GPS receivers include: Geomax Zoom 80, Carlson CR2/CR5 robotic, Topcon PS, Sokkia SX/50RX and South OnBoard total stations, and 20 or more new models of GPS from Carlson, Hemisphere, Datagrid, Topcon, Leica, Altus, CHC, Hi-Target, Navcom, Stonex, Javad, Geomax, Satlab and even including the Spectra Epoch 50.

Product Name: CartoPac® Studio
Company: CartoPac Field Solutions

CartoPac Studio enables users to configure, without development, highly productive customized workflows that maximize field productivity and make data readily available to all back in the office. CartoPac Studio allows managers to take complex business requirements and workflows and enable their field users with the fastest, easiest and highest value deployments. Studio is a robust tool-set that delivers user-friendly configuration for Database Settings, UI and Display, Form Design, and Data Validation.

Product Name: CALLdirector
Company: CartêGraph

CALLdirector is CartêGraph’s innovative application for problem report taking, recording and resolution. CALLdirector provides an intuitive interface that gives the administrator the tools to gather all the information needed to record any work request. CALLdirector dynamically links to CartêGraph’s WORKdirector to generate work orders or work requests.

Product Name: CEDRA-DxfExportTM
Company: CEDRA Corporation

CEDRA-DxfExportTM is an ArcView® GIS and ArcGIS® extension, that is included with all of the CEDRA AVseriesTM software or licensed as a separate extension, which enables the user to create an AutoCAD Drawing Interchange File (DXF file) for all visible features in the current map from within ArcView 3.x or ArcMap. ArcView GIS users are able to perform the export from within a View document or a Layout document, while ArcGIS users can perform the export from within either a Data Frame or the Layout view. ArcGIS users are also able to export the symbology that is assigned to features, as well as north arrows, provided that a character in a True Type Font is used to represent the symbol or north arrow.

Product Name: DL5 Datalink
Company: CHC Navigation

The DL5 data link is a multi-functional and reliable data communication modem with multiple transmission modes, wide frequency spectrum and user selectable channels. The DL5 performance allows seamless operation over 20 km between the GNSS base station and the rover.

Product Name: GISPAD
Company: con terra

GISPAD enables the digital collection of spatial data with pen computers in the field. A graphical editor allows to draw, construct or even use GPS to measure any point, line or polygon object in a digital field map. Topographic maps, aerial photographs or vector data can be used as background information.

Product Name: sdi.suite
Company: con terra

The core of the sdi.suite comprises components which enable the provision and management of a high quality services, data and applications network based on international standards (OGC, ISO) in the Internet or Intranet.

Product Name: AMANDA GIS Adaptor
Company: CSDC Systems

AMANDA GIS Adaptor allows you to retrieve, view and edit GIS and AMANDA data from either application. With a simple click users can initiate tasks and access records in AMANDA from a GIS application, or launch a GIS view from AMANDA data.

Product Name: AMANDA Mobile
Company: CSDC Systems

AMANDA Mobile enables inspectors and other remote staff to access and edit information on permits, licenses, contacts or properties from a central AMANDA database using their mobile devices.

Product Name: Growth Management Tool
Company: Data Transfer Solutions

Our Growth Management Tool is a web-based data management application that includes both spatial and non-spatial queries that allow the user to select a development of interest through three search mechanisms: (1) keyword search, (2) search by map, and (3) advanced search.

Product Name: GeoCarta Tools
Company: Divestco Inc.

GeoCarta Tools is a GIS mapping software that leverages the powerful ESRI ArcView geomatics software, enabling engineers, geologists, geophysicists and land managers to collect, display, analyze and interpret oil and gas data.  Your GeoCarta Tools support team offers you over 40 years of industry-related experience.

Product Name: WinPICS
Company: Divestco Inc.

WinPICS offers easy to use data management tools from import to presentation mapping. Featuring sophisticated query and mapping capabilities to visualize your exploration and interpretation projects, WinPICS is modeled on industry workflows to deliver a smooth user experience, complete with prompt display updates and intuitive management of data and mapping layers.

Product Name: Location HubTM Enhanced Points of Interest
Company: DMTI Spatial

The Enhanced Points of Interest (EPOI) file is a national database of over 1 million Canadian business and recreational points of interest. Engineered using CanMap® Streetfiles, each EPOI has been accurately geocoded and precisely placed; two criteria that are fundamental to any successful location sensitive service.

Product Name: Location HubTM Multiple Dwelling Unit Buildings
Company: DMTI Spatial

The MDU Buildings product is a definitive source for all Canadian commercial, government and residential buildings. Defined as any vertical or horizontal grouping of units that are managed by a single landlord or corporation, and typically sharing a common entrance, MDU Buildings are distinct features in urban landscapes.

Product Name: SuperpOSe Server
Company: Dotted Eyes Ltd

SuperpOSe Server is a complete solution for configuring, loading, updating and extracting spatial data of all kinds into a spatial database.

Product Name: Data Collection
Company: Eagle Information Mapping

Eagle has solved this problem by creating an affordable solution to capture field data, synchronize it to the Enterprise GIS system, streamline data validation and correction, automatically generate reports and maps, and then distribute updated maps and data to the field.

Product Name: PODS Product Suite
Company: Eagle Information Mapping

The PODS Product Suite are a set of tools, applications, ESRI ArcMap® Extensions designed to build, edit, manage and deploy a Pipeline Open Data Standard (PODS) Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) data model. Eagle’s PODS implementation uses the standard PODS model and allows for specific client customization of the model as needed using accepted ‘best-practices’.

Product Name: Arc Migration Tool (AMT)

The data migration nightmare is over: the struggle of converting a vendor drawing file into a standard Geo-Database (GDB / SDE) format manually is now a history. Welcome to the world of AMT.  It is a nifty tool that saves nearly 70% of the time it takes to convert a drawing the hard way.  With its wizards, AMT makes it easier and faster to convert drawings.  Great cost savings and dramatic increase in productivity are the main benefits of this smart tool.  Furthermore, trust AMT to rigorously maintain the consistency and quality of data. Customize AMT to your needs and place your data migration projects on a fast track.  Who can use this tool?  Anyone with entry-level skills in AutoCAD and ArcGIS will find AMT to be a simple and easy-to-use tool.

Product Name: Utility Works Tool (UWT)

Data conversion road blocks in AutoCAD are a thing of the past with UWT.  It is a powerful add-on product to AutoCAD.  With UWT’s wizards and menus, the user can successfully complete data conversion with less time and effort.  Further, this powerful tool ensures that the data is accurate and consistent. UWT enhances productivity, as it is an easy-to-use tool and users need to have only minimum skills in AutoCAD.  All these mean that even a novice can use UWT for data conversion.

Product Name: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Company: EMA, Inc.

Organizations are in a state of change. Shrinking budgets, economic downturn, deregulation, and security issues require organizations to be flexible and foresee the impact of events. New government regulations require closer tracking of assets and thorough, concise reporting.

Product Name: Elevation Data
Company: eMap International

Sure, elevation data is available from other providers, but no one is going to go to the ends of the earth like eMap to make sure clients get exactly what they need, and at the best price. eMap leverages partnerships with all of the leading elevation data providers to craft custom solutions for each project, selecting the best sensor and production options to meet the needs of every customer, every time.

Product Name: Universal Dispatcher
Company: Emergency Services integrators ESi®

ESi revolutionized Public Safety technology in 1996 when we unveiled the first Universal Dispatcher . Designed originally to meet the unique needs of E9-1-1 Centers, the Universal Dispatcher is ESi’s integration platform that can bring control of multiple systems to the fingertips of 911 dispatchers, control room operators, law enforcement, security, or EMS personnel, alarm company operators – almost anyone needing this capability. That’s right, one keyboard and one mouse can control multiple systems in any center.

Product Name: WebEOC®Professional Version 7
Company: Emergency Services integrators ESi®

WebEOC Professional is a web-enabled, user-friendly, and locally-configurable incident and event management system. With access to the Internet, authorized emergency managers and first responders, regardless of location, can enter and view incident information in WebEOC status boards.

Product Name: Area Scoring and Ranking
Company: Environics Analytics

Scoring or ranking of variables from our extensive databses can be provided for standard census areas, forward sortation areas (FSAs), postal walks and postal codes, as well as for rings around a set of locations or for a set of customized trade areas. Rankings can also be based on summaries of your client data (such as sales) combined with our data creating a market penetration and potential analysis. The output from a ranking or scoring can be a report, a map or a data file for your further analysis.

Product Name: Envision Micromarketing
Company: Environics Analytics

Designed to use both customer data and a variety of marketing databases, Envision features a suite of “one-click business applications” for customer insights, site analysis and media planning. With its simple point-and-click interface, Envision allows users to create custom maps, customer profiles and executive summary reports along with rankings for markets, behaviours and products.

Product Name: ChartLink
Company: Envitia

ChartLink 3.2 SP2 is a major new product available from TENET. The solution for exploiting environmental data from all sources:
  • An end user application to fuse and display your 2D/3D data - real and simulated.
  • Easy to use Windows interface.
  • Management of dynamic environmental issues, scalable from a few feet to the whole globe.
  • Designed for Mission Planning, Analysis and Assessment of all Joint Operations, particularly for amphibious forces across the land/sea divide.

Product Name: Map Data Fusion
Company: Envitia

In today’s multinational operations, the reliance on coalition partners interoperating seamlessly is ever increasing. One issue that can impact on effective cooperation is the sharing of geospatial and mapping information. Coalition partners, even within established organisations such as NATO, often have different map data format requirements for the equipment they are using in theatre. DMDPF provides a capability for transforming map data from one format to another in a lightweight, flexible and easy to use application suite.

Product Name: MapRite
Company: Envitia

TENET MapRite, the winner of the AGI Technology Innovation Award, 2005, provides a total spatial data management and quality solution for users of detailed Ordnance Survey mapping.  In Central and Local Government, plus Utilities we have over 100 users already enjoying the significant advantage in maintaining their asset data in line with current mapping.

Product Name: EPOCHFIELD
Company: Epoch Solutions Group Inc.

Field operations for electric and gas utilities are critical for the day-to-day management of their essential networks. Providing field crews with timely information about a network and its assets is vital to doing business within today’s modern utility. EpochField emphasizes delivering that data to your crews in a powerful, cost-effective way with an intuitive interface and suite of user-friendly tools. Through EpochField’s synchronization capabilities, network asset data is seamlessly integrated to provide a fully disconnected or connected field mapping solution. EpochField provides its users with a scalable mobile mapping solution built on cutting-edge technology supporting the latest generation of touch screen devices.

Company: Epoch Solutions Group Inc.

Enterprises are constantly facing the need to integrate geospatial asset information across systems within the organization. EpochSync provides a powerful, flexible high-performance solution for synchronizing data between Smallworld Version Managed data stores and Oracle Spatial. EpochSync consists of a .NET based user interface and Smallworld Magik components to very quickly develop mappings and connection info. EpochSync also provides several key features for customers wanting to map data via Oracle Spatial to ESRI based software.

Product Name: MapMerger Data Synchronizer
Company: ESEA

MapMerger Data Synchronizer reconciles an existing vendor map (e.g., NAVTEQ or TeleAtlas) that may have been user-modified to improve accuracy with a new vendor update that may or may not contain these modifications.  The extension compares the new update with the existing data to find attribute and geometry conflicts and assist in resolving them.  The Data Synchronizer is relevant to subscribers of vendor data that require their data to be absolutely current and accurate.  Instead of bypassing vendor updates for fear of overwriting your edits, the Data Synchronizer enables you to keep your edits as well as the new information contained in the vendor update.

Product Name: MapMerger Professional
Company: ESEA

MapMerger Professional is a high-end conflation tool that performs automatic attribute transfer, change detection, and data alignment between two vector datasets. Example applications include (1) the transfer of attributes from a legacy street network to a newer and more accurate dataset, (2) the repositioning of a utility's facility layers to align with a newer land base (3) the alignment of polygon boundaries to street centerlines and (4) the adding of alleyways to a street centerline map.

Product Name: ArcGIS Data Interoperability
Company: Esri

ArcGIS Data Interoperability eliminates barriers for data sharing by providing state-of-the-art direct data access, transformation, and export capabilities. This extension enables ArcGIS Desktop users to easily use and distribute data in many formats.

Product Name: ArcGIS® Data Appliance
Company: Esri

Access terabytes of nationwide and worldwide imagery, street map, and other basemap data from your own secure server through the ArcGIS ® Data Appliance. The multiscale data collections of 2D maps and 3D globes are precached, prerendered, and optimized for publishing with ArcGIS Server (Standard or Advanced Enterprise), saving you time and money.

Product Name: Team-GIS Directory
Company: Exprodat Consulting Ltd.

Team-GIS Directory is an extension to ArcGIS Desktop that provides an easy-to-use data catalogue and powerful search, preview and spatial metadata visualisation tools.

Product Name: Internet GIS
Company: Geer Services, Inc.

Internet GIS is a powerful WEB-based ArcIMS application that includes a wide range of GIS capabilities providing direct access to data stored in ArcSDE.

Product Name: Rapid Mobile Automation
Company: GeoAge, Inc.

GeoAge’s innovative software allows you to rapidly automate your mobile workforce using Windows Mobile PDAs, Smartphones and mobile computers. Quickly capture data using mobile forms that can be customized to your specific requirements. Easily associate location information, signatures, videos, photos and other file types with your data.

Product Name: GeoBank
Company: GeoBis International

Geobis Bank is an innovative tool for financial organizations and banks of all sizes. It is the first financial laboratory available employing artificial intelligence and expert systems options to provide precise analysis for the banking sector.

Product Name: Map Vault
Company: Geometry Pty Ltd

Map Vault is a spatial data management environment that supports high integrity multi-user editing of spatial data. The product allows data held in Oracle Spatial or Oracle Locator to be edited in common desktop GIS packages (ArcGIS and Manifold) whilst maintaining data versioning, long transaction support, pessimistic database locking and maintenance of database constraints.

Product Name: Spatial Console
Company: Geometry Pty Ltd

Spatial Console is the ultimate tool for controlling data in an Oracle Spatial environment. The product enables users to import shapefiles into an Oracle Spatial database with control over metadata, database constraints, feature history, versioning and coordinate rounding. Exporting from Oracle Spatial to several formats is also supported. The import and export facilities of Spatial Console can be conducted in batch mode via the command line if required.

Product Name: Geoweb3d Desktop
Company: Geoweb3d Inc.

Geoweb3d Desktop is a standalone GIS visualization application that makes creating advanced 3D graphics from GIS data an easy task.  It is an product that integrates a powerful new 3D engine, a web browser, and ArcGIS.   It is an easy to use product that has been built from the ground up to advance 3D GIS visualization.

Product Name: InstantAtlas Data Server
Company: GeoWise Limited

InstantAtlas Data Server delivers web-based, database-driven administration and ‘live’ data streaming for InstantAtlas dynamic reports.

Product Name: InstantAtlas™
Company: GeoWise Limited

InstantAtlas ™ is an award-winning software package for publishing eye-catching, standalone, dynamic reports that make regional and local patterns in performance easy to see.

Product Name: XMF Accelerator
Company: geoXMF LLC

XMF Labs has been working on this GIS niche of providing Google-like search for internal enterprise search. The latest enterprise GIS software to come out of XMF Lab development is codenamed XMF Accelerator, or just Accelerator. As you can guess by the name it is designed to speed things up a bit, in particular, it speeds up Enterprise GIS Search – cutting the process from minutes to seconds and making GIS data easily accessible to everyone.

Product Name: XMF Alerter
Company: geoXMF LLC

GIS is a key part of the transformation of enterprise information management that business and public agencies of all sizes are experiencing around the world. Mobile employees are testing the limits of application and data delivery and enhanced communication across the enterprise.

Product Name: Facility Manager
Company: GIS Dynamics, LLC.

“Facility Manager” is a suite of online services and customizable software applications designed to enable corporate or third party managers to “manage” large quantities of properties and associated data.

Product Name: GT/Field
Company: Graphic Technologies, Inc.

GT/Field provides an easy-to-use, interactive tool for creating your own Data Collection Applications which are then hosted on one of the GT/Field Clients. The GT/Field Clients provide the same user experience as GTViewer plus specialized functionality for efficiently capturing data from the users.

Product Name: TIER II MANAGER™
Company: IDSi International

The TIER II MANAGER™ is used by numerous State, LEPC, and Fire Departments to manage the process of meeting SARA Title III, Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know (EPCRA) reporting, oversight, and emergency response needs.

Product Name: RouteScript
Company: InterGis LLC

RouteScript is a new scripting language that successfully integrates the InterGis routing, scheduling and dispatching data as well as customer information, driver/worker locations, service tasks/work orders and more than 200 other customizable business rules into any back-office or host application, in order to then provide optimized schedules, routes.

Product Name: Visual Control Room
Company: InterGis LLC

Save Your Company Money with Visual Control Room – Automated routing, scheduling, dispatching and customer information management..

Product Name: GeoMedia® Professional
Company: Intergraph Corporation

GeoMedia Professional supplies all the functionality of GeoMedia and adds smart tools to capture and edit spatial data. It builds on GeoMedia’s flexibility, scalability, and open standards, and delivers productivity gains for collecting and modifying data and speeding implementation of GIS databases.

Product Name: I-Configure™
Company: Intergraph Corporation

I-Configure has been specifically designed to simplify the customization of piping isometrics produced by ISOGEN®, the industry standard software for the automatic production of piping isometric drawings. ISOGEN is integral to most of the major plant design systems on the market, including PDS® and SmartPlant® 3D

Product Name: Map Publisher®
Company: Intergraph Corporation

Map Publisher software is part of a cartographic output system which consists of data collection, preparation, and rasterization software, and hardcopy and film plotters.

Product Name: SmartPlant® Isometrics
Company: Intergraph Corporation

SmartPlant® Isometrics is a simple-to-use yet powerful Microsoft® Windows-based, pipe-sketching application. Based on ISOGEN® technology, SmartPlant Isometrics is fast becoming the first choice of piping engineers and designers for producing industry-standard isometric drawings quickly and cost-effectively.

Product Name: SmartPlant® P&ID Design Validation
Company: Intergraph Corporation

Choose SmartPlant® P&ID Design Validation to validate your PDMS 3D detailed physical design against your SmartPlant P&ID logical design. SmartPlant P&ID Design Validation provides a powerful automated workflow for examining data attributes and topology between the schematic and 3D environments. Take advantage of this new product to achieve improved data accuracy and greater productivity.

Product Name: SmartSketch®
Company: Intergraph Corporation

SmartSketch is an innovative product for the technical office, combining world class business diagramming with award winning drawing technology. It is a versatile, cost-effective precision engineering and drafting product that gives EPCs and owner/operators a competitive edge throughout the life cycle by speeding productivity

Product Name: IONIC RedSpider Catalog
Company: Ionic Enterprise

To effectively use these geo-web services, you need to be able to find, access and understand their content quickly. If you are a geographic data publisher, you need to be able to easily register and advertize your products. The management of these web services is a crucial element to the success of your business.

Product Name: RedSpider® Image Archive
Company: Ionic Enterprise

The RedSpider® Image Archive is designed to help organizations deploy a scalable imagery management solution. It offers an efficient way to search on-line information and allows direct access to data and portrayed images. Once registered, your imagery is immediately available through OGC® compliant web services.

Product Name: DataPort
Company: JCMB technology

The DataPort is an intelligent Data Sharing Module that interfaces between two or more databases. The intelligence behind the DataPort is that it allows for complex Data Enhancement Rules to be systematically applied to the Data streaming through it.

Product Name: KLT BATCH Automatic Editing
Company: KLT Associates

To ease the task of editing digital geographic data, many of these tasks can be done automatically using KLT WinBatch. This program can also be used to check for data consistency and error correction.

Product Name: Field Data Capture
Company: LandWorks, Inc

Field Data Capture (FDC) is used by lease brokers and right-of-way-agents to help automate data collection on large land acquisition projects.

Product Name: Dog Creek QC
Company: Laurel Hill

Dog Creek QC Pro™ verifies GIS data adheres to database design specifications. DOG CREEK QC PRO™ first scans a template ARC/INFO coverage data set to create its Design Registry. It then uses this information during examinations to ensure that the structure of the target data accurately reflects the database design specs. Data sets from vendors or from clients can quickly be compared against the Registry's design information to identify spatial and tabular data that does not conform to design specifications.

Product Name: GeoData ConnectCheck
Company: Laurel Hill

GeoData ConnectCheck is an off-the-shelf software product for validating logical connectivity of geometric networks for ArcGIS™ personal and enterprise geodatabases. GeoData ConnectCheck allows the user to generate logical connectivity tests based on geometric network connectivity rules, as well as create user defined connectivity tests.

Product Name: GeoData Diagnostics
Company: Laurel Hill

GeoData Diagnostics™ is an essential tool for geodatabase configuration management. There are an overwhelming number of properties in any given geodatabase. Trying to find minor differences is time consuming if not impossible. Up until now there has not been a product that can perform side by side geodatabase comparisons. Geodata Diagnostics™ helps you quickly determine if two geodatabases are identical. Just select the geodatabases and click on the compare button. Geodata Diagnostics™ outputs a detailed report of differences in HTML format.

Product Name: GeoData Random Sampler™ 1.0
Company: Laurel Hill

GeoData Random Sampler™ allows analysts to sample data using statistical (based on MIL-STD-105E/ ANSI ASQ Z1.4-2003), percentage, absolute value and where clause sample methods

Product Name: GeoData Sentry 3.0
Company: Laurel Hill

GeoData Sentry™ is an automated QA/QC product for testing ArcGIS geodatabases. Sentry is a critical component in any quality assurance plan whether it is for data migration, data acceptance or ongoing production database auditing. Sentry user-friendly interface allows for easy test suite creation. Once the test suites are created they can be run over and over again. Errors are reported in HTML that can be used by editor of the data, but also managers to track overall database quality. Monitoring ongoing quality of the enterprise geodatabase has never been so easy.

Product Name: GIS/Information Management
Company: Leidos, Inc

SAIC has developed a variety of custom Geographic Information System (GIS) solutions to deliver spatial data to clients via the web and desktop applications. SAIC utilizes ESRI's ArcGIS suite of applications including ArcView, ArcSDE and ArcIMS. SAIC strives to make applications that are scalable and extendable so that they can be used by a larger audience and for a longer period of time. SAIC has extensive experience developing with both enterprise and personal geodatabases.

Product Name: TeraText® Product Suite
Company: Leidos, Inc

The TeraText suite of products includes a number of technologies for solving complex archival, search, and text-oriented problems. These include an enterprise-class email and attachments search platform, a high- performance repository for text-rich assets, and document management and metadata publishing systems

Product Name: LiDAR Compressor
Company: LizardTech, Inc.

LizardTech LiDAR Compressor enables you to turn giant point cloud data sets into efficient MrSID files that retain 100 percent of the raw data at just 25 percent or less of the original file size (lossless compression). If storage requirements are critical, you can reduce your LiDAR file sizes by 90 percent or more by choosing a higher compression ratio and letting LiDAR Compressor select the best way to reach a desired file size (lossy compression).

Product Name: Luciad Web Services Suite
Company: Luciad nv.

Discover the first mapping server on the market to spare users the tedious task of preparing data. Unlike traditional mapping servers, the Luciad Web Services Suite™ directly accesses geographical raster and vector data without data transformation.

Product Name: LuciadFusion
Company: Luciad nv.

LuciadFusion (formerly LuciadEarth Enterprise) is the platform for high speed network-centric fusion of massive data streams into one combined situational awareness picture.

Product Name: envVision
Company: M.O.S.S. - Geoinformatics & Computer Graphics

envVision is a GIS based solution for environmental management - for interdisciplinary environmental analyses and planning.

Product Name: novaFACTORY
Company: M.O.S.S. - Geoinformatics & Computer Graphics

novaFACTORY is a powerful - totally data base based - infrastructure for the administration and distribution of raster data. novaFACTORY makes your raster data visible. At every place - internally and externally.
With the on-top module novaFACTORY@SCOP the novaFACTORY solution is ready for the world of high quality Digital terrain models (DTM).

Product Name: novaFACTORY 3D
Company: M.O.S.S. - Geoinformatics & Computer Graphics

novaFACTORY 3D is the complete solution for shortly and automated creation of 3D model of buildings with LoD 2 (style of roofs including). Data can be handled and distributed comfortable.

Product Name: CitySourced
Company: Mapdata Sciences

CitySourced, available exclusively in Australia through MapData Services, is an ingenious new mobile application that uses location-based crowd sourcing technology to allow people to send photos, video or audio clips directly to authorities and service providers. The Gov2.0 technology works to streamline incident management by deputising the community to report eye witness accounts of issues in real-time.

Product Name: Data Visualisation Portal
Company: Mapdata Sciences

MapData Services’ Data Visualisation Portal provides clients with a compelling way to present information, tell a story, convey a point, or equip users with the right knowledge to help them make decisions. Drawing on the nation’s most authoritative data and cutting-edge mapping technologies, our Data Visualisation Portal translates information into a rich map-based image.

Product Name: SmartLabel™
Company: MapText, Inc.

SmartLabel™ is a high-quality integrated text placement software for MapInfo Professional

Product Name: TUSANI ™ DGPS Marine Beacon
Company: Micronics Pty Ltd

The Micronics TUSANI™ is the latest DGPS technology applied for data collection or mobile mapping using world wide Coastal Beacons as the high precision Differential corrections to maintain submetre precision. The Wearable DGPS Safety Vest complies with Local City and Shire Councils requirements to be highly visible whilst collecting council data. This satisfies insurance requirements.

Product Name: EPAI
Company: Midwest Infotech

Inventory management and procurement is more than a process. It is a dynamic, ever-changing practice that can quickly impact the bottom line when materials are delayed or unavailable. With EPAI, your company can drive down costs through proactive procurement management and a level of control that many small and mid-size companies have never been able to experience. EPAI's inventory and procurement system enables advanced inventory and procurement processes.

Product Name: HRMS
Company: Midwest Infotech

The goal of human resource department is to help an organization to meet strategic goals by attracting, and maintaining employees and also to manage them effectively. Human Resource Management System Software brings greater organization and effectiveness to the full range of Human Resource functions and responsibilities. HRMS provides easy, accurate and timely retrieval of Employee and activity-oriented information through menu driven user-friendly operations. The software has been designed to meet the information need of all levels of Management.

Product Name: SWAP
Company: Midwest Infotech

SWAP is a flexible property and account management system designed to provide a complete solution for managing projects, plots, lands, occupiers, investor and their related book of accounts. It allows you to manage your real estate and contact data from a single application through web. It also allows you perform your daily business activities by managing your accounting books. There is rarely a need for making manual journal entries.

Product Name: .CAS, Geographical Archive System

CAS is a multidimensional Geographical Archiving and Questioning System, developed on NETGIS| Server architecture. Thanks to the system, any data holding geographical position information can be archived, tracked, questioned and analyzed according to meta data.

Product Name: FIT: FAAR®
Company: NMT Corporation

The FAAR® Integration Toolkit (FIT) allows bidirectional communication between FAAR and other applications. With FIT, you can easily add a spatial data component to existing software such as work and outage management, digger's hotline and field inspections.

Product Name: FormsView™
Company: NMT Corporation

NMT’s FormsView™ automates inspection and other data acquisition tasks by integrating two of the major components of field automation—filling out forms and viewing graphical and textual facility data—into one package.

Product Name: MapAgile™
Company: NMT Corporation

Geospatial applications, like ESRI®’s ArcGIS™ Engine and ArcMap™, have become increasingly important tools to help organizations integrate resources, track assets and assist in decision making processes. And while these applications provide the power to visualize information, they can be daunting to learn and difficult to navigate for the casual user. MapAgile, by NMT Corporation.

Product Name: GEOID06
Company: NOAA's National Geodetic Survey (NGS)

For working with the GEOID06 model, two FORTRAN programs are provided as source code (INTG.FOR and XNTG.FOR) and as compiled executables for both Sun Unix (INTG and XNTG) and IBM PC (INTG.EXE and XNTG.EXE) platforms. INTG will interpolate geoid heights from data files using user-provided coordinates. XNTG will extract sub-grids from the binary data files, as well as convert back and forth between binary and ASCII, or just give statistics about a data file.

Product Name: Dataworks
Company: Nobel Systems, Inc.

DataWorks bridges the gap between AutoCAD and ESRI GIS, creating a more efficient data management process. Designed with engineers and surveyors in mind, DataWorks supports the creation of intelligent AutoCAD drawings and exports them into ESRI GIS format. Using the skills they have mastered, engineers can now make their AutoCAD drawings functional in a GIS environment. DataWorks allows your organization to extract valuable information from design plans and asbuilts directly into your GIS, saving you time and money. With DataWorks, redundant data entry is now a thing of the past!

Product Name: Elements Management Software
Company: Novotx, L.L.C

Designed as a complete GIS based asset, maintenance and facilities management solution, Elements serves as the flagship product for novotX, L.L.C.

Product Name: Elements Spatial Data Extensions
Company: Novotx, L.L.C

Have you invested in an expensive GIS geodatabase repository that you wish you could utilize and integrate seamlessly with your management software? Elements Spatial Data Extensions adds real-time support for industry standard geodatabase storage systems, such as ESRI's ArcSDE, Oracle Spatial and much more.

Product Name: Livelink ECM - Advanced Workflow
Company: Open Text Corporation

Livelink ECM – Advanced Workflow combines a secure document repository and information retrieval with state-of-the-art process automation tools. Define, apply, and reuse business logic to improve your organizational processes.

Product Name: Livelink ECM - Document Management
Company: Open Text Corporation

Livelink ECM – Document Management is a document management solution that provides full lifecycle management for any type of electronic document. Document Management provides a single, authoritative repository for storing and organizing electronic documents.

Product Name: MAIL360™
Company: Pitney Bowes MapInfo Corporation

MAIL360™ provides an extensible architecture that enables Full Service Intelligent Mail® participation while enhancingbusiness processes, leveraging the intelligence of Intelligent Mail® across your enterprise

Product Name: nuiViewer™
Company: Pixia Corp.

Our standalone viewing software allows access, display and navigate through massive images at real-time speeds. With our technology the image size becomes irrelevant when it comes to viewing speeds, as the viewing experience is equivalent to having the entire image loaded in memory at once. The nuiViewer™ currently runs on Windows XP® and Windows 2000 platforms, with development for Unix and Linux platforms underway.

Product Name: SpatialWare
Company: Primus Geographics Inc.

The information management tool for storing, managing and manipulating location-based data.

Product Name: Facilities Management System
Company: Proficio GeoTechnologies Pvt Ltd

Proficio's Facilities Management System provides a single database to maintain your infrastructure and optimize resource utilization. Your facilities and equipment can be controlled and monitored and their deployment described and tracked. PRO-FMS enables you to take control of the vast amounts of dynamic spatial information to make better, more informed and cost-effective decisions.

Product Name: Asset Management
Company: PubWorks

PubWorks makes Asset Management easy. Our straightforward system gives you all the tools needed to inventory assets, arrange them into their natural hierarchies, create valuation and quality assessments and report on condition, value and maintenance expenditures.

Product Name: GR View
Company: RAMTeCH Software Solutions, Inc.

GRView is an industry standard Active X control Application providing viewing facility for the graphics file stored in the text format.

Product Name: Patwari
Company: RAMTeCH Software Solutions, Inc.

Patwari is a industry standard software to manage Land Records System.

Product Name: FieldStorm
Company: Red Planet Consulting, Inc

Red Planet's FieldStorm is a trouble-order Outage Management dispatch application built on SPY mobile mapping technology from Tensing SKS. It improves service restoration times and reduces operational costs by providing utility trouble crews with up-to-the-minute trouble order information from an Outage Management System (OMS).

Product Name: Geocoding
Company: RMSI

RMSI offers a bureau service for interactive geocoding, which can handle volumes of up to 50,000 addresses per month. RMSI has also developed proprietary project specific geocoding engines for geocoding complex input data to SQL and other RDBMS systems. Our robust geocoding engine uses both spatial and non-spatial reference data to accurately geocode locations either automatically or interactively, as required.

Product Name: ROLTA OneView™
Company: Rolta International, Inc.

Rolta offers a comprehensive BI & Big Data Analytics solution that helps organizations realize operational and business excellence. Asset intensive industries achieve instant business value through the solution’s role based actionable insights, 3000+ pre-built analytics across verticals, industry knowledge model and cross-functional performance integrity architecture. 

Product Name: Topology Checker 1.00
Company: Routeware

Topology Checker is an application for batch checking of topology in street networks as these are used in many RouteWares products.
If you are a data supplier or maintain your own street network data, it is mandatory to check the quality since manual edits often lead to various errors in the data.

Product Name: TC-GIS
Company: SaharSoft Co.

TC-GIS is a GIS-based system for planning, designing, engineering, and documenting complex communications networks.

Product Name: Geogear™
Company: Schneider Corporation

The suite is comprised of several extensions to the ArcGIS™ product line, geogear 9.x navigator, editor, agland and draincalc which work in all three levels of ESRI’s products (ArcView™, ArcEditor™, and ArcInfo™). They are designed to fit flexibly around an organization’s existing workflow, allowing for a quick and easy implementation.

Product Name: Land Records Management Suite
Company: Schneider Corporation

Geogear™, The Schneider Corporation's suite of land records data maintenance and analysis tools. The suite is comprised of several extensions to the ArcGIS™ product line, geogear 9.x navigator, editor, agland and draincalc which work in all three levels of ESRI’s products (ArcView™, ArcEditor™, and ArcInfo™).

Product Name: Database Services
Company: Schneider Electric (Formerly Telvent Miner & Miner)

Utilities today recognize that their success depends directly on the condition and quality of their database systems. Telvent Miner & Miner realizes that a successful implementation can benefit from additional services related to database configuration and tuning. It is imperative that the information on which important business decisions are based be easy-to-access, fast, reliable, and accurate.       

Product Name: ADCP Processing Suite
Company: SeaZone

Modern oceanographic measurement systems such as Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCP) are capable of producing large volumes of geographically and temporally referenced data for which simple ASCII output is not an option.

Product Name: GeoTemporal
Company: SeaZone

SeaZone GeoTemporal comprises a suite of software to quality control, analyse and present complex survey and environmental monitoring data, now commonplace in many organisations and projects. GeoTemporal provides the means to import specialist data into a common GIS environment, allowing access to advanced query, manipulation and dissemination tools and making information easily accessible across project teams and organisations.

Product Name: SDR Level 5
Company: Sokkia Corporation

Built on knowledge from surveyors and previous generations of SDR electronic fieldbooks, SDR Level 5 data collection software is assembled to follow a logical field collection process. Its full functionality increases your productivity by offering topographic surveying, stake out, roading and coordinate geometry (COGO).

Product Name: Smallworld Plug-in for FME
Company: Spatial Business Systems, Inc.

The Smallworld Plug-in for FME is a powerful solution providing a high performance interface between GE Network Solutions Smallworld Core Spatial Technology and Safe Software’s Feature Manipulation Engine (FME) ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tool for spatial data. The plug-in provides the functionality to integrate GE Smallworld with the FME product suite.

Product Name: Allocate
Company: Spatial Insights, Inc.

Allocate is a highly sophisticated data retrieval and reporting engine for use with demographic statistics. Tables and reports can be created for any geograhic area (standard or user-defined.) Allocate can be used as a stand-alone application or it can work with your current mapping software to perform highly detailed market analysis

Product Name: Data Indexing
Company: Spatial Insights, Inc.

Mapping your target market, identifying pockets of your customer profile, or evaluating site suitabilty often requires evaluating a number of demographic variables.

Product Name: MapBridge
Company: Spatial Insights, Inc.

Spatial Insights is pleased to offer MapBridge™ from Mapping Analytics. MapBridge spans the functionality of Microsoft MapPoint and SRC's Allocate™, enabling you to create a map and generate reports based on a radius ring, drive time, or a hand-drawn polygon. The data pulled into MapPoint from Allocate can also be used to create thematic maps at the block group level. Reports can be output as Excel or HTML. Maps can be output into PowerPoint presentations or animated data series.

Product Name: Tractus
Company: Spatial Vision

Spatial Vision developed the Tractus (spatial edit applet) in response to demand for an easy-to-use web-based tool for creating spatial data that can be fully attributed and stored with corporate spatial data.

Product Name: MapLibrary.NET
Company: Spatial Wave, Inc.

MapLibrary.NET can provide a simple, flexible document management system with built-in spatial capabilities. Drawings and documents can be associated with easily customizable sets of metadata. Users can easily search for and locate a document of interest using any metadata, optionally combined with a spatial location. Allow certain users to add documents to the repository.

Product Name: Local Data Console
Company: SpatialPoint

Local Data Console (LDC), from SpatialPoint, allows you to quickly manage your data and provide a smooth process to load the data into Virtual Earth (VE) for use with your application.

Product Name: SuperMap SDX
Company: SuperMap Software Co., Ltd.

SuperMap Spatial Database eXtension (SuperMap SDX+) is a geospatial database eXtension, enabling all SuperMap GIS products with the ability of accessing geospatial database, as well as the function of storing, indexing, reading and updating spatial data with DBMS, Most of SuperMap products, for example, SuperMap Deskpro, SuperMap Objects and SuperMap IS .NET contain built-in geospatial database eXtension SuperMap SDX+, so that they can manage spatial data with DBMS internally.

Product Name: IsoMetrix, for complete Environmental Information Management
Company: SustaiNet Software Solutions Inc.

Isometrix is a web-based, software application that assists companies to achieve their sustainability goals by systematically improving on their business practices to provide critical information to those who need it, when they need it.

Product Name: Stakeholder Engagement Management Software
Company: SustaiNet Software Solutions Inc.

Consultation Manager is a powerful Web-based software tool that helps public involvement team members stay on top of their projects and sets the standard for stakeholder engagement management.

Product Name: Database Solutions and Services
Company: Swova, LLC

Swova offers information integration and management solutions along with professional services that help you better store, integrate, and organize your data

Product Name: Cruiser
Company: Talent Information Systems S.A.

Cruiser is a geographically-oriented content management and delivery system, providing a platform for developing rich internet applications and services that make use of spatial data, maps and location-aware information.

Product Name: DiMaS
Company: TechnoLogica LTD

DiMaS System was built using the technologies of Oracle Corporation and is a platform for building applied systems. Based on it was developed a family of specialized products – DiMaS Logistics, DiMaS Assets и DiMaS Lease.

Product Name: HeRMeS
Company: TechnoLogica LTD

HeRMeS® is integrated, flexible system, automated the management of all human resources management activities. Whether you are just looking for an affective way to automate employee data, or you need a more sophisticated HR management tool, HeRMeS® can help you. It is a standard among the big employers and foreign investors in Bulgaria with more than 10 years experience. It is a unique system on Bulgarian market and it is awarded with a Golden Medal at the Plovdiv Technical Fair’96.

Product Name: map2pdf for acrobat
Company: TerraGo Technologies, Inc.

MAP2PDF is available in several versions including MAP2PDF for ArcGIS®, the industry's leading geospatial information solution, allowing you to create GeoPDF's with all kinds of enterprise geospatial data. MAP2PDF for ArcGIS allows users of ESRI ArcGIS to create GeoPDF's--intelligent georegistered PDF maps - the ideal file format for publishing and archiving all of your data.

Product Name: MAP2PDF for DCS®
Company: TerraGo Technologies, Inc.

MAP2PDF for DCS® leverages the popular Adobe® Acrobat® PDF document standard to provide a portable mapping format, known as a GeoPDFT. Utilizing MAP2PDF for DCS®, users are able to create and publish georegistered maps. Users simply create a map using DCS® and then, export the data to a GeoPDF using MAP2PDF for DCS®.

Product Name: MAP2PDF for GeoMedia®
Company: TerraGo Technologies, Inc.

MAP2PDF for GeoMedia®* leverages the popular Adobe® Acrobat® PDF document standard to provide a portable mapping format, known as a GeoPDF™. Utilizing MAP2PDF for GeoMedia®, users are able to create and publish layered georegistered maps. Users simply create a map using GeoMedia® and then, export the data to a GeoPDF using MAP2PDF for GeoMedia®.

Product Name: TerraGo Publisher for ArcGIS
Company: TerraGo Technologies, Inc.

TerraGo Publisher for ArcGIS gives ESRI users the ability to extend the access and application of their geospatial assets by creating highly portable, interactive geo-referenced PDF maps and images called GeoPDF® files out of complex ArcGIS data.

Product Name: TerraGo Publisher for ArcGIS Server
Company: TerraGo Technologies, Inc.

With ArcGIS Server as the core platform for the dissemination and management of geospatial assets, TerraGo Publisher for ArcGIS helps ESRI customers extend the value of their data to the edge of their enterprise where field personnel need anytime, anywhere access and collaboration capabilities.

Product Name: TerraGo Publisher for GeoMedia
Company: TerraGo Technologies, Inc.

Publisher for GeoMedia leverages the popular Adobe Acrobat PDF document standard to provide a portable mapping format, known as a GeoPDF. Utilizing the Publisher for GeoMedia extension, users are able to create and publish layered georegistered maps from a mapsheet simply by selecting to export to the GeoPDF format.

Product Name: TerraGo Publisher for Raster
Company: TerraGo Technologies, Inc.

TerraGo Publisher for Raster helps companies meet the challenge of sharing large geospatial raster imagery with field workforces. By using advanced compression techniques (typically seeing a 1 to 100 compression ratio while maintaining the image quality) when creating geo-referenced PDF files, called GeoPDFs, TerraGo delivers highly portable, interactive images that can be marked-up by field resources and sent back to operation headquarters.

Company: TERREX

Pro Builder, the intermediate configuration of the Terra Vista family of tools , meets the needs of small- to medium-sized production shops that need to generate correlated visual, sensor, SAF/CGF, maps, and analytical 3-D databases.

Product Name: GMS-2
Company: Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc.

Topcon engineers have incorporated our industry leading dual-constellation satellite tracking into a small hand-held GPS receiver, the new GMS-2. This innovative new system also provides an integrated electronic compass and digital camera powered by Topcon’s revolutionary imaging technology. This powerful combination of dual-constellation satellite performance and digital imaging technology has set a new standard for GIS field mapping.

Product Name: Pocket Tower Maps
Company: Tower Maps

Data Format The Pocket Tower Maps uses Microsoft's Pocket Street format.  A typical file of street and wireless locations is 500 KB to 3 MB and can be e-mailed.  The file is moved to the Pocket Windows (Windows CE) device using Microsoft's ActiveSync

Product Name: Tower Maps
Company: Tower Maps

Database Contents
Site Name, Latitude, Longitude (D-M-S and decimal degrees), AGL Height, AMSL Height, Ground Elevation, Site ID, Owner/Manager Name, Leasing Agent Telephone, Type of Structure, Street Address

Product Name: GPSMAP 60Cx
Company: Tri-Global Technologies, LLC

The GPSMAP® 60Cx is a refreshing upgrade of the GPSMAP® 60C, one of the most popular models for outdoor and marine use. This unit features a removable microSD card for detailed mapping memory and a waterproof, rugged housing. The microSD card slot is located inside the waterproof battery compartment. Users can load map data and transfer routes and way points through the unit’s fast USB connection. In addition, this unit features a new, highly sensitive GPS receiver that acquires satellites faster and lets users track their location in challenging conditions, such as heavy foliage or deep canyons.

Product Name: Optivision Datawarehousing
Company: TriGeo Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Optivision Datawarehousing The challenge was to design and develop a system to fully automate the datawarehouse building process. Data is extracted from the Informix database from all the mills of the Paper Company located at different parts of US linked through a WAN. The extracted data is massaged to comply with the warehouse values and formats, to map the new columns, and also calculate values. This transformed data is loaded into a single database on SQL Server, which is maintained as a datawarehouse for the whole company.

Product Name: ProMan
Company: TriGeo Technologies Pvt. Ltd

The client was a large Supermarket chain in Europe. ProMan is a project monitoring and management tool. The system equips the managers to schedule and monitor tasks. ProMan comes with a suite of powerful reporting features like Viewing all the Projects and activities in which an employee is involved. View all the projects of a department View weekly/monthly work done /allocated by/to an employee etc.

Product Name: GeoCoding
Company: UbiEst

Geographic visualization and analysis of data pre-requires the processes of data formatting and geocoding in order to assign precise latitude and longitude coordinates to addresses (points of interest, customers, stores, services, etc.) database: unfortunately, merging of various sources, lack of verification processes and input errors can seriously compromise the “consistency” of business data and affect GIS based applications (geo demographic analysis) and other Internal Systems like ERP, CRM, Call Center, direct mailing etc.

Product Name: ViewAbutters
Company: ViewPoint Government Solutions, Inc.

ViewAbutters™ automates the process of generating property abutters’ lists, reports, and maps for a wide spectrum of local government functions. The task of generating abutters lists, typically for planning boards, conservation commissions, city or town council petitions, or boards of appeal is significantly expedited with the use of ViewAbutters™.

Product Name: ViewDoc
Company: ViewPoint Government Solutions, Inc.

ViewDoc provides a GIS-based solution to manage and track tie-cards and as-built plans for public works departments and public utilities. It eliminates the need to search through paper plans by linking electronic versions of the documents to their associated geographic location using the GIS.

Product Name: LIDAR Analyst
Company: Visual Learning Systems

LIDAR Analyst™ is a 3D feature extraction solution for airborne LIDAR data, supporting Homeland Security, Defense and Intelligence, Forestry and other vertical markets requiring high-resolution terrain information. The software radically simplifies the process of extracting 3D features from LIDAR data through automation. Example types of features include bare earth surfaces, buildings and trees. LIDAR Analyst provides tools for DEM editing, hill shading and relief, bare earth extraction, tree points extraction, building squaring and data attribution for buildings, tree points and forest polygons. There is no comparable product on the market.

Product Name: VUEWorks Core
Company: VUEWorks Inc.

VUEWorksTM Core is a universal web enabled GIS map tool that serves as the foundation for all VUEWorks modules. It combines interactive map graphics, powerful search features, and data integration features in a web application that delivers the most intuitive platform available for displaying, finding, and editing GIS-related data. Any feature of interest - parcels, buildings, signs, utilities, roads, and parks - can benefit from Core features.

Product Name: VUEWorks CoreSDE
Company: VUEWorks Inc.

VUEWorksTM CoreSDE delivers all the power of VUEWorks Core using ArcSDE Geodatabase data. Use CoreSDE by itself, or as a foundation for all the other VUEWorks modules. It is highly configurable and delivers an interface that non-GIS personnel find easy to use.

Product Name: VUEWorks Valuation
Company: VUEWorks Inc.

VUEWorks™ Valuation module to meet the Government Accounting Standards Board Statement No. 34 requirements for maintaining and reporting value and depreciation of all your infrastructure assets

Product Name: VUEWorks Water
Company: VUEWorks Inc.

VUEWorks Water provides tools to capture and report water quality, performance, risk, condition, hydrants, flow tests, and other data for water distribution systems. Define and prioritize capital projects for capital improvement plans.

Product Name: VUEWorksTM CIP
Company: VUEWorks Inc.

The VUEWorksTM CIP (Capital Improvement Planning) module builds on the powerful interactive interface found in VUEWorks Core module to deliver capital improvement planning capabilities to the VUEWorks Sewer module.

Product Name: Webraska Inuk
Company: Webraska (Acquired by Masternaut)

Willing to actively support its customers’ product marketing strategy towards even more innovative and differentiated location-enabled services thanks to the integration of user-created content data, Webraska developed a powerful and flexible tool : Webraska Inuk. Webraska Inuk enables service operators, content providers, business users and end-users to dynamically integrate, location-enable, manage, update, and distribute large data bases of content-rich data

Product Name: GRASP
Company: Wheatley Associates

GRASP is a powerful, internet based scheduling and appointment booking solution. It can be accessed from any computer attached to the internet, anywhere in the world.

Product Name: TODAY
Company: Wheatley Associates

Puts work order scheduling in the hands of your field force. Scheduling data is sent from ASSIGN or GRASP into the hands of your field force in real-time via GPRS.

Product Name: CartoBase
Company: WhiteStar

CartoBase, WhiteStar's line of cartographic database products, allows customers to make stunning oil and gas maps-quickly, efficiently, and privately.

Product Name: BRIMS™
Company: WTH Technology

BRIMS™ (BRidge Inventory Management System), digitally displays all information collected during the bridge inspection process.  The traditional bridge book is now available at your fingertips.

Product Name: Active Vu
Company: XPAND Corporation

Active Vu integrates a suite of applications to assist incident command managers and city administrators to effectively manage an event as well as day-to-day operations. Active Vu provides a Common Operating Picture that is cost-effective, scalable and user-friendly, on one advanced integrated platform.

Product Name: eGovForms™
Company: XPAND Corporation

The eGovForms™ application is based on XPAND’s proven Third-Party Credential Verification (TPCV) technology and is part of XPAND’s eWorX suite of software solutions.

Product Name: NotaVia
Company: Yotta Ltd

Intelligent and intuitive, NotaVia’s been designed with the data collector in mind. This new piece of software builds on the success of DGEN, our widely used data capture tool. Surveying can now be faster and more reliable. But we all make mistakes, so Notavia’s edit functionality is an ideal tool to allow you to make changes on site as necessary.
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