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Service Providers : Photogrammetric/DEM Services

Product Name: Aerials Express Image Processing
Company: Aerials Express

Aerials Express offers imagery processing services including custom re-projection, tiling schemes, and file formatting. Whether it’s from our own imagery collection or from an outside source, Aerials Express can help meet the unique needs of its clients. We support all major projections, custom tile grids, and formats including but not limited to ECW, MrSID, GeoTiff, JPEG2000, and GeoTiff along with georeferencing files such as World and Tab.

Product Name: Aerials Express Ortho-Mosaic Production
Company: Aerials Express

The Aerials Express advanced ortho-mosaic process that is used for its own imagery collection is also available to clients seeking custom ortho-mosaic production. Our process supports frame based digital cameras, such as DMC and Vexcel platforms. We can also incorporate ground control and custom elevation models into the ortho-process on request. Using the latest in ortho-rectification processing software and vigorous quality control practices, Aerials Express offers quality products and efficient delivery timelines.

Product Name: Aerial Photography
Company: BlueSky International Limited

Bluesky offers you aerial photography coverage on a national scale, as part of the GeoPerspectives product range. 25cm resolution imagery is available nationally with selected areas covered at 12.5cm, 10cm and 5cm. GeoPerspectives aerial photography is the most accurate and up-to-date orthorectified imagery available. The database is being continually updated through a guaranteed 5 year rolling update program.

Product Name: UAV - Aerial Photography
Company: BlueSky International Limited

UAVs (unmanned Aerial Vehicles) offer an exceptionally cost effective method of performing detailed and accurate aerial surveys of small areas. Often budgets do not allow for the deployment of a full survey system over a target area; UAVs offer an ideal solution.

Product Name: Digital and Laser Photogrammetry
Company: Cooper Aerial Surveys Co.

Our aerial mapping and analytical photogrammetry department is one of the most skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced in the nation. Cooper Aerial Surveys Co. has the capability to manage and execute projects of nearly unlimited scope in a timely manner.

Product Name: Photogrammetric Scanning
Company: DSM Geodata Ltd

DSM Geodata offers a cost effective, high capacity, scanning service backed by many years of scanning and photogrammetric mapping experience.

Product Name: Remote Sensing
Company: Eagle Mapping Ltd.

Aerial Photography (digital and film) is acquired by flying in an established grid pattern over your area of interest at a specific altitude.

Product Name: Value-Add Geospatial Services
Company: eMap International

With years of valuable photogrammetric and spectral analysis experience, eMap International can provide the highest quality value-add geospatial services in the industry. eMap works closely with clients to first understand their project needs and to then develop a consistent and reliable workflow that addresses these needs.

Product Name: Digital Photogrammetry
Company: FEDSoft

This division provides services in DIGITAL PHOTOGRAMMETRY. We currently renders these services to our partners in Western Europe,England,North America and Israel .

Product Name: LiDAR Mapping
Company: Fugro EarthData Inc.

Fugro EarthData operates multiple airborne LiDAR sensors to provide a full complement of solutions that meet customer needs for fast and accurate elevation data. Through constant improvements to our sensors, processing software, and production techniques, Fugro EarthData is a LiDAR mapping leader.

Product Name: Aerial Imagery
Company: GE Energy

Using advanced digital imaging technology, we provide custom aerial imagery captured in panchromatic, RGB color, and/or color infrared. Vertical or oblique aerial imagery can be acquired at various altitudes, based on the resolution and accuracy requirements. We can also provide satellite imagery in numerous formats for locations around the world. Our extensive aerial image archive is available for use in change detection or for historical reference.

Product Name: Orthophotography
Company: GE Energy

Orthophotographs are horizontally corrected aerial images. Distortions caused from the earth's surface and aircraft movement are removed. The result is a scale-accurate image. Orthophotography is used in many applications where precise images or reference system is required, such as a cadastral map to a landbase for a GIS.

Product Name: RealTopo
Company: Gecko Software Mapping Solutions

The fastest and easiest way to put USGS topo maps into AutoCAD. RealTopo is USGS Topo Maps for AutoCAD. High resolution color scanned images of USGS 7½' topographic quads. RealTopo allows the user to georeference and seamless join multiple maps in minutes.

Product Name: Fleet Management
Company: GeoSmart (NZ) Ltd

GeoSmart provides mapping data for leading Fleet Management applications in New Zealand as well as a growing number of countries and regions overseas. We support both client-server and web based systems. 

Product Name: Data Conversion
Company: Geospatial Systems Pvt. (Ltd.)

GeoSpatial converts data stored on paper, proprietary file formats and many other formats into the choice of data and medium that organization would desire. GeoSpatial has full capacity of consulting and data conversion services.

Product Name: Data Migration
Company: Geospatial Systems Pvt. (Ltd.)

Data migration entails the moving of existing digital data from one platform and/or format, into the target GIS platform and/or format.The data migration specification document is the blueprint for creating data that is ready to load into organization geodatabase.

Product Name: Image Processing
Company: GIS Consortium India Pvt. Ltd.

We Process High-Resolution imagery into raster data products. The Activities involve removal of distortions in images (geo-rectification, ortho-rectification) and ensuring that the output is of high quality in terms of clarity, resolution and colour.

Product Name: Digital Elevation Models (DEM) 500m/pixel
Company: Go Spatial Limited

Our Digital Elevation Models (DEM) were created by resampling the 90 meter/pixel Shuttle Radar Topograpgy Mission (SRTM) data to 500 meter per pixel.

Product Name: DVP 7
Company: Groupe ALTA

Groupe Alta presents this productive, user-friendly data capturing environment for easy extraction of high quality, high precision measurements and vector information through the use of stereoscopic and monoscopic imagery. Stereo imagery in combination with comprehensive and powerful CAD collection and editing features allows users the ability to model and map the world easier than ever.

Product Name: Aerial Photography
Company: Hansa Luftbild AG

Aerial photographs of selected areas are realistic representations of terrain and landscape and do not suffer loss of information through generalisation or coding of selected features, that is aerial photography does not preselect objects to be captured and depicted

Product Name: Habitat Cartography
Company: Hansa Luftbild AG

At our geo information systems department, habitat-type mapping has been conducted for many years on the basis of evaluating stereoscopic aerial images.

Product Name: GPS/IMU Aerial Photography
Company: HJW GeoSpatial, Inc.

HJW operates its own aircraft, equipped with the Applanix airborne GPS/IMU position and orientation system. Photography is typically acquired using our Zeiss RMK TOP 15 camera with forward motion compensation, which significantly reduces blurring and greatly enhances the sharpness of the photography.

Product Name: Aerial Photography
Company: Horizons, Inc.

Aerial photography provides the foundation for Horizons' mapping operations. Aerial photo acquisition is provided by Horizons' fleet of six Cessna aircraft equipped with state-of-the-art mapping technology. Equipment includes high-precision Zeiss aerial cameras, FMC (forward motion compensation), gyro-stabilized mounts, computer controlled navigation, and Airborne GPS.

Product Name: Orthophotography
Company: Horizons, Inc.

Digital orthophotography is a photogrammetric service that applies the mathematics of photogrammetry to remove the distortions that are inherent in aerial photography. The orthorectification process removes the distortion in the imagery caused by the tip and tilt of the camera, the relief of the terrain and the central projection perspective.

Product Name: Photogrammetry & Survey
Company: Horizons, Inc.

Photogrammetry is the process of producing maps from aerial photography. Survey provides the horizontal and vertical coordinates to the photogrammetric process. Aerial photography has inherent distortions due to the rotation of the aircraft and the relief of the terrain. It is the science and mathematics of photogrammetry and survey that seeks to eliminate these distortions and produce an accurate positional measurement of the terrain and features within the photography.

Product Name: Photogrammetry Services
Company: ImageSat International N.V.

More than just Imagery ImageSat photogrammetry experts are available to provide customers with the experience and specialty of photogrammetry services. If you require information based on photogrammetric data, please consult us so we can provide you with a solution that is tailored for your requirements.

Product Name: Photogrammetry Applications
Company: Intec Infocom, Inc.

In the field of Photogrammetry, Intec Infocom provides services in photogrammetry using Satellite images as well as aerial photographs.

Product Name: Pixel Factory™
Company: ISTAR

Pixel Factory™, the Next Generation Solution for Industrial Geo-Production
Infoterra France develops its own photogrammetric suite to create advanced 3D mapping products of unparalleled quality. Our Pixel Factory™ is UNIQUE in that the processing of data from airborne digital cameras was a key feature built into its original core architecture.

Product Name: Reference Mapping Data
Company: ISTAR

Infoterra France provides reliable, accurate geodata and extracts the highest value from aerial or satellite imagery. Our reference mapping products procure unsurpassed solutions with excellent geometry and rapid delivery.
It includes customised, modular and scalable layers that can be ordered separately or as a packaged solution. >Orthoimage/Orthophoto
>Digital Terrain Model
>Digital Surface Model
>Building Height Models  

Product Name: Cadastral Mapping
Company: James W. Sewall Company

To meet a community's parcel information needs, Sewall performs comprehensive cadastral mapping services, including deed research and recompilation, tax map automation, and annual updating

Product Name: Digital Close-Range Photogrammetry
Company: James W. Sewall Company

Sewall now offers advanced digital close-range photogrammetry (DCRP) services to clients in municipal government, transportation, pulp and paper, and the shipbuilding industry. A precision measurement technology, DCRP combines digital photography with computing power to capture highly accurate three-dimensional (3D) data on large objects and facilities. Precise to thousandths of an inch, DCRP enables companies to align critical machinery, inspect components of large structures, and record as-built conditions of facilities and historic sites.

Product Name: Photogrammetric Mapping
Company: James W. Sewall Company

With production facilities in Old Town and Kentucky, Sewall is one of the largest photogrammetric mapping firms in the country. We produce accurate planimetric and topographic maps from aerial photography to meet the diverse needs of municipalities, state and federal governments, engineering firms, and utility companies.

Product Name: Surveying and GPS
Company: James W. Sewall Company

Sewall offers a broad range of surveying services from high-order geodetic surveys for photogrammetric map control to wetlands and utilities location. To assist clients in such fields as municipal operations, utilities management, forestry, and civil engineering, Sewall has developed expertise in determining the accuracy required for diverse applications and the most efficient methods of acquisition. Sewall surveyors also perform standard boundary surveys, title surveys, topographic surveys for engineering design and construction layout, and hydrographic surveys of rivers and oceans.

Product Name: Aerial Photography
Company: Merrick & Company

Highly experienced in mission and flight planning, Merrick sub-contracts with qualified aerial photography firms according to project scope and requirements. Together with these local resources, the Merrick team acquires vertical (mapping), airborne GPS, and landscape (oblique) photography using black and white, color, and/or color infrared film.

Product Name: Digital Orthophotography
Company: Merrick & Company

Merrick's Digital Ortho system is completely integrated into our photogrammetric mapping and GIS processes.Merrick uses the Zeiss Phodis OP suite of four workstations and the Zeiss SCAI scanner to rigorously calculate and generate precision ortho data from the original scanned negatives.

Product Name: MapPoint Web Service
Company: Microsoft MapPoint

The MapPoint Web Service is a programmable web service hosted by Microsoft and used by enterprises and independent software developers to integrate location-based services such as maps, driving directions and proximity searches into software applications and business processes.

Product Name: Scanning Services: Preserving Your Future
Company: NMT Corporation

NMT Corporation can scan microfiche, microfilm and aperture cards, as well as paper documents from A to E size. Output data types include ITU Group 4 TIFF, Cals Type 1 and others. We visually inspect every image to make sure your drawings are reproduced as accurately as possible. We can also perform OCR/ICR scanning of text documents so that text may be extracted from scanned images.

Product Name: Geospatial Intelligence
Company: Northrop Grumman IT

Leveraging their expertise in photogrammetric services, geographic information systems (GIS), and geospatial data acquisition and analysis, Northrop Grumman’s addition of 3001 expands our existing geospatial portfolio and positions us as a leading end-to-end geospatial service provider.

Product Name: Remote Sensing Services
Company: Orbis, Inc.

Orbis offers remotes sensing services that assist clients in understanding and accessing these types of data. Orbis is experienced in working with all forms of remotely sensed data including satellite images, digital aerial photography

Product Name: Strabo Photogrammetry
Company: Orbit

Strabo brings the complex techniques of photogrammetry down to everyday use, on every desktop. Take a look at the brilliant Strabox viewing system, strabo softcopy or the anaglyph viewer desktop plugin.

Product Name: Global ImageViewer (GIV)
Company: Overwatch Geospatial

Global ImageViewer (GIV) is a ground-breaking new software solution that fuses image processing functionality with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) support. By merging these technologies, GIV enables users to turn "raw" digital images into sophisticated image products that can be easily accessed and understood by others for decision making purposes.

Product Name: Digital Elevation Model
Company: Pixxures, Inc.

A Digital Elevation Model (DEM) is a representation of the topology of the Earth’s surface that can be used to generate orthophotography and contour elevation data, and be used in applications such as drainage modeling, land use studies, viewshed analysis, and other applications where an accurate model of the terrain surface is important.

Product Name: Planimetric Mapping
Company: Sanborn

Planimetric maps are maps showing only the horizontal position of features on the Earth's surface which reveal geographic objects, natural and cultural physical features, and entities without topographic properties. Topographic features not captured such as roads, buildings, and bodies of water that are visible and identifiable on aerial photographs can be compiled into map features through photogrammetric surveying procedures.

Product Name: Digital Cartography
Company: Speck SpatialTech Limited

At Speck SpatialTech, we understand your digital mapping needs to the last detail, thanks to our unmatched experience in providing high specification photogrammetry services to national mapping agencies. Our highly skilled photogrammetric “eyes” have been habitually capturing even practically invisible features from all types of aerial photographs with high precision and consistency.

Product Name: PhoTopoL Atlas - digital photogrammetric workstation
Company: TopoL Software

PhoTopoL Atlas - digital photogrammetric workstation is the software application, which brings new quality for digital photogrammetric production. That was created in co-operation of two Czech companies TopoL Software Ltd. and ATLAS Ltd. It is built on the 10 year experience with development and use of digital photogrammetric system PhoTopoL, digital elevation model ATLAS DMT and system TopoL GIS.

Product Name: Digital Photogrammetry
Company: TriCAD Design Consultants Pvt Ltd.

First of its kind in India to full range of Digital Photogrammetric Services to support wide range of Mapping Applications using both Aerial photo (scanned)/ Digital Satellite Data.

Product Name: Remote Sensing
Company: TriCAD Design Consultants Pvt Ltd.

TriCAD's multi-disciplinary Staff offer the best Remote Sensing expertise. Executed wide range of projects invoking Image Processing, Image Classification, Vector overlay, Resource Mapping, DEM/DTM Extraction.

Product Name: Digital Mapping and Photogrammetry

Infotech has over a decade's experience in the acquisition, processing and delivery of orthoimagery, LiDAR, hydrography, terrain and planimetric data. We have managed, and continue to manage, some of the largest mapping programs ever undertaken and have delivered over one million square miles of imagery to government agencies and commercial clients. These include the single largest private contract awarded for digital ortho production and the largest civilian mapping project undertaken and completed in a single year involving orthoimagery, hydrography, terrain and street centerlines.
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