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Hardware : Digital Mapping Cameras

Product Name: Digital Mapping Cameras
Company: AAM

AAMHatch is now the proud owner of two Z/I Imaging Digital Mapping Cameras (DMC), in addition to owning an Applanix DSS Mid-format camera. We were the first to invest in the Z/I imaging technology in Australia.

Product Name: Axis 3
Company: Advanced Micronic Devices Ltd.

Axis3 is a complete mapping and data acquisition system that provides Beacon, L-Band (OmniSTAR VBS) and WAAS corrections for accurate, real-time positioning for GIS data collection.

Product Name: Ultracam D UCD
Company: aerial-survey-base

The UltraCam digital process makes it completely compatible with existing photogrammetric procedures, while increasing productivity. More importantly, the images from the UltraCam-D feed into existing photogrammetric work flows and vastly improve automation, using no-cost redundancy.

Product Name: DSS
Company: Applanix

The DSS Digital Sensor System is a ready-to-use, directly georeferenced, medium-format, airborne digital camera system. It is the digital imaging answer for aerial survey and remote sensing applications requiring a rapid, cost-effective solution. A mapping-quality alternative to large- format digital cameras, the DSS offers a compact system, a complete solution, and a competitive advantage.

Product Name: DSS RapidOrtho
Company: Applanix

The Trimble DSS RapidOrtho system is a complete ready-to-use digital aerial imaging solution for emergency responders and military operations that includes the fusion of medium-format aerial camera, a flight management system, a GNSS-Aided INS Direct Georeferencing system and a full suite of processing software.

Product Name: LANDMark Marine
Company: Applanix

A fully integrated marine vessel based mobile mapping solution for producing accurately georeferenced LiDAR point cloud data, even in the most difficult environments.

Product Name: POS AV
Company: Applanix

POS AV is a hardware and software system specifically designed for direct georeferencing of airborne sensor data. By integrating precision GNSS with inertial technology, POS AV enables geospatial projects to be completed more efficiently, effectively, and economically. Supported by Applanix' industry expertise and technological innovation, POS AV is engineered for aerial cameras, scanning lasers, imaging sensors, synthetic aperture radar, and LIDAR technology.

Product Name: Ricoh Pro G3
Company: Applied Field Data Systems, Inc.

With a GPS integrated into the camera you don’t need to worry about carrying a separate GPS unit or synching the time stamps. With the GPS data and the images stored in the same place, all you have to do is download your photos and let GPS-Photo Link do the rest. Create web-based GIS reports complete with watermarked images, satellite photos, topo maps, and street maps. With the pictures automatically coded by your Ricoh camera, you have one less piece of equipment to carry.

Product Name: Fuji FinePix 6900 Zoom

The FinePix 6900 Zoom incorporates Fujifilm's latest 3.3 megapixel Super CCD sensor and improved LSI signal processing boasts even better colour reproduction, improved sharpness and sensitivity. This new camera combines the advanced SLR-style photographic features and controls demanded by serious photo enthusiasts, with truly outstanding digital image reproduction and output files sizes up to an amazing 6.0 million pixels.

Product Name: Lecia L5 Elcovision

Efficiency, optical and mechanical precision together with the outstanding Leica lenses are the features of the 35mm camera Leica R5. For use in the photogrammetric measuring system ELCOVISION 10 the camera is modified: the built-in réseau grid plate in front of the film plane, and the lenses calibrated at fixed focusing stops, guarantee exact results.

Product Name: DiMACLiGHT
Company: DiMAC Systems, LLC

The DiMACLiGHT is our medium format digital aerial camera that captures a footprint of 7,200 pixels across by 5,400 pixels along the flight line by using a single Camera Module. This model is easily upgradeable to the large format DiMAC WiDE.

Company: DiMAC Systems, LLC

The DiMACULTRALiGHT is the smallest of the DiMAC product family and consists of just a single Camera Module that captures a footprint of 7,200 pixels across by 5,400 pixels along the flight line.

Product Name: DiMACWiDE
Company: DiMAC Systems, LLC

The DiMACWiDE is our large format digital aerial camera that captures a fo otprint of 10,500 pixels across by 7,200 pixels along the flight line by using just 2 adjacent Camera Modules.

Product Name: earthmine MARS ...
Company: Earthmine inc.

High resolution panoramic imagery and precise 3D point data in one solution | 32 megapixel 360°(H) x 180°(V)
stereo panoramic imagery | Wide angle 360°(H) x 165°(V) 3D Field of View | 8 million 3D points per image, up to
24 million points per second | High Accuracy GPS / IMU global position and orientation sensors | Self calibrating
cameras, GPS/IMU technology | Capture Control software for controlling data collection | High-speed
panoramic image + 3D data processing | Advanced 3D feature recognition technology | Full suite of developer
tools, example applications, and code | GIS, web-browser, desktop and mobile application integration

Product Name: DEM
Company: East View Geospatial

East View Cartographic maintains an extensive inventory of off-the-shelf Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) for immediate delivery. In addition EVC can provide precision DEMs from various in-stock and easily accessible source materials.

Product Name: Powerline Corona Discharge Mapping
Company: Forest One, Inc.

Caused by an intense electrical field, corona discharge is the ionization of nitrogen in the air. Corona events cause power loss and degrade insulation for conductors and insulators leading to flash-overs, premature failures, and outages.

Product Name: GPS-Photo Link: Advanced Edition
Company: GeoSpatial Experts, LLC

GPS-Photo Link software allows you to quickly process and view your geolocated photos in ArcGIS or html formats.

Product Name: GPS-Photo Link: ArcPad Edition
Company: GeoSpatial Experts, LLC

As the user takes digital photos, GPS-Photo Link ArcPad Edition automatically creates a new ArcPad record and georeferences it to the correct location in the GIS data layer. Multiple photos can be linked to the same record, allowing the user to take pictures from several angles and store them as attributes. Once the record is created, the user can proceed to record other attributes in the ArcPad interface screen.

Product Name: GPS-Photo Link: Professional Edition
Company: GeoSpatial Experts, LLC

GPS-Photo Link watermarks the photos with latitude, longitude, elevation and more – you can even add titles and personal comments to each picture. The software automatically creates web pages containing the watermarked images, satellite photos, topo maps, street maps, and more!

Product Name: GPS-Photo Link: Standard Edition
Company: GeoSpatial Experts, LLC

  GPS-Photo Link is the simple, affordable, and versatile solution for linking your digital photos with GPS data. If you ever spent hours manually entering in coordinates or trying to match your pictures with a map, then you wasted your time. GPS-Photo Link software does all that for you in a user-friendly format. All you need is any GPS and any digital camera and GPS-Photo Link can automatically match your digital photos to their GPS location – and with no wires.  

Product Name: Digital Camera (Airborne Scanner) «3-DAS-1»
Company: GeoSystem

High resolution trilinear pushbroom airborne scanner with true RGB forward-nadir-backward channels

Product Name: Electronic Digital Theodolites
Company: Geotech

The new Nikon Electronic Theodolite NE-203/202 is the enhanced successor to model NE-10H/10LA/10L. This time, Nikon has added waterproof capability to stand up to the toughest field conditions. This new model meets IEC529 Class 6 (IPX6) standards which state that “water projected in powerful jets against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effects.”

Product Name: Aerial Imagery
Company: GIS Workshop, Inc.

This imagery, taken from directly overhead, can include Black & White, Natural Color, Color Infrared, and/or 4-Band Multispectral of varying resolution per your specification

Product Name: Oblique Imagery
Company: GIS Workshop, Inc.

GIS Workshop can fly oblique imagery for any purpose at very reasonable rates. Our camera system is 100% and is linked to to a GPS system. We know the exact location of every frame...and the images are supplied in an GIS compatible format with a location layer so you can click on a point and bring up the associated image!

Product Name: Airborne Corridor Mapping
Company: Hansa Luftbild AG

Hansa Luftbild’s modern corridor mapping is an ideal technique for the planning, documentation, survey and surveillance of corridors such as the electricity grid, pipeline networks, and the roads, and rail system. With a combination of laser scanning, digital and thermal imagery as well as Differential GPS (DGPS) Hansa Luftbild can complete many tasks on the basis of only one flight.

Product Name: Digital Mapping Camera
Company: Hansa Luftbild AG

The Digital Mapping Camera (DMC) offers high geometrical resolution and outstanding performance. The array sensor delivers stable and precise image geometry and produces the data in the standard central perspective view. Furthermore, the customary Forward Motion Compensation (FMC) does not have to be dispensed with, as this compensatory system has been taken over by the electronic image drift balance Time Delayed Integration (TDI) feature. The technology of the camera is based on Charge Coupled Device (CCD) frame (matrix) technology

Product Name: IDM200™
Company: Icaros Geosystems Inc

The system consists of state-of-the-art components and a single frame sensor technology. The reliability and accuracy of the IDM200™ provides the highest geometric and radiometric resolution ensuring that every requirement will be met to satisfy the highest expectations.

Product Name: IDM600™
Company: Icaros Geosystems Inc

The IDM600™ consists of state-of-the-art components empowering multiple single frame sensors all designed to provide the highest geometric and radiometric resolution..

Product Name: POS Z/I (Position and Orientation System)
Company: Intergraph Corporation

POS (Position and Orientation System) Z/I is a position and orientation system that allows direct georeferencing of aerial images when ground control points are not available or not possible to establish. Integrating inertial sensors, GPS technology, and post-processing software, the system measures the absolute position of the camera perspective center and aircraft orientation angles. 

Product Name: RMK TOP - Aerial Survey Camera System
Company: Intergraph Corporation

The RMK TOP represents a new generation of cameras developed in response to increasing demands in application and technological possibilities, offering a high-performance system for aerial photography

Product Name: Z/I Imaging® (Digital Mapping Camera)
Company: Intergraph Corporation

Intergraph's Z/I Imaging® DMC® (Digital Mapping Camera) is the industry's most innovative and precise turnkey digital camera system. The DMC supports aerial photogrammetric missions for the broadest range of mapping, geographic information systems (GIS), and remote sensing applications

Product Name: Compact Traffic Sensor-CTS
Company: Laser Technology, Inc.

Traffic data collection has entered into the world of automation. Imagine an automated speed sensor with an adjustable range that filters out any interference outside your predetermined distances.

Product Name: Criterion™ RD 1000
Company: Laser Technology, Inc.

he first electronic Basal Area/Dendrometer specifically engineered for the forest industry utilizing the latest technology and established measurement techniques.

Product Name: Impulse 100 Standard Lasers
Company: Laser Technology, Inc.

Our Impulse lasers are specifically designed for optimal performance under whatever conditions you might encounter in the field. They are lightweight, extremely rugged, completely waterproof and versatile. Use them as a handheld unit or mount them on a tripod for added stability. The Impulse line comes with on-board solutions for height, horizontal and vertical distance; distance between two in-line objects; and cumulative distance for perimeter applications. Any Impulse unit can be integrated with our MapStar modules, to provide three-dimensional measurement capabilities. A built-in serial port provides for compatibility with most field data collection software, for added versatility.

Product Name: MapStar Angle Encoder (MSAE)
Company: Laser Technology, Inc.

The MapStar Angle Encoder calculates a turned horizontal angle and can be referenced to any desired point. It works in conjunction with our Impulse lasers, and the modular design allows you to pivot the laser a full 90 degrees up or down while maintaining the rotary encoder level for the greatest possible accuracy. When tripod-mounted, you can obtain measurements accurate to 0.05 degrees. Plus, it is not affected by local magnetic interference, making it perfect for use in crowded urban areas. For increased versatility, the system's data output format is compatible with most field data collection software and GPS.

Product Name: MapStar Compass Module II (MSCM II)
Company: Laser Technology, Inc.

Collecting azimuth measurements (directional data in reference to North) has never been easier. The Compass Module II menus are simple and streamlined. Calibration in the field takes less than a minute, with a steady audio tone to guide you as you rotate the compass 360 degrees. Compass Module spins 360 degreesThe unit works in conjunction with our Impulse lasers and is compatible with most field data collection software and GPS systems. Its modular design produces highly accurate results because you can pivot the Impulse laser up or down as much as 90 degrees while maintaining the compass sensor head level.

Product Name: TruPulse 360
Company: Laser Technology, Inc.

It's almost an insult to even call this powerful measurement tool a "rangefinder" because its capabilities go far beyond just measuring a range. You can instantly measure slope distance, inclination and azimuth* and calculate horizontal and vertical distance - all with a single push of a button.

Product Name: UL 100/ 100 LR/ 200/ 200 LR
Company: Laser Technology, Inc.

The UltraLyte laser series puts unmatched versatility at your fingertips offering a wide
variety of add-on options. Collect and report
speed statistics, enforce the 2-second following rule, capture an image of a violator’s license plate or even map a crash or crime scene!

Product Name: ULS
Company: Laser Technology, Inc.

The ULS is a fully programmable pulsed -laser sensor that gives you the ability to obtain highly accurate measurement in the most challenging condition.

Product Name: Universal Laser Sensor-ULS
Company: Laser Technology, Inc.

Actually being able to profile fast-moving vehicles has been science fiction until now. Introducing the Universal Laser Sensor — a sensor that measures so rapidly (5khz), and with such precision (mm), it can profile a vehicle’s shape traveling 120 mph without missing a beat.

Product Name: Contour MAX
Company: LaserCraft, Inc.

Contour MAX, the ultimate in long-range performance and low cost provided in a compact, rugged package.

Product Name: Contour XLR
Company: LaserCraft, Inc.

The Contour XLR represents the latest in eye-safe laser rangefinding technology.This compact, lightweight unit is the ideal tool for reflectorless distance measurements.  You simply point, shoot and instantly obtain accurate range measurement. The Contour’s proprietary design gives you unsurpassed range performance for a handheld, highly accurate rangefinder.

Product Name: Contour XLR i
Company: LaserCraft, Inc.

The user can quickly switch between operational modes including: Range and Angle, Horizontal Distance, Vertical Distance, 2-Point Height and 3-Point Height. The serial port output allows easy data recording using a data logger or PC.

Product Name: HELIX Digital Frame and Video Cameras
Company: LiDAR Services International Inc.

HELIX incorporates several digital cameras, from panchromatic to visible spectrum, wide response to colour, medium-resolution, and high-resolution units. The lens characteristics of these cameras are modeled and calibrated, resulting in imagery that can be processed in conjunction with the LiDAR data to produce orthographic images and area mosaics.

Product Name: HELIX Exocam Ball
Company: LiDAR Services International Inc.

The ExoCam ball can provide 2-axis pan and tilt compensation for the helicopter installation for forward camera orientation control. This is an approved Bell 206B installation which can house a variety of video and frame cameras. The operator has the capability of controlling the orientation of the field of view with real-time feedback of the imagery to the operator display.

Product Name: LaserAce® Hypsometer
Company: Measurement Devices Limited

Measurement Devices Ltd (MDL) is a Scottish based designer and manufacturer of LaserAce® Hypsometer. A tool that was designed for you!

Product Name: DMC
Company: Northrop Grumman Corporation

Z/I Imaging® DMC® (Digital Mapping Camera) is the industry's most innovative and precise turnkey digital camera system. The DMC supports aerial photogrammetric missions for the broadest range of mapping, geographic information systems (GIS), and remote sensing applications.

Product Name: Leica RC30 Film Camera
Company: Northrop Grumman Corporation

The RC30 is a frame-based film camera system capable of acquiring photographs with black and white, color, and false color aerial film. It has two interchangeable lenses, negligible distortion, and reach lens/film resolutions more than 100 lp/mm. The aperture can be set up to f/4, with shutter speeds ranging from 1/100 to 1/1,000 second for maximum applicability.

Product Name: NIKON cameras
Company: Rollei Metric GmbH

NIKON cameras with  fixed and calibrated lenses for the use in the field of close range photogrammetry. These cameras have all functions of a professional digital SLR camera as well as the geometric stability for close range applications. You can use the complete range of NIKON accessories.

Product Name: Rollei d-series
Company: Rollei Metric GmbH

The metric versions of the Rollei d-Series are optimised for an easy use and a stabile geometric object recording. The mirror case of the cameras is manufactured from solid metal. The lenses are fix mounted. Each camera use a 2/3" – Sensor with 2552 x 1920 pixel. The camera are featured with a flexible memory system accepting each standard medium. The image files are stored loss-free in an uncompressed RAW data. This can be converted in a post processing.

Product Name: Rolleiflex 6008digital metric
Company: Rollei Metric GmbH

The Rolleiflex 6008digital metric combines the high resolution digtal back with the comfort of the 6008 camera. The user can choose from a wide range of the metric medium format lenses with integrated leaf shutter

Product Name: RolleiMetric MSRPlan
Company: Rollei Metric GmbH

Competitive packages for beginners, consisting of a semi-metric camera and software according to the field of activity

Product Name: The AIC - Aerial Industrial Camera
Company: Rollei Metric GmbH

The AIC, RolleiMetric´s primary product, is developed for the rough application within aerial fotography and photogrammetry. Its origin is the well known professional camera Rolleiflex 6008. The camera body is made from aluminium without any movable and susceptible parts. The sensor is mounted directly with the body, which contributes considerably to the high stability as well as the newly developed bajonet mounting for the lenses. With this ruggedised construction, a calibration is necessary only once a year. By the way: Our AIC comes with two lenses to avoid long downtimes during costly missions in case of unforeseen damages.

Product Name: 1000 Series
Company: Spectral Instruments, Inc.

The 1000 Series camera is a compact low temperature camera capable of accepting large scientific CCDs. The 1000 Series system uses a hermoelectric cooler to optimize the performance of the CCD. Dark current is drastically reduced by cooling as low as -60°C, making the 1000 Series cameras ideal for low light level imaging.

Product Name: 1100 Series
Company: Spectral Instruments, Inc.

The 1100 Series CCD camera system is a 16-bit, multi-port camera designed for use with large area scientific CCD arrays  in demanding imaging applications. The 1100 series platform is designed to minimize noise for the lowest light level applications. At temperatures less than -100°C, the camera reaches readout noise levels lower than 3e- RMS, while dark current is as low as 1X10-4 e- per pixel per second.

Product Name: 800 Series
Company: Spectral Instruments, Inc.

The 800 Series CCD camera system is a precision, multiport digital camera designed for use with large area scientific CCD arrays in demanding imaging applications. A 800 Series system can be configured with one, two, or four analog processors/digitizers to accommodate CCDs with multiple output ports. Using multiple ports permits higher image frame rates in applications where the absolute low noise and high precision are necessary.

Product Name: 850 Series
Company: Spectral Instruments, Inc.

The 850 Series CCD camera system is a precision, multiport digital camera designed for use with large area scientific CCD arrays in demanding imaging applications. A 800 Series system can be configured with one, two, or four analog processors/digitizers to accommodate CCDs with multiple output ports. Using multiple ports permits higher image frame rates in applications where the absolute low noise and high precision are necessary.

Product Name: 900 Series
Company: Spectral Instruments, Inc.

The 900 Series camera is a low temperature multi-CCD camera designed for applications requiring very large imaging areas at very high resolution. The 900 Series is capable of accepting up to 16 scientific CCDs in a single camera head.

Product Name: iOne Sensor System
Company: Visual Intelligence

Visual Intelligence Provides Public Access to all its iOne Sensor Systems Solutions Documentations – this includes but is not limited to: – iOne Field Quality Control Manual
– iOne n-Oblique System Installation and Operations Manual
– iOne Sensor Calibration Toolkit Processing Manual
– Isis Earth Ortho Post Processing Manual
– More available by request
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