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Product Name: Airborne LiDAR
Company: 3D Laser Mapping

Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) is an airborne mapping technique which uses a laser scanner to measure the distance between the laser sensor and the ground resulting in a surface "map". This technique can be used for a wide variety of applications including topographical surveys, coastal mapping and forestry.

Product Name: IGI LiteMapper
Company: 3D Laser Mapping

LiteMapper systems are fully integrated sensor packages for highly accurate 3D laser measurements of the earth's surface.

Product Name: Mobile Mapping - StreetMapper
Company: 3D Laser Mapping

Using the very latest laser scanning technology coupled with a high precision navigation system, 3D Laser Mapping and IGI mbH have joined forces to offer a novel 3D mapping system to scan roads, buildings and trees from a moving vehicle.

Product Name: Rangefinders
Company: 3D Laser Mapping

The Riegl FG21 "LASERTAPE" series are extremely compact, durable, high performance laser rangefinders. Protected by thick rubber, it is ideal for use in harsh environments. The RTS21-HA, a total station version of the FG21, allows the acquisition of profile data in inaccessible and unsafe areas.

Product Name: Sokkia Stratus DGPS System
Company: Advanced Micronic Devices Ltd.

Sokkia's Stratus surveying system packs simplicity, accuracy, and reliability into one fully integrated system . Simply stated, Stratus is a lightweight, yet powerful tool with a practical price tag.

Product Name: POS LV
Company: Applanix

POS LV is a compact, fully integrated, turnkey position and orientation system, utilizing integrated inertial technology to generate stable, reliable and repeatable positioning solutions for land-based vehicle applications.

Product Name: POS MV
Company: Applanix

POS MV, POS MV Elite (for all marine vessels) and the POS MV WaveMaster (for smaller survey launches) are all tightly-coupled systems using Applanix' unique approach to Inertially-Aided Real-Time Kinematic (IARTK) technology. The user-friendly, turnkey systems provide accurate attitude, heading, heave, position, and velocity data, representing the latest in state-of-the-art inertial/GPS technology

Product Name: POSTrack
Company: Applanix

POS AV is also available with an integrated flight management system, in a new product called POSTrack (above). POSTrack is the first fully integrated, real-time direct georeferencing and flight management system designed for the airborne geospatial community. Purpose-built to reduce the costs associated with the preparation and implementation of airborne surveys, POSTrack minimizes mission planning and operational workload. Utilizing a combination of specifically developed software and hardware tools, the system combines the best of both technologies with all the functionality necessary to simplify and streamline today’s aerial survey and remote sensing operations.

Product Name: LabSpec® 2500 / 2600
Company: ASD Inc.

LabSpec® 2500 / 2600 series portable Vis/NIR spectrometers — the latest in truly portable post-dispersive ultra-rugged spectrometers. The LabSpec® 2500/2600 series spectrometers incorporate the benchmark power of the award winning LabSpec® Pro’s broad spectral range (350-2500 nm) and combines it with Ethernet and optional wireless functionality, as well as expanded temperature operating parameters for reliability even in extreme environments.

Product Name: LabSpec® 5000 / 5100
Company: ASD Inc.

The Labspec® 5000 and 5100 optical spectrophotometers are truly portable, post dispersive, NIR analyzers with Ethernet and optional wireless functionality. They are valuable tools for optimizing the data testing and measurement processes on a wide selection of materials, including solids, powders, slurries and liquids, for a growing list of applications and industries.

Product Name: TerraSpec 4 Standard-Res Mineral Analyzer
Company: ASD Inc.

Increase efficiency and optimize metal yield with high-throughput mineralogical analysis, and enjoy even greater data quality with the new TerraSpec 4 Standard-Res mining analyzer. Top mine operations around the world already trust ASD’s TerraSpec® line of mining instruments for their critical mineral analysis measurements.

Product Name: SSW Vehicle-Borne Mobile Modeling and Surveying System
Company: Beijing Geo-Vision Tech.Co.,Ltd.

SSW Vehicle-Borne Mobile Modeling and Surveying System is developed by Capital Normal University and Beijing Geo-Vision Tech. Co., Ltd. It includes 360 degree laser scanner, IMU and GPS, CCD camera, turntable, DMI, etc.This system adopts the laser scanner with long range, high accuracy, large FOV, IMU with high accuracy. Compared with the similar products, the advantages of SSW are as following: short initial time span, easy operation procedure, high accuracy, automatic classification and modeling.

Company: BLOM

Ground Surveying is a traditional core service, Blom has over 40 years' experience of operating a variety of land surveying techniques to benefit a number of industries as well as providing a data capture service for GIS users. Our reputation is based on personal service, reliability, flexibility and accuracy, all of which is supported by a policy of research, development and continual investment in state-of-the-art technologies. Blom deploys experienced survey teams around the world, to perform critical survey reports. The Blom surveying team has a wealth of experience in all areas of surveying. We are also keen to perform bespoke work, which enables us to design effective, accurate and economical solutions in order to offer our clients the very best results.

Product Name: The MojaveTM Geo100M
Company: Cardio Logic, Inc.

The Cardio Logic MojaveTM Geo100M Workstation orthorectifies QuickBird and OrbView imagery 10 times faster than the best commercially available software. It supports the incorporation of ground control points (GCPs) for improved geolocation accuracy, terrain model management and batch processing mass production of orthorectified images in NITF or GeoTIFF format.

Product Name: Cargo Bed
Company: Cargo Bed

Designed for convenience and efficiency, Cargo Bed slides out to give you access to 80% of your cargo space instantly – from outside the vehicle.

Product Name: Cargo Bed Box Sliders
Company: Cargo Bed

If your surveying jobs require the hauling of ATV's or quads on top of your box deck, cargo storage and retrieval in your truck bed can be a challenging feat. Cargo Bed can take the hassle out of this simple task. With your quads resting in place, the installation of our slide-out Cargo Bed can provide improved and easy access to all your equipment and tools.

Product Name: Carlson Survey
Company: Carlson Software

Carlson Survey gives users upgrades to core features like the coordinate database, Field-to-Finish coding and cut sheets, as well as new commands, including one to twist points to a 3D view, among its many additional improvements. Get Carlson Survey two ways: Either Carlson Survey 2014, which works on AutoCAD® versions 2004 to 2014 and comes with IntelliCAD® 7.2 built-in, or the recently released Carlson Survey 2014 Embedded AutoCAD®, which comes with the 2013 AutoCAD OEM engine built in.

Product Name: D330 Echo Sounder
Company: CHC Navigation

CHC D330 single beam echo sounder is a flexible, portable and rugged system to be customized with any Windows™ XP and NMEA compatible bathymetric survey software.

Product Name: Leica HDS6000
Company: Cyra Technologies, Inc.(Acquired by Leica Geosystems)

The Leica HDS6000 features several major "next generation" advances that increase the versatility, portability, and productivity of ultra high-speed, phase-based laser scanning for many as-built survey applications.

Product Name: GPS Vehicle Tracker Support Navigator / Camera ET700B
Company: ExtremTrac

The ET700B is a small yet powerful GPS, GSM/GPRS vehicle tracking device for professional fleet management, AVL services, working with EX300 PC based tracking software, EX1000 web based software, supporting Google maps, Google earth, Optional mobile data terminal or handset phone for 2 way voice/ message communications.

Product Name: GRS Densitometer
Company: Geographic Resource Solutions

GRS is the designer and manufacturer of the GRS Densitometer™, a tool used for the
estimation of vegetation cover. The GRS Densitometer™, when used with either
line-point or line-intercept transect sampling, combines horizontal and vertical
vegetation sampling, thereby enabling the collection of resource information
across the landscape (horizontally) at different canopy levels (vertically).
This technique provides estimates of cover for any element in a
forested environment such as: trees, shrubs, herbs, downed-woody material,
fuels, and snags.

"... most accurate, least expensive, and most easily applied..." - The line-
point transect method of sampling has been shown to be accurate, objective, and
repeatable between observers.  In May of 2015, the Food and Agriculture
Organization of the United Nations concluded in a research study of four
different methods of assessing canopy cover characteristics that the line-point
transect was the "most accurate, least expensive, and most easily applied among
the four methods tested.  This method is scientifically accurate and records
forest canopy and floor cover as a set.  The instrument used in this method, the
GRS Densitometer, is small, light and easy to carry and comparatively cost

Product Name: TruckMap*™
Company: har*GIS LLC

TruckMap*™ Field Software and TruckMap* Office™ Software comprise the TruckMap*™ product line. It is multi-tier software that implements state of the art systems for mobile and dispatch applications using industry-standard, handheld computer platforms. Together, the TruckMap™ Field and Office Software provide off-the-shelf, plug-in, pre-integrated software components for every aspect of field services computing.

Product Name: HG1700 SPAN System
Company: ITRES Research Limited

NovAtel’s SPAN Technology brings together two different, but complementary technologies: GNSS positioning and Inertial Navigation. The absolute accuracy of GNSS positioning and the stability of IMU gyro and accelerometer measurements combine to provide a 3D position, velocity and attitude solution. Unlike GNSS-only navigation systems, the solution is stable and continuously available, even through periods when GNSS signals are blocked.

Product Name: Trimble TSC2 for Survey
Company: KOREC

Every innovative feature on the TSC2 controller is designed to make your job easier. Clearly view background maps and check work on the vibrant colour graphic display for greater data control and confidence. Use the full alphanumeric keyboard, or quickly select software options using the touch screen.

Product Name: FME Desktop
Company: Lagen Spatial

FME Desktop is a flexible and powerful spatial ETL toolset that makes it easy for you to translate, transform and integrate spatial data in any format or application. Here are the top ten features, capabilities and components available in FME Desktop:

Product Name: LAND-PAK
Company: NavCom Technology, Inc.

The LAND-PAK is a complete NavCom qualified end-user land survey system that pairs NavCom products with complimentary technologies and solutions, providing land surveyors a complete turn-key product that covers everything from field data collection to office processing.

Product Name: VueStar™
Company: NavCom Technology, Inc.

VueStar™ is the world’s first complete global aerial survey navigation system. This self-contained system utilizes the StarFire™ Network’s Global Satellite-Based Augmentation System (GSBAS) to provide precise, decimeter-level positioning worldwide without the need for RTK base stations or GPS post-processing. It also eliminates the costs and logistical difficulties of establishing multiple reference station sites. The VueStar™ system includes a NavCom precision GPS receiver, FAA certified aerial antenna, and StarPac™ Utility Software; the optional Event Latch Interface adds integration flexibility to aerial cameras and survey sensors.

Product Name: ATS, Vehicle Tracking Systems

It is the system that ensures the positions and movements of land, air and sea vehicles on the world to be monitored on maps on computer environment. It is performed by transferring the data, obtained by using GPS technology from the satellite, to the system via GSM.

Product Name: Nucleus AVL
Company: Nucleus GIS Inc.

High value cargo heavy equipment - an entire fleet of rental vehicles… Knowing exactly where your assets are (or where they shouldn't be) is crucial to the profitability of your company. So is the condition of the asset; it is being operated to defined specifications; how much wear and tear is the asset experiencing? You may forget how easily and expensively chaos can appear. How would you know if a rental car suddenly skipped the road @ 80 kmph? Or if a tractor started up in the middle of the night… in the dead of winter? Are you alerted if a refrigerated container has lost its cool? Too often, an asset escapes notice only to result in lost business or a costly claim.

Product Name: Airborne Survey
Company: Optech Incorporated

Over the last 30+ years, Optech has proven that airborne surveying offers many advantages for acquiring spatially-located data across large areas. From an aircraft’s vantage point, sensors capture wide areas of terrain such as cities, forests and farmlands, or long corridors such as power lines, railways and rivers. Airborne sensors also have the speed and flexibility to survey many square kilometers in a single flight, even over rough or inaccessible terrain.

Product Name: Mobile Survey
Company: Optech Incorporated

Mobile surveying, loosely defined, is the collection of spatially-located data from a moving platform. Depending on the application, mobile mapping systems can include any number of sensors. In the survey industry mobile mapping systems typically consist of cameras, GPS, inertial navigation and, most recently, high-resolution lidar.

Product Name: Static 3D Survey
Company: Optech Incorporated

Over the past decade, Optech has helped terrestrial lidar become a mature, reliable technology. Modern systems take up less weight, power, and size while still collecting XYZ geospatial data with excellent precision, range and collection rates to produce highly accurate 3D point clouds.

Product Name: Globalstar Modem
Company: Orbisat da Amazonia Ind. e Aerolevantamentos SA

The Globalstar Modem was jointly developed by OrbiSat with the American company Globalstar. It performs full two-way data and voice transmission anywhere in the world. The Orbisat/Globalstar Satellite Modem is connected to Globalstar's 52-satellite constellation, covering the entire planet.

Product Name: Planar PL1500
Company: Planar Systems, Inc.

The Planar PL1500 incorporates a variety of useful features in a tightly designed, lightweight package. With a thin, professional design,

Product Name: RIEGL LPM-321
Company: Riegl USA. Inc

The Laser Profile Measuring System LPM-321 provides unprecedented flexibility for 3D long range profiling.Hemispheric scanning, automated or manual operation, reflectorless ranging up to 6000 meters, high accuracy and a comprehensive 3D data acquisition software package operable from any standard laptop or PC are included. Without the use of a retroreflector, the LPM-321 calculates the distance to the surface in question, based upon the time-of-flight measurement of a short laser pulse.

Product Name: VQ - 480
Company: Riegl USA. Inc

  • High-accuracy ranging based on echo digitization and online waveform analysis
  • High laser repetition rates - fast data acquisition
  • Multiple target capability - unlimited number of targets
  • Perfectly linear scan lines
  • Compact, rugged and lightweight design

Product Name: RAVE911™
Company: TeleCommunication Systems(TCS)

Accurate and unambiguous civic addresses or locations for any subscriber – whether Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), wireless, or landline – are essential to Enhanced 9-1-1 systems. Currently, Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) validate civic addresses using a locally managed dataset known as a Master Street Address Guide (MSAG).

Product Name: GeoBase
Company: Telogis Inc.

Take the complexity out of geospatial software development with a toolkit that offers you a scalable, stable, foundation for building applications that leverage spatial data for geographies around the world. Add high performance enterprise mapping functions —such as address lookup, display, routing, reverse geocoding, navigation, and much more.

Product Name: Machine Control
Company: Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc.

Topcon has long set the standard of accuracy, durability, and affordability in machine control and the automation of construction equipment. All Topcon machine control products are scalable and upgradeable. Regardless of the type of hardware you use, Topcon has a machine control product that will increase your equipment's efficiency, accuracy, and reduce the amount of set-up and down-time significantly.

Product Name: Texas Land Survey
Company: WhiteStar

WhiteStar's Texas Land Survey is a seamless, high-resolution database of county boundaries, blocks, surveys, abstracts, subdivisions, lots, and tracts that is ideal for base maps and plotting land ownership and leases. The Texas Land Survey precisely overlays USGS Digital Orthophotos and Digital Raster Graphs, making it useful for indexing and analysis.

Product Name: MARCHpms
Company: Yotta Ltd

MARCHpms has been developed to comply with national standards and allows visual and machine survey data to be processed in accordance with UKPMS logic. The system is fully UKPMS accredited and Health Checked. It allows the user to define a UKPMS network, compile an item inventory and input condition surveys, either interactively, in HMDIF format from a data capture device or in Excel format. Automatic processing is available, enabling a number of operations to be carried out including rating, treatment selection, prioritisation by condition, estimating and budgeting.

Product Name: Yotta Surveys
Company: Yotta Ltd

Yotta provides a range of products for all walked and driven surveys. 
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