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Software : Geospatial Information Management

Product Name: Accela GIS™
Company: Accela, Inc.

Accela GIS is a Web-based application that leverages an agency’s existing investment in geospatial information to make GIS data more useful and accessible to agency staff, allowing them to view geographic representations of all land-use, zoning, and infrastructure information associated with a parcel, permit, inspection, or plan.

Product Name: ESRI ArcGIS Spatial Analyst
Company: Allen Instruments & Supplies

ArcGIS Spatial Analyst adds a comprehensive set of advanced spatial modeling and analysis tools to the ArcGIS Desktop. Using ArcGIS Spatial Analyst, you can derive new information from your existing data, analyze spatial relationships, and build spatial models integrating core ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Spatial Analyst tools.

Product Name: ESRI ArcGIS Survey Analyst
Company: Allen Instruments & Supplies

ArcGIS Survey Analyst is an extension to the ArcGIS family of desktop products that allows you to manage survey data in a geodatabase and display survey measurements and observations on a map.

Product Name: Web Services 3D Google Earth for Smallworld
Company: AML Solutions Group

AML's Google Earth GIS package for Smallworld enables organizations to seamlessly use their Smallworld data with Google Earth.

Product Name: ProField
Company: Apex CoVantage

ProField integrates GPS, wireless communications, and digital imagery with a mobile work force management system to give you a total solution for inventorying and managing outside plant assets.

Product Name: Dedicated Geo-Servers
Company: AtlasCT

AtlasCT's Geo-Servers provide the back-end services of your application. They contain the map data and perform its different geo-spatial queries on it such as address search and map display. In the Dedicated Server Solution Architecture the services will run on AtlasCT's server network that is 100% dedicated to the client.   All of our servers are monitored 24/7 for maximum availability.

Product Name: Autodesk Design Review
Company: Autodesk

Accelerate your reviews with Autodesk® Design Review software, the free*, integrated, all-digital way to view, print, mark up, and compare versions of drawings, maps, and models—without the original design-creation software. For everyone in the review chain, sharing and collaborating on designs has never been this easy.

Product Name: AvisMap GIS Desktop
Company: AvisMap GIS Technologies

AvisMap GIS desktop products have friendly and simple user interfaces, which the user can easily browse, edit, query, output the spatial data and process spatial analysis, 3D modeling, connect to large-scale spatial databases and other GIS high level tasks. It is an ideal choice for GIS data processing.

Product Name: AvisMap SDM 5
Company: AvisMap GIS Technologies

SDM (Spatial Database Extension) is a spatial database engine in AvisMap GIS. SDM +5 is the SDM new upgrade, which uses new data structure and index techniques for improving vast data management ability. Its combination property is higher than the other international homogeneous software. The technique of AvisMap SDM/SDM +5 successfully replaces the other international software in many large-scale GIS applications and is becoming widely used.

Product Name: PCensus
Company: Baseline Business Geographics

PCensus provides detailed information about the population of any area. It is a tool for market researchers, urban planners and developers for site selection and market analysis. PCensus retrieves demographics for standard census areas and user defined area (circles, rings, or polygons). You can define study areas by referring to a printed map, or you can use PCensus for MapInfo to design study areas right on your computer screen.

Product Name: Titan Geoscape
Company: Beijing Oriental TITAN Technology Co.,LTD

Titan Geoscape V2.0-- Titan three-dimensional geographic information system is key projects in 863 countries, supported by the Beijing Oriental TITAN Technology Co., Ltd. developed the browsing and authoring software platform is an efficient three-dimensional landscape completely independent intellectual property rights.

Product Name: TOMS
Company: Berit Group -- Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland

TOMS is an integrated Technical Operational and Maintenance System designed primarily for distribution companies. The corporate IS’s focus particularly on the support for the main corporate processes that usually cover production, sales, economy, personnel policy and supplies.

Product Name: e-Tutor
Company: Bhugol GIS Pvt Ltd

E-Tutor  recieved international recognition when it was awarded the first prize by the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing at their symposium in Japan on 20th June 2006. The e-Tutor for GIS has been designed considering the requirements of wide range of users. The system has been made fully interactive and the users can proceed step by step.

Product Name: GRAM++ RAK
Company: Bhugol GIS Pvt Ltd

Raster Analysis Kit  is a tool for spatial modeling. In GIS environment spatial modeling is an important requirement in applications like land suitability analysis, soil erosion assessment, watershed delineation, water resources budgeting and environmental impact studies. To facilitate spatial modeling, the Raster Analysis Kit supports Map Algebra, Regroup, Watershed Delineation and Digital Image Enhancement, Transformation and Classification.

Product Name: Siteplan
Company: BlueSky International Limited

If you are planning a home extension or carrying out a small building project, you will need to apply for planning permission from your local authority. They may require up to six site maps, which Siteplan can provide. And with the launch of Siteplan Data, an electronic delivery system, the service is now even quicker and easier to use.

Product Name: CARIS CPD
Company: CARIS

Implement a single, seamless database solution for your Geospatial data with CARIS Core Production Database (CPD). Using an Oracle® database, CPD offers an integrated solution that allows stakeholders to consolidate their geospatial data into a single source, thus removing redundancy and establish efficient data use.

Product Name: Carmenta Server
Company: Carmenta

Carmenta Server provides all the necessary functionality for managing, publishing and distributing maps and other geospatial data to end users via Internet and intranet services. It offers robust, cost-effective technology for building highly scalable web-based geospatial solutions and simplifies the exchange of geographic data using standardised, open interfaces. Carmenta Server has proven its value to customers in a wide range of domains, from official governmental websites to private enterprise networks.

Product Name: AVTrouble
Company: Coulter Mapping Solutions (CMS), Inc.

AVTroubleä is a comprehensive trouble call outage management software package specifically designed for use in the electric power industry. AVTroubleä integrates the automated phone answering system, with predictive trouble call outage determination, and the power of GIS software.

Product Name: CMSEditorä (Electric/Water/Sewer/Gas/Storm GIS Editor)
Company: Coulter Mapping Solutions (CMS), Inc.

This software provides a powerful work order based editing system for the maintenance of your Electric/Water/Sewer/Gas/Storm Water Geographic Information System (GIS). CMSEditorä can be operated on either desktop or portable PCs providing a unique in field staking capability.

Product Name: GeoStan NZ
Company: Critchlow Associates

It is fully updateable and enables users to validate and, if necessary, amend address information automatically. The cost of wasted, undelivered mailings can be extremely high so it makes good sense to ensure your address information is accurate.

Product Name: Land Acquisition
Company: CyberSWIFT

Land acquisition Management system is a web based gis and geospatial product of CyberSWIFT. e-SWIFT is currently in advanced stage of development. Sensing the growing demands and needs for web based GIS system.

Product Name: AIMS (Automated Information Management System) Tool
Company: Data Transfer Solutions

AIMS is a web-based spatial and non-spatial data warehouse tool that supports the automation of business functions. This customizable tool is useful for various markets including:
  • Transportation
  • Asset Management
  • State Government Departments
  • Regional Government Departments
  • Local Government Departments

Product Name: Tax Assessment Tool
Company: Data Transfer Solutions

DTS Tax Assessment Tool automates the taxation analysis associated with a capital improvement project based upon rate schedules developed by local government. The geospatial application was developed in ArcObjects and operates within ArcGIS. The application is highly customizable based upon percentage taxable value information and impact zone analysis. Automated reporting is made available in PDF, HTML, MS Access, and Excel formats.

Product Name: MetaLogTM:Geospatial Data Management Solution
Company: East View Geospatial

East View Cartographic (EVC) provides turnkey geospatial data management systems and hosted services to bring order and organization to collections of geodata assets.

Product Name: ERDAS ADE Enterprise
Company: ERDAS, Inc.

ERDAS ADE Enterprise enhances any application or service with real-time interactive location information that is accessible from any web or mobile device. As organizations need to extend the value and capability of spatial information across the organization, ERDAS ADE Enterprise provides true enterprise capability to scale in a web based environment while enabling real-time spatial data editing capability.

Product Name: ERDAS ADE Mobile
Company: ERDAS, Inc.

Providing connected and disconnected users with a common software platform, ERDAS ADE offers versatility and flexibility for data collection and validation requirements. ERDAS ADE Mobile is a powerful spatial editor for any Windows Mobile GPS or hand-held device. ERDAS ADE Mobile allows users to take their database with them into the field to access and interactively update location information or work offline.

Product Name: ERDAS ADE Remote
Company: ERDAS, Inc.

ERDAS ADE Remote provides rich, secure and flexible spatial and operational management for field force operations that require the capture and maintenance of location and business data. With ERDAS ADE Remote, customers can manage data locally (files on disk), connect directly to Oracle, or connect to ERDAS ADE Enterprise. Enabling editing of Oracle Spatial geometries and attribute data in the field, ERDAS ADE Remote leverages the complete Oracle technology stack to provide a fully scaleable, robust editing solution for the disconnected or occasionally connected user.

Product Name: ERDAS ADE Suite
Company: ERDAS, Inc.

ERDAS ADE enables organizations to deploy spatial information to the people who need it, when they need it. Whether you are an analyst integrating spatial data with an operational intelligence system, a field-deployed technician responsible for real-time spatial asset tracking, or a developer creating a new spatial management application, ERDAS ADE provides a feature set to meet every organizational and spatial need. The ERDAS ADE suite includes ERDAS ADE Enterprise, ERDAS ADE Remote and ERDAS ADE Mobile.

Product Name: ERDAS Apollo Advantage
Company: ERDAS, Inc.

Do you have large volumes of data, a geographically distributed user base and rapidly changing data holdings? ERDAS APOLLO Advantage solves these problems, efficiently cataloging and quickly sharing data throughout the enterprise and into any client or application. An enterprise class, Open Geospatial Consortium and International Organization for Standardization (OGC/ISO) compliant solution, ERDAS APOLLO Advantage solves problems universal to governments, businesses and other organizations that must provide comprehensive data management and distribution and support secure collaboration activities between users.

Product Name: ERDAS Apollo Essentials - SDI
Company: ERDAS, Inc.

ERDAS APOLLO Essentials - SDI is an entry-level product to catalog and deliver your enterprise's geospatial data over the web, via a user-friendly interface. ERDAS APOLLO Essentials - SDI is an interoperable and scalable Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) that allows describing, styling, securing, cataloguing and publishing vector, raster and terrain data via Web Services fully compliant with the OGC and ISO standards. The core module of any APOLLO solution, ERDAS APOLLO Essentials - SDI is self-sufficient for meeting common use cases, with the ability to be extended to fulfill the most sophisticated business workflows.

Product Name: ERDAS Apollo Essentials – Image Web Server
Company: ERDAS, Inc.

ERDAS APOLLO Essentials - Image Web Server is a high-speed, specialized application that efficiently distributes massive amounts of geospatial imagery to thousands of users, all on a single server. Solving the infrastructure congestion problems traditionally associated with deploying large amounts of image data, users quickly access the information they need. With ERDAS APOLLO Essentials - Image Web Server, individuals may access imagery using CAD, GIS, mobile, web and desktop applications.

Product Name: PxPoint
Company: First American Proxix Solutions

PxPoint is a high precision, parcel level geocoding and spatial analytic engine that utilizes multiple datasets including U.S. Parcel Boundaries to deliver the best match possible.

Product Name: GDSK BIZDIC
Company: GDSK S.L.

GDSK BIZDIC is a powerful corporate multilingual dictionary that automates the translation of your geographic attributes and user interfaces provided by GDSK GEOPLATFORM. With GDSK BIZDIC a multinational GIS community is possible.

Company: GDSK S.L.

GDSK BUSINESS EXTENSION is a standardized web service customer tailored that runs over GDSK GEOPLATFORM. Therefore, it can be anything you want it to be: from an application for centralizing and managing timetables and workgroups to a control tool to manage treatments for fields.

Product Name: GDSK SAM
Company: GDSK S.L.

Spatial data, under a general perspective, is any information that is referenced to a location. Also known as geospatial data or geographic information, it is the data that identifies the geographic location of features and boundaries on Earth. Spatial data is usually stored as georeferenced coordinates and can be portrayed in a map. GDSK Spatial is designed to manage spatial data: store, retrieve, filter, analyze, modify, versioning and so on.

Product Name: Geobis Logistics
Company: GeoBis International

Geobis Logistics takes traffic statistics into account when planning and optimizing your routes. Travel times from point-to-point varies all day because of different traffic situations. Geobis Logistics takes these variations into account and calculates the best sequence in which to service customers. While your competitors are sitting in a traffic jam, your fleet is out making deliveries and our traffic statistics keeps your company productive and profitable.

Product Name: Geobis NET AVL/GPS
Company: GeoBis International AVL / GPS 3.6 is a multinational solution to track mobiles or vehicles using the Internet in any country or city around the world. It allows you to see each unit or mobile directly in a real geographic location, directly on to full color digital maps including complete reports about time, speed and itinerary.

Product Name: PFIM - Integrity Management Software
Company: GeoCounsel

GeoCounsel is a reseller for the consulting services and software and DBMS solutions of the premier integrity management company for oil and gas companies. We hold the exclusive, worldwide reseller rights for Integrity Solutions Ltd. of Colorado ( They provide the following:
  • Their Pipeline & Facility Integrity Manager (PFIM) solution that consists of a comprehensive database management system solution that is based on powerful and unique algorithms based on the latest thinking. PFIM is known as the only existing solution that provides pipeline AND station (facility) database structures and analysis in the same DBMS. 

Product Name: GeoCue Enterprise
Company: GeoCue Corporation

The GeoCue software suite, from GeoCue Corporation, is a next generation geospatial process management system. GeoCue provides an integrated project management and control environment with a familiar map orientated graphical user interface.

Product Name: GGR CuePac
Company: GeoCue Corporation

GeoCue GPro Rectifier (GGR) CuePac is an application personality module (CuePac) for GeoCue, our geospatial integration framework. GGR provides the tools to integrate your GPro ADS40 processing workflow into a managed, synoptic production environment while coexisting with Condor processing workflows.

Product Name: Post-It
Company: Geodynamic Solutions, Inc.

Better decisions are made through collaboration and the sharing of information. Post-It Extension (PIE) provides an intuitive, wizard-driven, web-enabled approach to publishing and retrieving documents and notes as features on a GIS map represented as symbols and colors for easy recognition of document category and timeliness of data.

Product Name: Spatial Search
Company: Geodynamic Solutions, Inc.

Over 85% of the data needed to make informed business decisions exists in documents scattered across corporate file systems and the Internet. Spatial Search Extension (SSE) provides an intuitive, wizard-driven approach to retrieving this data as it relates to features selected on a GIS map.

Product Name: Geoinformation systems
Company: GEOFOTO

Geoinformation system (GIS) is a computer-supported information system used for a digital visualisation and the analysis of geographic features and events happening on them.

Product Name: GISTrac
Company: Geographic Technologies Group (GTG)

GISTrac is designed and engineered to be easy to use, fast, modern, and a powerful mapping link to VSI’s data. An Integrated Geographic and Mapping Information System.A Software solution engineered for storing, retrieving and analysis information about the location and characteristics of all park and recreation information.

Company: Geokosmos

Geokosmos offers new version 2.0 of the ALTEXIS® software system. ALTEXIS is a superior software solution for processing data of combined airborne laser scanning and ranging and digital aerial photography and also for metrological provisioning of airborne survey using laser scanning and aerial photography equipment. The offered version is a new product in the ALTEXIS software suite developed by Geokosmos. The software suite is used as a base software facility for processing geospatial data as an element of geoinformation technology for real-time large-scale mapping. This technology has been designed and intensively developed by Geokosmos in recent years.

Product Name: Property Analyst
Company: GlobeXplorer, LLC (Acquired by DigitalGlobe)

Property Analyst is GlobeXplorer’s next-generation web viewer, a tool that puts an unprecedented array of property, demographic, and general land information at your fingertips, and makes it accessible through detailed reports.

Product Name: GTViewer
Company: Graphic Technologies, Inc.

GTViewer and Pocket GTViewer provide geospatial viewing and analysis capabilities for the office and the field. Their low-cost and ease-of-use make them ideal tools for getting your Geospatial Information to the people who need it the most.

Product Name: GTWeb
Company: Graphic Technologies, Inc.

GTWeb provides a geospatial viewing solution for internet and intranet clients. GTWeb is centrally managed and can support a large number of clients requiring frequent or occasional access to both graphical and tabular data.

Product Name: ERDAS APOLLO
Company: Infoterra Ltd.

ERDAS APOLLO is a unified enterprise platform which enables large volumes of geospatial data to be managed and served across organisations - eliminating the walls between GIS, photogrammetry and remote sensing.

Product Name: GeoMedia®
Company: Intergraph Corporation

GeoMedia provides a full suite of powerful analysis tools, including attribute and spatial query, buffer zones, spatial overlays, and thematics. With its data server technology, you can easily apply your analysis across multiple geospatial formats.

Product Name: GeoMedia® Topographer
Company: Intergraph Corporation

Data capture and image processing are the beginning steps to any geospatial production solution. Intergraph's most recent solution to the collection of feature data, GeoMedia Topographer empowers feature collection users with the tools to quickly and accurately extract digital feature data from a variety of digital image and raster map sources.

Product Name: Geospatial DataPipe®
Company: Intergraph Corporation

Geospatial DataPipe integrates GeoMedia and Digital Cartographic Suite of products, allowing the user to take advantage of GeoMedia’s ability to integrate disparate data with the suite’s proven production and validation capabilities

Product Name: webFRIS™
Company: James W. Sewall Company

webFRIS™ is a real-time, web-based, enterprise geospatial solution for the management of spatial and tabular data on a centralized database. The system extends the power of GIS throughout an organization with only a standard web browser, eliminating the need for much specialized hardware and software. The only required components are a web browser and access to the Internet. Our web-based approach to GIS significantly reduces the need for internal technical support, so those skills can be redirected towards the core objectives of your organization. Our solution supports your business processes and aids in implementing best practices.

Product Name: Trimble VX Spatial Station
Company: KOREC

The Trimble® VXTM Spatial Station for Spatial Imaging integrates state-of-the-art optical, 3D scanning, and digital imaging technology to capture the shape, detail and precise coordinates of any job. The resulting 2D and 3D enhanced deliverables will satisfy colleagues and clients alike.

Product Name: eNavMaps
Company: Lepton Software Export & Research (P) Ltd

eNavMaps are one of the most comprehensive, accurate and flexible digital map data that can fulfill the needs of wide range of applications across the industries.

Product Name: RfMap
Company: Lepton Software Export & Research (P) Ltd

Designing an RF network is not easy as Geographic database and map requirements vary by application and technology. The efficiency of the network so designed is moreover contingent on the precision with which this data is recorded and represented.

Product Name: MxVision AviationSentry®
Company: Meteorlogix

MxVision AviationSentry ® is a dedicated weather system designed to give pilots fast, accurate, and comprehensive briefings. At the same time it provides FBOs, corporate flight departments, and airport operations with the tools they need to monitor critical weather situations— allowing them to protect employees, customers, and assets.

Product Name: Smallworld Core Spatial Technology
Company: Mettenmeier GmbH

Smallworld GIS is one of the leading geopgraphical information systems (GIS) designed for the management of complex utility or telecommunications networks.

Product Name: Smallworld Field - Smallworld Software for Mobile Applications
Company: Mettenmeier GmbH

Smallworld Field Information System provides a means for distributing geospatial information to disconnected remote users, allowing for routine data synchronization with a master database. In addition to providing a lightweight client, Smallworld Field has a server side component that can be configured to regularly produce extracts, profiles, tasks and integrate updates from users in the field.

Product Name: Midtrack
Company: Midwest Infotech

MidTrack offers a quick and easy access to graphically displayed vehicle position in real-time and/or on demand bases. It is a fleet management solution, which monitors every vehicle, driver and journey in a fleet. It incorporates the range of highresolution maps to street level. Using MidTrack, any organization can take a total control of its vehicles and boost its ability to manage its mobile and immobile assets.

Product Name: R M C
Company: Midwest Infotech

The plant's activity related to Ordering, Scheduling, Production and dispatching of the RMC and cement blocks will be automated by the software providing a, comprehensive and a very user friendly designed software application towards enhancing the performance and increasing the efficiency of work by avoiding redundancy of information and effort. This software is linked with the accounts and the production department for the management analysis and decision supporting.

Product Name: SF-2040
Company: NavCom Technology, Inc.

The SF-2040G integrated GPS / StarFire™ receiver provides instant position information and decimeter accuracy anywhere in the world, anytime. With this all-in-one StarFire™ sensor, you don’t need a base station to achieve decimeter accuracy. Plus, onboard memory and a geodetic-quality antenna enable millimeter-level accuracy from post-processing.

Product Name: SF-2050
Company: NavCom Technology, Inc.

Working with our StarFire™ subscription service, the SF-2050G and SF-2050M modular StarFire™ receivers provide instant position information with decimeter-level position accuracy, anywhere in the world, any time. The SF-2050G is designed for backpack GIS and mapping applications, while the SF-2050M, with 25Hz update rate, 1PPS, and event marker is ideal for vehicle mounting to suit a variety of machine guidance and control applications.

Product Name: Demographics Analyzer
Company: Naviga Business Intelligence

NAVIGA offers the best demographic solutions available on in the market today, such as business consumer, and industry demographics. These items can be accessed with our NAVIGA Demographics Analyzer.

Product Name: E9-1-1 GIS Mapping
Company: NCDC Imagery & Mapping

NCDC provides full E-911 Geospatial Services to meet the needs of each PSAP and other jurisdictions, including Address Conversion, MSAG Development, Database Development, GPS Data Collection, GIS Base Map Development, GIS Training and Consulting, and GIS Maintenance Services.

Product Name:
Company: Nielsen Claritas

Over 50 report and map selections provide indepth information to analyze your markets, select site locations and better target your consumers. Data include demographics, business, financial, restaurants, shopping centers, retail trade potential and lifestyle segmentation.

Product Name: Orbit GIS 4.2
Company: Orbit

Orbit GIS is Orbit's desktop GIS system. Use Orbit GIS for design, creation and management of your spatial data, local or corporate resources. Orbit GIS includes most editing functions, exact construction tools, most common analysis tools and a very powerful object inspector.  

Product Name: Urban Analyst™
Company: Overwatch Geospatial

Urban Analyst™ empowers users with the ability to visualize, analyze, and publish 3D geospatial data. Publish your 3D content to an enterprise database or a variety of mediums such as maps, reports, layouts, 3D models, images, and movies.

Product Name: Geospatial Services
Company: Pixxures, Inc.

If purchasing imagery is confusing to you, let Pixxures help you make an informed decision about your next imagery acquisition. Pixxures has developed an enterprise-computing environment that employs leading-edge technologies to facilitate the transfer of large amounts of data used in the processing of imagery. This enables detailed and highly accurate output for our customers at rapid turnaround times.

Product Name: Encom Discover 3D
Company: Primus Geographics Inc.

Encom Discover 3D for MapInfo Professional is the first fully integrated 3D GIS solution for the resource sector.

Product Name: PromptInfo
Company: Prompt GmbH

PromptInfo provides efficient access to information throughout an organisation. End-User Applications can be quickly created and customised to individual requirements such that only brief instructions are required, rather than elaborate training.

Product Name: Data Processing & Enhancement
Company: Proxix Solutions, Inc.

Proxix's geospatial enhancements & analysis create business intelligence based on physical locations.Geospatial enhancements always begin with geocoding. Once we know the physical location of an address, we can further enhance your data with information about the area surrounding the point.

Product Name: Satellite Imagery: Level 1B
Company: RapidEye

RapidEye's level 1B product is the RapidEye Basic Product. Level 1B imagery from the constellation of the five RapidEye satellies is radiometric and sensor corrected, providing imagery as seen from the spacecraft without correction for any geometric distortions inherent in the imaging process, and is not mapped to a cartographic projection. The imagery data is accompanied by all spacecraft telemetry necessary for the processing of the data into a geo-corrected form.
For a very detailed description of all RapidEye's products and a full list of technical specifications, please review RapidEye's Satellite Imagery Product Specifications document here:

Product Name: sDVR (spatial Digital Video Recorder)
Company: Red Hen Systems, Inc.

Red Hen Systems is pleased to release its spatial Digital Video Recorder (sDVR). The sDVR is a complete, real-time geospatial MPEG2 video encoding system. It is a dramatic improvement in the way video is recorded, collecting time and location data along with the video, resulting in an information rich data set all on a removable hard drive.

Product Name: RPC Data Conflation
Company: Red Planet Consulting, Inc

The RPC Conflation Manager allows you to automatically identify and register matching points in two similar but spatially offset datasets. It is designed to expedite data cleanup operations where the location of plant and equipment must be adjusted to become spatially accurate to land base features such as road centerlines or right-of-ways. This kind of operation is commonly known as data conflation.

Product Name: RPC Parallel Processing Toolkit
Company: Red Planet Consulting, Inc

Bulk spatial processing is required at many points in the implementation and support of Smallworld Core Spatial Technology™. Whether you need to export data to external systems, run batch merge operations, process circuit-builds for your OMS, or import large amounts of external data, bulk spatial processing can be extremely time-consuming.

Product Name: Environmental Modeling
Company: RTI International

Environmental modeling allows scientists to examine details of the natural environment in ways that we can’t in the real world. Physical, mathematical, or numerical approximations allow us to better understand existing processes and interactions and to estimate what-if scenarios, such as the emission, transport, and effects of pollution.

Product Name: Geospatial Analysis, Information Systems, and Modeling
Company: RTI International

Researchers use comprehensive and well-structured data sets, models that describe physicochemical processes or implement decision methodologies, and data analysis and visualization tools to reveal and present new insights from environmental research studies. Our state-of-the-art information technology capabilities facilitate our advanced environmental research activities. Key areas include information system design and implementation, geospatial analysis and applications development using geographic information systems (GIS), with associated management of environmental data sets.

Product Name: SUDAAN®
Company: RTI International

SUDAAN is a software product designed and developed by RTI statisticians for analyzing clustered data arising in many applications, including complex sample surveys, randomized experiments, and epidemiological studies. SUDAAN offers procedures for descriptive statistics and for statistical modeling. The modeling procedures include both linear and multinomial-logistic models and a procedure for fitting proportional hazards (Cox) regression models for time-to-event data.

Product Name: a-mantra
Company: SatNav Technologies

"a-mantra, a Facilities Management Software" aims at minimizing these costs by optimizing resource and asset usage. a-mantra focuses on providing vital information for effective planning and process control, thereby, reducing operational costs and assuring Complete Infrastructure Control. The software has been developed by SatNav Technologies (SatNav), a Hyderabad based firm that marks its presence in the IT product space.

Product Name: SatMan
Company: SatNav Technologies

SatMan is an online Sales Management and Tracking tool to track the funnel and efforts of sales associates, and analyze maturity of each individual prospect in the funnel. SatMan offers a simple interface for the salesperson to capture information about the prospect, the action item due on each party after the meeting and the time spent on the prospect that week. This weekly update forms the basis of the periodic review of the associate. A customized dashboard can also be designed for each company as per their performance evaluation parameters.

Product Name: Agland™
Company: Schneider Corporation

Agland™ automates the process of calculating assessments for agricultural land by using GIS technology to combine and analyze parcels, soils, and if available, land use layers. Applying advanced GIS processes and utilizing ArcGIS™ from Environmental Systems Research Institute as its foundation, agland provides the county assessor or auditor with the tools to quickly and accurately formulate what-if scenarios to help in calculating the fairest assessment for agricultural land.

Product Name: Draincalc™
Company: Schneider Corporation

Draincalc™ automates the process of identifying land owners who should be assessed for county drainage reconstruction and maintenance projects and calculates the corresponding rates. It allows the user to select combinations of assessment methods that could be used for calculating the fairest assessment.

Product Name: navigator™
Company: Schneider Corporation

The navigator™ extension allows the user to easily navigate around the ArcGIS environment. It interfaces with tabular data to allow for easy searches and querying. Within local government, this module will allow the user to easily join to real estate and appraisal databases and then query for specific names. It also includes other analysis tools to help users in many arenas.

Product Name: ArcFM Viewer
Company: Schneider Electric (Formerly Telvent Miner & Miner)

The keys to a successful business implementation are flexibility, rapid deployment, and easy access to information. Telvent Miner & Miner’s ArcFM Viewer, part of the ArcFM Solution, provides a cost-effective, fast data browser to leverage and access all forms of enterprise GIS information within a utility.

Product Name: Responder
Company: Schneider Electric (Formerly Telvent Miner & Miner)

Telvent Miner & Miner's Responder is a GIS-hosted, distributed Outage Management System (OMS). Responder is a complete solution that brings together functionality through integration of best-of-breeds systems

Product Name: TatukGIS
Company: SmallToGo

TatukGIS is a professional GIS systeem with an excellent price/quality ratio. This GIS is very fast to implement within your organisation and in no time you can start utings the editor and start booking results.

Product Name: EarthWhere
Company: SPADAC Inc.

Effectively managing spatial data can be extremely complex. The size, volume, and myriad of formats and types—not to mention the frequency of change—make it extremely difficult to control and access your organization’s increasingly important spatial assets.

Product Name: V-Track
Company: SpaGeo Technologies Pvt Ltd

V-Track is a web based AVL and routing solution for the vehicle/ asset tracking and management solution. This is GPS, GIS and GSM/GPRS/CDMA/VHF based system for the real time monitoring, analysis, and management of vehicle fleets. The following reports and online monitoring, analysis can be done with V-Track.

Product Name: Customer Outage Reporting System (CORS)
Company: Spatial Data, Inc.

CORS will automate the new mandatory FCC outage reporting form, FCC 04-188 A1 for any size telephone company. CORS will also help internally manage any service outage. CORS connects to an Alarm Reporting System or will provide ARS-like capability for the telephone company that does not have any.

Product Name: RiskMitPro
Company: Spatial Data, Inc.

Spatial Data’s solutions offer great benefits for property and casualty insurance companies, allowing carriers to perform a wide array of tasks more quickly and efficiently—often reducing once-complicated tasks to minutes instead of hours. Our solutions present data in visual formats that are easy to use, interpret, and analyze, revealing powerful information once buried in tables or lists. Spatial Data has developed a number of solutions to help insurance companies assess and manage risk, respond to claims, market new and existing products, develop products, and plan for future growth.

Product Name: Geocoding Services
Company: Spatial Insights, Inc.

Spatial Insights offers a suite of accurate and cost effective custom geocoding services to meet your needs and requirements. Your geocoded data can be delivered to you in a variety of formats, to import directly into your mapping system, or used by Spatial Insights to generate a customized map, or perform a trade area analysis.

Product Name: SSToolkit
Company: SST Development Group, Inc.

SSToolkit is a full-fledged GIS designed primarily for farmers to map farms and fields, calculate acres, organize site-specific data, and process yield data. With SSToolkit you may view fertility recommendation maps created by your fert/chem dealer, review weed scouting reports and maps from your agronomist, display aerial images as a background layer.

Product Name: Geodatabase Systems
Company: TAIC

Technology Associates' experienced GIS staff can assist your organization in the development and optimization of large-scale Geodatabase systems in order to consolidate enterprise GIS information. Our experts are skilled in the administration of GIS and related Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS).

Product Name: The Forest Fire Risk Management System
Company: Talent Information Systems S.A.

The Forest Fire Risk Management System is an essential tool for the Fire Services, to prevent, combat, and manage forest fires.

Product Name: MapImager
Company: Telemorphic, Inc.

MapImager™ provides a revolutionary new interface for interacting with geospatial content offering powerful yet easy-to-use comparison of maps and imagery. Previously, such capabilities required highly specialized image processing software and training

Product Name: TeleNav Track™ Suite
Company: TeleNav, Inc.

TeleNav Track combines the latest advances in GPS, wireless and Web technologies to make mobile workforce and asset management an affordable reality for businesses of all sizes. As one of the most powerful mobile workforce management solutions, TeleNav Track allows you to locate your mobile workforce, track GPS timesheets, customize wireless forms, get voice and onscreen turn-by-turn GPS directions with full-color maps and dispatch jobs. TeleNav Track provides rich reporting and automates many paper-based processes. Feature set varies by TeleNav Track plan.

Product Name: GTViewer
Company: The COGNET Group

GTViewer is a powerful viewing application for geospatial graphic and database information. Utilizing a data format that is specifically designed to support spatially organized information, GTViewer is capable of ultra-fast performance even when managing huge amounts of graphical data.

Product Name: GTWeb
Company: The COGNET Group

GTWeb provides a powerful geospatial data-viewing environment for companies that need to extend their GIS viewing capabilities across the Internet. Achive fast, detailed and precise graphical views even in low bandwidth situations.

Product Name: VG4D LiDAR Boresite Module™
Company: Virtual Geomatics, Inc.

Over the past decade, airborne LIDAR data has increasingly become the primary choice for acquiring dense and precisedigital elevation models of larger areas for a wide range of applications. In order to achieve maximum accuracy, it is imperative to calibrate a LIDAR system by determining corrective offset values for Roll, Pitch and Yaw. Due to the complexity of these 3-D misalignments, it can be a very intricate and stringent effort to calculate these corrections at the same time.

Product Name: WISE® Terrain Analyst
Company: Watershed Concepts

The WISE® Terrain Analyst represents an exciting new direction for the WISE family of products. This is the first in a series of ArcGIS extensions that will expand the WISE functionality to ESRI's ArcGIS™ users
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