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Service Providers : Location Based Services

Product Name: Digital Mapping
Company: Aerial Topographic Services Pvt Ltd

Stereo digitizing is performed on DAT/EM Summit evolution digital photogrammetric workstations. These workstations utilize Microstation/AutoCAD mapping software, which provides a superior, easy to use, map feature digitizing system for use with stereo scanned imagery. These workstations allow for efficient, accurate data collection while allowing for the ability to easily customize the data to individual client needs (format, layering, symbology, etc.).

Location Based Services

Product Name: AskSkiz™
Company: Angus GeoSolutions Inc. (AGSI)

AskSkiz is a powerful information tool that allows users to create custom location-based marketing lists. The lists are based on a variety of search criteria including address, intersection, postal code, city, and province. Both business and residential searches are available to fulfill client requirements.

Product Name: Location Warehouse™
Company: Angus GeoSolutions Inc. (AGSI)

Location Warehouse product is a comprehensive repository of North American location-based information created using AGSI’s unique method of data collection, maintenance and QA. AGSI location information datasets are the most detailed and accurate found anywhere. This model also maintains a full history of any attributes ever created in the system including: who has modified it, how it was modified and when that modification took place.

Service Providers : Location Based Services

Product Name: Mobile APIs
Company: AtlasCT

Atlas Mobile maps API is a feature-rich API that gives developers all the required tools for a comprehensive integration of maps, LBS and turn-by-turn navigation capabilities to apps. Atlas Mobile maps API is powered by AtlasCT's GIS server and it enables the use of all the advanced maps, navigation and search capabilites.

Product Name: Web Maps SDK
Company: AtlasCT

Atlas Web API provides a set of map and location-based services for web developers, including High flexibility in developing special applications such as fleet management, rich multimedia applications, mash-ups etc. With a simple and easy JavaScript interface, any web developer can get started within minutes.

Product Name: Carmenta Engine Lite
Company: Carmenta

Carmenta Engine Lite is a professional software development kit and runtime platform for building and running wireless geospatial applications. With its established architecture, Carmenta Engine Lite enables rapid application development of interactive location-based services that run on handheld computers, PDAs and mobile phones.

Product Name: Climate Locator
Company: Climate Source Inc.

Combining the best of PRISM data sets with the latest map server technology, the Climate Locator allows you to access climate tables for any location in the Country. It's almost as if there were a weather station every mile for the entire United States!

Location Based Services

Product Name: Geocoding Services
Company: Critchlow Associates

Critchlow's geocoding services provide the link between address and physical location. Now that you know exactly where your customers are, you can extract the latest Census information, target your advertising, locate outlets and geographically visualise your customer base.

Product Name: Forecast Products
Company: CustomWeather, Inc

By utilizing over 150 different weather descriptors, CustomWeather provides a more in-depth weather summary than other weather companies. Many of the descriptors track the weather as it progresses throughout the day. Our current conditions are updated every 30 minutes—more than twice as often as any other weather resource —and our unique rolling 48-hour detailed forecast is an invaluable planning tool by providing a level of detail that simply canít be found anywhere else.

Product Name: Hurricane Tracking
Company: CustomWeather, Inc

CustomWeather offers tropical storm and hurricane tracking products for the North Atlantic, North pacific, and Indian Oceans throughout the hurricane season.

Service Providers : Location Based Services

Product Name: Regional and Neighborhood Analysis
Company: Eric Beaton GIS and Planning

Census-Based Analysis can be used to compare regions or portions or regions to each other. Examples of census information include:
# Population density
# Area income levels
# Transportation Mode Choice
# Vacancy Rates

Product Name: Transportation Planning Services
Company: Eric Beaton GIS and Planning

Transportation Network Analysis is a sophisticated way of evaluating the reach of transportation systems. Using the actual layout of road and rail networks, travel time or distance to specific points can be measured in a much more useful manner than traditional analyses.

Location Based Services

Product Name: Address Coder
Company: Esri

Address Coder is standalone software that enables organizations with U.S. address lists to view the locations of their members or customers on a map, or group them by geographic location, demographic characteristics, or consumer type for more targeted marketing. Address Coder can geocode U.S. addresses and append latitudes/longitudes, FIPS codes, and ESRI's demographic and Tapestry Segmentation data to each record.

Service Providers : Location Based Services

Product Name: GeoIQ
Company: FortiusOne

The GeoIQ Platform delivers completely Web-based location-based visualization and analytics, supporting large data sets in real-time.

Product Name: AnyMap
Company: Geo Solutions

The most flexible and customizable web mapping service for the Benelux

Product Name: EuroMap
Company: Geo Solutions

Our answer to deliver location based services (LBS) for Europe and the rest of the World.

Location Based Services

Product Name: Web Development
Company: geographIT

geographIT creates dynamic and secure websites that deliver the content and services you need such as Marketing your products and services on the web, Web-enabling desktop applications, Enhancing your website with mappping and location-based services, Providing public access to data, Sharing GIS data through your corporate Intranet.

Product Name: gtrak ( Vehicle Tracking System )
Company: gmantis solutions

A vehicle tracking system is a one box solution which has convergence of multiple technologies. An electronic device installed in a vehicle to enable the owner or a third party to track the vehicle's location, speed, odometer, distance, ignition status, etc features. Most modern vehicle tracking systems use Global Positioning System (GPS) modules for accurate location of the vehicle.

Product Name: Automatic Vehicle Location
Company: GPS Fleet Solutions

Automatic vehicle location or AVL is a means for determining the geographic location of a vehicle and transmitting this information to a point where it can be used. Telelocation is a synonym used in the European Union. Most commonly, the location is determined using GPS, and the transmission mechanism is a satellite, terrestrial radio or cellular connection from the vehicle to a radio receiver, satellite or nearby cell tower.

Service Providers : Location Based Services

Product Name: GT/Trace
Company: Graphic Technologies, Inc.

GT/Trace is a development tool which provides a powerful Network Tracing Engine. GT/Trace abstracts the complexity of network tracing away from developers allowing them to focus on the task at hand.

Product Name: Hansa GeoPort
Company: Hansa Luftbild AG

Hansa Luftbild has developed a system to optimise the daily management of the operation, planning and maintenance of harbour property: Digital Harbour Management System Hansa GeoPort.

Product Name: RadGIS
Company: Hansa Luftbild AG

Together with DFS (Deutsche Flugsicherung: German Air Safety) the IT-company of Hansa Luftbild ICF has developed a system which centrally manages the continually changing configuration of German airspace. This ensures increased air safety and that flight capacity can continue to increase: The Radar Geo Information System "RadGIS".

Location Based Services

Product Name: Reverse Geocoder

One of the hottest geospatial application areas today is in location-based services. For fleet management, cell phone tracking, Emergency 911 services, and simple GPS tracking. iMaptools' clients are using our Reverse Geocoding solution to convert latitude-longitude coordinates into descriptive locations and into street addresses. We can optionally identify the adjacent cross streets.

Service Providers : Location Based Services

Product Name: Locator Services
Company: InfoGrow Corporation

Locator Services provides your web site visitors with maps and driving directions. Seeing where to get your company’s products on a map makes it easier for web visitors to get there and buy! Visitors get location-specific information - anything from operating hours to directions to phone numbers to special offers, and more.

Product Name: MI ESRI
Company: Integeo

Integeo developed Map Intelligence in response to strong demand from users for better decision-making tools with fully integrated location and business intelligence functions.

Location Based Services

Product Name: ioTraffic
Company: IntelliOne Technologies Corp.

For traffic reporters, web & map portals, fleet operators and other consumers of traffic data, ioTraffic™ keeps wheels rolling by delivering timely, accurate and detailed traffic congestion information on most every roadway.

Service Providers : Location Based Services

Product Name: Census Viewer
Company: King County GIS Center

Census Viewer is web-based application that allows you to view maps and tables of more than 100 community census data indicators for 77 defined places throughout all of King County. Data is displayed at the tract or block group level within each place.

Product Name: Parcel Viewer
Company: King County GIS Center

Parcel Viewer is an application that allows you to search for and display information about real property parcels in King County, including simple parcel maps.

Product Name: LIVEWIRE911™
Company: Kivera

Today, millions of subscribers use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service, and the numbers are growing rapidly. By FCC mandate, these VoIP Service Providers (VSPs) must establish E9-1-1

Location Based Services

Product Name: Location Based Services
Company: Magnasoft

The advent of wireless devices, such as internet-enabled cell phones and wireless PDAs, coupled with cutting edge Internet application development allows organizations to collect and distribute data in ways that were unimaginable till a few years ago.

Service Providers : Location Based Services

Product Name: G-NAF Address Table
Company: Mapdata Sciences

The Geocoded National Address File of Australia (G-NAF) is Australia's authoritative address index of suburb, street, number, and geocode (latitude/longitude) information. G-NAF uses existing and recognised address sources including the Government land records, as well as address data from Australia Post and the Australian Electoral Commission

Product Name: Tactician Online
Company: Mapdata Sciences

MapData Sciences' "Tactician Online" takes the guesswork out of site selection and territory management, offering data and services designed to improve your marketing results while streamlining your sales processes, including:
  • Maps and reports for better marketing decisions
  • Trade area analysis tools to target retail opportunities

Product Name: Vehicle/Asset Tracking
Company: Mapdata Sciences

MapData Sciences, in conjunction with bioWatch, has developed a vehicle tracking system (aWareLive) that focuses on the requirements of fleet managers, contractors and equipment rental companies.  These same concepts and technology can be extended to a multitude of valuable assets, whether they be objects, people or even animals. If it moves, doesn't move or shouldn't move, MDS can help.

Product Name: GIS Map Data
Company: Maponics, LLC

Through vast experience in cartographic mapping and location intelligence services, Maponics has developed unique GIS map data sets available for licensing.

Product Name: Satellite Imagery
Company: MAPS geosystems(Acquired by Fugro MAPS)

MAPS supplies and integrates satellite images at various resolutions for mapping, GIS and commercial applications. As a DigitalGlobe master reseller of its QuickBird satellite imagery, MAPS can provide the highest resolution satellite imagery that is presently available

Location Based Services

Product Name: Map & Track
Company: Maptuit Corporation

Maptuit MapServ (LBS) and TrackServ (AVL) are web services that enable you to build high-value web-based tracking and location-based services (LBS) into your existing applications -- with development and deployment measured in weeks, not years. From call centers to fleet operations management through to emergency services,

Service Providers : Location Based Services

Product Name: Image Processing
Company: Midwest Infotech

Midwest Infotech Pvt. Ltd. offer services for processing Remotely Sensed high-resolution imagery into quality raster data products. This may involve removing distortions in the images and ensuring that the output is of high quality in terms of clarity, resolution, and color.

Location Based Services

Product Name: Pacific Ocean™
Company: Mobilaris AB

The heart of Mobilaris solution is the Pacific Ocean middleware. The commercially proven platform publishes wireless operator's network values to third parties who in a simple, fast and secure manner can create and publish mobile services, including location based ones.

Service Providers : Location Based Services

Product Name: Pacific Ocean™ E-112
Company: Mobilaris AB

The Pacific Ocean E-112 product provides Telecom operators and PSAP’s (public service answering point) with functionality to handle positioning requests , including privacy protection of the subscribers. The privacy protection in Pacific Ocean E-112 provides the Telecom operators and PSAP’s with functionality to meet the requirements stated in EC directive (2002/58/EC) .

Product Name: Location Based Service
Company: NavInfo Co., Ltd.

NavInfo is currently cooperating with 3 major Chinese mobile business operators (China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom) and has launched online LBS applications, such as mobile phone navigation, mobile

Location Based Services

Product Name: Active Asset™
Company: Newbury Networks, Inc.

Active Asset is a software application leveraging the power of Newbury's patented location technology with features that empower enterprises to locate, track, manage and analyze critical point-of-need and time-of-need mobile assets for maximum return on investment.  Together with Newbury's Location Appliance™, Active Asset is a powerful real-time asset tracking solution that delivers critical, real-time information necessary to improve enterprise cost efficiencies and employee productivity.

Product Name: Newbury AT-320 Asset Tag
Company: Newbury Networks, Inc.

The Newbury Networks’ AT-320 is a small, lightweight, power-efficient Wi-Fi enabled active RFID tag that can be attached to assets or carried by people for real-time tracking in Wi-Fi environments. Newbury’s AT-320 is a key component of the Newbury Active Asset™ real-time asset tracking solution for providing the most accurate and precise Wi-Fi based location tracking on the market today.

Product Name: Newbury Location Appliance™
Company: Newbury Networks, Inc.

The Newbury Location Appliance™ provides accurate and precise location tracking for thousands of devices over a wireless LAN (WLAN) and enables a host of mobile enterprise applications such as asset tracking, network provisioning, voice and security. The Newbury Location Appliance is designed to utilize industry standard application protocols to run over a wide-range of WLAN infrastructures including 3Com, Aruba, Cisco, Motorola/Symbol, Nortel and Trapeze.

Product Name: The Newbury Presence Platform™
Company: Newbury Networks, Inc.

The Newbury Presence Platform™ is an extensible software platform to develop and deploy location-enabled applications on top of industry standard WLAN infrastructure.

Product Name: CAD/CAM Services
Company: Nexiasystems LLC

Computer Aided Architectural Design includes, drawing and drafting services and remote access file viewing to Architects, Building Services to our valuable clients.
CAD Services in this area can cover all the well-known CAD applications including Pro/Engineer, Unigraphics, CATIA, IDEAS, CADDS5, Solid Edge, and Mechanical Desktop. CAE applications including Ansys, ADAMS, NISA, Patran,Nastran, HyperWorks, Elfini, IDEAS-Simulation, Pro/Mechanica, and Moldflow.

Product Name: Combat Terrain Information Systems (CTIS)
Company: Northrop Grumman IT

When conducting operations, having the right geospatial information at the right time is essential to making critical tactical decisions quickly and efficiently. Timely, accurate geospatial information about the battlefield is needed to maintain strategic control of events. To gather this critical data, Army geospatial teams require modular and portable geographic information and image processing systems.

Product Name: Defense Message System
Company: Northrop Grumman IT

Northrop Grumman Information Technology (IT) has provided DMS support to the Air Force, Marine Corps, and Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) for the past 12 years.

Service Providers : Location Based Services

Product Name: Digital Asset Management
Company: Open Text Corporation

Artesia Digital Asset Management provides a single access point for all your rich digital media and its underlying metadata information throughout the extended enterprise. This easy-to-use digital asset management system enables you to easily find, access, share, reuse, distribute and archive all types of digital content. By centralizing storage and providing easy, efficient, enterprise access to these digital assets, Artesia Digital Asset Management extends their value, allowing them to be quickly repurposed, which streamlines processes and saves money.

Product Name: StreetPro v7.3
Company: Pitney Bowes MapInfo Corporation

StreetPro is MapInfo’s premier street network database for various country. It has been designed to provide users with a flexible, multi-purpose foundation with the appropriate integrity for critical business use. StreetPro can be resourced for geocoding and mapping with MapInfo software at various geographic resolutions, including capital city region, or national coverage. StreetPro will easily fit within your budget and will add immediate value to all of your location-based analysis.
it is accurate, comprehensive, and current street data for Mapping and Location-based applications.  

Product Name: Geographic Tracker
Company: Primus Geographics Inc.

The Geographic Tracker includes a series of GPS/Direct Packs, direct GPS links to many popular Windows applications.

Product Name: Location Intelligence Component - BusinessObjects
Company: Primus Geographics Inc.

The MapInfo Location Intelligence Component, a way of supplementing business intelligence with location, is a powerful solution for any organization.

Product Name: PRO-iris
Company: Proficio GeoTechnologies Pvt Ltd

PRO-iris is an intranet application that acts as a catalyst to send bulk or personalized messages via the service providers SMS gateway.

Product Name: Quova On-Demand Web Service
Company: Quova Corporation

The Quova On-Demand Web service enables online businesses to easily integrate SOAP-based Quova IP geolocation data directly into their Web applications. With this Web service, you can quickly write geolocation-based business rules.

Product Name: Software Development
Company: Rolta International, Inc.

Rolta provides best-of-breed software engineering and development services in geospatial/GIS, engineering design and other domains. We bring together the best technology and business solutions to meet our clients’ demands of business continuity and improvement.

Product Name: RouteFinder for ArcGIS
Company: Routeware

RouteFinder is an extension for users of ArcGIS 8 & 9 who need to solve routing-related problems, but without doing any programming.
RouteFinder for ArcGIS is based on RW Net and makes most of the functionality available to the user with easy access to the fast routing engine.

Location Based Services

Product Name: RouteFinder for MapInfo
Company: Routeware

RouteFinder is an application for MapInfo users who need to solve routing-related problems, but without doing any programming. RouteFinder is based on RW Net and makes most of the functionality available to the user with easy access to the fast routing engine.

Service Providers : Location Based Services

Product Name: RW NetServer 3.14
Company: Routeware

RW NetServer is for intranet/internet-based applications. RW NetServer includes a lot of functions aimed at location-based services (LBS).

Location Based Services

Product Name: ToolBox 1.07
Company: Routeware

ToolBox is a collection of MapBasic programs for performing these tasks:
• Add Nodes
• Convex hull / Rubberband
• Extended Table Info
• Locate the nearest object in one table for all objects in another table - Very fast
• Locate the N nearest objects in one table for all objects in another table - Very fast
• Location of facilities
• Map Coloring

Service Providers : Location Based Services

Product Name: Information Technology Products and Services
Company: RTI International

RTI International is a world class provider of information technology (IT) services, supporting the initiatives of state and federal governments as well as private sector clients. With over 200 computing professionals in our organization, RTI designs, develops, builds, tests, and deploys information management systems and IT infrastructures.

Location Based Services

Product Name: CarrierRouteViewer
Company: SpatialPoint

Achieve maximum postal discounts by targeting postal Carrier Routes,Postal Carrier Routes help reduce marketing costs while increasing response rates

Product Name: GIS
Company: SpecTIR, LLC

SpecTIR Analytical Services (SAS) provides expert geospatial analysis solutions to our clients. From multiple sources of data types, we provide full scope data fusion to government and private sector clientele. Our services are not platform or vendor dependent and we provide a full range of geospatial and hyperspectral services to engage data in support of complex decision analysis.

Service Providers : Location Based Services

Product Name: Moasma
Company: System Horizon Est.

Moasma is the Mobile Asset Management solution from System Horizon. It implements a framework for ingesting the current location and condition of your mobile assets.

Location Based Services

Product Name: Map Suite Geocode USA
Company: ThinkGeo

Map Suite Geocode USA is a .NET native component for geocoding addresses in the United States. It can convert an address to latitude, longitude, county, elevation, time zone, and more. Geocode USA comes with both geocoding and reverse geocoding components for .NET, plus a highly-optimized dataset covering the entire United States.

Product Name: G-Row
Company: Tier 3, Inc.

Software solution to automatically generate Right-of-Ways to a centerline network based on client-defined parameters and requirements. It also has the capability to auto-generate cul-de-sacs on roads for the entire road network or only in specific locations where the client requires cul-de-sacs.

Service Providers : Location Based Services

Product Name: TGT UtiliMapper ™
Company: Tri-Global Technologies, LLC

Finally an easy way to use the Direct Assessment Tool Set, with the field technician in mind! Now with Enhanced ROW forms for detailed analysis. *Added HCA form with auto form population through Bluetooth® enabled laser offsets. Or connection via serial.

Location Based Services

Product Name: LBS - Location Based Services
Company: UbiEst

Location Based Services (LBS) lever on the possibility to locate mobile users or vehicles to offer value added services like proximity and context-aware information or tracking and tracing functionalities. These services receive target position from different positioning technologies: cellular network (GSM, UMTS) or satellite (GPS, A-GPS).

Product Name: Mobile Consumer
Company: UbiEst

Being able to determine the geographic position of mobile users (using GSM network or GPS/A-GPS technology) allows to develop and distribute context-aware informative services (location based services) over handled platforms such as cellular phones, PDAs and smartphone. Content format can be suited to the destination device and can be enriched with multimedia formats like audio/video and interactivity.

Service Providers : Location Based Services

Product Name: VIEWS
Company: Valtus Imagery Services

VIEWS is real-time streaming of “location aware” imagery directly to your Geospatial Application. VIEWS are ArcXML & OGC WMS - compliant services accessible through applications that support these standards so everyone can access imagery on their own desktops.

Location Based Services

Product Name: HDL-64E
Company: Velodyne

HDL-64E is a 64-element LIDAR sensor that delivers a 360-degree HFOV and a 26.8-degree VFOV. It features frame rates of 5-15 Hz and 1 million data points per second. The point cloud it generates is a massive leap forward in terrain and environment understanding. Both distance and intensity data are provided in the Ethernet output packet payload.

Service Providers : Location Based Services

Product Name: SmartZone Geospatial Platform
Company: Webraska

Webraska’s core geospatial middleware SmartZone Geospatial Platform (SGP) stands as one of the most robust, high-performance, open platform for location-based and telematics services.

Product Name: Webraska Navigation
Company: Webraska

Webraska Navigation is the most comprehensive, feature-rich solution on the market today, including door-to-door continent-wide navigation, real-time traffic integration, radar alerts, clear spoken instructions, dynamically-generated accurate intersection icons, zoomable "vector maps", free-trial demonstration mode, contact list integration, millions of points-of-interest, and more

Location Based Services

Product Name: Webraska Navigation For Service Providers
Company: Webraska

As a mobile operator or service provider seeking to launch a branded navigation solution, your challenge is to identify a technology provider who can help you meet a range of complementary needs

Product Name: Webraska Navigation SDK
Company: Webraska

Webraska Navigation SDK is dedicated to companies willing to develop their own navigation solution. The SDK is a set of libraries that includes all the objects required for rapid and hassle-free deployment of navigation applications. It implements Webraska’s patented technology for delivering real-time, turn-by-turn navigation featuring maps in 2D and 3D. The SDK also manages specific dynamic or static content such as POIs, radars or traffic information.

Product Name: yForce
Company: ySystem, spol. s r.o.

yForce is a solution for Mobile Workforce Management. It is a system for on-line and spatial management of field workers, for cooperating and managing their tasks. User’s mobile device (PDA, Toughbook, Laptop, Handheld) includes database of tasks including geographical information.

Service Providers : Location Based Services

Product Name: yTrack
Company: ySystem, spol. s r.o.

A new standard in modern Fleet Controlling - yTrack represents a complex solution for vehicle control, monitoring and tracking that brings GPS navigation and mobile spatial management together. It supports fleet management of any modern transportation and logistic company, where readily available location information is essential.

Programmer Analyst for Integrys Energy Group at Green Bay, WI
GIS Analyst for RAMTeCH at Stillwater, MN
Technical Product/Project Managers for D E Shaw Research at New York City, NY
Head of Technical Product/Project Management for D E Shaw Research at New York City, NY
Aerial Sensor Operator for Keystone Aerial Surveys at Philadelphia, PA
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