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Product Name: Capturx Disaster Response Kit
Company: Adapx

New "All in One" kit provides teams with everything they need to dynamically map and collect data at the scene of disasters. Helps response teams map, collect, and share data from the scene of wildfires, hurricanes, floods, or other natural catastrophe strikes.

Product Name: ArcGIS

Apply Geography to Every Decision ArcGIS is your first step toward better, smarter decision making and a more efficient organization. Just about every problem and situation has a location aspect. Unlock the power of location with ArcGIS. Regardless of your industry or the size of your organization, you can use the ArcGIS platform to apply geography to solving problems and making decisions. The latest release puts the entire ArcGIS platform at your finger tips through the power of web GIS.

Product Name: ARCPAD
Company: Applied Field Data Systems, Inc.

ESRI's ArcPad software is mobile mapping and geographic information system (GIS) technology. ArcPad provides database access, mapping, GIS, and global positioning system (GPS) integration to users out in the field via handheld and mobile devices. Data collection with ArcPad is fast, easy, and significantly improved with immediate data validation and availability.

Product Name: ARCVIEW
Company: Applied Field Data Systems, Inc.

ArcView GIS makes it easy to create maps and add your own data to them. Using ArcView GIS software's powerful visualization tools, you can access records from existing databases and display them on maps.

Product Name: MUDMAP
Company: Applied Science Associates, Inc.

MUDMAP is a computer based model that predicts the transport, dispersion, and seabed deposition of drilling muds and produced water derived from drill cuttings.

Product Name: Arc2Earth Cloud Services
Company: Arc2Earth

Did you ever use Google Maps and wish you could click on your data like you were in ArcMap? Or had to delay a project because the expense and time of standing up a GIS server and configuring the software was too much?There’s no need for servers or server software, all you need is a single ArcView seat and Arc2Earth Cloud Services. Export locally, directly to your own Arc2Earth Cloud instance. Click and you’re done.And new at Arc2Earth V3, live editing with Cloud Layers. Upload and manage your data in an Arc2Earth Cloud, Google Maps Data or Open Street Map.

Product Name: Arc2Earth Community Edition - Free
Company: Arc2Earth

The Community Edition contains most of Arc2Earth’s functionality except it has lower limits
  • KML Export/Import – 250 features
  • All map tiles are watermarked
  • Can read and write any Arc2Earth Cloud Layer!

Product Name: Arc2Earth Desktop
Company: Arc2Earth

Arc2Earth Desktop is the premier ArcGIS extension for exporting and importing your data into the leading GeoWeb formats. Import or Export complex KML files, map tile caches or use the new Cloud services to host your data online. And new at Arc2Earth V3, live editing with Cloud Layers. Upload and manage your data in an Arc2Earth Cloud, Google Maps Data or Open Street Map

Product Name: AutoCAD Map 3D
Company: Autodesk

AutoCAD® Map 3D software is the leading engineering GIS platform for creating and managing spatial data. AutoCAD Map 3D software bridges CAD and GIS by providing direct access to data, regardless of how it is stored, and by enabling the use of AutoCAD software tools for maintaining a broad variety of geospatial information.

Product Name: SwMana 3DGIS
Company: Beijing Geo-Vision Tech.Co.,Ltd.

Sw3DGIS is a set of professional 3D geographic information system used to display and analyze survey data. Based on the advanced graphic technique, modern survey skills and advanced software engineering, it provides a user-friendly interface and application platform in construction of digital city, military training, emergency command, geology, water conservancy, atmosphere, ocean, and visual tourism, etc.

Product Name: GEOWAY
Company: Beijing Geoway Information

For a long period, people has been used to producing spatial data on GIS or CAD platform, although the two platforms has many restricts. And spatial data production workflow has to be interrupted by switching from one tool to another. It is not corresponding with such a big industry. GEOWAY Inc. is established to develop full spatial information processing software and create the technology support environment.

Product Name: GEOWAY DPS
Company: Beijing Geoway Information

With the development of computer and related technology, digital photogrammetric system is developing from high-end to low-end, from software and hardware binding package to integration of generic components,from aerophotography to space photogrammetry, from spatial data production to virtual reality environment and realtime image analysis. The huge needs in spatial information acquisition and data processing promise the foreground of digital photogrammetric technology.

Product Name: GEOWAY GIS
Company: Beijing Geoway Information

Based on database, integrating GIS, RS, workflow, Dynamic Form, and 3D visualization technologies, GEOWAY constructs GEOWAY GIS – geographical information system application platform. The platform adopt the design idea: separating platform construction, and running, platform logic and representation, to realize the quick build-up and easy customization of related GIS applications.

Product Name: GEOWAY IS
Company: Beijing Geoway Information

Although the commencement of Remote Sensing application was almost ten years later than GIS application, RS software developed in bursts. Like the track of GIS, the development of RS software is designed for scientific analysis, but not for the real applications.

Product Name: TD Series
Company: Beijing Geoway Information

Based on GEOWAY technology, GEOWAY developed TD series software packages to meet the needs of Land resource industry. TD series is the fruit of GEOWAY’s deep participation in Land Resource Industry, which are GEOWAY application software packages for Land Resource information application.

Product Name: Titan GIS
Company: Beijing Oriental TITAN Technology Co.,LTD

Titan GIS is a key project in 863 countries, supported by Beijing Oriental TITAN Technology Co., Ltd. is a research and development capabilities by advanced algorithms novel, flexible, and improve the professional geographic information system platform, from high technology, stable performance, the algorithm advanced, fully functional, and features for the domestic users, offers a range of flexible development tools, provides a great convenience for GIS users in different areas.

Product Name: GRAM++
Company: Bhugol GIS Pvt Ltd

GRAM++ is a Geographic Information System software package developed indigenously at the Centre of Studies in Resources Engineering, IIT Bombay. The software is organized as a number of modules including Import/Export of different format data, Map Editing, Raster Analysis, Vector Analysis, Network Analysis, Terrain modeling and watershed delineation, Digital Image Processing, and Map Layout.

Product Name: Global Mapper
Company: Blue Marble Geographics

Global Mapper is an affordable and easy-to-use GIS application that offers access to an unparalleled variety of spatial datasets and provides just the right level of functionality to satisfy both experienced GIS professionals and beginning users.

Product Name: Global Mapper LiDAR Module
Company: Blue Marble Geographics

The Global Mapper LiDAR Module is an optional enhancement to the software that provides numerous advanced LiDAR processing tools, including automatic point cloud classification, automatic extraction of buildings, trees, and powerlines, cross-sectional viewing and point editing, custom digitizing or extraction of 3D line and area features, dramatically faster surface generation, LiDAR QC, and much more.

Product Name: Global Mapper Mobile
Company: Blue Marble Geographics

Global Mapper Mobile is a powerful GIS data viewing and field data collection application for iOS that utilizes the device's GPS capability to provide situational awareness and locational intelligence for remote mapping projects.

Product Name: Global Mapper SDK
Company: Blue Marble Geographics

Leverage the power of Global Mapper with the Global Mapper Software Developer Kit (SDK)! Software developers can improve existing software, create custom stand-alone applications, or enhance the standard version of Global Mapper with custom extensions. The Global Mapper SDK provides a Windows DLL which allows much of the functionality of Global Mapper to be accessed from third party applications. The SDK includes both native 32-bit and 64-bit DLLs, so you can target any Windows system. The Global Mapper SDK is a standard Windows DLL and can be called from just about any programming language on a Windows platform, including Visual C++, Visual Basic, Visual C#, and Java with JNI. Global Mapper SDK synchronizes the software developer toolkit with Global Mapper desktop software releases, which enables a more consistent release cycle. This ensures that software developers are able to work with the most current features and functions introduced to the desktop version of the software.

Product Name: iMAP
Company: Bradshaw Consulting Services, Inc.

BCS provides a complete Internet/Intranet based suite of custom mapping products. These include Crime iMAP, Fire iMAP, EMS iMAP and Parcel iMAP. Utilizing standard desktop tools, BCS helps the customer to create an effective and efficient Internet/Intranet mapping process. Extracting the data from existing databases, converting the information for easy importing into iMAP and automating the geociding process are some of the important steps that BCS can make much easier for your organization.

Product Name: MARVLIS
Company: Bradshaw Consulting Services, Inc.

MARVLIS offers a complete solution to Public Safety Agencies that need to connect the field vehicle to the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system in the 911 call center. MARVLIS uses wireless communications between an in-vehicle notebook computer and an interface server connected to the CAD network. Click here to view our exciting new MARVLIS products.

Product Name: SignLoad
Company: Buchanan Computing

With Eurocode EN 12899 and new passive safety requirements, it has become increasingly complicated for traffic sign designers to specify safe, but economical, post sizes and other structural elements. SignLoad greatly simplifies the process

Product Name: SignPlot
Company: Buchanan Computing

SignPlot is the only system to fully automate the layout and spacing rules of the Traffic Signs Regulations (TSRGD 2002) and Traffic Signs Manual. SignPlot makes sign design quick and accurate for both new and experienced designers.

Product Name: SignRoute
Company: Buchanan Computing

The frustration and confusion suffered by the traveling public due to absent or inconsistent direction signing may have a greater impact on road safety than has been previously recognised. Increased stress levels, sudden lane switches, dangerous u-turns and scanning of verges for guidance instead of concentrating on the road ahead can all result in road crashes. SignRoute can help you achieve a well designed and consistent system of directional signing.

Product Name: TransCAD
Company: Caliper Corporation

GIS designed specifically for transportation professionals to store, display, manage and analyze transportation data.

Product Name: VrLite
Company: Cardinal Systems LLC

Based on the powerful and time-tested VrOne and VrTwo products, VrLite puts the power of Vr in more locations by offering a combined and lighter version of these products.

Product Name: VrMosaic
Company: Cardinal Systems LLC

A powerful real-time seam line editor with the ability to mosaic, combine and balance for new orthophoto sheets.

Product Name: VrVolumes
Company: Cardinal Systems LLC

Fast, flexible volume calculations between surfaces with the ease and power of VrOne. VrVolumes uses a Digital Terrain Model (DTM) based computation method that computes volumes directly from the surface triangles, resulting in highly accurate results.

Product Name: Carlson GIS
Company: Carlson Software

With tools for data capture and linking, data labeling, import/export of SHP files, polygon topology creation and analysis, and more, Carlson GIS is an awesome GIS “Swiss Army Knife” for the surveyor or engineer. See the Carlson GIS Improvement List tab below and be sure to check out our GIS Primer.The Carlson line of software has 64-bit capabilities, is Windows 7 compatible, and works on AutoCAD® and comes with IntelliCAD built in. Also included are hundreds of enhancements to basic AutoCAD commands. Part of the Carlson Civil Suite, Carlson GIS runs atop any AutoCAD, including regular AutoCAD, AutoCAD Map, Land Desktop or Civil 3D, as well as legacy versions, plus on IntelliCAD.

Product Name: Carmenta Engine
Company: Carmenta

Carmenta Engine is designed from the ground up to meet the demanding geographic requirements of high-performance applications. Carmenta Engine can be trusted to handle everything relating to maps and other spatial data in any type of 2D and 3D Windows application.

Product Name: Cube Base
Company: Citilabs, Inc.

Cube Base is the powerful and comprehensive user interface for all Cube modeling modules and extensions. Cube Base is used to design and apply the models, to edit and manage all input and output data and to run and analyze scenarios.

Product Name: Cube Voyager
Company: Citilabs, Inc.

Cube Voyager brings together the latest in Citilabs' technologies for the forecasting of personal travel. Cube Voyager uses a modular and script-based structure allowing the incorporation of any model methodology ranging from standard four-step models, to discrete choice to activity-based approaches. Advanced methodologies provide junction-based capacity restraint for highway analysis and discrete choice multipath transit pathbuilding and assignment. Cube Voyager includes highly flexible network and matrix calculators for the calculation of travel demand and for the detailed comparison of scenarios.

Product Name: ATLAS Light
Company: Cliffhanger Solutions Inc.

A powerful plug-in that makes Google Maps and other popular cloud based map services instantly available inside your Smallworld session. Additionally it makes your Smallworld GIS data instantly available on Google Maps and Google Earth.

Product Name: Cartographica
Company: ClueTrust

Cartographica is a native, commercial GIS for computers running Mac OS X.   Built from the ground up to bring the power and simplicity of the Macintosh user interface to Geospatial Information Systems, Cartographica provides the ability to explore, analyze, and present data from many sources and in many formats.Cartographica is a professional GIS for the Macintosh, including:
  • Over 100 vector and raster formats supported for import
  • High-quality Adobe Illustrator and KML export
  • Flexible styles for creating choropleth maps 
  • Extensive support for network-based map data, including WMS, WFS, and Bing Maps
  • Built-in analysis functions such as kernel density mapping, buffers, and more
  • Computed columns using algebraic and geometric functions to derive new data from old
  • Georeferencing of images (new for 1.2)
  • Manual or server-based geocoding of addresses

Product Name: CompassLDE
Company: CompassCom, Inc.

Improve your Return on Investment in both GIS capability and fleet costs, by managing your assets through the Location Data Engine, CompassLDE, the universal AVL and Mobile Resource Management server software.CompassLDE is the most flexible and affordable AVL server in the industry. A long-time ESRI partner, CompassCom has built its solution to serve as a data source for the ArcGIS server. CompassLDE collects vehicle location, status and messaging data for multiple fleets or high value assets over different wireless communication networks simultaneously. It is completely scalable, so as you add vehicles with bandwidth, LDE keeps up seamlessly.

Product Name: CompassRespond
Company: CompassCom, Inc.

First Responders and Field Service Operators have a tool to assist them with tactical mapping and incident management. Don’t let your emergency personnel go into a situation blind, when they can access information instantly to help them resolve an incident in a way that will help save lives.Among its many features, CompassRespond provides First Responders with pre-planning capabilities by locating assets on a digital map and viewing data and documents in a variety of formats.CompassRespond is an add-on module for CompassTrac and CompassTrac Mobile. Your Incident Command can build and attach documents to specific GIS features important to response and service teams, such as diagrams, floor plans and “as-built” diagrams.

Product Name: ESRI-Software
Company: con terra

With almost 40 years of experience and well over a million licences sold, ESRI is the most successful manufacturer of geographic information systems (GIS) in the world. ESRI software is in use in almost every country in the world wherever spatial data solutions are required.

Product Name: DAT/EM MAP/EDITOR for AutoCAD And MicroStation
Company: DAT/EM Systems International

Map/Editor streamlines map editing within AutoCAD and MicroStation through a series of interactive commands and batch routines.DAT/EM MapEditor is a full 3D editing package for AutoCAD or Microstation with many time-saving tools. MapEditor for AutoCAD is an ADS application working completely within AutoCAD and AutoCAD-based applications. MapEditor for Microstation is an MDL application that works completely within MicroStation and MicroStation-based applications. MapEditor runs on Windows XP®, Windows Vista®, and Windows 7.

Product Name: Water Demand Forecaster
Company: DCSE

DCSE has developed an automated geographic information system (GIS)-based water demand forecasting tool to rapidly estimate the water demands in response to changes in the land use and the related use factors. The changes in land use include varying the build-out and the phasing plans to evaluate different growth scenarios.

Product Name: XMap 7 GIS Software Suite
Company: DeLorme

The XMap 7 suite includes a wide array of new and improved mapping and GIS functions in the desktop software and on the Earthmate PN-40 GPS receiver. XMap is a three-tiered GIS (Geographic Information System) software suite designed to optimize the transfer of information between GIS administrators and field personnel. The culmination of over thirty years of innovation in the field of spatial technology, XMap 7 incorporates an extensive array of GIS tools into an advanced desktop mapping engine, providing a unique and versatile all-in-one mapping and GIS solution.

Product Name: AutoCAD Design
Company: DesignPresentation Associates

DesignPresentation can provide you the best AutoCAD design solutions at the most competitive prices.

Product Name: AutoCAD Digitization
Company: DesignPresentation Associates

DesignPresentation offers economical, reliable error free AutoCAD digitization

Company: DesignPresentation Associates

GIS (Geographic Information System) services provided by DesignPresentation serve a wide range of companies including transportation (road and water), telecommunication, mining, municipal (storm and sewage management) and utility sectors (electricity or power).

Product Name: MIKE URBAN
Company: DHI Water & Environment

MIKE URBAN combines DHI's 20-year tradition for leadership in simulation engines with ESRI's world leading GIS technology. The result is a software product that defines a new industry standard in modeling water distribution and urban drainage networks.

Product Name: GeoCarta
Company: Divestco Inc.

GeoCarta is a single-point data access software solution that enables project teams to explore, analyze, extract and map public and proprietary data with ease to make faster and more accurate decisions. Using industry-leading technologies, GeoCarta provides a modern, intuitive interface and access to common oil and gas workflows. Users are productive in a short period of time, regardless of experience or proficiency with GIS.

Product Name: Census Geography
Company: DMTI Spatial

The Canadian Census is conducted by Statistics Canada every five years, and provides a statistical portrait of the country and its people. This data is a valuable part of the marketing analytics decision making process.

Product Name: SuperDemographics
Company: DMTI Spatial

SuperDemographics provides current year estimates of population statistics and social and economic information, e.g., Population, household, family, employment, dwelling, income, education, occupation, labor force activities, visible minorities and many more attributes. The breadth of demographic data available in SuperDemographics can improve an organizations customer retention and acquisition programs with its ease of use.

Product Name: DataPlus
Company: Electronic Data Solutions

DataPlus® Professional is a Microsoft Windows-based application generator for both DOS and Windows CE portable computers. DataPlus lets you build applications that mimic clipboard data sheets. You design and test the application on your desktop PC then transfer it to your hand held. The software consists of familiar user friendly setup screens. A combination of keyboard and external device input, custom screens layouts, data error checks, data entry types can also be accommodated. For advanced features, you have the power to write custom user programs. File transfer software to communicate with both DOS and Windows CE is also included.

Product Name: MapLink Pro ENC Viewer
Company: Envitia

The MapLink Pro ENC Viewer is a Windows application that provides the capability to visualise maritime S-57 data via compliant S-52 charting specification. The viewer also supports S-63 encrypted data. The viewer can be downloaded for free from the resources area.   The MapLink Pro ENC Viewer is a useful tool for anyone that has a requirement to visualise maritime charts prior to integrating them into an operational system. The viewer also demonstrates the high performance and accurate rendering available to developers and system integrators in the full version of MapLink Pro.

Product Name: ArcEditor
Company: Esri

ArcEditor provides advanced editing, data validation, and workflow management tools to maintain the integrity of your data. With ArcEditor, you can author quality maps and perform sophisticated spatial analysis.  You can use ArcEditor to manage complex information, automate the editing workflow, and allow multiple users to update the same data simultaneously.

Product Name: ArcGIS Business Analyst
Company: Esri

ArcGIS Business Analyst combines ESRI's leading geographical information system technology with extensive business, demographic, consumer spending, and nationwide street data to provide sophisticated business analysis in one easy-to-use application.

Product Name: ArcGIS Server
Company: Esri

ArcGIS Server is a complete and integrated server-based GIS. It comes with out-of-the-box, end user applications and services for spatial data management, visualization, and spatial analysis that enable organizations to publish and share geographic data, maps, analyses, models, and more.

Product Name: ArcGIS Server Image extension
Company: Esri

ArcGIS Image Server provides fast access to and visualization of large quantities of file-based imagery—processed on the fly and on demand.

Product Name: ArcInfo
Company: Esri

ArcInfo is the complete GIS product to build a comprehensive desktop GIS. The de facto standard for GIS professionals, ArcInfo provides tools for data integration and management, visualization, spatial modeling and analysis, and high-end cartography. It supports single-user and multi-user editing and automates complex workflows. You can use ArcInfo to gather, build, and manage data, analyze geographic relationships, discover new information, and produce publication-quality maps.

Product Name: ArcLogistics
Company: Esri

ArcLogistics Route is a complete desktop vehicle for routing and scheduling software. Using real street networks, ArcLogistics Route geocodes stops; optimizes routes and schedules; and outputs maps, directions, and reports.

Product Name: ArcPad
Company: Esri

ArcPad is a mobile GIS technology that provides database access, mapping, GIS, and global positioning system (GPS) integration to users out in the field via handheld and mobile devices.

Product Name: ESRI Developer Network (EDN)
Company: Esri

EDN is an annual subscription-based program that provides software developers with the resources needed to build solutions that embed ESRI desktop and server technologies.

Product Name: Blaze Terra
Company: Eternix Ltd.

Blaze Terra is a comprehensive software package providing a rich set of geoprocessing capabilities for presenting, manipulating and analyzing GIS data in a 3D environment. In addition to all the features supported by Blaze View, Blaze Terra offers professionals working with heavy terrain files the tools to create, manipulate, and analyze 3D terrain scenes.

Product Name: Blaze View
Company: Eternix Ltd.

Blaze View is a powerful software package for presenting, manipulating, and analyzing geo-data in a 2D setting. In addition to all features supported by Blaze Reader, Blaze View provides the users with various analysis and data-exploitation tools. Users can open multiple linkable views, edit GIS data, add annotations and utilize advanced image enhancement. Blaze View also includes a built-in catalog creation and viewing tool for imagery and vector layers. With its rich and friendly user interface, Blaze View is the ideal software for geospatial professionals who work mostly in 2D.

Product Name: CRESTA:net
Company: Europa Technologies

CRESTA:net allows insurers, reinsurers and risk managers to quickly find the CRESTA zone associated with almost any location in the world. When the appropriate zone is known, companies can establish the natural hazard risk and exposure for that region and determine appropriate cover. CRESTA:net is provided as a hosted service on an annual basis and can be configured to link to corporate Intranets which can facilitate a seamless risk / exposure information service.

Product Name: Global CRESTA 2010.1
Company: Europa Technologies

The Global CRESTA (Catastrophe Risk Evaluating and Standardising Target Accumulations) zone data set helps brokers and reinsurers assess and present risk, based on the zoning system established by the world's leading reinsurers. Based primarily on the observed or expected seismic activity (although drought, flood and wind storms are also considered) within a country, CRESTA zones consider the distribution of insured values within a country as well as administrative or political boundaries for easier assessment of risks. CRESTA Zones are the essential basis for reinsurance negotiation and portfolio analysis.

Product Name: Global Discovery 2010.1
Company: Europa Technologies

Global Discovery is the most extensive global vector map available from Europa Technologies. In addition to the rich map layers from Global Insight Plus, Global Discovery features elevation data to form the most detailed seamless world map data set available.

Product Name: Global Elements 2010.1
Company: Europa Technologies

Global Elements offers a range of products derived from Global Insight Plus. Created in response to frequent client requests for continental place gazetteers and specialist map layers, Global Elements delivers the same data quality and consistency in component form.

Product Name: Global Visage
Company: Europa Technologies

Global Visage provides attractive 15-metre natural-colour imagery of the world, derived from an uncompressed Landsat 7 source. Featuring substantially cloud-free coverage and convenient 1-degree georeferenced tiles, the product is the perfect medium-resolution data set for web mapping, 3G globe software and GIS applications.

Product Name: AssetTrack
Company: Fluensee, Inc.

Many companies face significant challenges tracking and managing their physical assets. Fluensee AssetTrack™ is a proven, cost effective RFID-enabled software solution that enables companies to significantly improve asset visibility, security and utilization.

Product Name: AssetTrack Express
Company: Fluensee, Inc.

Fluensee’s AssetTrack Express™ is a comprehensive RFID starter kit that helps companies quickly and affordably reap the benefits of RFID technology to track their assets. Fluensee’s AssetTrack Express kit comes complete with feature-rich asset tracking software, hardware and tags for less than $10,000. It helps smaller companies implement a full production solution or larger companies take the first steps to an enterprise-wide asset-tracking project.

Product Name: Yard™
Company: Fluensee, Inc.

Most distribution and transportation facilities are pushed to capacity to maximize volume and service level requirements. Fluensee Yard™ is an RFID-enabled application that eliminates bottlenecks by marrying the automatic data identification and collection power of RFID technology with your yard management business rules and business processes to automate workflow and events.

Product Name: e-GIS Data Loader
Company: Geer Services, Inc.

e-GIS Data Loader is a WEB-based application used to load CAD or e-GIS data directly into ArcSDE. The application was designed to provide a method for land developers to deliver CAD design drawings to local government for review as part of the permitting process.

Product Name: Java GIS Faces
Company: Geer Services, Inc.

Geer Services, Inc. provides a wide variety of consulting services to enhance your organizations productivity and efficiency through the successful implementation of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). This service is culminated from decades of experience of our team providing GIS solutions to our customers. The example to the right is a web services viewer for use in exploring published layers from ArcGIS Server.

Product Name: Skyline Globe Enterprise
Company: GeoBis International

The SkylineGlobe Enterprise implementation has all the necessary software to configure its own solution to be seen in 3D, adjusted to its own necessities and in the privacy of its own server. Flexible deployment options allow that SkylineGlobe Enterprise solution can be scale handle from ten to thousands of users.

Product Name: Geocortex Essentials
Company: Geocortex by Latitude Geographics

Geocortex Essentials provides flexible core elements as well as out-of-the-box tools, processes, and features that will give your organization a powerful jumpstart when designing, building and maintaining Esri ArcGIS Server web-based mapping applications. Based on a geospatial framework, you can build upon and future-proof your investment in Esri technology.

Product Name: DEM CuePac
Company: GeoCue Corporation

The Digital Elevation Modeling (DEM) CuePac® from GeoCue Corporation provides a range of functions for managing and processing elevation data within GeoCue. DEM CuePac is useful for a wide variety of tasks that require visualizing elevation coverages, merging and extracting elevation data and exporting those data in a variety of formats for downstream processing.

Product Name: LIDAR 1 CuePac
Company: GeoCue Corporation

LIDAR 1 CuePac is the first application Environment Pac for GeoCue. LIDAR 1 is designed to accommodate a wide variety of tools from the vendors of your choice, as well as software tools that you have internally developed.

Product Name: Discover Mobile v2.5
Company: Geografx Digital Mapping Services

Take your Discover workspace to the field with Discover Mobile 2.1. This companion to Encom Discover, now makes it easier than ever before to capture GIS data in the field. You can take your digital maps and images wherever you go. Discover Mobile is GPS enabled and can be used for in-field data capture, sample logging, mapping and navigation.

Product Name: DMTrack Fleet Management / Vehicle Tracking Software
Company: Geografx Digital Mapping Services

Fleet Managers can now monitor and coordinate the real-time activities of their fleet vehicles. Whether you are trying to keep track of 10 or 500 vehicles. DMTrack provides you with an easy-to-use graphical interface to track, monitor and report on time and vehicle activity, including real time information on operational status (i.e. loading / unloading, in transit, waiting, return to base).

Product Name: Encom Discover v7.1
Company: Geografx Digital Mapping Services

Discover 7.1 is the desktop GIS designed especially for the geosciences, providing the tools to effectively compile, visualise, analyse and map spatial geoscience data. Since its release in 1994, Encom Discover has become the GIS of choice for the exploration industry. To exploration geologists, a copy of Encom Discover is now as essential a tool as a hammer, hand lens or compass.

Product Name: PCensus v8.0
Company: Geografx Digital Mapping Services

PCensus is an essential software tool for retailers, franchisors, market researchers, sales managers, banks, hospitals, realtors, urban planners, franchisors, educators, engineers, land developers, police, utilities, government, TV/radio broadcasters, political strategist or anyone who want to know all about the characteristic of people living in an area they [could] service and/or who want to find all the individual areas where people live that [could] use services they provide.

Product Name: Vertical Mapper
Company: Geografx Digital Mapping Services

Enhance geographic data analysis and visualization with the power of grids. Working seamlessly within MapInfo Professional, Vertical Mapper is unmatched as an effective tool to display, manage, and interpret spatial information. Optimize the location of broadcast towers, analyze health issues, visualize elevation, model environmental data, target marketing campaigns, determine centres of criminal activity – the possibilities are endless. Vertical Mapper lets you turn data into valuable information for making better decisions.

Product Name: CAD to GIS with theEngine
Company: Geokinetic Systems Inc.

This is a typical Microstation CAD 'fc1' drawing containing 19 layers of forestry data, including forest cover, property lines, roads, rivers, annotation or linkage text and many other items. In this example, the objective is to prepare attributed forest cover polygon, and polyline themes. But this could be any typical CAD data, parcels, pipelines, contours, etc.

Product Name: EV8 for ArcGIS
Company: Geokinetic Systems Inc.

This program is spectacular. Ignore it at your peril because your competitor won't. EV8 is an extension that transforms ArcMap into a fully comprehensive, lightning fast, and very easy to use "power" GIS. It has an extensive suite of tools and GIS methods. These are designed to work together with the result that there are hundreds of procedures and very quick methods available.

Product Name: CartoPort™
Company: GeoNorth, LLC

Publish your ArcGIS maps to ArcXML in minutes with CartoPort! In the past, GIS users wanting to publish their ArcMap Documents to the web had to struggle with the replication of map cartography in the ArcIMS Author. There was simply no easy way to replicate the work in ArcMap to ArcIMS and also retain performance.

Product Name: QueryMill
Company: GeoNorth, LLC

QueryMill™ 2.0 is a highly configurable, thin-client solution for providing web-based database querying capabilities to your users. Using QueryMill's powerful administration tools, you can create customized end-user query interfaces quickly and easily. Implemented as a custom tag, this flexible tool can easily be used in a wide range of applications, and it can be adapted readily for use in dynamic environments with heterogeneous data sources.

Product Name: RegioGraph
Company: GfK GeoMarketing GmbH

RegioGraph is a complete geomarketing solution for professional sales territory planning and management. Use this award-winning software to import, analyze and display company and market data on digital maps.

Product Name: Didger
Company: Golden Software\

All the advanced georeferencing, digitizing, coordinate conversion, and mapping features you need in a low-cost, unbelievably versatile program. This is the ultimate geoprocessing and data conversion tool for any map maker, cartographer, geologist.

Product Name: MapViewer
Company: Golden Software\

MapViewer is an affordable mapping and spatial analysis tool that allows you to easily produce publication-quality thematic maps. Precisely display your data distribution with the most intuitive functions and features. Your data is unique and you need the best mapping software for the job!

Product Name: Raster Tools
Company: Golden Software\

Designed to work seamlessly within ArcMap 10.3, Raster Tools provides extensive interpolation methods and control over all interpolation parameters. Interpolation methods include:
  • Kriging
  • Radial Basis Function
  • Minimum Curvature
  • Inverse Distance
  • Modified Shepard's Method
  • Natural Neighbor
  • Nearest Neighbor
  • Polynomial Regression
  • Local Polynomial
  • Triangulation
  • Moving Average
  • Data Metrics 
Raster Tools also features extensive interpolation parameter controls to ensure data is accurately represented. These controls include search neighborhood parameters to determine which data points are considered during the interpolation operation, the ability to use breaklines and faults during the interpolation calculation, and anisotropy settings to apply preferential weighting along a specified direction.

Product Name: GT/Metadata Explorer
Company: Graphic Technologies, Inc.

The GT/Metadata Explorer is a specialized tool for navigating and validating Intergraph’s G/Technology®metadata. The Explorer also provides the ability to query features, trace connectivity and ownership relationships, and generate reports.

Product Name: Flight Planning Software
Company: Icaros Geosystems Inc

Icaros Icaros’ easy to use, ground-based flight planning software finds the most effective route for image capture and creates a map of flight lines for pilots and navigators to follow during missions. Using pre-flight data from digital terrain models (DTMs) and a variety of other user-defined parameter fields, the mission is automatically laid out and simply adjusted by the user. Flight altitude calculations are made based on the desired ground sample distance (GSD) or ground level parameters entered.

Product Name: RaveGeo Map Client SDK
Company: Idevio AB

The RaveGeo Map Client is a light-weight mapping engine for desktops, web browsers and mobile devices. The Map Client for Java runs on versions from 1.1 (The old Microsoft VM), Personal Java, Java Micro edition (J2ME) and Java Standard Edition (J2SE).

Product Name: RaveGeo Server
Company: Idevio AB

The RaveGeo Server provides streaming vector data, routing, geocoding and map images. The Server is module-based and and runs on any Java compliant application server

Product Name: Fusion Mobile
Company: JCMB technology

FUSION JOBS, JCMB’s Open Business System, is a real-time field crew dispatch application built on Microsoft®.NET technology. Using a wireless messaging system, field crews can be notified of scheduled and unscheduled fieldwork directly in their vehicles. FUSION JOBS also provides an up-to-the-minute activity status, detailed fieldwork reporting and it enables crews to perform on-site redlining with GPS accuracy.

Product Name: JCMB DataPort
Company: JCMB technology

Using the connectivity centric functions of Fusion, the DataPort module is used to create sophisticated interfaces to and from different connectivity data models. It excels at implementing automated rules that transform GIS facility objects into fully operable network model

Product Name: PLOTTING
Company: KLT Associates

Plotting is becoming less demanding as technology evolves. There are however, companies which require on-line plotting from a stereoplotter. KLT Associates maintains software to achieve on-line INK plots as well as generating HPGL format files for any supported plotter. These files can be used in conjunction with the standard Windows print spooler to stream mutiple plot files to a plotter.

Product Name: Trimble LM80 Desktop
Company: KOREC

Trimble® LM80 Desktop software is designed for the contractor using the pocket-sized Trimble LM80 Layout Manager for his layout applications. It's the ideal companion for anyone working with very large or complex drawings.

Product Name: LandWorks GIS
Company: LandWorks, Inc

LandWorks GIS is a complete mapping solution developed by LandWorks leveraging industry standard ESRI® GIS technology to help manage land assets. LandWorks GIS is fully integrated with LandWorks Property Management system (LPM) and provides comprehensive analysis and reporting tools.

Product Name: GeoRover Software Product Line
Company: Leidos, Inc

GeoRover geospatial software are commercial products developed as flexible and efficient tools to aid in the production and analysis of GIS intelligence. GeoRover products enhance Environmental Systems Research Institute (Esri®)-based technology, and mobile technology providing improved data management. The desktop extensions are designed and sold as "plug-ins" to the ArcMap™ component of Esri ArcGIS® for Desktop GIS software (versions 9.3 and above). The mobile-based technology currently resides on the Android™ operating system. View all GeoRover Products &187; GeoRover software tools specialize in the following:
  • Data Import -Import wizard rapidly and flexibly ingests non-spatial data with coordinates from many different sources (spreadsheets, text, databases) and in many formats into ArcGIS.
  • Field Data Collection/Visualization -Plot routes and collected field data as layers in ArcGIS. Field data is collected with commercial GPS receivers and other components (digital cameras, voice recorders).
  • Data Creation/Editing -Easy to use, interactive interface within ArcMap for creating and editing feature layers.
  • Data Export -Export wizard generates powerful products in standard formats (HTML, PowerPoint® slideshows, Excel® spreadsheets) from ArcGIS data.
  • RPF Display / Management -Raster prodct format (RPF) tools designed to optimize creation, use, and management of large, file-based RPF datasets including Enhanced Compressed Raster Graphics(ECRG), Compressed ARC Digitized Raster Graphics(CADRG), and Controlled Image Base®(CIB®). Ideal for disconnected and operational users.
  • Full Motion Video Integration -Tools used to track and record multiple Full Motion Video(FMV) feeds inside of the ArcMap application for situational awareness. Allows users to the record platform, sensor footprint, and sensor footprint center point metadata from incoming video feeds into new or existing feature layers.
  • Mobile Collection Capability -Application on Android™ platform supported mobile devices(smartphones or tablets) that can be used in connected or disconnected environments. Allows users to edit and create features in new or existing feature layers.
  • Data Conversion between FalconView® and ArcGIS platforms -Interoperability tools for converting data between common FalconView formats such as Local Point and Draw files and common GIS formats such as shapefiles and feature classes(personal, file, enterprise ArcSDE®). Option to apply FalconView Local Point symbology to point layers in the ArcMap application.

Product Name: Gauges
Company: Lowrance

The Lowrance digital gauges use NMEA 2000 / LowranceNET networking to display key engine and environmental data at the steering position.  Combine digital and easy-to-read analog formats for instant clarity and understanding.

Product Name: Mapping
Company: Lowrance

Lowrance offers more compatible mapping solutions than any other marine electronics manufacturer. So whether you are spending the day fishing on the lake, cruising on the coast or off-roading through the desert you will have more options making it easier to find just the right map for your interest.

Product Name: Wireless / Apps
Company: Lowrance

GoFree™ Wireless Technology enables wireless viewing and control* of HDS Gen2 or HDS Gen2 Touch displays with a smartphone or tablet.

Product Name: LuciadFusion
Company: Luciad nv.

LuciadFusion is an application designed to manage, fuse and serve Geospatial data. LuciadFusion accesses Geospatial data from any database, service, or file, by means of an easy to use Data Management application. This data can be managed into different Themes - which are a combination of different datasets as required by each specific End-User group. Using the appropriate Theme(s), the required data is served to the application. Efficient caching and storing ensures fast retrieval and guarantees that the data is readily available at all times.

Product Name: LuciadLightspeed
Company: Luciad nv.

Luciad’s flagship product is LuciadLightspeed, a next generation software solution that Systems Integrators and Original Equipment Manufacturers can use to rapidly develop their applications in mission-critical C4ISR and ATC/ATM systems. LuciadLightspeed brings Situational Awareness into a new era, and customers appreciate the value it brings in allowing significantly faster developments of applications, combined with unparalleled performance and accuracy.

Product Name: LuciadMap
Company: Luciad nv.

 LuciadMap software comprises an extensive suite of customizable components that meet the demands for rapid development of high-end situational awareness applications in all areas of C4ISR and ATC/ATM and is designed to provide high-performance and high-precision applications.

Product Name: LuciadMobile
Company: Luciad nv.

LuciadMobile enables rapid development of Geospatial Situational Awareness applications for mobile devices running Android. LuciadMobile has specific benefits for the development of applications in the Defense & Security and Aviation domains.

Product Name: LuciadRIA
Company: Luciad nv.

LuciadRIA provides software components for rapid development of Geospatial Situational Awareness applications in browser-based environments. LuciadRIA enables the development of advanced and easy-to-use cross-browser based applications using the available web-based technologies of today (HTML5, AJAX, ...). LuciadRIA offers the ability to connect to geospatial data, visualize all this information and to provide an interactive user experience, all in a browser-based environment.

Product Name: coyotEYE-Pro
Company: Lupine Logic Inc.

coyotEYE-Pro consists of rugged mobile hardware, along with LLI's new RichPoint project mobile and desktop client-server database software. The mobile segment of the system combines the proven TDS RECON rugged handheld PocketPC computer with GPS and digital camera, allowing field personnel to georeference virtually any field asset using GPS tagged digital photos and form data. Other multimedia and sensor formats, including real-time voice capture, will be added soon.

Product Name: MunicipalGIS Desktop
Company: MainStreetGIS

MainStreetGIS Desktop is a standalone GIS application designed just for city, town, and county offices. Create your own maps and add your own data. Then browse the map or search for properties by Owner, Address or Parcel ID.

Product Name: Web GIS
Company: MainStreetGIS

Web GIS solution for municipalities provides GIS maps and property information to anyone with an internet connection. Residents and employees of your town, city, or county can now access GIS maps from almost anywhere – the home, office, or in the field with a laptop or PDA  Please contact us for more information.

Product Name: GeoConcept GIS
Company: MapMechanics

GeoConcept GIS makes sophisticated mapping analysis easy. Simple to use menus and dialogue boxes drive this powerful software.

Product Name: ICENAV 501
Company: MapmyIndia

ICENAV 501 comes power packed with features to make your life as easy and interactive as possible. It contains the ability to sync your mobile with the device, and enjoy these wonderful features such as seamlessly receiving and making calls so that you can relax while driving. You can even load your mobile contacts with the device, and use its A2DP music streaming to play music through mobile phone once, the synchronization is complete with ICENAV 501. With the multimedia capabilities, you can play different music formats like MP3/MP4 and utilize its 15.8cm screen to enjoy theatre experience right in your car. Of course, it comes with all the normal features like rear view camera input option, Radio (AM/FM) and USB port/SD card slot and AUX in to connect your iPhone or any other mobile. But its best feature is the Steering Wheel Key Control which gives the ability for the in dash to be controlled through your steering wheel, thereby providing a convenient experience while driving. With these amazing features buying ICENAV 501 for your car would be a smart choice indeed.

Product Name: GeoLabel Pro™
Company: MapText, Inc.

GeoLabel Pro™ is a high-quality integrated text placement software for GeoMedia Professional. GeoLabel Pro is currently compatible with: GeoMedia Professional v.6.0 and above

Product Name: GeoKNX
Company: Marshall

While in the field, mobile workforces have a need to access enterprise data to see what tasks are assigned and document the completion of these tasks.  GeoKNX Mobile makes the job of documenting field work fast, allowing the mobile worker to focus on getting the job completed.

Product Name: XGIS4
Company: Mettenmeier GmbH

XGIS is one of the most successful internet solutions in the Smallworld GIS environment. For several years now, a large user community within the utilities supply and waste disposal industries has been relying on this intuitive and economical standard solution based on SIAS. Version 4 of the XGIS query product has been optimised for use with Smallworld 4 / SIAS 4.

Product Name: MIT EZ-Plot
Company: Millennium International Technologies, Inc.

The MIT EZ-Plot Application is designed to simplify the process of creating construction drawings and ad-hoc plots. It provides the ability to create and manipulate one or more plots from a single user interface.

Product Name: Digital map products
Company: NavInfo Co., Ltd.

Digital map products are one of Navinfo’s core businesses. As the earliest provider of commercial navigation map products in China since 2002, the Company has accumulated over 10 years of experience. NavInfo provides all-around digital map services to the world's leading automotive, consumer electronics, the Internet and Mobile Internet customers, and are well received by customers by virtue of the excellent quality. So far, it has provided services to more than 10 automotive factories, dozens of consumer-electronics manufacturers, and a number of Internet and mobile Internet service providers around the globe.

Product Name: Deep Sea Viewer
Company: New Century Software

Crucial for offshore pipeline operators, Deep Sea Viewer provides a superior way to inspect sub-sea pipelines, visually track assets, quickly assess risks, and prioritize maintenance activities. Not only can users make well-informed risk and asset management decisions but it also provides an in-depth look at the health of sub-sea pipelines by integrating underwater video survey information with integrity assessments.

Product Name: Spatial Risk Analyst
Company: New Century Software

Meet regulatory requirements for data integration and risk analysis with the powerful GIS-based Spatial Risk Analyst. This robust application allows pipeline operators to quickly and objectively measure risk along the pipeline through a variety of customized risk algorithms (models). Intended for Pipeline Integrity Managers and Risk Engineers responsible for regulatory compliance, Spatial Risk Analyst boosts your ability to plan appropriate measures for prevention and mitigation. With Spatial Risk Analyst, you are free to view, modify, or develop your own algorithms to meet the needs of a specific environment without shipping the data offsite. Its time-saving features also allow you to perform dynamic segmentation to determine risk on unique segments of the pipeline. This results in highly accurate risk results that promote defensible decision making throughout the organization.

Product Name: GIS Parcel Locator
Company: Nexiasystems LLC

The search capabilities allow for parcels of land to be located and a user of the website to obtain a property report, zoning report, environmental report, or community report. For example, to determine (based upon location of a parcel of property or address) the county council person represents you, which school district, census tract, precinct and voting location, or which fire district your property is located inside of, choose the Community Report.

Product Name: Transporation Management
Company: Nexiasystems LLC

Nexiasystems's Transportation Management Systems combine GPS satellite navigation and terrestrial communications technologies to enable public transit authorities and fleet operators to better track, manage and dispatch their vehicles..

Product Name: FAAR® 3
Company: NMT Corporation

FAAR® 3 - The newest member of the FAAR® Suite of utility automation software represents the next generation of the most widely used field automation software in the world.

Product Name: Penmap
Company: Limited

Penmap is the new premium data collection software, specifically designed for TabletPCs, PDAs and handheld GNSS receivers running Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP or Windows Mobile operating system. It's revolutionary user interface provides the industry's largest map real-estate, is designed to be operated with your fingers, and provides the world's first right- or left-handed modes for better ergonomics.

Product Name: Penmap classic
Company: Limited

Penmap classic is an earlier version of Penmap, specifically designed for Tablet PCs. Penmap classic is the right solution for Geological Field Mapping together with GeoMapper.

Product Name: Penmap GI-Collector 100
Company: Limited

The Penmap GI-Collector 100 provides Meter-accuracy in a small, ergonomic handheld GNSS receiver. Powered by Penmap software it is ideal for all Mapping tasks.

Product Name: Penmap GI-Collector Yuma
Company: Limited

The Penmap GI-Collector Yuma is the most powerful, ease-of-use data collection system for all GIS Mapping and Surveying applications running Penmap encoreT Tablet Edition. The integrated GPS receiver provides position accuracy of 2..4 meters in real-time. The integrated 5 MP digital camera make adding visual attribute data a breeze.

Product Name: Penmap office
Company: Limited

Penmap office is the useful addition to your Penmap field software. It streamlines your workflow from preparing your project, importing data, managing large raster and vector background maps to giving your collected field data the final touch back in the office.

Product Name: Penmap Upgrade from v7.x to v9
Company: Limited

Upgrade to Penmap encore or Penmap encoreT v9 from version 7.x.

Product Name: Trimble Ranger 3XC
Company: Limited

The Trimble Ranger 3 FieldPC is designed to withstand the elements and survive the stress of working outdoors. The Trimble Ranger 3 is the ideal platform if you prefer a full QWERTY hardware keyboard for traditional coding workflows in new Penmap encore.

Product Name: Pictometry® Connect
Company: Pictometry International Corp.

Pictometry Connect is a secure, web-based solution that combines high resolution aerial imagery with customer GIS data to create a powerful system that is easily accessible and interactive. Users can upload, view, and analyze their location-based data against the backdrop of the highest quality aerial imagery in the world. Since Pictometry® Connect is built on top of the Pictometry Analytics platform, this solution goes way beyond just visualization with major benefits to the user including:

Product Name: Pictometry® Server Edition™
Company: Pictometry International Corp.

Server Edition™ (formerly Self Hosting) is an innovative web-based solution for customers who need to blend the ease of an online solution with the ability to host their own imagery for security or connectivity purposes.

Product Name: GeoMedia®
Company: Planetek Italia srl

GeoMedia® is a powerful GIS management package that enables users to realize the maximum value of their geospatial resources. It provides simultaneous access to geospatial data in almost any form, uniting them in a single map view for efficient processing, analysis, presentation, and sharing. GeoMedia's intuitive, dynamic functionality enables concatenation of analysis processes so the results of one operation feed directly into the next. Powerful query tools allow automatic result updates in response to data changes.  

Product Name: PlanetSAT 2.5
Company: PlanetObserver

Resulting of a partnership between the Geo-Intelligence division of Airbus Defence & Space and PlanetObserver, PlanetSAT 2.5 products are national and regional satellite imagery mosaics with a unique visual rendering and colour quality. They constitute the perfect addition to PlanetSAT 15 and PlanetSAT 150 imagery products.

Company: Proficio GeoTechnologies Pvt Ltd

The use of computerized information is a rowing part of everyday life. More and more people are using electronic means to access information on geographic, social, economic, political and environmental topics to answer the practical questions of their daily lives. The answers they find affect their educational and business decisions, influence their personal choices and expand their understanding of the places where they live.

Product Name: LP Viewer
Company: QCoherent Software

One of the most common requests we receive is to provide a free viewer. Not just any viewer, but one that utilizes our Limitless LiDAR™ core technology and unbelievably fast visualizations. We did it. LP Viewer is now installed with the LP360 evaluation bundle. For 30 days LP360 will be enabled for evaluation (and LP Viewer).

Product Name: LP360 EQC
Company: QCoherent Software

LP360 EQC is a lightweight editing and QC tool integrated into GeoCue software. LP360 EQC offers a cost effective solution to redlining and evaluating LiDAR data at critical points in the LiDAR processing workflow. 

Product Name: LP360 Standalone
Company: QCoherent Software

As requested from our clients, QCoherent Software is now providing unprecedented flexibility with its LiDAR software.  LP360 and Classify are now co-licensed with LP360 Standalone.

Product Name: RPC Conflict Resolver
Company: Red Planet Consulting, Inc

Red Planet Consulting has developed a RPC Conflict Resolver tool to work on top of Smallworld Core Spatial Technology™. The RPC Conflict Resolver will significantly reduce the time required to manually resolve conflicts that result from the batch-merge process. Many times, the core software flags object-level conflicts that include valid attribute-level changes. The RPC Conflict Resolver Tool will automatically resolve attribute level conflicts for simple geometries, alphanumeric physical attributes, and join fields up to 1 level deep. Not only will this tool increase efficiency of the merge-batch process, but will also allow the user/administrator to focus more attention on the "real" conflicts.

Product Name: RPC Database Administrator
Company: Red Planet Consulting, Inc

At Red Planet, we have developed several tools to help utilities manage their Smallworld Core Spatial Technology™ implementations. These tools, built with customization in mind, have been created to be both extensible and flexible.

Product Name: RPC Database Auditor
Company: Red Planet Consulting, Inc

At Red Planet, we have developed several tools to help utilities manage their Smallworld Core Spatial Technology™ implementations. These tools, built with customization in mind, have been created to be both extensible and flexible.

Product Name: RPC Object to XML Exporter
Company: Red Planet Consulting, Inc

Interoperability between disparate systems can be achieved through open-standards and protocols. At Red Planet, we have developed a series of tools to export any Smallworld database object into various XML formats and schemas., including the use of GML. Red Planet has also designed a solution to export data in CIM-XML format (Common Information Model XML), a standard for sharing Electrical Distribution network data and topology.

Product Name: RPC QuickPlot
Company: Red Planet Consulting, Inc

At Red Planet, we have developed several tools to help utilities manage their Smallworld Core Spatial Technology™ implementations. These tools, built with customization in mind, have been created to be both extensible and flexible

Product Name: RPC White Space Manager
Company: Red Planet Consulting, Inc

At Red Planet, we have developed several tools to help utilities manage their Smallworld Core Spatial Technology™ implementations. These tools, built with customization in mind, have been created to be both extensible and flexible.

Product Name: The Reprise License Manager (RLM)
Company: Reprise Software, Inc.

RLM is a software toolkit that allows software vendors (ISVs) to more effectively price and license their products for sale to end-users. Using RLM, ISVs can capture lost revenue by offering attractive license terms that more closely match their customer's needs, rather than being stuck in a "one-license-type-fits-all" sales model. RLM keeps the best of former license management systems, while adding new features to improve ease-of-use and long-term maintainability.

Product Name: Pro-DOC
Company: Rightangle Technologies

Pro-DOC TM – introducing a new technology for developing Complex, Web-based, GIS-enabled, Enterprise Applications in a fraction of the time and cost compared to using conventional development methods. This is a complete development platform for deploying GIS enabled Business applications quickly and cost effectively. No third party GIS components are needed and no knowledge of GIS programming is required.

Product Name: SF-Editor
Company: SaharSoft Co.

SF-Editor is a mapping and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) software for use with Microsoft Windows. SF-Editor has an extensive set of features to create, edit, export and analyze Esri Shapefiles.

Product Name: CropTraktm
Company: ScanControl, Inc.

CropTraktm software has been deployed by some of the world's largest wine producers and multinational agricultural enterprises. With a very rapid deployment path, very short learning curve, multi-language capability and easy scalability we are delivering process oversight to all levels of the organization. Our users span from 40 acre super premium boutique operations to multi-label household name producers with farming operations in every major global winegrowing region.

Product Name: ScanEx ENVISAT SAR Processor® (SESARP)
Company: ScanEx RDC

ScanEx ENVISAT SAR Processor® (SESARP) software has been developed to process SAR data of Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar (ASAR) installed onboard the European ENVISAT remote sensing satellite (ESA).

Product Name: beacon
Company: Schneider Corporation

Beacon™ is an interactive public access tool that allows users to view county/city information, records and GIS (Geographic Information Systems) via an online portal.

Product Name: SECON Alignment Sheet Generator
Company: SECON Private Limited

SECON has developed SECON Alignment Sheet Generator (SASG), an application that automates the production of pipeline alignment sheets. SASG is an automated mapping application that completely automates the production and maintenance of alignment sheets with planimetry, profile, cross sections and soil investigation details on a standard CAD platform and to generate reports such as Population Density Index, Crossings, Soil Resistivity/Soil Investigation, Control Points chainages, Bearing and Deflection angle reports. This product automatically produces high-quality alignment sheets from a CSV file data source.

Product Name: Spidar™
Company: SimWright, Inc.

The Spidar™ stereo modeling tool operates as a plug-in to MultiGen® Creator™ or ModelBuilder 3D™. Spidar™ allows the user to view stereo imagery data pairs within Creator or ModelBuilder 3D and extract polygonal models of buildings and other cultural features. The extracted features are geocoded so no further geo-referencing is needed to place the features properly in the scene.

Product Name: StereoGIS™
Company: SimWright, Inc.

StereoGIS™ is a custom application that enables the user to analyze imagery of a given area in a 3-dimensional stereo format and easily extract, edit, and/or create 2D or 3D vector data products, and high quality digital elevation models from the imagery.

Product Name: SweetSpot™
Company: SimWright, Inc.

SweetSpot™ is the latest offering of high-end cost effective software from SimWright. This tool was developed in response to users primarily in the DOD that require accurate geopositional updating using a known accurate source. The source database of choice is DPPDB (Digital Point Positioning Database) that exists at the DOD Secret clearance level. Due to the relevancy of this data set, an NTM (National Technical Means) stereo image pair (or single image) may need to have its accuracy improved using SweetSpot™.

Product Name: SpacEyes 3D Builder
Company: SpacEyes

SpacEyes 3D Builder is a sophisticated and attractive software opened to all which allows. Using Earth Observation images and any other cartographic material, SpacEyes 3D Builder makes available a large panel of sophisticated tools of visualization and 3D modelling .

Product Name: Fieldport Enterprise Suite
Company: Spacient Technologies, Inc.

Fieldport® Enterprise Suite is the latest release of Spacient's comprehensive software solution for the mobile workforce. Leveraging innovative .NET, wireless, GPS and ESRI ArcGIS technologies, Fieldport offers a robust, flexible mobile solution for customer field services, mobile asset management, and location-based GPS and GIS mapping

Product Name: SDImaps™
Company: Spatial Data Integrations, Inc.

SDImaps is designed to give the power of GIS to those with no experience. We know that designing and managing a mapping system from scratch can be an enormous task. We also understand that as a utility manager, your time is spent taking care of your customers and your system. You probably have too little time to take on a comprehensive mapping project or too little money to hire full-time GIS personnel.

Product Name: ESRI GIS Software
Company: Spatial Vision

ESRI GIS software is recognised as well proven and world leading technology. Over a 1,000,000 people in more than 229 countries use ESRI's GIS technologies to improve the way their organisations conduct business every day.

Product Name: Spatial Vision's Vicmap Book
Company: Spatial Vision

The Vicmap Book series has been developed by Spatial Vision in partnership with the Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) and Country Fire Authority (CFA) in an initiative to make state-wide topographic mapping more widely available throughout Victoria. Each map book is based on the latest 1:25,000 Victorian Government topographic information (Vicmap).

Product Name: SpatialPoint Atlas
Company: SpatialPoint

SpatialPoint Atlas makes deploying web-based mapping applications simple. With Atlas you get the proven scalability and reliability of Microsoft’s MapPoint Web Services with the functionality of more robust mapping engines. Atlas bridges the gap between commercially available mapping web services and expensive GIS (Geographic Information Systems) packages.You get all of the functionality that you need without all of the complicated functions that you don’t.

Product Name: Component GIS
Company: SuperMap Software Co., Ltd.

SuperMap Component GIS is specially designed for GIS developers and programmers who want to quickly customize their own Desktop GIS applications (C/S structure). It serves them all the general GIS modules with industrial standard components including COM, .NET and Java and comes with detailed programming reference book and sample codes.

Product Name: Mobile GIS
Company: SuperMap Software Co., Ltd.

SuperMap Mobile GIS is specially designed for field survey, intelligent transportation, precise agriculture, facility inspection, etc. It provides a ready-to-use mobile Desktop GIS as well as the SDKs for customizing such applications and especially car navigation applications. SuperMap Mobile GIS includes SuperMap Flex Mobile and SuperMap iMobile.

Product Name: Tactician One
Company: Tactician Corporation

Tactician One is a fully integrated analytic, reporting and execution platform for Geographic Resource Investment Decisions (GRID). Tactician One incorporates our 15 years of building GRID applications for many of the world's largest and most demanding marketing organizations with new open system architecture to provide unmatched ROI and value for executives, sales, marketing and GIS professionals.

Product Name: TatukGIS Editor
Company: TatukGIS

  A professional desktop GIS mapping and data editing application that is highly customizable and extendable. A built-in scripting environment exposes, within the Editor, the full API of the TatukGIS Developer Kernel (SDK). Features include native support for most GIS/CAD industry vector, raster, and SQL layer data formats, user friendly editing tools, 5,000 pre-defined coordinate systems with on-the-fly map layer reprojection, compatibility with most database engines, database joining, SQL querying, streaming WMS, WFS, WMTS, or TMS Webtiles from the web, vector and image layer rectification/georeferencing, integrated 3D visualization, and much more. Comprehensive visual layer property, legend, and scale controls provide for deep customization of the map appearance, thematic mapping, layer hierarchies, legend, and scale presentation. Supports includes opening and editing 3rd party spatial databases such as Oracle Spatial, PostGIS, and Microsoft SQL Spatial. This product is available as 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Product Name: Freeance Mobile
Company: TDC Group / Freeance

Freeance Mobile is innovative, easy-to-use location software for efficiently making mobile applications. You can now make your GIS available to anyone, anywhere, anytime. It is hassle-free software for users and IT administrators alike. Designed for the ESRI and BlackBerry environments, Freeance Mobile is a well-balanced approach combining off-the-shelf simplicity with the ability to make your own custom applications. Visit for more information. Freeance allows you to create your own custom GIS applications and database forms on any Blackberry devices. Freeance Mobile is bringing GIS to the handheld, walk and work, environment.

Product Name: Mobile Workflow
Company: Tensing

Tensing Mobile Workflow is the mobile client application that connects your mobile workforce with your back-office system via state-of-the-art wireless communications and mobile PDA’s, laptops and pen computers. Tensing Mobile Workflow supports any mobile process, any back-office system and any device.

Product Name: TerraGo Composer
Company: TerraGo Technologies, Inc.

TerraGo Composer gives organizations the power to easily create, edit and dynamically update digital maps, images and GeoPDF-based mapbooks, simply and cost-efficiently. With GeoPDF-based map books, anyone with access to Adobe Reader can leverage the TerraGo Toolbar to use and update geospatial data in the field.

Product Name: Ambercore – Enterprise-Scale Solutions
Company: Terrapoint

Ambercore provides knowledge solutions with its powerful spatial modeling and simulation software. Our world class scientific team faces natural resource related challenges with a unique combination of geo-science, advanced mathematics, software engineering and system integration. With its patented technology, Ambercore offers mining and petroleum clients’ solutions for every stage of their business and operations cycle.

Product Name: WebGIS
Company: Terrasystem

TERRASYSTEM has the skills and advanced software tools for the production and the update of thematic maps, geographic databases, environmental analysis and simulations.

Product Name: Map Suite GIS Editor
Company: ThinkGeo

The Map Suite GIS Editor for Windows lets you design stunning custom maps, perform geo-analysis and visualize your spatial data. With mapping that’s powerful enough for professional GIS technicians, yet accessible enough for nearly anyone who needs to create a customized map, the GIS Editor was created as a single-application solution to all of your GIS visualization, customization and mapping needs.

Product Name: System 110 GPS Lightbar Guidance System
Company: Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc.

Lightbar Guidance systems are well known tools of Agriculture; improving efficiency and operating speeds while reducing overlap and extending hours of operation.

Product Name: Tri-Global MobileStaker™ v 4
Company: Tri-Global Technologies, LLC

Tri-Global MobileStaker is designed for the staking professional requiring precise field measurements and seamless integration with Partner's Field Designer software suite. MobileStaker harnesses the power of the Partner System, allowing users to efficiently complete staking operations, carry the data back through the Partner Web, and integrate surveys into any industry standard Accounting Systems and Geographic Information System.

Product Name: Trimble Access
Company: Trimble Navigation

Trimble Access software offers survey teams a new approach to surveying that expedites data collection, processing, analysis, and delivery through improved workflows, collaboration and control, enabled by constant connectivity* across the project team.

Product Name: USMap
Company: Utility Sciences Corporation

Built upon the stability of Autodesk Map™, USMap is the foundation by which you can create, update, and store all your geo-referenced facility information through an easy to use interface. Object oriented and rules based, USMap allows the user to map, model, and maintain accurate records of utility assets. The product interfaces with MultiSpeak applications such as billing, engineering analysis and staking

Product Name: WWMS - GIS based Asset Management System
Company: VidaGIS

he system is installable on any PC without third party software. Wastewater Management System meets the high requirements of the wastewater industry in obtaining a better asset management, better scheduling and operations management, better customer care service…

Product Name: ViewPermit
Company: ViewPoint Government Solutions, Inc.

ViewPermit™ is a GIS-integrated stand-alone software package designed to manage municipal permits. ViewPermit™ creates new permits and tracks the review and inspection process as documents move from one department to another, automatically notifying the necessary parties of the status of the pending applications.

Company: Vision Labs (India) Pvt. Ltd.

VISION MapMaker Professionalism a full-fledged Geographic Information System (GIS) used to perform various GIS operations like creating spatial and attribute data, linking and querying the data, and performing analyses on the maps and the corresponding attribute data. VISION MapMaker Professional is an indigenously developed product of VISIONLABS and comprises of several modules. The application provides for basic mapping functionality that is used for the digitization of maps to create spatial data, Attribute data can be created using the underlying database and linked with the spatial data.

Product Name: FeatureAnalyst
Company: Visual Learning Systems

Feature Analyst® automated feature extraction software is used across the globe by organizations such as the US Forest Service and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency for geospatial production tasks. The software is exceptionally accurate, and well-integrated with existing GIS and image processing software such as ArcGIS™ and ERDAS IMAGINE®.

Product Name: What If?
Company: What If?, Inc.

What if? is an interactive GIS-based system which supports all aspects of the land use planning process: conducting a land suitability analysis, projecting future land use demand, allocating this demand to suitable locations, and evaluating the likely impacts of alternative policy choices and assumptions.

Product Name: Think GIS™
Company: WTH Technology

Think GIS™ is the one of the world's most accessible GIS software solutions.  Developed by WTH, this innovative technology provides revolutionary capabilities, including pin-point mapping, synchronized data sharing, and instant software updates together with industry-leading customer support.

Product Name: Mayrise Highways
Company: Yotta Ltd

Mayrise Highways Maintenance gives you a cost effective way of managing your highways assets, from inventory to works orders and inspections. You can manage the end to end cycle of reactive maintenance from customer enquiry, through to inspection, works and completion.


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