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Software : Geographic Presentation (Desktop Mapping)

Product Name: 3D Nature Foliage CD
Company: 3D Nature, LLC

3D Nature is proud to offer a extensive collection of new foliage objects and Components for use with WCS 6 and VNS 2. Many of these images were contributed by customers from around the world so there is a great variety of foliage types.

Product Name: Google™ Maps API
Company: AnalyGIS, LLC

AnalyGIS has teamed up with SRC to develop a proof-of-concept application combining the Google Maps API with SRC's robust Allocate™ demographic engine. With this API, a single mouse click on a Google Map will return two different Census 2000 Demographic reports for 1, 3, and 5 miles around any location and simultaneously add radius rings to the map.

Product Name: HYDROMAP
Company: Applied Science Associates, Inc.

HYDROMAP generates current and water level predictions for any coastal waters around the world.

Product Name: AccsMap
Company: Buchanan Computing

AccsMap is a map-based road casualty analysis system developed specifically for the UK. It is a comprehensive input, reporting, analysis and validation system for road accidents, enabling data to be viewed and interrogated on a map background. AccsMap is able to provide full STATS 21 validation with Department for Transport (DfT) exports and the justification of safety camera sites.

Product Name: HighwayMap
Company: Buchanan Computing

HighwayMap manages all stages of the Section 38 highway adoptions and other processes. It can be used to maintain a comprehensive record of the status and extent of all highway boundaries. Contact information for developers, solicitors and other relevant parties is stored within the system along with standard letters for each stage of the adoption process. There is the facility to automatically generate and attach copies of letters sent and reminders can be set to ensure that each stage of the process is completed on time.

Product Name: InvMap
Company: Buchanan Computing

InvMap is a purpose built street inventory mapping system. It records and displays a wide range of items including: street furniture, highway features, traffic surveys and safety audits. InvMap provides a single repository of different data sets, which will enable you to deal with queries quickly and efficiently. It can be also be used simultaneously with other TraffMap application such as AccsMap for collision analysis and ParkMap for the management traffic orders.

Product Name: LineMap
Company: Buchanan Computing

LineMap is a major breakthrough in productivity for traffic and highway engineers. It combines the power of CAD with the simplicity of word processing, to provide a fast and accurate design tool with the option to build up inventory and maintenance records for a whole authority.

Product Name: SignMap
Company: Buchanan Computing

SignMap is a comprehensive, map-based traffic sign design, display and management system. Through integration of maintenance and other inventory functions with a design tool for new signing schemes, the permanent record is kept updated and fewer costly design mistakes occur. SignMap provides the means to tackle both these requirements and can aid visualisation (e.g. for public consultation) with its colourful display.

Product Name: SurveyMap
Company: Buchanan Computing

SurveyMap is the ideal tool for storage, analysis and assessment of parking survey data. It provides instant access to information and flexibility during analysis and reporting that could make trawling through numerous hard copy reports and spreadsheets a thing of the past. SurveyMap was developed in association with Colin Buchanan and The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

Product Name: Maptitude
Company: Caliper Corporation

GIS for Windows for business, government and education. A powerful combination of software and geographic data for desktop mapping & spatial analysis in one package.

Product Name: Maptitude for Redistricting
Company: Caliper Corporation

A special edition of Maptitude GIS that includes everything you need ot build and analyze redistricting plans.

Product Name: MapInfo ProViewer™ v12
Company: CDR Group

The product is a complement to MapInfo Professional and is an easy-to-use map viewing tool.  Paper distribution of maps is a difficult solution for sharing in those cases where the data is updated frequently, multiple maps need to be distributed, or your printing capacity cannot handle the level of detail or the size of map. ProViewer will solve each of these challenges by offering an easy way to see and share maps.

Product Name: MapInfo® Exponare™
Company: CDR Group

Exponare is an out-of-the-box solution developed on MapInfo’s Enterprise platform. It combines the power of MapInfo’s proven location based technology with the flexibility of the Microsoft® .NET framework and Web Services. CDR Group - MapInfo ExponareMapInfo® Exponare™ is designed to enable users to connect to the many sources of corporate data, to discover the full extent of their information resource and to deliver the high quality of service demanded by today’s citizens and customers.Exponare is an integrated suite of applications, with a strong emphasis on integration, centralised management and ease of use. Exponare provides the portal to an organisation’s corporate data, both spatial and non-spatial, allowing users to leverage their corporate informationresource as never before – and to do it with a minimum of down time involved in implementation. The Exponare product suite consists of a number of modules designed to work seamlessly with each other and act as an integrated suite. Sharing a common code base, each module has a consistent look and feel and is set up with a common configuration tool. The first two modules of the Exponare suite are Enquiry and Public.

Product Name: MapInfo® MapX™
Company: CDR Group

MapInfo® MapX™ is a cost-effective, robust OCX component that is easily integrated into business applications using standard visual programming tools. As an OCX, MapX™ offers true Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) control, allowing you to integrate a mapping object into new and pre-existing business applications, depending upon the needs of the specific users in your organisation.

Product Name: MapInfo® SpatialWare®
Company: CDR Group

MapInfo SpatialWare software enhances the value of your corporate data by enabling it to be stored, managed and quickly retrieved from leading commercial database management systems, Informix® and Microsoft® SQL Server. MapInfo SpatialWare is the first spatial information management system to implement SQL-based advanced spatial access, analysis and modelling in a database environment for the occasional user, or the sophisticated database programmer. It sets a new standard in ease of use and seamless integration. Simply stated, SpatialWare allows you to enhance key business processes by connecting data and location.

Product Name: BIDYUT
Company: CyberSWIFT

BIDYUT is an utility mapping software, which is successfully running at grass root levels of electricity distribution in the state of West Bengal and other state electricity boards of India.

Product Name: SWIFT
Company: CyberSWIFT

SWIFT developed by CyberSWIFT is the manifestation of its experience, market research and understanding the GIS needs of the industry.SWIFT has been designed for providing complete Desktop Mapping.Desktop mapping include features for vectorisation and one stop data storage facility.

Product Name: ImageConnect™
Company: DMTI Spatial

ImageConnect is a unique desktop mapping technology. It instantly detects and provides the coordinates and projection of your desired area with the appropriate date and resolution directly to your desktop. Finally consumers of satellite imagery can eliminate the time and costs of trying to find imagery at great expense.

Product Name: CAMPS Desktop Modules
Company: EI Technologies, LLC

CAMPS stands for Cartographic Editing and Map Production System. The customized set of ArcGIS tools was developed by EI Technologies in collaboration with our local government clients to enhance user productivity and reduce the learning curve for ArcGIS.

Product Name: ArcSketch
Company: Esri

ArcSketch is a free sample extension for ArcGIS that allows you to quickly create features in ArcMap using easy-to-use sketch tools. You simply select a sketch tool and an associated symbol, and then draw the feature. ArcSketch automatically manages the drawing environment, allowing you to conceptualize what to draw, as opposed to how to draw it.

Product Name: ArcView
Company: Esri

ArcView allows you to visualize, explore, and analyze geographic data, revealing underlying patterns, relationships, and trends. You can use ArcView to create maps, manage your data, and perform spatial analysis.

Product Name: World Digital Map Collection For use with Fugawi Software
Company: Fugawi

Fugawi Digital Maps are a collection of digital topographic maps of various regions, for use with Fugawi Global Navigator, Fugawi Marine ENC Ver. 4, or Fugawi Tracker 4.Fugawi Global Navigator and Fugawi Marine ENC support the widest variety of land maps and nautical charts for use around the world.

Product Name: AltaMap Desktop
Company: GeoMicro, Inc.

AltaMap Desktop, an ActiveX GIS mapping module for the Windows operating systems, integrates flexibility and extensibility to support basic and full-featured mapping functions.

Product Name: AltaMap Geocoder
Company: GeoMicro, Inc.

Geocoding is the process of turning written postal addresses into physical locations on a map. It is the first step to providing many advanced services, navigation, driving directions, proximity searches, or E-911 applications.

Product Name: AltaMap Server
Company: GeoMicro, Inc.

AltaMap Server is an easy to use, powerful and cost-effective way to deliver mapping applications over the Internet an deliver them to large numbers of users, as services. Dynamically generating maps such as: streets and highways, parcel maps, trade areas, delivery routes, even aerial photography.

Product Name: Real Time Traffic
Company: GeoMicro, Inc.

Real Time Traffic is provided as a web service, designed as an extension of the AltaMap LBS Platform. Real Time Traffic integrates seamlessly with the entire suite Hosted Web Services or self- hosted AltaMap LBS Platform.

Product Name: Routing
Company: GeoMicro, Inc.

GeoMicro's AltaMap Routing Engine was designed and developed to create routes based on user specified origins, waypoints, and destinations. It provides turn by turn driving directions, distance, and estimated drive times for the US and Canada.

Product Name: RaveGeo Web Map
Company: Idevio AB

The Web Map is a web component that displays a dynamic map with possible symbols on top of it. It has a Javascript interface and is easily integrated in a web page. It comes in two different implementations with the same interface.

Product Name: RaveGeo Web Map Applet
Company: Idevio AB

The RaveGeo Web Map Applet is lightweight mapping engine packaged as a Java Applet. Map functions like zoom, pan and manipulate objects are done with Javascript which makes it easy to integrate in a web page

Product Name: WebParcel™
Company: IDSi International

The WebParcel™ is a user-friendly, highly flexible Parcel Viewer powered by optimized Searches and Reports to enable users to search, map, and easily share vast amounts of parcel, road, and other infrastructure information and reports through a single application.

Product Name: Address Parser and Standardizer

Our address parser and standardizer is based on code from our geocoder. It takes address line1 and/or address line2 and parses and standardizes the the tokens and fits them into the best guess for fields like house number, prefix directional, prefix type, name, postfix type, postfix directional, building identifiers, within building identifiers, PO Box, and rural route sub strings.

Product Name: Mapping

Our mapping packages, offer simple, friendly licensing terms and private labeling at affordable pricing. Our packages are designed to work out of the box with UMN Mapserver, but can be easily adapted for use with other mapping engines.

Product Name: Express Server
Company: LizardTech, Inc.

Distribute massive geospatial image datasets and complete repositories of scanned and electronic documents via the Internet. Whether you need to share images and documents with employees inside your local organization or distribute them to customers around the world, Express Server enables fast, efficient delivery while preserving the visual quality of original images.

Product Name: LorikCartographer
Company: LORIENNE S.A.

LorikCartographer brings a high performance and fully interactive WYSIWYG environment to easily manage map designs. LorikCartographer integrates comprehensive advanced cartographic tools to design all types of maps, to any scale or any format. LorikCartographer offers unlimited file management features to leverage extensive and customized product lines from single map reference bases. Resulting cartographic repository are either stored in a database (Oracle or PostgreSQL) or in graphic files.

Product Name: LorikGISMapper
Company: LORIENNE S.A.

LorikGISMapper provides the most cost-effective solution for map generation from various GIS sources and databases. It enables the automation of customized map production and improves the visual presentation. LorikGISMapper integrates complex text and label placement with high-performance cartographic technology. LorikGISMapper automatically build cartographic repositories to be managed with LorikCartographer.

Product Name: LorikGISPublishing
Company: LORIENNE S.A.

LorikGISPublishing brings a high performance and fully interactive WYSIWYG environment to easily manage map designs starting from a wide range of existing data. LorikGISPublishing is based on one single graphic engine, thereby ensuring full compatibility and optimum ergonomics between the various programs. All pieces of LorikGISPublishing are closely integrated together to simplify its use and offer a user-friendly and intuitive interface to reduce the learning curve.

Product Name: LorikPublisher
Company: LORIENNE S.A.

LorikPublisher manages hardcopy map publication, providing automated or interactive layout-related and map extraction features. LorikPublisher includes batch options to automate the final publishing production process. It produces outputs in PostScript, PDF, Tiff PS printing file formats to a professional quality standard regardless of the printing technology used: digital or conventional. In addition it proposes export options to produce GeoPDF, layered PDF, GeoTIFF files and text or POI indexes.

Product Name: Nverse MegaMap
Company: Precision Lightworks, LLC

Nverse MegaMap is a texture mapping plug-in for Autodesk 3ds Max™ and Autodesk VIZ®. It is indespensable when rendering large Nverse Photo scenes. Typical urban scenes can contain hundreds of megabytes of geo-specific photo texture maps, which can overwhelm the renderer.

Product Name: Field Mapplet
Company: Spatial Wave, Inc.

Field Mapplet is the most advanced GIS enabled framework for enabling all types of field workflows. Field Mapplet displays the location and relevant information about your field work on a map together with your facilities data.

Product Name: Mapplet.NET
Company: Spatial Wave, Inc.

Allow your entire organization access to your GIS maps and relevant data. Extremely powerful administration tool allows tabular data, time series charts, and reports to be easily linked to GIS features and to other data. Multiple viewer clients appropriate for users with all levels of GIS and data analysis needs, from the very simple web based viewer, to the sophisticated full-GIS viewer.

Product Name: Didger
Company: Sunsoft Technologies Inc

Didger is a highly accurate digitizing program that will be an invaluable addition to your software library. In seconds, Didger precisely transforms points, lines, or areas from your paper maps, graphs, aerial photos, scanned raster images, imported vector files, or GeoTIFF images to a versatile digital format you can use with your other software. You name it and Didger can handle it quickly, accurately, and usefully. With Didger's multitude of features and ease-of-use, this is an unbelievable value, considering the time and effort you will save!! You will soon wonder how you have done your job without this indispensable tool.

Product Name: Grapher
Company: Sunsoft Technologies Inc

Grapher is an easy to understand technical graphing package for anyone who needs to create publication-quality graphs quickly and easily. Create Line Graphs, Symbol Graphs, Step Plot Graphs, Bubble Plot Graphs, Bar Charts, Floating Bar Charts, Function Plots, Hi-Low-Close Graphs, Polar Graphs, Rose Diagrams, Pie Charts, Histograms, and Ternary Diagrams. Create your own custom graphs by following the Graph Wizard. Add legends, curve fits, text or drawing objects. Create templates to use the same graph settings with multiple data files. Automate the graphing process with the included Scripter™ program. Export graphs for use in presentations and publications in one of Grapher's many export formats.

Product Name: MapViewer
Company: Sunsoft Technologies Inc

MapViewer is an affordable analytical tool that allows you to produce publication-quality thematic maps easily. Small businesses, large corporations, independent consultants, scientists, GIS analysts, and numerous government agencies are discovering important trends in their data with MapViewer. Display your data distribution easily and precisely with more easy-to-use features than ever. Your data is unique and you need the best mapping software for the job! A thematic map visually represents the geographic distribution of your data.

Product Name: Desktop GIS
Company: SuperMap Software Co., Ltd.

SuperMap Desktop GIS is designed for any GIS users regardless you are a casual mapmaker or a seasonal professionals. It's a ready- and easy-to-use GIS software in Microsoft Office style, and provides all the general desktop GIS functions like data authoring, thematic mapping and advanced spatial data analysis.

Product Name: TatukGIS Viewer (Free)
Company: TatukGIS

Product natively opens (without any import operation or format conversion) just about every GIS industry vector, image, and SQL database layer format, and streams WMS, WFS, and WMTS mapping services from the web. Comprehensive visual layer property, legend, and scale controls provide for deep customization of the map appearance, thematic mapping, layer hierarchies, legend and scale presentation… all which can be saved as a multi-layer map project. Data grid table displays attribute data for analysis and querying. State-of-the-art coordinate systems support includes 5,000 pre-defined coordinate systems with on-the-fly vector/raster layer reprojection. A highly useful product itself, the free Viewer also a demo for the very similiar but more powerful desktop TatukGIS Editor product and an excellent example of an application developed from the TatukGIS Developer Kernel (SDK) product. Like the Editor, the free TatukGIS Viewer is available as 32-bit and 64-bit versions.  

Product Name: Maplicity
Company: Telemorphic, Inc.

Maplicity™ makes it fast, easy, and affordable for organizations to distribute on-line mapping/GIS applications and geographic knowledge throughout the enterprise and beyond, to their customers and/or constituents.

Product Name: MultiViewer
Company: Telemorphic, Inc.

MultiViewer™ provides powerful synchronized visualization of multi-source and multi-temporal geospatial content. Previously, such capabilities required highly specialized image processing software and training.

Product Name: TerraGo Toolbar
Company: TerraGo Technologies, Inc.

The free TerraGo Toolbar is a powerful geospatial application that helps you unleash the power of your geospatial assets to the edge of your enterprise by making it easy for everyone, including non-GIS savvy users, to access and interact with complex maps and images.

Product Name: AlignStar Desktop
Company: TTG, Incorporated

TTG’s AlignStar makes it easy to assign sales representatives to more efficiently planned sales areas. Accounts will be better managed, with customers receiving a higher level of service. Representatives will have more time to follow-up on new business opportunities, creating more revenue per coverage area. In addition, by automating the time-consuming redistricting and realignment tasks,

Product Name: WhiteStar Unlimited Basemap Access (UBA)
Company: WhiteStar

The WhiteStar Unlimited Basemap Access (UBA) product is a seamless nationwide digital mosaic of base map information layers from U.S. Census Bureau TIGER Files (with optional TeleAtlas upgrades). Designed for any geospatial mapping project that requires an accurate digital base map, UBA  contains 42 layers of cultural features that can be "cookie cut" according to a user-selected area of interest and downloaded into the most popular digital mapping packages.

Product Name: WhiteStar Unlimited Well Access (UWA)
Company: WhiteStar

WhiteStar's Unlimited Well Access (UWA) puts nationwide well data on customers' desktops, to create regional or statewide base maps quickly, inexpensively, and privately, any time, without having to order individual data sets from individual states. This digital map-based product contains well header information for oil and gas wells in the U.S., including Alaska, state and federal waters, and the Gulf of Mexico.

Product Name: Nano
Company: Yotta Ltd

Yotta has developed the Nano software that provides customers with a geo-referenced video (Geovideo), mapping technology and asset datasets, in a single view.


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