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Software : Image Processing/Remote Sensing

Product Name: DigitalGlobe

DigitalGlobe is a leading global provider of commercial high‑resolution Earth imagery products and services. As the global leader in satellite imagery, DigitalGlobe is the first company to deliver 30 cm resolution imagery. 

Product Name: Titan Image SDK
Company: Beijing Oriental TITAN Technology Co.,LTD

Titan Image C / C + + application programming interface (Application Programming Interface, referred to as API) is a set of C / C + + function (class) library, which is the core of the Titan image processing system, using C / C + + language in the Microsoft Windows operating Under the system platform, in the form of dynamic link libraries provide.

Product Name: Vr Image Utility
Company: Cardinal Systems LLC

Image Utility delivers image project management and image utilities along with automatic interior orientation.

Product Name: VrAirTrig / VrAdjust
Company: Cardinal Systems LLC

Vr Aerial Triangulation with VrAdjust is a stand alone program for the collection and processing of aerial triangulation data VrAirTrig adheres to Cardinal Systems philosophy "easy to learn, easy to use and affordable" and simplifies the accurate collection of aerial triangulation data.  The project management tool helps manage large jobs with the speed and flexibility needed for maximum efficiency in production.

Product Name: VrBalance
Company: Cardinal Systems LLC

Advanced global image balancing inside VrMosaic or as stand-alone program. VrBalance is an advanced global image balancing solution to correct color and intensity differences between images. VrBalance is integrated seamlessly inside VrMosaic, and may also be used as a standalone program for direct balancing of any set of images. VrBalance will work with raw or ortho rectified images and does not require any image orientation.

Product Name: Mojave IOPS
Company: Cardio Logic, Inc.

It is an Image Orthorectification Production software that rectifies the perspective distortion of satellite imagery and supports terrain model management, Ground Control Points (GCPs) for better geolocation accuracy and automated batch processing for mass production of orthorectified images or mosaiced tiles in NITF or GeoTIFF format.

Product Name: Summit Evolution
Company: DAT/EM Systems International

Summit Evolution is a human-interface system that occupies the confluence of vector and raster data types. Far more than a routine digitizing tool, Summit is designed with the user in mind, and so provides a set of logical, intuitive, yet powerful tools for extracting information from data. Tools for viewing, analyzing, manipulating, and processing 3-dimensional geodata, all designed with the goal of helping to understand and model the shape and content of the earth’s surface.

Product Name: Compellent: Replication relaxation
Company: Davenport Group

With Compellent, you get it all. Big system capabilities without big system cost or complexity. Data hazard recovery within minutes. Scalability to any capacity across any technology.

Product Name: Definiens Architect XD

Definiens Architect XD enables non-technical users to configure, calibrate, and execute image analysis workflows with great versatility. Users can configure new workflows using a library of analysis actions (‘rules’) that are supplied with the Definiens application or that have been created within Definiens Developer XD.

Product Name: Definiens Developer XD

Definiens Developer XD enables the development of image analysis solutions for biomedical images from any modality, in any dimension, from basic research to clinical diagnostics.It is a comprehensive toolbox for the complete development process from rapid prototyping to deployment of fully automated image analysis routines. Definiens Developer XD is unmatched in helping you address even the most challenging segmentation tasks, enabling a deeper understanding of underlying biology.

Product Name: Definiens Enterprise Image Intelligence™ Suite

The Definiens Enterprise Image Intelligence™ Suite is a comprehensive image analysis platform for two-dimensional (2D) image analysis. It contains all the client and server software needed to extract intelligence from any digital image in a fully-automated or semi-automated way.

Product Name: Definiens Server XD

Definiens Server XD provides a processing environment for the batch execution of image analysis using a high- performance grid computing environment. Definiens Server XD includes special components designed  to meet all the requirements of multidimensional image analysis for high-content imaging, digital pathology, and radiology.

Product Name: Definiens Viewer

Definiens Viewer enables users to review the results of any existing image analysis project. The intuitive interface enables users to load, view and export results quickly and easily.

Product Name: Basic Imagery
Company: DigitalGlobe

Basic Imagery products are designed for users with advanced image processing capabilities. DigitalGlobe supplies camera model information with each Basic Imagery product, permitting users to perform sophisticated photogrammetric processing such as orthorectification and three dimensional feature extraction. Basic Imagery is the least processed image product with corrections for radiometric distortions. Adjustments for internal sensor geometry, optical, and sensor distortions have been performed on each scene ordered.

Product Name: Clutter Data
Company: DPRA Inc.,

The DPRA company Cuesta Systems uses satellite data as the base for its clutter mapping. Satellite remote sensing data provides consistent accuracy, increased content, and up-to-date mapping.

Product Name: Impervious Surface Maps
Company: eMap International

eMap International produces standard Impervious Surface Map (ISM™) products designed to meet the multiple requirements for NPDES1 compliance and management of Stormwater runoff. These ISM™ products are delivered to clients more quickly, affordably and accurately than previously possible while accommodating different project sizes – from towns and municipalities, to counties, regional districts and watershed systems. In response to the needs of the Stormwater Management community, eMap has pioneered the use of remote sensing image processing to produce impervious surface layers for different geographic and ecological regions. eMap employs an all-digital solution using advanced earth imaging technology and innovative data processing techniques to produce superior ISM™ products.

Product Name: DPS «Delta»
Company: GeoSystem

Processing aerial, close range and satellite images from various sensors. Managing cameras and ground/control points. Importing absolute orientation elements from different formats. Semiautomatic orientation of stereo models and single photos. Total error control and correction at every orientation stage.

Product Name: DRAGON/ips®
Company: Goldin-Rudahl Systems, Inc.

DRAGON/ips® Remote Sensing Image Processing Software is available in various configurations to fit your needs.

Dragon Professional Edition is the newest version of Dragon. It includes all the capabilities of the Dragon Academic Edition (see below) and adds capabilities to meet the needs of more advanced research projects. Added capabilities include processing of full-scene image data sets (up to 16,000 by 16,000 rows and columns), supported by a completely revised model for user interaction with the images. It also includes the Programmer's Toolkit.

Product Name: Remote Sensing Systems
Company: Icaros Geosystems Inc

Icaros Digital Mapper (IDM) collection systems can be installed on a wide variety of aircrafts and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in a matter of hours.  By broadening the possibilities for collection flights, IDM systems minimize costs of installation, licensing and labor. These dynamic, state-of-the-art RGB, thermal, and oblique 3D data collection and processing solutions provide Icaros customers with the information they need, when they need it, at a price that fits their budgets. Icaros digital sensors and processing software offer customers a complete aerial photogrammetric suite.

Product Name: AHAS - AVHRR Hydrological Analysis System
Company: ITC - Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation

AHAS is a raster-based system devoted to deriving products from 1.1 km NOAA-AVHRR imagery, with an emphasis on hydrological applications and production agriculture. It compiles recent and generalised energy-related methods in an expert system-guided user interface, triggering operations from a GIS/remote sensing system (ILWIS 3.11) working in the background.

Product Name: ILWIS 3.3 - the Remote Sensing and GIS software
Company: ITC - Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation

ILWIS integrates image, vector and thematic data in one unique and powerful package on the desktop. ILWIS delivers a wide range of feautures including import/export, digitizing, editing, analysis and display of data as well as production of quality maps.

Product Name: DCAR97
Company: NOAA's National Geodetic Survey (NGS)

DCAR97 is a companion product derived from CARIB97. The geoid is a surface of constant potential which conforms to sea level in an average sense. Deflections of the vertical are the slopes associated with the Earth's equipotential layers. The deflection of the vertical is the departure a plumb bob would take from vertical defined by an ideal ellipsoidal Earth. These quantities are typically a few arc seconds, but can reach an arc minute of departure.

Product Name: DMEX97
Company: NOAA's National Geodetic Survey (NGS)

DMEX97 is a companion product derived from MEXICO97. The geoid is a surface of constant potential which conforms to sea level in an average sense. Deflections of the vertical are the slopes associated with the Earth's equipotential layers. The deflection of the vertical is the departure a plumb bob would take from vertical defined by an ideal ellipsoidal Earth. These quantities are typically a few arc seconds, but can reach an arc minute of departure.

Product Name: Orthovista Digital Orthophoto Mosaiking Software
Company: OrthoVista Direct

OrthoVista increases the efficiency, profitability and quality of GIS and photogrammetric processing by automating the production of uniform and seamless digital image mosaics.

Product Name: Pictometry® LiDAR Remote Sensing
Company: Pictometry International Corp.

Whether you're planning, analyzing or managing emergency response, Pictometry can provide all of your high accuracy terrain mapping needs.  Our sophisticated LiDAR mapping system, for example, allows us to collect dense, accurate, datasets rapidly and produce a full suite of terrain mapping products to meet your mapping and modeling requirements. Accurate and cost effective, Pictometry LiDAR can be included into your oblique and orthogonal image libraries to create a powerful visualization tool.

Product Name: Pictometry® Oblique Imagery
Company: Pictometry International Corp.

Pictometry captures two types of imagery for every square foot of an area, oblique and vertical. Our innovative oblique images -- captured at an angle -- reveal the world from a more natural perspective, so objects are easier to recognize and interpret. With resolutions set as high as 3-inch Ground Sample Distance (GSD), you can see all in amazing detail and view every feature, structure and parcel from North, South, East, West or straight down. When you layer GIS information on top of such meticulous imagery, you turn data into knowledge.

Product Name: Pictometry® Real3D® Models
Company: Pictometry International Corp.

Make believers out of viewers. Our innovative photo-realistic 3D environments bring unrivaled scale and clarity to models by using intricate oblique imagery, advanced occlusion detection and texturing algorithms. By precisely extracting the models from our oblique imagery the model geometry has greater accuracy, detail and includes features missing in many other 3D models such as roof structures, spires, overhangs and inner courtyards creating a visually compelling effect. Since the textures are from oblique images instead of field orthos, the building textures are of the highest resolution. Plus, we help you view and navigate your virtual world with ease, from either the ArcGIS or an optional 3D Viewer

Product Name: ERDAS IMAGINE®
Company: Planetek Italia srl

ERDAS IMAGINE® the world’s leading geospatial data authoring system, incorporates geospatial image processing and analysis, remote sensing, and GIS capabilities into a single powerful, convenient package. ERDAS IMAGINE enables users to easily create value-added products such as 2D and 3D images, 3D flythrough movies, and cartographic-quality map compositions from geospatial data. Featuring a ribbon interface and custom workflow tabs so you can consolidate your favorite tools, ERDAS IMAGINE makes it easier to access what you need to work efficiently and productively. ERDAS IMAGINE also provides advanced tools for parallel batch processing, spatial modeling, map production, mosaicking, and change detection. In addition, ERDAS IMAGINE also incorporates the ERDAS ER Mapper algorithms, many GeoMedia utilities, and implements OGC standards. 

Product Name: LP360
Company: QCoherent Software

LP360 is a first-of-its-kind LIDAR software extension for the ESRITM environment. The LP360 LIDAR extension uses a specially-designed ArcMap™ data layer to access points directly from LAS files. LP360 completely integrates LIDAR point cloud datasets into ArcGIS™ without requiring an import or conversion process.

Product Name: The PHOTOMOD Radar – software for spaceborne SAR data processing
Company: Racurs

The PHOTOMOD Radar software is intended for full-scale processing of Earth remote sensing data acquired by spaceborne radars with synthesized antenna aperture (SAR) such as ERS-1/2, Radarsat, SIR-C/X, ENVISAT ASAR, TerraSAR-X, ALOS, COSMO-SkyMed and generation of so called "secondary information products" from SAR images, such as digital elevation models. The fact that SAR is the active sensor makes possible reception of required measurements independently of time, day and weather conditions.

Product Name: RealBird™ Map-based Search
Company: RealBird, Inc.

State of the Art Property Search and Lead Generator Map-based MLS/IDX property search has been proven to be one of the most powerful lead generators

Product Name: ScanEx Image Processor®
Company: ScanEx RDC

Welcome to the state-of-the-art technology, developed for preliminary and thematic processing of satellite images, for the creation of value-added products based on the Earth data from space (maps, physical indices, models), and for exporting data into GIS and other image processing systems.

Product Name: ScanMagic®
Company: ScanEx RDC

A stand-alone Windows-based application, ScanMagic® is easy-to-use and powerful software for viewing, analyzing and processing of remote sensing (RS) data. In most cases ScanMagic® allows the user to create remote sensing end-products cost-effectively without involving additional software tools. The complete functionality and unique features of ScanMagic® enable to process RS data in near-real time (NRT).

Product Name: VPindex V3
Company: softelec

Benefit from software intelligence for archiving and indexing drawings: With VPindex you can capture, clean, edit, and index legacy documents and CAD drawings quickly, elegantly, and efficiently - independent of sizes and formats. Plus, an automated capture of text from title blocks provides a quick document retrieval: any relevant text content can be exported into a database or EDMS. Or use it to assign new document file names

Product Name: VPview V10
Company: softelec

VPview is an affordable solution for viewing, redlining and printing/plotting of 2D CAD and GIS drawings and scanned documents. Also, zooming, view rotation and panning is possible. Even reviewing the properties of selected objects and CAD entities is possible! Attributes of GIS Entities are also shown. File preview while browsing through directories and fast document loading is combined with extensive zoom and pan features for quick image handling. Redlining is as easy as picking a cloud or an arrow and placing it on the desired area.

Product Name: Remote sensing
Company: Terrasystem

Multispectral remote sensing is a tool for land survey employable both on a local and global scale. Ongoing progress in the techniques of remote sensed data processing and the increasing number of available sensors allow for the employement of remote sensing in a great variety of spatial applications.

Product Name: LIDAR Processing
Company: TopoSys GmbH

In addition to recording the light traveling time of the first reflecting echo and the last echo for each laser pulse, the TopoSys LIDAR systems also record the intensity of the echo. The task of the software for processing the laser data is to compute digital elevation models, intensity images and derived data records adapted to the client’s application from the recorded data.

Product Name: RGB and CIR Processing
Company: TopoSys GmbH

The TopoSys systems also deliver the capability of digital image data acquisition in four spectral channels. The synchronous recording of the digital elevation model and the associated color information permits computing all the captured objects in correct positional arrangement and without leaning edges.

Product Name: TopPIT
Company: TopoSys GmbH

The TopPIT (TopoSys Processing and Imaging Tools) software package is a development of TopoSys GmbH for the analysis and reprocessing of LIDAR and RGB/NIR data. The software is optimised for the analysis of TopoSys Falcon data. Due to the modular structure of the software and the integrated import interfaces, data of other sensor manufacturers can also be processed efficiently.

Product Name: Seeker SPR Acquisition Software
Company: US Radar, Inc.

The core of every US Radar Ground Penetrating Radar system is the Seeker SPR Acquisition Software, geared toward the quick and easy location of a multitude of varying targets, in a non-destructive manner. 
It's pinpoint data is displayed in a user-friendly format makes target acquisition much more simple and clear, with vibrant color palettes making targets and features easily recognizable. Gain and averaging filters are automated as required, to create data to satisfy even the most discriminating user. Real-time data is displayed, and can be recorded for further analysis or processing. Simply put, the Seeker SPR allows you to view what is on the other side.

Product Name: Spatial Data Store
Company: Valtus Imagery Services

The Valtus Spatial Data Store allows you to find and order the imagery and LiDAR data you need...exactly how you need it.

Product Name: VAULT
Company: Valtus Imagery Services

VAULT is a private imagery hosting solution, which allows enterprises to manage, store and make available all existing imagery content. Imagery management solutions often involve significant investment in hardware, software, and development time. Valtus takes care of the technology and the infrastructure so you don’t have to.

Product Name: ENVI - Remote Sensing Software
Company: VidaGIS

ENVI is the premier software solution to quickly, easily, and accurately extract information from geospatial imagery.
The growing reliance on geospatial imagery makes it increasingly important for you to get the critical information you need from your imagery. Tools and processes that help you easily and accurately extract information are essential, whether you need information for intelligence, scientific or planning purposes.

Product Name: Digitial Orthoquad Database
Company: WhiteStar

WhiteStar's OrthoStar® Orthoquad Database consists of aerial photographic quarter quadrangles each covering approximately 15 square miles at a resolution of approximately one meter. Uniform scale and projection make these images ideal for base maps and for revising and interpreting vector cartographic features. OrthoStar® is compatible with WhiteStar 1:24,000 Texas and Public Land Survey data.

Product Name: Remote Data Gathering
Company: Zekiah Technologies, Inc

Zekiah Technologies recognizes that, despite all best intentions, the most current and relevant data is not always on your desktop or on your server. Sometimes, you just have to go out and get it. For many organizations, this reality means field data collection using some kind of handheld device such as a PDA, Tablet PC or GPS Receiver. In addition, the greater computing power available in modern handheld devices means your users want to take data with them to support them in the field.


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