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Product Name: Aerials Express DataDoors Image Order™
Company: Aerials Express

Aerials Express DataDoors Image Order™ gives the ability to select a print size, a DPI, and projection of a fully aerial imagery covered contiguous 48 states that is comprised of Aerials Express High Resolution and USA Nationwide Prime Imagery to create presentation/marketing quality image that can be easily used for high quality prints.

Product Name: Aerials Express DataDoors Streaming™
Company: Aerials Express

Aerials Express DataDoors Streaming™ streams imagery through the Internet in real-time to your GIS application or your custom desktop and web application using OGC WMS compliant protocol without the need for large amounts of storage. Supported applications include: DataDoors Desktop™, MapInfo, ArcView, AutoCad, and any other GIS application that supports a WMS client.

Product Name: Eagle 2.0
Company: Albireo Telematics Pvt Ltd

ATPL’s Eagle 2.0 is a Web Based vector map Engine, computer system capable of capturing, storing, analysing, and displaying geographically referenced information; that is, data identified according to location.

Product Name: Media Mapper
Company: Applied Field Data Systems, Inc.

MediaMapper is a desktop mapping software that links pictures, real time video, and any other type of file to GIS map layers.MediaMapper creates "media maps" that you can use in ArcView GIS, MapInfo Professional, or on the web. Media maps include layers for GPS tracks, waypoints, and locations of interest linked to multimedia files.

Product Name: MAPublisher
Company: Avenza Systems Inc.

MAPublisher is a suite of plug-ins for Adobe Illustrator and Macromedia FreeHand that bridges the gap between Geographic Information System (GIS) technology and high-end graphics software for high quality and efficient design and production of maps. Cartographic quality map production is now faster, easier and better. Avenza understands that completing cartographic tasks is best performed in the right environment such as a powerful graphics program like Adobe Illustrator or Macromedia FreeHand. MAPublisher takes you into this environment seamlessly and effortlessly with the right GIS data management tools to facilitate the map production process. Using this fast, intuitive system, your map can transcend the ordinary and become a work of art.

Product Name: MapXtreme
Company: Baseline Business Geographics

MapXtreme® is a mapping application server for your Internet site or intranet. Developers can implement sites with fully featured mapping capabilities quickly and inexpensively. Most of the features found in MapInfo Professional can be implemented.

Product Name: Cadastral Mapping
Company: Bruce Harris & Associates, Inc.

Computerized aerial base cadastral maps form the foundation of a fair and equitable assessment record system and provide a graphic representation of the written legal description of all parcels within the project area. Agencies throughout the world are discovering the efficiency of computerized aerial base property mapping, as developed by Bruce Harris & Associates.

Product Name: Maptitude for the Web
Company: Caliper Corporation

A special edition of Maptitude GIS that includes all the regular capabilities of Maptitude plus special functionality to make it easy to design, test and publish interactive map applications on your web site.
Platform: Windows 95/98/NT/2000 in conjunction with an existing web server.

Product Name: CARIS Spatial Fusion
Company: CARIS

CARIS Spatial Fusion is an internet-based technology that lets you seamlessly integrate distributed data sources over the Web. Spatial Fusion leverages your existing spatial data investments by simultaneously supporting industry standard GIS formats.

Product Name: ResQMap
Company: Carmenta

ResQMap is a multi-user map display system that is designed to meet the needs  of demanding rescue operations. ResQMap combines sophisticated features with a highly usable interface, in order to help operators locate callers and dispatch the right resources quickly and accurately.

Product Name: CartoView
Company: CartoLogic

CartoView is an open source mapping framework that lets you create your own custom maps and publish them online. It is fast, flexible, and free. CartoView offers an advanced plugin architecture. You can use Google maps, Google Earth, as well as Openlayers. You can use the Javascript version to deploy your application on any web server, or CartoView Cloud to publish your application on the Google AppEngine for free.

Product Name: Map Manager
Company: Compusult

Meta Manager is a cost effective solution for metadata management for both structured and unstructured data. It supports exposing metadata contained within relational database management systems by mapping metadata attributes to a metadata standard. For unstructured data, Meta Manager will crawl directory systems, detect files (all files supported), and automatically extract the metadata for search and discovery. The tool also provides the ability to manually enter metadata.

Product Name: Storage Area Network (SAN)
Company: Davenport Group

If there’s anyone in the industry who can sum up the ins and outs, the yins and yangs of such trying topics as Dynamic Block Architecture and Thin Provisioning, it’s Davenport Group’s Paul R. Clifford.

Product Name: CartoVista

CartoVista is an innovative web-based mapping solution to share and publish statistical data.

Product Name: Digital Globe
Company: DM Solutions Group

Now you can easily add aerial and satellite photographs to your web mapping applications—and meet your users’ growing expectations for on-screen imagery.

Product Name: DM Solutions Street Data with NAVTEQ ON BOARD™
Company: DM Solutions Group

NAVTEQ™ data enables you to offer web mapping applications that demand strict precision and accuracy. A world leader in premium-quality digital map data, NAVTEQ™ supplies data to most in-vehicle navigation systems sold in North America and Europe. It’s also fuelling a new generation of valuable navigation services, including web mapping applications; enterprise, fleet, and GIS solutions; and location based services

Product Name: DMSG Data Products - U.S. Streets Edition
Company: DM Solutions Group

DM Solutions Group's U.S. Streets data product offers a compact, highly optimized version of the U.S. Census Bureau's TIGER\Line® datasets and the latest cartographic styling. Consequently, you can deliver fast, high quality maps for MapServer, and soon, MapGuide applications. Although not intended for analytical or geo-processing purposes, this package is ideal for online mapping applications that demand performance and cartographic quality.

Product Name: DMSG Data Products - U.S. Streets Extensions
Company: DM Solutions Group

US Streets Extensions are data packages designed to enhance the functionality and appearance of US Streets maps and MapServer and MapGuide applications. Easy to install and use, these compact, modular data packages work seamlessly with existing US Streets installations. The Global Extension is now available and additional extensions will be available in the coming year.

Product Name: Maps for MapServer Global Edition
Company: DM Solutions Group

Maps for MapServer, Global Edition enables out of the box mapping anywhere in the world. Three distinctive maps are included to suit a wide variety of needs. You can choose from a traditional political and highway map in the style of our US Streets maps, a global terrain map with bathymetry, or a hybrid map combining both.

Product Name: Canadian Atlas Map Bundle (CAMB)
Company: DMTI Spatial

The Canadian Atlas Map Bundle consists of the National Atlas Information Service (NAIS) digital maps created by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) for the National Atlas of Canada publication. The CAMB file is offers map developers a geographic fabric for their projects that details topography, points and polygons at an affordable cost.

Product Name: Topographic Maps
Company: East View Geospatial

East View Cartographic is a unique source of worldwide topographic mapping. Over many years we have collected, cataloged and distributed all types of topographic products at every scale.

Product Name: CAMPS Web Module
Company: EI Technologies, LLC

Organizations today want to serve their GIS data across the enterprise and via the Internet. Most of EI Technologies’ clients implement web-based mapping solutions to enable their staffs and stakeholders to access geographically-controlled business information from their offices, homes, in the field, and while on the road.

Product Name: ArcGIS Explorer
Company: Esri

ArcGIS Explorer is a free, downloadable GIS viewer that gives you an easy way to explore, visualize, and share GIS information. ArcGIS Explorer adds value to any GIS because it helps you deliver your authoritative data to a broad audience.

Product Name: ArcIMS
Company: Esri

ArcIMS is the solution for delivering dynamic maps and GIS data and services via the Web. It provides a highly scalable framework for GIS Web publishing that meets the needs of corporate Intranets and worldwide Internet access.

Product Name: Flathead County Mapping System
Company: GCS Research

GCS Research delivers a custom ASP.NET, ArcIMS 9.0 - ArcSDE 9.0, SQL Server, Web-based mapping application for Flathead County, MT. The site utilizes proprietary GCS Research .NET Connector technology and Microsoft's .NET Framework for exceptional performance. Additional enchancements and modifications will be made to the site over the coming months.

Product Name: GAIN - Geospatial Awareness and Intelligence Network
Company: GCS Research

GAIN™ is a security system interface that leverages distributed geospatial mapping technology for critical infrastructure protection. By integrating events and alarms from multiple sensor systems, GAIN provides a common operational picture (COP) of a facility, allowing all security events to be viewed together within the context of a comprehensive view of the interior and exterior zones where the events occur. This view improves speed of access to information by security personnel and management, and allows a more intuitive understanding of the relationships between events reported by disparate sensor systems.

Product Name: Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation Interactive Map
Company: GCS Research

GCS delivered a custom ESRI ArcGIS Server 9.3 and FLEX application for the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME), headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

IHME required a highly intuitive, yet powerful web application built upon a robust and expandable enterprise geodatabase architecture, capable of sharing their significant global health information with a world-wide audience.

GeoRSS, time-series tools, and spatial tools were some of the features requested by the customer. GCS designers, GIS analysts, and programmers worked closely with IHME to meet an aggressive timeline, and assist IHME in meeting their initial goals of spatially enabling their vast archive of global public health information.

"We are excited to have IHME as a client and are pleased with the outcome of Phase I of the mapping application," states Dr. Alex Philp, President of GCS Research. "Once again, we were able to work closely with the customer and provide a cutting-edge geospaital solution using the best available tools in the market."

GCS looks forward to providing additional enhancements to the IHME mapping application as more global health metrics are made available and shared with the community of interest.GCS Research assists local governments in publishing data to the USGS National Map. As a private sector partner in the USGS National Map Program, GCS Research recently won a USGS partnership award for contributons made to produce County-based map services for inclusion in the National Map program.

Product Name: Missoula County Property Information System
Company: GCS Research

GCS developed an original implementation of this site based upon ArcIMS technology. When Missoula County wanted to upgrade to ArcGIS Server's capabilities, once again they called on GCS to create this next-generation site. Our team successfully ported their existing data and desired functions to the latest technology and ensured the transition was smooth for the County and the end-users alike.

Users may search the Property Information System in a variety of different ways because the parcels are dynamically linked to related survey, tax, and State CAMA (Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal).

They may enter a tax identification number, geocode, or physical street address to view the county records for a property. Other query options include Records search, Township/Range/Section, and Latitude/Longitude. Tools such as Google Street View, map printing and the Help icon make the interface truly user friendly.

Product Name: Geoconcept Internet Server
Company: GeoConcept SA

GeoConcept Internet Server incorporates interactive GeoConcept maps within your Internet or Intranet site. GeoConcept Internet Server features the power and fast display times characteristic of all tools based on the GeoConcept engine.

Product Name: Publisher for GeoConcept Module
Company: GeoConcept SA

Publisher for GeoConcept, the map-editing module of the GeoConcept range revolutionizes the world of cartography by using the data base to define and update the graphic configuration of a map. Professional print quality with direct Postscript export for printing.

Product Name: Web GIS
Company: GEOMania Co., Ltd.

GEOMania/jWeb is a Web GIS software that provides users a service by gearing maps and database on the internet. Taking into consideration network data transfer and convenience of developing websites, it is designed to construct internet sites which can easily provide geographical information for all level of Users.

Product Name: Exposure 3D
Company: Geometry Pty Ltd

Exposure 3D is the world's first internet-deliverable 3D mapping system.

Product Name: Exposure Image Server
Company: Geometry Pty Ltd

Exposure Image Server generates and serves enterprise wide raster imagery via the Internet to present high quality maps fast.

Product Name: CartaVision
Company: GeoNorth, LLC

Publish your ArcView maps (mxd files) to the Web in minutes with CartaVision! Maps are published using the cartography and display rules defined in your .mxd file. The web server is built-in so no other software is required. CartaVision is ideal for publishing GIS project information or easily adding interactive mapping to your web site.

Product Name: MapOptix
Company: GeoNorth, LLC

MapOptix is a companion product to ArcIMS for implementing and managing internet mapping applications, GIS portals, and web-based Enterprise GIS systems quickly, easily, and cost effectively without custom programming. It provides enhanced administration capabilities, database integration, content management, and advanced query and analytical capabilities. For developers, it has an API, open client source code, and comes with a developer guide.

Product Name: Geoscape® Intelligence System (GIS)
Company: Geoscape

The Geoscape Intelligence System, or GIS provides an array of powerful market intelligence functions in a simple-to-use web browser interface. The following paragraphs summarize the information and functions offered by each of the "modules" within the system. The system has been designed for ease-of-use so that subscribers are required to have only a fundamental understanding of the use of computers and market analysis.

Product Name: SmartFIND
Company: GeoSmart (NZ) Ltd

SmartFIND is New Zealand's premium web mapping solution. SmartFIND provides an interactive map that can be placed on your web site or web application.

Product Name: Mapping Portal
Company: GIS Cloud Limited is GIS Cloud based mapping application that offers to users several free and commercial LBS, internet marketing and cartographic services and use of basic GIS features to create custom maps. Serving cartographic information to over 200.000 users every month, with easy information access and intelligent POI search using keyword phrases, this is one of the leading mapping portals in Croatia. You can your put business on the maps and promote for free with basic information or subscribe for premium service. Listing in Premium helps users to be easily found and stand out with business description, photos and videos. Users can embed any part of the map in any web site, for real-time map services, share link to map they have created and publish map on Facebook or Twitter

Product Name: Go iLawn
Company: GIS Dynamics, LLC.

Go iLawn is an online software service provided by GIS Dynamics designed to save lawn and landscape companies time and money. Traditionally, in order to provide a potential customer a service quote, a professional must first drive to the property in order to measure the square footage. Go iLawn is changing the way lawn and landscape professionals quote by eliminating the need to travel to the home or business. Go iLawn is an easy to use web based application subscription which provides users with high resolution aerial photography, measurement tools and property information.

Product Name: CrimeGIS
Company: GIS Solutions, Inc.

CrimeGISTM is an ArcIMS application designed for Law Enforcement Agencies to serve crime and traffic data over the Internet or an Intranet. CrimeGIS allows department wide access to information and data by all authorized personnel by simply using a web browser.

Product Name: ImageAtlas
Company: GlobeXplorer, LLC (Acquired by DigitalGlobe)

GlobeXplorer's ImageAtlas provides instant online access to the world's largest aerial image library. Users can log in and locate properties and neighborhoods, interact with images by panning and zooming, and cut/paste, download, or print images for reports and presentations.

Product Name: ImageAtlas FreeLink
Company: GlobeXplorer, LLC (Acquired by DigitalGlobe)

Now anyone can add GlobeXplorer imagery searching to a website. By copying the simple html code provided below, any listed or entered address (or lat/long coordinate) on your site can trigger an aerial photo view, which can then be purchased as a digital file or print.

Product Name: ImageBuilder
Company: GlobeXplorer, LLC (Acquired by DigitalGlobe)

GlobeXplorer's ImageBuilder developer toolkits give you the freedom to build custom aerial, satellite, and map viewing into your application with the functionality and specifications that fit your needs. ImageBuilder lets you link the industry’s best imagery and map content to your databases and lets you select only the interactive viewing features you desire. We offer several versions of ImageBuilder

Product Name: ImageConnect
Company: GlobeXplorer, LLC (Acquired by DigitalGlobe)

GlobeXplorer's ImageConnect is a unique GIS and CAD extension that instantly brings georeferenced satellite and aerial photos into your desktop or mobile project from our online database. ImageConnect takes away the time, cost and hassle of locating an image provider, waiting for delivery, and managing large image files.

Product Name: ImageConnect WMS
Company: GlobeXplorer, LLC (Acquired by DigitalGlobe)

WMS (Web Mapping Service) technology is transforming how mapping professionals access geospatial content by making imagery and maps more easily available than ever before. With ImageConnect WMS you gain instant online access to a wealth of regularly updated global imagery with a DigitalGlobe URL and password — no software plug ins required.

Product Name: PhotoMapper
Company: GlobeXplorer, LLC (Acquired by DigitalGlobe)

PhotoMapper is an inexpensive, easy-to-use, and exceptionally powerful, image-based, visual communication tool. Individuals to entire organizations have instant access to valuable wide-area, seamless, aerial views and associated data. PhotoMapper can be used as a stand-alone solution or easily integrated to your existing graphics, mapping, or GIS program to enrich any marketing, research, communications or presentation project.

Product Name: MapCellar
Company: Great Arc Technologies, Inc.

MapCellar is Great Arc Technologies’ new E-Commerce GIS data delivery system. It allows data owners to freely distribute or sell their spatial data, along with linked non-spatial datasets, over the Internet. Registered users can download all or partial datasets, based on custom attribute and spatial queries.

Product Name: alertSmarts™
Company: Image Matters LLC

alertSmarts provides severe weather awareness, impact assessment, and reporting for emergency managers. alertSmarts is a web-based severe weather awareness, impact assessment, and reporting application for monitoring real-time severe weather conditions and warning areas.

Product Name: gnizr™
Company: Image Matters LLC

A disruptive new technology for discovering, filtering, viewing, tagging, and sharing information; combines Web 2.0 social networking and tagging technologies with Image Matters' Semantic Web and Geospatial Web technologies for faster, more relevant user understanding and action.

Product Name: userSmarts® GX
Company: Image Matters LLC

A framework for rapid mashup of context-sensitive situation awareness, alerting, and reporting applications, with an extensible standards-based framework for efficient integration of distributed web resources.

Product Name: Road Speed Data
Company: IntelliOne Technologies Corp.

Distinguishes your products and services from competitors

Product Name: IONIC RedSpider LOBOS
Company: Ionic Enterprise

Offers location processing engines, geocoding, intelligent map generation, routing and geographic content. Provides powerful and flexible APIs for rapidly wrapping any location engine for publishing through OpenLS interfaces. LOBOS works seamlessly with existing OGC Web Map Services

Product Name: CLEER Impact
Company: Keigan Systems Inc.

CLEER Impact is a freely-available public information tool. Using Google™ Maps API and a subset of CLEER Pro’s powerful analysis capabilities, CLEER Impact lets anyone, anywhere, model and visualize what could happen in a variety of emergencies:
  • Hazmat incidents that release chemical vapour into the air;
  • Tire or petrochemical fires that produce harmful smoke;
  • Nuclear generating station incidents that discharge contaminated steam. 

Product Name: CLEER Pro
Company: Keigan Systems Inc.

CLEER Pro meets the needs of first responders and emergency management professionals. It can: 
  • Support First Responders in making informed decisions during an emergency
  • Help evaluate resource placement and allocation 
  • Be used as a cost-effective, realistic training/testing vehicle 
  • Function as an integral part of response plan preparation
  • Provide a tool for Hazmat team testing and evaluation

Product Name: Keigan Products-- MFworks & Keigan Grid
Company: Keigan Systems Inc.

In addition to CLEER, Keigan's new web-based emergency mapping and response system, Keigan offers stand-alone spatial analysis products.

Product Name: Push'n'See
Company: KOREM Inc.

Push'n'See  is a turnkey solution allowing businesses and organizations to design and deploy multiple mapping applications on the Internet, on an intranet, or an extranet. This rapid application development tool provides IT developers all the required flexibility to develop and deploy powerful mapping applications. Presenting itself as a visual studio, Push'n'See provides GIS specialists with a free hand to create, deploy and manage their mapping applications.

Product Name: Web Service Navigator
Company: KOREM Inc.

KOREM’s Web Service Navigator (WSNAV) is a Web services API designed to unify and simplify access to various Web-mapping solutions. WSNAV facilitates the integration of geospatial information into business intelligence applications and decision support systems. WSNAV provides fluid and intuitive navigation.

Product Name: LuciadMap
Company: Luciad nv.

Software Components for Networked GIS LuciadMap™ is an enabling software to distribute, transform, visualize, and edit geographical information
on the Internet and intranets.

Product Name: FIELDMAP
Company: MapText, Inc.

FieldMap is always on. It eliminates your field crew’s dependency on network connectivity. Even in disconnected environments, your crew can access high quality vector maps that help them locate, inspect, and update field assets quickly and reliably.

Product Name: GeoResults® Web™
Company: Marshall

GeoResults® Web™ allows managers and decision makers to query existing business systems through a map-based web interface to see where, when, and what operations occur within their jurisdiction.

Product Name: LiDAR
Company: Merrick & Company

Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) has revolutionized the acquisition of digital elevation data for large-scale mapping applications as organizations, both public and private, endeavor to access the most accurate documentation for their decision-making processes.

Product Name:
Company: MoosePoint Technology

Our flagship product is for any organization that has ESRI's ArcIMS, and wants to use it more effectively, or recognizes the need to publish mapping applications to a wider, intranet or internet audience. The product is a unique GIS website application builder that allows non-technical/non-programming staff to rapidly create, change, and maintain sophisticated GIS functionality, without writing a single line of code.

Product Name: GeologicDB
Company: Observera, Inc.

The GeologicDB will deliver easily accessible, standardized, digital geology maps. The Geologic Database establishes a framework for the Intelligence Community (IC) to store and integrate worldwide geologic data from various sources in a common form and with a common scientific terminology. This framework is designed to be the foundation feature layer for geologic information in the NSG.

Product Name: InstaMAP
Company: Orion Technology Inc.

Now your users will be able to serve themselves with cartographic quality maps using a web browser. Output can come directly to the browser, be directed to a hard copy device, or delivered via email as a downloadable link.

Product Name: MapInfo MapX
Company: Pitney Bowes MapInfo Corporation

an easy, cost effective way to embed mapping functionality into new and existing applications
Platform: Intel or compatible/MS Windows NT, Windows 95, 98

Product Name: MapInfo MapXtend v2.1
Company: Pitney Bowes MapInfo Corporation

Welcome to MapInfo’s MapXtend v2.1, a powerful Application Programming Interface (API) providing a convenient and secure framework for creating applications on Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) wireless devices, which can access other network servers such as spatial databases, location based services, and mapping application servers. The architecture of the MapXtend API follows an n-tier model comprised of specific packages.

Product Name: MapInfo Metadata
Company: Pitney Bowes MapInfo Corporation

MMDB is an intelligent internet search client designed for spatial data consumers that allows you to collect information about geospatial data, as well as compare and analyze delivered metadata.

Product Name: MapInfo MetaData Browser
Company: Pitney Bowes MapInfo Corporation

An intelligent internet search client designed for spatial data consumers

Product Name: MapXsite 2.0
Company: Pitney Bowes MapInfo Corporation

MapXsite 2.0 is a server application development tool that helps Web developers create exciting and useful Web pages by adding mapping capability to their Web site. Server tools include MapX, MapXsite data, HAHTsite Application Server (optional), Remote Geocoder, Base Map Data Manager, Server Administrator, and Geoset Manager.
Platform: Pentium II or III, Windows NT/98/2000

Product Name: MobileMarketInfo™
Company: Pitney Bowes MapInfo Corporation

The MobileMarketInfo™ data set solution is a comprehensive product for mapping and analyzing the wireless license landscape. Complete with market partitioning and frequency disaggregation, this solution consists of Cellular Market Areas (CMA) and Personal Communication Service Areas (PCS).

Product Name: ER Mapper
Company: Planetek Italia srl

ER Mapper is the solution to the demand for high-quality imagery. ER Mapper does it all for you: Orthorectification, mosaicing, color balancing and compression. The following wizards are what make ER Mapper so powerful, while still easy to use! Easy to use: The Orthorectification wizard quickly and accurately rectifies airphotos to the proper datum and projection. This wizard gives you step by step directions, which makes it so easy to use.

Product Name: RealBird™ Publisher
Company: RealBird, Inc.

Listing Marketing at its Best Get the exposure your listings deserve.

Product Name: MediaMapper Server
Company: Red Hen Systems, Inc.

Archive and distribute video, photo and audio multimedia - linked to maps - all through an Internet browser.

Product Name: RW Net 2.40
Company: Routeware

Tool for developers who need to create routing-enabled applications (desktop, server, web ..) and for power users who need to do complex network analysis: TSP, Isochrones, Join network, locate subnets ...

Product Name: Planimetric Mapping
Company: Sanborn

Sanborn employs leading-edge photogrammetric mapping tools-including analytical instruments, scanners, and softcopy workstations-to process collected data and deliver mapping products. Our products include:

Product Name: SatNavigator
Company: SatNav Technologies

With SatNavigator, you also have a bird's-eye perspective of the entire region thanks to a display of the map of the entire region, in addition to giving you precise driving directions according to the route you have taken. SatNavigator does this by importing GPS data, which displays log information using maps and uses the same for providing navigational solutions across all GIS areas.

Product Name: Tactician Direct
Company: Tactician Corporation

Tactician Direct is an innovative internet-based program that allows corporations to control and measure multiple, customized direct marketing campaigns while saving time and money.

Product Name: Tactician Insert Express
Company: Tactician Corporation

Tactician Insert Express is an innovative internet-based program that gives sales representatives and other support staff the ability to produce comprehensive newspaper preprint and other campaigns including a proposal summary, distribution detail and map in a matter of minutes.

Product Name: TatukGIS Developer Kernel for ASP.NET
Company: TatukGIS

A managed code .NET GIS SDK for developing professional web GIS applications for hosting on Windows, Linux, and macOS servers (including Docker). The SDK is designed and compiled natively for ASP.NET Core (MVC and Razor Pages) and Web Forms. Support for HTML5 technology offers smooth, multi-touch compatibility with leading web browsers (Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Opera) on desktop and mobiles. Included JavaScript API enables rich customization of the client-side map experience including drawing, basic styling, editing, tracking layers, and access to REST services. HTML user control utilities can access the Leaflet JavaScript library to expose further functionality such as smooth tiles to automatically project locally hosted maps to the coordinate system of a tile server. The SDK can publish REST/WFS/WMS services. Deploying a developed application to a production server, including cloud services like Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure, is a simple 'copy file' deployment. The SDK’s object-oriented API is comprehensive, with hundreds of classes and thousands of documented methods and properties designed for geospatial application development.

Product Name: Freeance Web
Company: TDC Group / Freeance

Freeance is a powerful, yet easy to use software that allows you to rapidly create ArcGIS Server and ArcIMS Web sites without weeks or months of programming. Freeance integrates your ArcIMS and live databases, and adds GIS tools that make your sites more productive.

Product Name: ((Echo))MyPlace™
Company: The Carbon Project

((Echo))MyPlace, lets you locate and share location-based information about your neighborhood and connect directly with friends and neighbors. ((Echo))MyPlace is powered by CarbonTools™ and CarbonCloud. CarbonTools is a software toolkit that enhances the Microsoft .NET framework to support advanced location content handling and sharing. CarbonCloud is the world’s first peer-to-peer (P2P) framework for sharing location content.

Product Name: GIS Web Hosting
Company: The Sidwell Company

Sidwell's ArcIMS™-based web hosting service is the hassle-free solution to putting your GIS data on the Internet. Sidwell will create and host your web site on their secure, dedicated Internet file server.

Product Name: GIS Web Solutions
Company: The Sidwell Company

Sidwell’s website development and hosting services are the hassle-free solutions to putting your GIS on the Internet. Sidwell will create and host your web site on their secure, dedicated Internet file server, where the following types of data can be made available for full-time access:
  • GIS Data
  • Property Tax/Appraisal System data
  • Digital Aerial Photography
Our scalable web solutions include multiple search criteria, interactive navigation and analysis tools, high quality maps and reports – all available at the click of a button.

Product Name: AlignStar Online
Company: TTG, Incorporated

AlignStar Online brings collaborative territory design to a new level. Publish your AlignStar documents to the web using AlignStar Desktop and then make them available online to your field managers for their feedback and review.

Product Name: Intelligent Mobility Services
Company: UbiEst

UbiEst provides ready to use mobility applications for business and consumer markets and offers a development suite to connect mobility services and capabilities into third party applications. Info-mobility products allow public institutions, content providers and organization to distribute correct and effective traffic and transport information for logistics and delivery efficiency, prevention of incidents and stress, cost and time saving, reduction of air pollution and the improvement of quality of the life in general.

Product Name: MapRider
Company: UbiEst

MapRider is the web mapping service by UbiEst designed support fleet management applications and services

Product Name: SiteLocator
Company: UbiEst

Online mapping applications are becoming a standard for territory and destination presentation. Today tourists are able to plan their travel directly online, personally choosing destinations, hotels, restaurants, places to visit, activities during the stay. SiteLocator allows tourism operators to offer value added products and services through a complete product, specifically developed for tourism information, enriching travel websites and portals with maps and detailed instruction about commercial structures like hospitality exercises, restaurants, products, entertainment, etc

Product Name: Store Locator
Company: UbiEst

StoreLocator is the UbiEst mapping product specifically developed support companies in the most important phase of online contact: driving website visitors to physical points of sale.

Product Name: Scheduler
Company: Vexcel Corporation

Vexcel's Scheduler provides an easy-to-use tool to task satellite downlink times. The intelligent reception Scheduler can task multiple downlink antennas and optimizes antenna usage based on antenna station mask, satellite, and user priorities.

Product Name: WebMapper Package
Company: WaynaSoft

WebMapper is an Open Source, standard compliant geographic web mapping client which runs in a web browser without any additional plugin. For end users, WebMapper is easy to use and provides a remarkable dynamic and smooth experience

Product Name: WebMapper Services
Company: WaynaSoft

To support the Open Source WebMapper software packages, we offer a full range of professional services. This allow you to secure your technology investment in the long run and reduce your cost of operation.

Product Name: Web GIS
Company: WTH Technology

WebGIS (GIS displayed on an Internet web site) has become a primary means of making GIS accessible to the general public.  WTH has developed a web hosting program that is based on non-proprietary Open Source software. By supporting an Open Source solution, the costs of WebGIS are substantially reduced (no licensing fees), and WebGIS becomes possible for most organizations.
The Internet has become the primary means of making information accessible at home or work at any time of day.   WebGIS adds GIS maps and related information to this ever growing communications network.
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