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Product Name: LAMPS2
Company: 1Spatial (Formerly Laser Scan)

LAMPS2 forms part of 1Spatial’s technology offerings as a key solution for the Mapping, Charting and Geodata production market place. It builds upon more than 30 years experience of supplying digital systems for map and chart making, and spatial data production.

Product Name: Digital Map Products
Company: A&A Geoinformatics Corporation

Digital maps derived from NAMRIA 1/5000 & 1/10000 maps digitised into component layers (except contour). Format DWG, SHP, DGN. Unit cost includes 1 new hardcopy NAMRIA map.

Product Name: GIS Map of the Philippines
Company: A&A Geoinformatics Corporation

GIS Map of the Philippines

Product Name: Topographic and Cadastral Mapping
Company: AABSyS IT Pvt Ltd

AABSyS produced a digital topographic map of two regions in Romania. With the help of the digital map, effects of earthquakes on the region can be studied.Scanned images were used as reference and digitization was done using MapInfo Software. Different themes were created in different layers.

Product Name: OSP InSight
Company: Advance Fiber Optics, Inc

Welcome to OSPInSight the most user-friendly network management system worldwide that enables and empowers you and your entire organization. It enables you to store valuable and minutely detailed information about every aspect of your fiber optic, coaxial and copper network quicker and easier than any other GIS based network modeling system. It empowers your entire organization with instant and easy access to specific and cumulative network data retrieved from a relational database and displayed in customizable tabular and graphical formats to fit each individual's needs.

Product Name: OSPINSIGHT OSPM-Admin®
Company: Advance Fiber Optics, Inc

OSPInSight OSPM-Admin is the powerhouse every network administrator must have to assure the most powerful, accurate and on-time reporting; the most flexible administrative tools to coordinate user permissions and network standards; and the easiest and fastest system for achieving maximum data integrity consistently.

Company: Advance Fiber Optics, Inc

OSPInSight OSPM-Edit, the industry's leading network mapping, modeling and management solution, lets you perform sophisticated and detailed data analysis to increase revenue, lower costs, boost efficiency and improve service with network asset and design intelligence.

Company: Advance Fiber Optics, Inc

OSPInSight OSPM-ViewLITE is the lowest-cost solution to the problem of cumbersome and outdated network data, maps, schematics and reports that field techs use every day to try and accomplish impossible deadlines and respond to emergencies. Field technicians find it hard enough to be in a manhole, but not knowing where cables come from and where they go is brutal. With OSPM-ViewLITE identifying cables and getting an overall view of locations will allow a technician to go in more prepared to face the splicing task at hand.

Product Name: OSPINSIGHT OSPM-View®
Company: Advance Fiber Optics, Inc

OSPInSight OSPM-View is the perfect solution for your entire organization’s need for low-cost, read-only access to all network data, maps, inventories, schematics and reports. Engineers and field technicians prefer its simplicity in network planning, installation, maintenance, expansion and restoration. Sales, marketing, accounting and other non-engineering departments benefit from its ease of querying decision-critical information and then printing it in the format of their choice.

Product Name: OSPINSIGHT OSPM-Web®
Company: Advance Fiber Optics, Inc

OSPInSight OSPM-Web is a read-only application for medium to large organizations who want to distribute their network data, maps, inventories, schematics and reports anywhere anytime. Engineers and field technicians benefit from its simplicity in network planning, installation, maintenance, expansion and restoration. Sales, marketing, accounting and other non-engineering departments benefit from its ease of querying decision-critical information and then printing it in the format of their choice.

Product Name: TOP T-TL Terminals
Company: aerial-survey-base

several NEW T-TL asreplacement or additionalterminal with latest firmwareversion 3.9. Good price!

Product Name: MapItFast Mobile Mapping
Company: AgTerra Technologies, Inc.

Maps and spatial analysis are only as good as the data itself. People working in the field are the best source for collecting data, but gathering the data can be a daunting task for field workers who need to focus on the job.  MapItFast changes that. Now, mapping data and gathering attributes only requires a single tap, not a lesson in GIS systems.

Product Name: SprayLogger Pesticide Record Keeping
Company: AgTerra Technologies, Inc.

SprayLogger is a hardware and software system that automatically gathers application information from a spray rig and automatically create maps and reports for each job. SprayLogger is simply the easiest way to map and record spray applications because applicators do not need change their behavior or learn software to use the system. You'll spend more time on spraying and less time at the desk.

Product Name: ADC WorldMap Digital Atlas Version 7.0
Company: American Digital Cartography, Inc. (ADCi)

ADC WorldMap Digital Atlas brings you the most detailed digital atlas offering seamless geographic data for the whole Earth. Along with providing the most current country and first level political boundaries for the entire world, ADC WorldMap Digital Atlas v7.0 now includes second level administrative boundaries in 114 countries worldwide. The upgrade features NEW generalized World Nations and World Admin boundaries.

Product Name: NAVTEQ
Company: American Digital Cartography, Inc. (ADCi)

NAVTEQ starts with the most up-to-date, reliable source material. Where road information is not available researchers create it using satellite-assisted technology. Field crews then drive the streets to collect and verify information, in categories from street names to address ranges, and points of interest.

Product Name: Tele Atlas
Company: American Digital Cartography, Inc. (ADCi)

Tele Atlas is the world leader in digital mapping, providing accuracy, coverage and flexibility for all your applications.  Tele Atlas' attention to detail and accuracy directly translates into better sources for use in making decisions, allocating resources and returning investment on your critical mapping projects.

Product Name: MapConnect
Company: AUSLIG

Welcome to MapConnect, delivering online mapping tools and information. MapConnect is an interactive online mapping service that allows users to preview and download the GEODATA TOPO 250K Series 3 data with a standard browser interface.

Product Name: Sentinel
Company: AUSLIG

Sentinel is a national bushfire monitoring system that provides timely information about hotspots to emergency service managers across Australia. The mapping system allows users to identify fire locations with a potential risk to communities and property.

Product Name: Map data USA
Company: Avenza Systems Inc.

MAPdataUSA 3.0 is the latest compilation of data for the United States and its territories including American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, North Marianas Islands and US Virgin Islands, that forms the perfect map base for mapping anywhere in the 50 states, DC and the offshoe US territories.

Product Name: MAPdataCanada
Company: Avenza Systems Inc.

MAPdataCanada is a new library of royalty-free Canada-wide data in Shape file format that forms the perfect map base for mapping anywhere within Canada. Combined with MAPdataUSA this dataset completes a contiguous North American dataset that provides a seamless mapbase from Alaska to the Gulf of Mexico.

Product Name: GeoPinpoint
Company: Baseline Business Geographics

GeoPinpoint has been engineered to maximize geocoding-hit rate, and provides the user with a friendly point and click environment, customized input and output options, and most importantly standardized data for geospatial analysis.

Product Name: MapInfo MapX Mobile
Company: Baseline Business Geographics

MapInfo MapX Mobile is a development tool for creating map-based applications for mobile workers. Applications that are built with MapInfo MapX Mobile leverage the Pocket PC Windows OS, running on devices such as the Compaq iPAQ and HP® Jornada. This specialized version of the popular MapInfo MapX Active X Control can be used to bring existing map-based applications onto mobile devices, or to create new applications.

Product Name: OS Landplan®
Company: BlueSky International Limited

OS Landplan® gives you the project overview that you need, centred right over your site. The 1:10,000 scale mapping product offers high definition output, either as a paper plot or as digital raster information. The maps have a wealth of detail including contours, giving you the all-important third dimension and the lie of the land. Fences, buildings, field boundaries, and road names are all included. The choice of output is varied also; digital or paper, black and white or colour, so all you need to do is choose the right one for your needs, and let us do the rest.

Product Name: CartoPac® Mobile
Company: CartoPac Field Solutions

CartoPac Mobile delivers the tools needed to maximize field  productivity and accurately map, inventory, inspect and maintain field assets. Powered by a patented high performance map display and relational database engine, CartoPac Mobile enables the field workforce to get the work done with unmatched speed, spatial accuracy and data integrity. Intelligent, workflow driven forms standardize asset inventory efforts; maintaining a consistent process that is rapidly adopted in the field, improves productivity, supports QA/QC rules at the point of collection and supports the defined spatial accuracy requirements. CartoPac Mobile supports a range of other data collection tools and technologies including Laser Range Finders, Line Locators and Barcode readers.

Product Name: GeoSticker
Company: CITYNEO

GeoSticker is already available on Web, Java, Wap browsing, I-Mode, MMS, and soon in Brew.

Product Name: World Lite
Company: Collins Bartholomew

Derived from the same base as World Premium, World Lite is a simple digital map of the World in vector format containing boundaries, capital cities, country names and relief contours only.  This simple digital World map helps you to
  • Produce simple World political or physical maps using your desktop mapping or GIS software.
  • Create World, Continental or Regional scale backdrop maps on which to overlay your own information.
  • Include simple World scale overview maps in your GIS or Internet Mapping application.

Product Name: World Locator
Company: Collins Bartholomew

Collins Bartholomew World Locator is a comprehensive gazetteer of places worldwide. Each place has accurate lat/long coordinates with country, admin division and island locators also included. Alternative name forms and spelling variations further improve your ability to pinpoint exactly the place you are looking for. This World gazetteer helps you to
  • Uniquely locate cities, towns, villages and physical features worldwide.
  • Discover which country, admin division and island places are located in.
  • Find out the administrative significance and population band for all settlements.
  • Get accurate coordinates for all places.

Product Name: World Premium
Company: Collins Bartholomew

Designed by professional cartographers, Collins Bartholomew World Premium is a seamless and up to date digital map of the World, backed by a comprehensive World Gazetteer. Sophisticated feature coding and impressive depth of content helps you to
  • Create attractive and accurate print quality maps of anywhere in the World, to your own specification.
  • Perform complex GIS analysis on a global scale, in conjunction with your own data if required.
  • Quickly locate places by name worldwide.
  • Visualise global geography

Product Name: World Regular
Company: Collins Bartholomew

Derived from the same underlying cartographic database as World Premium but simpler in structure and content, World Regular gives you a seamless and authoritative digital map of the World in vector format, optimised for use in interactive digital mapping applications.

Product Name: WES Express
Company: Compusult

WES Express is the new WES Web browser interface designed for the general public that provides users with access to the WES Archive. Like all WES interfaces, this interface is bilingual. It has been specifically designed to meet the new Canadian government standards for WCAG compliance. The interface is also implemented to integrate with the Government of Canada Web Experience Toolkit. WES Express has been designed with the user public in mind. That is, the interface has incorporated a simple yet powerful capability that will support both novice and advanced users who want to discover, order and access information in the archive quickly and efficiently.

Product Name: CitySphereTM
Company: DigitalGlobe

DigitalGlobe’s CitySphereTM product features QuickBird’s 60 cm color imagery orthorectified to 1:4,800 specifications for 200 pre-selected cities worldwide. These GIS ready cities are available as off the shelf products and ready for immediate delivery. Each city is comprised of recent imagery, so that all imagery contained in the updated product is no older than 24 months at time of release. The resolution and accuracy of CitySphere make it ideal for use as a basemap in your GIS, personal navigation mapping and mobile device applications, as well as many other location based services.

Product Name: Trade Area Analysis
Company: Environics Analytics

With 11 levels of geography to choose from, Environics Analytics can zero in on the specific geography most appropriate for an analysis: whether it’s a province, a census metropolitan area (CMA), a federal riding (FED), or a postal forward sortation area (FSA), even a tiny dissemination area (DA). And we can also create customized areas for analysis ensuring that any information that is run is relevant to your business. We provide a very wide array of information on any type of area. These insightful, easy-to-read reports help marketers and location experts identify market opportunities, spot trends, and generally develop a deep understanding of the marketplace. Our reports run the gamut from census data, current-year demographics and projections for up to ten years in the future, to household expenditure patterns, PRIZM CE lifestyles, Social Values and retail banner preferences. We can even detail the media habits and leisure activities of a trade area.

Product Name: Worldwide Digital Maps
Company: GeoBis International

Just as the Phoenicians used maps for conquering and managing territories 3,000 years ago, you can also take advantage of these strategic tools with modern mapping technologies and updated information from Geobis International. The all new version vintage 2014 detailed digital maps and geo demographics includes Postal Codes ( Zip Codes ), Political Division, Highways, Streets, Points of Interest POIs, Population, Purchasing Power, Socio Economic Strata (SES) and many other layers.

Product Name: Shaded Relief Maps
Company: Go Spatial Limited

All shaded relief images have now been regenerated using 90 meter Shuttle Radar Topography (SRTM) data resampled to 500m per pixel. The result is much finer detail in our DEM products and significantly increased detail in our Shaded Relief Images.

Product Name: LANDSAT Satellite Image Maps
Company: Image Trader

View the earth as art! These beautiful LANDSAT Satellite Image Maps displays topography, vegetation, urban development, agriculture and other geographic features through various colors.

Product Name: Parolee and Probationer Mapping System
Company: Kinetic Solutions, LLC

Kinetic Solutions developed and implemented a web-based Geographic Information System for mapping the location of parolees and probationers in the city of St. Louis and surrounding bi-state area

Product Name: SafeCity™--Crime Mapping and Crime Analysis
Company: Kinetic Solutions, LLC

Developed for the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department (SLMPD), Kinetic Solutions created a publicly accessible site that provides St. Louis residents with current data on police activities, including service calls and arrests, within the metropolitan area. Accessing the public site through the Internet, site visitors enter a street address and rapidly receive a complete and detailed list of police activities in the specified neighborhood.

Product Name:
Company: KOREM Inc. is a GEOlocation Web service that allows for quick integration of Web-mapping applications in a Web site. It is the ideal solution for enterprises wanting a spatial information tool in order to locate individuals, buildings, infrastructures, events or any other point of interest related to their industry

Product Name: MapLogix
Company: KOREM Inc.

MapLogix is a user friendly menu driven tool box that cleans, transforms and helps you manipulate your valuable data. MapLogix builds topological relations between objects, unleashing the full spatial analysis potential of MapInfo and boosting your productivity.

Product Name: mapworkspace
Company: KOREM Inc.

mapworkspace is a Web-based service offered by KOREM for the publishing and sharing of cartographic information. From a simple Web browser, mapworkspace allows MapInfo Professional users to upload their maps and share them with the public or other professionals, on the Internet or within an organizational environment.

Product Name: MapInfo Encounter
Company: Lepton Software Export & Research (P) Ltd

Suitable for intranet, internet or extranet deployment, MapInfo® Encounter™ is a MapInfo commercial-off-the-shelf product developed utilizing MapInfo® MapXtreme® for Java technology. Encounter uses ‘live maps’ to integrate and present an organization’s data in a way that is intelligible to the non-GIS literate public.

Product Name: MapCreate™ 7 Mapping Software
Company: Lowrance

The newest Lowrance enhanced mapping software for all the U.S. and Hawaii…on a single DVD! bigger and better with the addition of over  3,000 inland U.S. lakes with depth contours, plus mapping coverage for the whole of Alaska!

Product Name: OLPM
Company: Manchitra Services Pvt Ltd

OLPM is a web Based Non-Spatial telecom solution, which allows users to create, manage and re-utilize different types of possible network elements. It is also integrated with billing software through which it provides extreme utilization of Network management.

Product Name: QuickMap® Developer Toolkit
Company: Mapdata Sciences

QuickMap®  Developer Toolkit is a powerful set of JavaScript API's to give web developers and programmers the tools to create professional looking and highly interactive mapping applications within their web pages.

Product Name: Mapfinity Planning Pack
Company: mapfinity

The Planning Pack meets all the basic mapping requirements for submitting Planning Applications to your Local Authority. The standard pack features Six A4 maps using up to the minute OS Sitemap® large scale map data.

Product Name: mapfinity™ dotMap
Company: mapfinity

mapfinity™ dotMap is the name of our internet web mapping service. We provide internet mapping solutions for any organisation to leverage the power of geographic information over the internet.

Product Name: My Place
Company: mapfinity

Maps can be a great way to express your ideas and opinions. Use maps to communicate with local authorities and other community services. Objecting to a planning application ? Use maps to illustrate your objection and perhaps provide alternative ideas.

Product Name: ENCOM Discover 3D
Company: McElhanney Consulting Services Ltd

Discover 3D allows you to work with your MapInfo files of drill holes, geochemistry data, gridded surfaces, 3D DXF objects, etc in a true 3D environment. As the first fully integrated 3D GIS solution for the resource sector, DIscover 3D enhances your 3D data visualizations and has numerous advanced features to help you work with third-party 3D software.

Product Name: Cadastral map
Company: National Land Survey of Finland

The digital real estate register contains the currently valid real estate division, consisting of parcel identifiers, cadastral boundaries, names of municipalities and villages and information on boundary marks. Locating can be made easier by including material from the topographic database in the background.

Product Name: RF Firewall™
Company: Newbury Networks, Inc.

RF Firewall is an appliance-based application enabling access control and policy enforcement for wireless LANs (WLANs). RF Firewall creates a secure perimeter around facilities to actively prevent neighboring users or skilled hackers from gaining unauthorized access to your Wi-Fi networking infrastructure. Together with the Newbury Location Appliance and other best-in-class location appliances such as the Nortel WLE2340 and Trapeze LA-200, RF Firewall provides the industry's most accurate and precise Wi-Fi location tracking and scalability for the enterprise.

Product Name: Route / Inventory Mapping
Company: OPTEN

OPTEN are experts in LiDAR surveys of distributed infrastructure objects such as existing and planned power lines, railways, highways, pipelines; as well as surveys, design and construction of fiber optic communication lines.

Product Name: PowerMap
Company: Platts

PowerMap is a strategic desktop mapping system that contains map layers and key statistical data for North American energy markets. You can use it independently or in conjunction with Platts analytical database services

Product Name: CD Products
Company: SatNav Technologies

SatNav has designed Map-based CD products for various verticals like Tourism, Religious Places and is expanding this across other vertical segments. Various Sales Channels have responded positively to these preliminary test products indicating a huge potential in this area.

Product Name: Map Databases
Company: SatNav Technologies

SatNav has designed and developed spatial databases for over 30+ cities in India, earning the reputation of generating one of the most comprehensive navigable databases available of various geographies in the country. SatNav has also mapped out other regions and networks and had opened the way for several technical applications.

Product Name: RoadsofIndia
Company: SatNav Technologies

Roadsofindia has made map information available to the Internet community hence making navigation through the country or a particular city less painful for the road user. Our website helps people find their destination and also see the landmarks along the way. With a highly interactive menu the user has the option to display landmarks of choice too on the map before taking a printout of the same. You can get maps as well as detailed driving directions if you enter the STARTING and ENDING locations.

Product Name: Partner with the Microsoft Mapping Platform Experts
Company: SpatialPoint

SpatialPoint can help you to jump start your mapping application success. With over twenty years of experience developing mapping applications, SpatialPoint is a partner you can count on. Whether your working with the MapPoint Web Service or Microsoft Virtual Earth, we can help. With SpatialPoint JumpStart, you get the benefits of working with seasoned mapping experts without having to have mapping expertise in house.

Product Name: Tensing Mobile GIS
Company: Tensing

Tensing Mobile GIS is a mobile mapping application that allows mobile workers to view, display, query, edit and control GIS data out in the field on a mobile computer. Easy to use with a robust functionality Tensing Mobile GIS is the mobile mapping solution to meet the needs of any organization

Product Name: Mobile LiDAR Data Acquisition
Company: Tridex Solutions Inc

Mobile LiDAR data acquisition is a “next generation” 3D survey service for asset mapping and management for city and town infrastructure. The Tridex Real Life 3D system is capable of acquiring 3D data at a fast pace, saving time and money. Imagine acquiring 3D survey quality data at a pace of 100 km per day. The system is an excellent tool for city mapping, highway infrastructure (road survey, etc.), asset mapping of large areas, and more.

Product Name: USWorks
Company: Utility Sciences Corporation

USWorks is a specially designed version of USMapTM for Municipal utilities managing distribution networks across multiple disciplines, including Electric, Gas, Water, and CATV. USWorksTM delivers a feature rich, rules based, object-oriented GIS for all your distribution needs with a common platform and user interface. Complementing the Autodesk Map product series with a user-configurable set of tools to model and define objects specific to your environment, you build and integrate the system to suit the GIS mapping, maintenance, workflow and application needs of your organization.

Product Name: Enhanced Culture Database
Company: WhiteStar

WhiteStar's Enhanced Culture Database is a seamless, high-resolution database of county and city boundaries, roads, railroads, hydrology, airports, power lines, etc. that is ideal for quick-look and final production base maps.

Product Name: WhiteStar Unlimited Grid Access (UGA)
Company: WhiteStar

Unlimited Grid Access (UGA) (pronounced "Uggah") is a seamless digital mosaic of land survey and fitted state and county boundaries covering all public land survey states, Texas, and Offshore State and Federal Waters in the Gulf of Mexico. UGA was developed to provide flexibility to the oil and gas, pipeline, forestry, and insurance industries for mapping projects that span a few square miles or cover the entire nation.
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