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Product Name: Fluescan™
Company: Advantica (Acquired by Germanischer Lloyd )

Advantica are the UK’s leading authority on shared flue systems, including Se ducts, U ducts and Shunt ducts. Shared flues are ideally suited to multi storey buildings, where a common flue contained within the building fabric replaces unsightly appliance flues protruding from the outside of the building. 

Product Name: GIS Solutions
Company: Advantica (Acquired by Germanischer Lloyd )

Advantica has extensive experience in Geographic Information System (GIS) implementation, as well as custom application development for energy and water delivery companies. In addition, we have provided successful GIS project management services, delivering projects on-time and on-budget.

Product Name: Aerials Express Imagery Hosting and Distribution
Company: Aerials Express

Using DataDoors™ Hosting and Distribution, Aerials Express is able to provide a convenient and efficient way to disseminate imagery based products to your clients or your internal users without investing large amounts of capital in expensive servers and hard drives. Host your own private imagery collection or host public and commercial imagery providing around the clock access to the imagery source with secure management and accessibility online. In addition, users can utilize flexible image processing and location features powered by DataDoors™.

Product Name: LiDAR Services
Company: Airborne 1 Corporation

At the core of all our deliverables is our laser-generated digital terrain model. This is essentially a points file, as dense or as thin as required, adjusted to the client’s datum and projection needs. These ASCII XYZ points can be the only deliverable, for a maximum savings to clients.

Product Name: Application Development
Company: Alkor Technologies Ltd.

Alkor has got the expertise, personnel and software to provide GIS solutions based on Remote Sensing techniques. Services include image processing, geometric correction, image transformation & mosaicing, image calssification & analysis, etc. Our experts interpret satellite imagery & aerial photographs for a wide range of applications.

Product Name: Data Conversion
Company: Alkor Technologies Ltd.

Alkor specialises in converting paper maps, drawings and satellite imagery into vector format.Alkor has the knowledge, expertise and manpower to undertake such projects on a large-scale.

Product Name: Cartography
Company: Animas Geographic Technology, Inc.

The staff at Animas Geographic Technology has over 22 years combined experience in designing and producing high quality digital and hard copy map products. We specialize in custom mapping for web and multimedia presentations.

Product Name: Engineering Services
Company: Avineon, Inc.

Avineon employs industry best practices to produce high quality engineering solutions for world leaders in the Power, Process, Offshore, Hydrocarbon, and Water industries. Avineon offers expertise in numerous engineering disciplines including: Design, Detailed Engineering, and Computer Aided Design. Through insourcing or outsourcing via a virtual collaborative environment, Avineon delivers expertise globally from facilities in North America and India. Our engineering services are based on proven, repeatable processes that are customized for each customer’s environment while maintaining core project management, life-cycle development, and quality values. The cornerstone to Avineon’s success is our unified business model that has expertly integrated the top business processes in operational excellence and quality.

Product Name: Federal GIS
Company: Avineon, Inc.

The mission of Avineon’s geospatial solutions for the Federal Government is to provide our clients with rapid state-of-the-art solutions that modernize the way they do business. Whether the project initiative is increasing operational efficiency through information accessibility or developing a high-performing enterprise information system, Avineon utilizes top business processes in operational excellence and quality that make your needs become reality.

Product Name: Information Technology Solutions
Company: Avineon, Inc.

Avineon’s Information Technology services are designed to help our clients achieve their business objectives. “Visualize IT. See IT Through.” As the line suggests, the first step is to “Visualize IT”. To accomplish this, we employ a proven CMMI Maturity Level 3 process to define the business and functional requirements that will take our clients from where they are today to where they want to be tomorrow and into the future. The CMMI process, which includes comprehensive ISO 9001:2000 registered Quality Assurance programs, assures that we’re not only effective (doing the right things) but that we’re employing industry best-practices to be efficient (doing things right!).

Product Name: AvisMap GIS Engine
Company: AvisMap GIS Technologies

AvisMap GIS Engine is the basic development platform for AvisMap GIS suites, which is a new generation component GIS development platform for GIS application developers. AvisMap GIS Engine 5 provides powerful GIS functions through Active X controls based on Microsoft COM component technique standards. It allows users to rapidly develop professional GIS applications and increase GIS functions for classical management information system (MIS) by adding graphic visualization, spatial data processing, data analysis or other functions.functions.

Product Name: Cadastral and Parcel Mapping
Company: Aztecs Technologies Private Limited

Cadastral maps define the location, shape and size of a land parcel, within the context of a regional or national geodetic reference system. The cadastral mapping solutions provided by Aztecs help clients to access and assess the data in a land information system, enabling them to keep track of land ownership and land use patterns. This is particularly useful for tax assessment, rehabilitation and land surveys.

Product Name: Digital Terrain and Elevation Models
Company: Aztecs Technologies Private Limited

Aztecs is able to generate highly accurate digital terrain and elevation models by directly measuring each breakline and mass point from aerial photographs, in stereo, to ensure integrity of the final surface. A user-friendly robust software package helps the technicians in map production.

Product Name: Geographic Information System
Company: Aztecs Technologies Private Limited

 During the past four decades, a powerful new technology has quietly changed the way people view and live in their neighbourhoods. This new technology is called GIS and its applications are only limited by the imagination of the people who use it.

Product Name: Orthophoto Generation
Company: Aztecs Technologies Private Limited

Images acquired by satellite and air-borne image sensors have inherent distortions caused by systematic sensor and platform-induced aberrations and relief features of the terrain. Orthorectification is the process of removing these distortions using sophisticated image enhancement techniques. The orthophotographs thus obtained serve as accurate base maps from which precise measurements of objects and features may be made.

Product Name: Data Conversion Services
Company: BAE Systems ADR

Some of the data conversion services we provide are:
  • Design consulting
  • Enterprise implementation services
  • Web-based GIS implementation services
  • Database maintenance procedures
  • Training

Product Name: Digital Photogrammetry
Company: BAE Systems ADR

Digital Photogrammetry is at the core of every mapping product BAE SYSTEMS ADR generates. And behind that is over 30 years experience in all aspects of photogrammetric mapping production.

Product Name: GIS Services
Company: BAE Systems ADR

GIS technology gives you the power to ask questions of your unique database. It then returns precise answers that offer you solutions to your project requirements. BAE SYSTEMS ADR's professionals develop an accurate geographic base map, equipped with a highly organized collection of data, that supports your GIS.

Product Name: Blom Oblique
Company: BLOM

Blom has introduced a revolutionary new oblique aerial imaging system to Europe, based on Pictometry® technology. The oblique images are a discontinuous set of pictures; each point of interest is covered from 5 angles (north, south, east, west and vertical). Resolutions of the images are either 10cm or 15cm cm per pixel and accuracy can be as good as 1m. All images are fully geo-referenced.

Product Name: BluePoint Maps Explorer
Company: Blue Raster LLC

Users now expect a rich interactive mapping experience when they visit your website. Using new technology available from ArcWeb Services, we can rapidly add locator functions and customized map features into your site.

Product Name: MapConnect™ Service Bureau
Company: BroadMap

MapConnect™ Service Bureau's cross-domain team brings nearly 300 years of collective experience in the development of digital mapping and boundary solutions to the job of analyzing our customers’ challenges. BroadMap’s continuing development of state-of-the-art solutions provides our customers with the most current and highest quality data solutions available to ensure you always receive maximum value for your investment.

Product Name: Geodatabase Design
Company: Bruce Harris & Associates, Inc.

Bruce Harris & Associates has vast experience using a modified form of the ESRI Land Parcel Data Model. Our version of the Parcel Data Model emerged after several months of development and testing with clients.

Product Name: Map Maintenance
Company: Bruce Harris & Associates, Inc.

Upon completion of a countywide mapping system, whether manual or digital, many counties rely on BHA to provide ongoing map maintenance services. If personnel, space, or technology are limited, many counties find it more cost effective to have our trained professional staff maintain their map base.

Product Name: Orthophotography
Company: Bruce Harris & Associates, Inc.

Bruce Harris & Associates provides digital orthophotos that represent objects in their true positions, geometrically equivalent to conventional line and symbol maps. Besides digital orthophotography, BHA offers simple rectified aerial enlargements and hard copy aerial prints.

Product Name: RouteMap
Company: Buchanan Computing

Data translation, visualisation and routing all in one package. The ITN layer of MasterMap from Ordnance Survey is an up-to-date road network containing information about many types of traffic restriction. RouteMap takes this data, and displays it clearly and accurately for anyone to query and use.

Product Name: GIS Development
Company: CADforless

CADforless can provide a wide-variety of mapping services using the latest technology. The result is highly accurate and informative map products at a the lowest possible low cost.

Product Name: Mappin
Company: CADforless

Outsourcing mapping related projects saves businesses the high investment in software, data and training required to execute in-house, and frees them up to excel at what they do best. CADforless has expertise in custom ZIP Code and carrier route mapping, sales territory mapping, business locator services, and publication-ready map graphics, delivered as PDF's or across interactive map platforms.

Product Name: Parcel Maps
Company: CADforless

Parcel maps are typically maintained at a variety of scales, and can be either very precise or very general "cartoon maps" which show only schematic layouts of the basic land cadastre.

Product Name: Topographic
Company: CADforless

Topographic maps usually portray both natural and manmade features. They show and name mountains, valleys, plains, lakes, rivers, and vegetation. They also identify boundaries, roads, major building structures and transmission lines.

Product Name: Utility Mapping
Company: CADforless

CADforless can provide a wide-variety of mapping services using the latest technology. The result is highly accurate and informative map products at a the lowest possible low cost.

Product Name: Geographic Analysis Tools
Company: Caliper Corporation

One of the best reasons to use a GIS is to unearth and analyze the geographic components of your data. You can create bands (buffers) around map features, create districts, define areas of influence, perform surface analysis, and create density grids. TransCAD also makes it easy to overlay and aggregate data and calculate statistics.

Product Name: GISDKTM Add-Ins
Company: Caliper Corporation

TransCAD includes the Geographic Information System Developer’s Kit (GISDKTM). GISDK gives you the tools that you need to create a wide variety of products for delivering mapping and geographic analysis capabilities to your customers. Over 700 functions can be called from Caliper Script, a complete programming language for designing menus and dialog boxes (including toolbars and toolboxes) and for writing macros.

Product Name: CartoPac Server
Company: CartoPac Field Solutions

CartoPac Server is our web-based deployment for integration of GIS and mobile solutions for field asset management.  Mobile data collection solutions and project data can be downloaded to mobile devices, and collected data can be uploaded, with just 1-click. Installation is automated and all projects can be monitored from one central configuration control panel.  Integrated with Esri ArcGIS for Server.

Product Name: GIS Consultancy Services
Company: CE Info Systems (Pvt.) Ltd

CE Info Systems offers end-to-end GIS System implementation services beginning with GIS Needs Assessment Study through System Implementation and Maintenance and helps organization achieve highest levels of Return on Investment (ROI) in GIS technology.

Product Name: GeoCity
Company: CH2M HILL

CH2M HILL™ Enterprise Spatial Solutions (ESS) GeoCity uses an industry-proven data model for implementing municipal geographic information systems (GIS), along with specific customizations, to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your municipal operations.

Product Name: Data Conversion
Company: Clove Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Clove converts maps and drawings so that spatial data can be better visualized, analyzed, edited, and maintained. Clove 's CAD services are reinforced by our Quality Assurance processes, which guarantee our customers that all CAD deliverables are produced to the same stringent standards.

Product Name: Land Mapping
Company: Clove Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Whether it's surveying the customer's site, collecting facility data, validating existing maps or drawings, or converting hard copy documents to digital formats, Clove has the people, resources, and processes to meet your needs for Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) services.

Product Name: Marine Charting
Company: Clove Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Clove Technologies core expertise is in providing services in Marine environment such as preparation of Bathy metric charts, compilation of Nautical charts, Digital conversion of Nautical charts, and preparation of Electronics Navigation charts (ENCs) confirming to International Hydrographic organization (IHO) S-57 Specifications. Following is the list of some of the services provided in this area.

Product Name: LiDAR processing
Company: ComputaMaps

ComputaMaps provides advanced solutions and a complete workflow for deriving digital height models from LIDAR point clouds.

Product Name: GIS/FM
Company: Cooper Aerial Surveys Co.

Cooper Aerial Surveys Co. has the ability to GPS facilities and landmarks with accuracy in order to acquire an intelligent geographic land-base and effectively build your GIS system, the integrity of the data collected in the field must be reliable. Cooper Facilities Management Division provides an array of services from setting up data dictionaries to full GPS data collection and inventory. Cooper Facilities Management field crews are equipped with the latest in GPS technology.

Product Name: WebEOC®
Company: Critchlow Associates

WebEOC® is licensed on a per server basis with unlimited users. This means that, unlike other offerings in the market, the system has no compulsory recurring licence fees. WebEOC® does not rely on third party products whose licences must be renewed annually nor must additional licences be purchased as emergency events unfold.

Product Name:
Company: Cyber City LLC is a webbased GIS service with a dynamic change between a 2D city map and an interactive 3D visualization

Product Name: Cartesoft Line
Company: Data Transfer Solutions

CarteSoft, LLC, a subsidiary of Data Transfer Solutions (DTS), was founded in May, 2006 in response to pent up market demand for commercially available Geographical Information Systems (GIS) software applications. Although DTS has enjoyed tremendous success developing GIS applications for both public and private organizations. It became clear early on that these applications had appeal beyond the organizations for whom they were developed.

Product Name: Spatial Data Services
Company: Divestco Inc.

The Spatial Data Services team provides you with geospatial databasing, mapping, and consulting services. You can rely on the expertise of the SDS team to provide you with custom technical solutions.

Product Name: GIS Data Services
Company: DSM Geodata Ltd

It has been estimated that over 75% of data has a geo-spatial element and the linking of data sets through their spatial component adds significantly to their value. It is this fact that has fuelled the growth in demand for geographic information and the use of geographic information systems.

Product Name: Environmental
Company: Earth Tech

Strategic environmental management. Liability/risk management. Site investigation and remedial design. Construction and project management. Remediation systems design, installation, operations and maintenance. Site closure and redevelopment. Earth Tech works with governments and industries around the world to ensure a cleaner, safer and better tomorrow.

Product Name: Facilities
Company: Earth Tech

In response to the strategic needs of our clients, Earth Tech’s comprehensive services cover the full life cycle of a facility, from functional planning for the site and facility, to design and engineering, through to construction and maintenance and decommissioning and demolition. We help our clients manage critical issues like regulatory compliance and future expansion and we provide forward-looking ideas, such as sustainable design.

Product Name: Transportation
Company: Earth Tech

Transportation authorities worldwide are continually working to ensure that their infrastructure keeps pace with growing demand. Our team of experienced engineers, scientists and planners know what it takes to move your program in the right direction. Earth Tech has the expertise and resources to support transportation projects at every juncture of the project’s life cycle.

Product Name: Waste/Wastewater
Company: Earth Tech

Clean water is vital to the health and well being of communities and businesses. By supporting those who manage the world’s precious water resources, Earth Tech is making a vital contribution to public health. At Earth Tech, we bring a wealth of experience to protecting and preserving these precious resources. We help clients around the world to manage and reuse water, providing them with modern and reliable water and wastewater treatment and conveyance solutions.

Product Name: Mapping and Geospatial Data Services
Company: East View Geospatial

East View Cartographic is a full service mapping and GIS data production resource. From photogrammetric map production to GIS vectorization projects, EVC offers it all. EVC specializes in creating, customizing, and enhancing digital geospatial data content.

Product Name: LiDAR Data Acquisition and Processing
Company: Eastdawn Corporation

Light Detection And Ranging (LiDAR) systems are new and increasingly useful tools in the geospatial world. As an innovative company, EDC has utilized the latest Airborne LiDAR device, ALS50II, to conduct LiDAR data acquisition and processing projects and research in China.

Product Name: Ekahau Positioning Engine
Company: Ekahau, Inc.

Ekahau Positioning Engine 4.0 (EPE) is the only software based real-time location system in the market. Besides outperforming competing hardware based solutions, EPE is truly open and future proof location platform that can leverage any existing Wi-Fi network. Ekahaus patented positioning technology is based on signal strength calibration, which ensures the highest possible granularity. EPE is capable of pinpointing Ekahau Wi-Fi Tags, laptops, PDAs and other Wi-Fi enabled devices, with floor-, room- and door-level accuracy.

Product Name: GIS Services
Company: EMA, Inc.

EMA's GIS Practice services range from planning and design consulting services to developing web-based and field technologies in support of enterprise business practices within government, commercial, energy, and utility organizations

Product Name: Parcel Layer
Company: eMap International

Tracking down land parcel data is no easy task. If you’ve done it before, then you know the challenges of gathering data across 3,000 counties, much of it lacking complete attributes or known positional accuracy. Even after the data has been acquired, land parcels typically require conversion and standardization to work properly with other GIS layers.

Product Name: Mapping and GIS
Company: Encodex Telesystems

Encodex provides comprehensive GIS solutions to various sectors like Infrastructure, Town Planning and utilities, Telecom, Healthcare etc. Our offshore development centre at Pune, India offers you the cost effective and timely GIS support.

Product Name: GIS Data Analysis
Company: ENTCHEV GIS Architects

GIS technology aggregates the spatial data you need to make good decisions for your organization.  ENTCHEV uses GIS data analysis to benefit municipal, county and state governments as well as commercial industry.

Product Name: GIS Implementation
Company: ENTCHEV GIS Architects

The data conversion and technology upgrades in a GIS implementation can be a complicated and confusing process.  ENTCHEV's GIS specialists work with clients to make the implementation process efficient and successful.

Product Name: GIS Planning & Design
Company: ENTCHEV GIS Architects

ENTCHEV is uniquely situated to develop custom GIS implementations for each of our clients.  We apply ingenuity and creativity to GIS planning and design and we are not vested in any single software application or brand.

Product Name: Geographic Data
Company: Environics Analytics

Environics Analytics offers geographic data files that work with popular GIS software products, allowing users to create appealing and useful maps of their data. We provide a suite of map data products sourced from both Statistics Canada and TeleAtlas for use in a variety of applications.

Product Name: GIS and Geospatial Analysis Services
Company: Eric Beaton GIS and Planning

Topography of small areas or larger regions can be analysed for various characteristics. Land Use can be broadly analysed for locations or regions. The entire United States is covered by the US Geological Survey; in some areas, more detailed data is also available.

Product Name: GIS Services
Company: Erlandsen

Erlandsen provides professional GIS services including database design and development, system implementation, application development, analytical support, training and GIS Internet hosting and development services. We are committed to providing experienced, professional GIS services that best meet the needs of our clients

Product Name: ArcWeb Services
Company: Esri

ArcWeb Services offers developers a rich set of Web Services application programming interfaces (APIs) for integrating mapping functionality and GIS content into browser, desktop, mobile, and server applications to help solve problems in areas such as economic development, fleet management and business continuity planning.

Product Name: Business Analyst Online
Company: Esri

Business Analyst Online provides on-demand access to presentation-quality demographic, consumer, and business data reports and maps via the Web. Companies, government agencies, and non-profit organizations can use Business Analyst Online to profile customers, analyze potential site locations, reveal untapped markets, and conduct targeted marketing campaigns.

Product Name: WebEOC®Mapper
Company: Esri

WebEOC®Mapper Professional fuses the power of ESRI® ArcGIS® Server 9.2 with the functionality and ease of the ESi® WebEOC product suite.  WebEOCMapper provides customers and organizations with the tools necessary to create a dynamic, geographically-based common operating picture. Integrating various types of complex data into a geographic framework is essential to providing emergency management personnel with actionable information

Product Name: Global Insight Lite 2010.1
Company: Europa Technologies

Global Insight Lite is the entry level data set in the Global Insight product line. The product provides an up-to-date  political map at 1:3,000,000 scale, including some first level administrative divisions and a gazetteer of over 20,000 named places. Place names are in local and alternative forms (English conventional name, foreign language, second national language or long/short form).

Product Name: Global Insight Plus 2010.1
Company: Europa Technologies

Global Insight Plus consists of Global Insight with additional layers to provide a data rich coverage of the world. Global Insight base layers include up-to-date political mapping at two scales (1:3m & 1:1m), coastlines, international borders, some first level administrative borders, time zones, points of interest and over 850,000 named places with urban sprawls. Global Insight Plus supplement layers include roads, railroads, national parks, airports (including name and three character IATA code), ports (including UN/LOCODE) rivers and lakes.

Product Name: Farallon Geospatial Data Modeling and Geodatabase Design
Company: Farallon Geographics, Inc.

Farallon Geospatial Modeling Rigorous data management procedures insure data integrity and useful. Every database Farallon builds follows strict modeling rules, such as referential integrity rules, formal definition of primary and foreign keys, and accurately documented entity relationship diagrams that visually depict valid database object interactions. In addition, we define the required spatial and business rules that all core geodata must meet to be considered valid.

Product Name: Farallon integrates GIS into mainstream IT
Company: Farallon Geographics, Inc.

GIS/IT systems integration includes the work necessary to integrate spatial and non-spatial data from disparate technologies, applications, and business units for use in GIS. Interoperability includes centralized spatial data management, web/application integration services and application connectivity services.

Product Name: Geographic Information Systems
Company: FEDSoft

A GIS creates "intelligent" super maps through which sophisticated planning and analysis can be performed at the touch of a button

Product Name: Data Management
Company: Forth Valley GIS Ltd.

Successful GIS implementation and use is dependent on a robust approach to data management. Current, accurate, complete, and maintained data is essential to making informed business decisions.

Product Name: Enterprise GIS
Company: Fugro EarthData Inc.

Fugro EarthData serves as a distinct resource for customers wanting to integrate all of their geospatial resources into a single enterprise system. In this centralized approach to geospatial information management, all users in all departments maintain direct access to a shared geodatabase for the most current and accurate geospatial and statistical datasets.

Product Name: Net GIS Geocoding Web Services
Company: Gateway Horizons, Inc.

NetGIS Geocoding Web Services offers enterprises and developers a rich set of tools they can use to incorporate location-based services into their applications and business processes. The Geocoding Services run as a separate service than the NetGIS Web Services.

Product Name: Net GIS Web Services
Company: Gateway Horizons, Inc.

The NetGIS GIS Web Services distribute GIS data and information via XML Web services to other applications. XML Web services have become the industry standard for allowing technology to interoperate across programming languages, platforms and operating systems.

Product Name: Data Hosting
Company: GE Energy

Information requirements and challenges facing utility organizations today continue to expand. Executive management and customers expect better service at lower costs. An increasingly competitive market and stricter regulatory requirements are driving utilities to make their operations more efficient, while an increasingly complex infrastructure requires more monitoring and maintenance. Many utilities are looking to technology to help meet these challenges, but with budget constraints, reductions in staff, and evolving data management applications, it is difficult to keep pace. As a result, smart operators are recognizing the many advantages of seeking support from outside sources.

Product Name: GenViewer
Company: Genesys International Corporation

A product that allows simultaneous viewing of data belonging to different time periods and help identify the areas of change. The product is intended to be primarily used for land use/cover studies.

Product Name: Lincompass
Company: Genesys International Corporation

In today's business marketplace, effective use and flow of information is the key to success. Business information parameters like sales, customer inventory, potential market segmentation and demographic profile form the defining factors for all industrial segments like FMCG, Retail, Real-estate, Insurance, Pharmaceutical, etc.

Product Name: GeoServer
Company: Geo Solutions

GeoServer is an Open Source application distributed under GPL license for the handling and dissemination of geospatial data. GeoServer  provides the basic functionalities to create interoperable Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI) according to standards edited by Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)   and ISO Technical Committee 211 (ISO TC 211). GeoServer has been created to ingest, manage and serve geospatial data both vector (called feature by OGC) and raster (called gridcoverage by OGC) as well as to create and disseminate georeferenced maps obtained by overlaying  rendered versions of the above mentioned data according to styling rules coded following specific standards.

Product Name: MapStore
Company: Geo Solutions

MapStore is an Open Source highly modular webgis framework developed by GeoSolutions to create, manage and share securely in a simple and intuitive way maps and mashups created mixing contents served from servers like Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, Bing or from server adehering to OGC standards like WFS, CSW, WMS, WMTS and TMS. It is released under the GNU GPL V 3.0 license.

Product Name: Varion Systems
Company: GeoAnalytics, Inc.

Varion Systems (, a division of GeoAnalytics, is a leading source of best-of-breed, spatially enabled software solutions designed to improve local government business processes. The firm provides a combination of off-the-shelf solutions, custom development, and integration services in the Land Management, Asset Management, Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) tracking, and Web-GIS industries.

Product Name: Miner for GeoConcept Module
Company: GeoConcept SA

Miner for GeoConcept Module divides a geographical area up into regularly-sized grid cells to enable highly detailed analytical procedures to be applied and then reworked within complex analyses of the territory overall.

Product Name: GPS and GIS Asset Management Services.
Company: Geodata Solutions

Geodata Solutions specialize in providing organisations with a detailed knowledge of their assets. These fixed assets include such items as electricity poles, water meters, manholes and advertising boards. The data we provide can range from geographical coordinates to a full description of condition including geo-referenced photographs and is compatible with most Geographical Information Systems (GIS).

Product Name: Web Mapping
Company: Geodata Solutions

Our Web Mapping service is primarily designed to get your geographic data out into public view via the internet - an opportunity for as many people to see it as possible. Use it to drive more customers to your business through an interactive location map on your website.

Product Name: Application Design and Development
Company: GeoDecisions

GeoDecisions uses the latest software development tools and the most current programming techniques and object architectures to provide working solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients.

Product Name: Asset Management Systems
Company: GeoDecisions

GeoDecisions has more than 12 years of experience developing Asset Management solutions for our clients and providing them with the ability to manage their infrastructure more effectively and save money.

Product Name: Image Processing/Remote Sensing
Company: GeoDecisions

Image processing and remote sensing are critical components to all of our planning and environmental assessment projects. GeoDecisions uses revolutionary satellite technology and advanced image processing tools to determine the extent of features, such as land use/cover, flood inundation.

Product Name: Intelligent Transportation Systems
Company: GeoDecisions

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) technologies help transportation agencies across the country.

Product Name: Linear Referencing System (LRS) Design and Implementation
Company: GeoDecisions

Transportation and local government agencies have the unique challenge of using data that is often collected using different linear referencing methods.

Product Name: System Integration
Company: GeoDecisions

GeoDecisions' approach to e-business and e-government ideas is setting a new standard in designing, developing, and implementing scalable and robust solutions

Product Name: Web Design and Hosting
Company: GeoDecisions

GeoDecisions offers a comprehensive, scalable set of services, including Web-design, hosting, and maintenance. Our Web design and graphics professionals have collaborated in designing many large- and small-scale Web sites for client use.

Product Name: LiDAR Surveys
Company: GeoDigital International

LiDAR provides dense and exact 3 dimensional digital models for use in verifying the position of conductors, structures, attachment points, adjacent objects and vegetation growth and the ground surface along the right-of-way.

Product Name: GIS Services
Company: Geographic Information Services, Inc.

Geographic Information Services, inc. (GISi) is the industry leader in the innovative use of geospatial technology. As a professional services organization with strong technical capabilities and a culture of service excellence, GISi has an unparalleled reputation of enabling customer success.

Product Name: GIS Mapping
Company: Geographic Resource Solutions

The foundation of a successful Geographic Information System is accurate and reliable data. We use the latest technologies to create, assemble, and validate GIS-ready data. Regardless of your application, natural resources, utilities, urban planning, land use, soils, roads, or others, we can assist you in creating reliable GIS data. Our years of experience in data services and operations and our sensitivity to customer needs assure the highest standards in data development.

Product Name: Remote Sensing
Company: Geographic Resource Solutions

GRS has extensive experience in remote sensing, image interpretation, and image classification through projects ranging from a few hundred to millions of acres. GRS specializes in resource and land cover classification using satellite imagery and we have become internationally known for our innovative techniques and ability to perform highly detailed and accurate land cover classifications in difficult situations.

Product Name: CensusTrax
Company: GeoGraphs Corporation

CensusTrax is an on-line interactive web GIS service to quickly retrieve, map, export, and print US Census data. CensusTrax also serves as the base framework for the géoflash Explorer system and thus can be fully customized to suit unique needs.

Product Name: GIS Services
Company: GeoNorth, LLC

GeoNorth specializes in developing Enterprise GIS and Internet GIS applications -- using ArcIMS, MapObjects, ArcObjects, and ArcSDE -- that integrate GIS and enterprise database systems. These types of applications support key business functions.

Product Name: GIS Application Development
Company: Geospatial Systems Pvt. (Ltd.)

Through time, as organization become more experienced with GIS, they require more complex applications. The software vendors only respond to what makes economic sense for their market share. What's important to the organization may not be important to them.

Product Name: GIS Database Preparation
Company: Geospatial Systems Pvt. (Ltd.)

Databases are the engines for geographic information systems (GIS).A knowledge based system is only effective if applied to a well-structured, detailed, current database. GeoSpatial assists clients in finding appropriate existing data sources and compiling these varied data sources into a unified GIS database.

Product Name: Data Conversion
Company: GIS Consortium India Pvt. Ltd.

The Organization's Strength lies in capacity to convert large volumes of paper maps and drawings with quick run-around, as well as in ability to manage complex conversion projects, which require creation of data from multiple sources of varying scales, vintage and quality.

Product Name: GeoFile Services
Company: GIS Data Resources, Inc. (GDR)

GDR's core service is its Geofile service, a proprietary mapping solution and data model that provides a multi-sourced, quality controlled and custom-built street network and centerline data, combined with industry-specific data in a singular map file—a Geofile. GDR leverages the GeoServices Engine (GSE), a set of GIS scripting algorithms built by GDR that query a customer's GIS on over 30 parameters to check for errors, consistency and quality, to enable the greatest amount of accuracy and fastest delivery of GIS datasets unavailable in off-the-shelf maps.

Product Name: Data Automation and Migration
Company: GIS Solutions, Inc.

GSI provides full-service spatial data conversion and migration services to facilitate the development and deployment of GIS applications. GSI has expertise in the migration of GIS data from ArcView 3.x to the ArcGIS environment.

Product Name: Database Development
Company: GIS Solutions, Inc.

GSI's expertise in database design, development, and technologies is the foundation of our information systems development and consulting services. Our senior database programmers have an average of more than 10 years of experience designing and developing the full range of relational databases varying in size, complexity, and deployment environments. These include systems built on Microsoft Access, SQL Server, Oracle, and Sybase, and deployed in desktop, networked, and web environments. In addition to designing and developing database applications, we also use our database capabilities to develop GIS and web solutions implementing ArcSDE with SQL and Oracle.

Product Name: System and Application Development
Company: GIS Solutions, Inc.

GSI programming staff are experts at developing applications based on ESRI software and related industry-standard technologies. GSI specializes in developing Enterprise GIS and Internet GIS applications using ArcIMS, MapObjects, ArcObjects, and ArcSDE that integrate GIS and enterprise database systems.

Product Name: GIS Consulting Services
Company: Global Marketing Insights, Inc.

Global Marketing Insights, Inc. focuses on future market opportunities and provides a full spectrum of consulting, training and support services customized to meet the needs of our clients.

Product Name: GPS tracking
Company: GPS Tracking Canada

A GPS tracking unit is a device that uses the Global Positioning System to determine the precise location of a vehicle, person, or other asset to which it is attached and to record the position of the asset at regular intervals. The recorded location data can be stored within the tracking unit, or it may be transmitted to a central location data base, or internet-connected computer, using a cellular, radio or satellite modem embedded in the unit according to wiki.

Product Name: HouseDiff
Company: Hitachi Software Global Technology

HouseDiff is an automatic change detection engine that assists local governments in maintaining more accurate, up-to-date building data.

Product Name: LiDAR Terrain Modeling
Company: HJW GeoSpatial, Inc.

HJW provides airborne LiDAR processing, terrain modeling, photogrammetric integration and also coordinates new data acquisition. HJW integrates orthoimagery and stereo photography into the LiDAR processing workflow, allowing rigorous quality control of LiDAR point geo-referencing, point filtering and match to control sources.

Product Name: Orthophotography
Company: HJW GeoSpatial, Inc.

When many other photogrammetric mapping companies were just learning about digital orthophotography, HJW was already developing our own software and completing city-wide projects.

Product Name: Photogrammetric Mapping
Company: HJW GeoSpatial, Inc.

HJW stands ready to provide you with a full range of customized services to accurately measure spatial features from aerial photography and remotely sensed data. Our clients benefit from our expertise in all aspects of photogrammetry; planimetric and topographic mapping, analytical aerotriangulation, and Digital Terrain Modeling (DTM).

Product Name: GIS
Company: Horizons, Inc.

Horizons values the ability to partner with clients to find solutions for geographic information systems (GIS). The Horizons' team of computer programmers, GIS specialists, cartographic editors and data processing personnel provide experience in gathering accurate map data and structuring the data into an integrated system that is custom-tailored to each client's requirements and specifications

Product Name: LiDAR
Company: Horizons, Inc.

The LiDAR laser system records distance measurements from the scanning laser on the aircraft to terrain features. The LiDAR system virtually paints the surface of the earth with laser pulses that record the elapsed time until the return of the pulse. When this data is combined with information about the position and attitude of the sensor the result is a dense sampling of elevation points.

Product Name: Multiple Image
Company: ImageSat International N.V.

Advanced Applications: Multiple overlapping EROS-B Images A Multiple Image is comprised of more than two overlapping EROS-B Basic Images of the same scene, acquired at the same pass. The technical specifications of each single image are identical to the specifications of the Basic Image Product . However, the length of the images is limited in order to allow the scanning of all overlapping images in the same pass. Multiple Images can be used for advanced applications, for example change detection, as shown in the images below. The different colors show the movement of the same vessel.

Product Name: Data Solutions
Company: indiGEO Consultants Pvt Limited

IndiGEO offers dedicated GIS services to the mineral and petroleum exploration industries. Our team of geologists follow rigorous QC procedures to ensure your digitized products meet the required specifications. As geoscientists, we are able to make informed decisions regarding map attributes and data formats, producing an error-free dataset

Product Name: Data Management
Company: Infotech Enterprises America, Inc

Infotech is a leader in geospatial data management. Through conversion, migration, maintenance and mapping services, we provide industry and government with accurate, high-quality geospatial data to improve the way they do business.

Product Name: Geospatial Technology Solutions
Company: Infotech Enterprises America, Inc

Infotech engages with customers across the geospatial technology lifecycle: from consulting, system design and solution architecting; to application development, system implementation and integration; to training, maintenance and application management services.

Product Name: Photogrammetry and Image Processing
Company: Infotech Enterprises America, Inc

Infotech is one of the largest offshore providers of digital Photogrammetry services in the world. Based on our extensive technical resources, infrastructure and global delivery capability, we manage, execute and deliver large projects to customers worldwide, providing them the benefits of high-quality, cost-effectiveness and reliable delivery.

Product Name: GlobalView
Company: InSequence Inc

GlobalView is the foundation for sharing geospatial data and “geo-collaboration” with other organizations. As outlined in The Department of Homeland Security’s 50 State Initiative GIS data sharing is there #1 top priority. Is your organization able to quickly share data with all levels of government during a disaster? Is your GIS department spending valuable time revising current data to fulfill the needs of the local municipalities?

Product Name: Business Solutions
Company: IntelliOne Technologies Corp.

Offer your business and government customers an alternative to expensive, GPS-based asset tracking systems with IntelliOne’s Mobile Workforce Management service. The hosted service uses permission-based registration of customers’ mobile phones to deliver high-value, low-cost positioning.

Product Name: Active GPS Tracking
Company: iSECUREtrac Corporation

Active GPS tracking is a system for monitoring an individual's movement and compliance to time/location parameters 24/7/365, anywhere in the world. GPS tracking is sometimes also referred to as GPS location verification.

Product Name: Passive GPS Tracking
Company: iSECUREtrac Corporation

iSECUREtrac Passive GPS utilizes the same advanced technology as iSECUREtrac's Active GPS Systems. For example, the Personal Tracking Unit (PTU) utilizes onboard intelligence to autonomously compute GPS locations and compare those locations to compliance parameters stored in the unit, to assess the individual's compliance status. The individual can then be notified in real time that he/she is non-compliant. Rather than report violations to a Command Center in real time, however, iSECUREtrac Passive GPS provides delayed reporting a couple times during a 24-hour period while the PTU is docked within a charging base that's connected to landline communications.

Product Name: Photogrammetry
Company: Iservesoft Geospatial Pvt Ltd

Photogrammetry is the art and science of obtaining reliable measurements by means of photographs, reliable measurements means position, shape and size of the objects. Usually the photographs are taken from the aircraft.

Product Name: Municipal GIS Development
Company: James W. Sewall Company

Sewall provides comprehensive services in GIS development and maintenance to municipal, city, and county governments throughout the country. We assist our clients through every phase of a GIS project, from needs assessment and initial planning to system implementation and training. To address the critical issue of homeland security, we are prepared to build in data sets and applications for emergency planning, deployment, and response.

Product Name: GIS & Mapping Services
Company: Kaastech Software Private Limited

Kaastech offers full range of GIS & Mapping services from data conversion to customized GIS application development to the customers around the globe in industries ranging from Electric, Gas, telecommunication, water / waste water and geology to engineering, mining and government sector.

Product Name: Internet Mapping Solutions
Company: Kinetic Solutions, LLC

Web-enabled GIS allows you to easily and inexpensively distribute your spatial data across your entire organization or to a public audience. Internet mapping solutions don't simply make your spatial data available, they provide the capability to query and analyze that data. The familiar browser format makes GIS easily understandable and usable by people without prior GIS experience or expertise.

Product Name: MapLinks
Company: King County GIS Center

MapLinks points you to maps and map-related resources of local and regional interest offered elsewhere on the Internet (the links are all external).

Product Name: Xypoint® Mapping Server
Company: Kivera

Xypoint® Mapping Server, a location-based services platform, enables companies to develop and deploy location services within new and existing applications. Supporting Web, mobile and on-board clients, Xypoint Mapping Server provides a technology platform for client applications to request and receive location, routing and point-of-interest information, as well as generate maps.

Product Name: KLT ATLAS
Company: KLT Associates

KLT designed its electronic ATLAS specifically for high volume map data collection and analysis. Using the analytical plotter as a tool, ATLAS constantly moves the stereo model to corresponding data locations for operator interaction

Product Name: GIS
Company: KOREM Inc.

KOREM counts among its GIS team many experienced professionals who have contributed over the years to KOREM’s recognition throughout the industry.

Product Name: LinearVision Viewer™
Company: LinearVision, LLC

There are many organizations offering data acquisition and processing services. There are very few that can offer you a proprietary digital video asset viewer that brings your entire system visually to your desktop, geo-positioned and indexed to the attributes that you want and need to see. The LinearVision Viewer™ does all of this, and more.

Product Name: Flood Mapping
Company: Luminous Engineering and Technology Services

Luminous ETS' team of trained flood technicians works 24 hrs on the Manual Flood Determination covering almost all states in US. We have the required software and logins to help our team in determination of accurate flood zone all time phenomenal turnaround time.

Product Name: Utility Mapping
Company: Luminous Engineering and Technology Services

LuminousETS Offers the widest range of Utility mapping services for Electric, Gas, Telecom, PUD* Networks.

Product Name: GeoRisk Services
Company: Mapdata Sciences

When it comes to understanding the level of natural hazard risk a property is exposed to, access to accurate, up-to-date risk data is vital. MapData Services is a source of the latest risk mapping technologies and the most current, comprehensive and quantitative risk data portfolio available in Australia and New Zealand.

Product Name: Custom Maps and Mapping Services
Company: Maponics, LLC

Maponics has provided thousands of businesses with custom maps and mapping services. Whether you need a simple custom map of your area or nationwide territory creation, we will present you with great service, accurate data and beautiful custom maps

Product Name: GeoResults® Toolbox™
Company: Marshall

GeoResults® Toolbox™ provides desktop GIS productivity tools for updating external business systems.

Product Name: CROPCAST Ag Services
Company: MDA Federal Inc.

Cropcast Ag Services (a division of EarthSat Weather) has been a pioneer in agribusiness, providing agricultural weather solutions around the globe for over 20 years. Cropcast agribusiness products integrate meteorological and high resolution satellite data with crop model simulations and ground inventories to provide continuously updated ag weather information to commodity traders, grain/oilseed, cocoa, coffee and sugar importers/exporters, food companies, and government agencies. Our unique resources allow Cropcast to remain on the cutting edge of technology, providing the most unique premium agricultural weather services in the industry.

Product Name: EarthSat Energy Weather
Company: MDA Federal Inc.

Launched in 1990, at the dawn of natural gas deregulation, MDA is the premier source for industry-sensitive energy weather information. Today our clients include such varied industries as energy, food, retail, banking, and government. Our products appeal to anyone who must manage and minimize their energy risk.

Product Name: Global Historical Weather Data Products
Company: MDA Federal Inc.

MDA EarthSat is one of the worlds leading suppliers of weather information products.  Over the past 20 years MDA EarthSat has built a strong reputation of delivering accurate products coupled with the highest level of customer service.  Clients include such varied industries as energy, food, retail, banking, education, and government

Product Name: GeoTagger OnDemand
Company: MetaCarta, Inc.

GeoTagger OnDemand is hosted geotagging service that identifies the places and points-of-interest mentioned in text documents, web pages and blogs, and relates them to their appropriate latitude and longitude coordinates. This enables documents to be automatically displayed on maps, retrieved through a variety of search agents, or dynamically displayed with other geographically relevant content.

Product Name: ArcIMS Hosting
Company: Metropolis New Media, Inc.

For organizations looking to distribute Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data and services over the Internet, Metropolis makes it easy with Metropolis Managed GIS Hosting—a comprehensive outsourced hosting service for ESRI® ArcIMS and ArcSDE that allows you to give your users secure, point-and-click access to GIS applications and information without having to worry about hardware, software, networking and Internet security. Unlike ordinary managed hosting providers, Metropolis is focused solely on Internet GIS and has developed a practice to support enterprise-class implementations of ESRI® Server Products.

Product Name: GIS Colocation
Company: Metropolis New Media, Inc.

For organizations looking to roll out online Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and mapping applications, Metropolis offers Metropolis GIS Colocation™—a custom colocation service for ESRI® ArcIMS and ArcSDE that enables you to distribute secure or public GIS applications, data and web services via the Internet with your own software and servers without having to maintain Internet infrastructure and operations in-house. Unlike ordinary colocation services, Metropolis is an authorized ESRI business partner and reseller that has built a comprehensive business practice to fully support enterprise-class ESRI® server implementations.

Product Name: Operation Analyser - A reliable decision-making aid for day-to-day planning
Company: Mettenmeier GmbH

The Operation Analyser analyses network conditions and allows simple calculations right there in the Smallworld GIS. Its strength comes in solving day-to-day problems with the need to carry out extensive calculations via an external piece of software.

Product Name: Enterprise GIS Solution
Company: Midwest Infotech

Enterprise GIS is an architecture that integrates geospatial data and services and shares them across the organization.It Provides interface for multiuser acess to both spatial and non spatial data.It can also be viewed as an infrastructure that extends and enables existing enterprise systems using geospatial data and services.

Product Name: Database Services
Company: Miner & Miner

Utilities today recognize that their success depends directly on the condition and quality of their database systems. Telvent Miner & Miner realizes that a successful implementation can benefit from additional services related to database configuration and tuning. It is imperative that the information on which important business decisions are based be easy-to-access, fast, reliable, and accurate.

Product Name: Fiber Manager
Company: Miner & Miner

Organizations that maintain distributed fiber optic networks need robust tools to accurately document the location and connectivity of their systems. Many organizations have traditionally relied on CAD-based maps with simple line work, detailed schematic connectivity drawings, and spreadsheets detailing fiber level connectivity. This approach creates a silo of information that is tedious to maintain, difficult to understand, and rarely distributed to other employees within an organization.

Product Name: Centerline Browse
Company: New Century Software

Centerline Browser is an easy-to-use Web-based map application that provides quick, visual access to pipeline GIS data. Powered by Microsoft Silverlight, this tool provides viewing and analysis capabilities that allow operators to easily share PODS-related pipeline and facility GIS data within their organization. Using Centerline Browser’s intuitive interface, pipeline operators can quickly display and navigate maps to get a system-wide view of their organization’s pipeline infrastructure and make important decisions.

Company: New Light Technologies Inc.

New Light Technologies, Inc. (NLT) is an enterprise information technology solutions company with a primary mission of providing clients with the best practical solutions and support needed to meet strategic IT and business process objectives.                                                                                 Through work experience gained in managing complex initiatives, NLT is aware that sound planning, organization, and control procedures are necessary to ensure responsive, timely, and effective delivery of high quality services.

Product Name: Planners' ToolBox GIS Shapefile Subscription Service®
Company: New Urban Research, Inc.

Our subscription service is designed to assist social researchers, urban planners or and other analysts with critical tools and skills in community analysis. The fee is $199 for a 1 year subscription. Once you subscribe you will be emailed an access code which will allow you to gain entry to the subscription site.

Product Name: GIS - Data Conversion
Company: Nexiasystems LLC

Our technicians specialize in the accurate conversion of digitized paper maps, orthophotography, and satellite images into vector formats for ease of storage and manipulation in the GIS environment.

Product Name: Remote Sensing
Company: Nexiasystems LLC

Remote sensing is the study of phenomena sensed from air or satellites. The use of remote sensing provides scientists with an opportunity to interpret data as seen from space. This facility is particularly useful in surveying very large areas at relatively little cost.

Product Name: Web GIS
Company: Nexiasystems LLC

Nexia offers spatial information over the World Wide Web as a turnkey service. The Internet/Intranet GIS technology provides a powerful distribution medium that reaches around the globe to any site with Internet access. Using this technology, organizations can deliver up-to-date geographic and tabular data to their staff, government organizations, and the public with nominal investment.

Company: Nimble Solutions

The main components of any GIS / LIS / PIS establishment are: Geodatabase, HW/SW , and personnel .NSol has successfully developed capabilities to address these components: Specialists / operators for Geodatabase establishment, GeoSoft packages and application development over market GIS packages for HW/SW, geomantic engineers to programmers, GIS / LIS specialists and IT specialists.

Product Name: GIS Application Devel.
Company: Nimble Solutions

For geographic applications, simple yet powerful and economic software plays a very crucial role, especially for those agencies lacking very qualified manpower. Therefore, NSol can develop a simple and user friendly CAD /GIS / MIS / IMS package. NSol can also customize application for market GIS packages such as ESRI Arc GIS, GeoMedia, MapInfo, etc. Relevant Services:

Product Name: GeoViewer
Company: Nobel Systems, Inc.

GeoViewer Online brings all of the power and functionality of high end GIS to the web. Users can securely access your GIS data using Internet Explorer from any PC with an internet connection. With it’s powerful, yet intuitive user interface, GeoViewer Online will allow users to effectively use the GIS without extensive training.

Product Name: GeoViewer Mobile for iPad
Company: Nobel Systems, Inc.

GeoViewer Mobile for iPad is easy to use and was designed with the field worker and manager in mind.  GeoViewer for iPad brings the incredible and distinct Apple user experience to life, giving municipalities and utility districts easy access to critical business data anywhere anytime.    After popular demand, Nobel has merged the iPad and GeoViewer products to create a clean, clear, easy to use graphical map interface online, anywhere, anytime.  An app that can change the way we work in the field by increasing the flow of critical operations information between the office and the field.

Product Name: GIS Conversion
Company: Nobel Systems, Inc.

Nobel Systems is a worldwide leader in the conversion of hard copy maps into a GIS database. With their experienced staff of over 120 technical personnel, Nobel Systems can provide its customers with an extremely high quality product at a reasonable cost. Since Nobel Systems has worked on hundreds of GIS projects, Nobel Systems has the expertise to complete GIS conversion projects on time and within the scope determined by the customer. Nobel Systems' goal is to provide the customer with a quality product while providing quality service to their clients.

Product Name: GeoEnterprise Architecture
Company: Northrop Grumman IT

Geospatial data is created and maintained by many different agencies within federal, state and local government. Such information is used in crisis response and recovery operations, as well as in national security operations. In each of these cases, it is critical to fuse geospatial data created by multiple organizations to support decisions

Product Name: Geospatial Semantic Web
Company: Northrop Grumman IT

Geospatial data is created and maintained by many different agencies within federal, state and local government. Such information is also used in every crisis, response and recovery operation, as well as in regular national security operations.

Product Name: Industrial Lasers
Company: Optech Incorporated

Laser based Level and Process measurement has become indispensable to  industry by allowing continuous measurements in hazardous locations and environments that often impede the performance of more conventional non-contact technologies. The compact units can be easily mounted where needed, will automatically detect levels and regularly transmit  with a user adjustable update rate of up to 5 per second.  Optech systems in particular are designed for the harshest environments, are explosion proof, and have been rated for operation in hazardous locations.

Product Name: Telecom Cable Network Mapping
Company: OPTEN

Mapping services for cellular network coverage modeling, DTM acquisition, 3D city models, high-accuracy 3D surface maps.

Product Name: Orbit FlashMap
Company: Orbit

Based on industry standards, Orbit FlashMap is the first and only web mapping solution made easy for webmasters, while supporting professional GIS requirements.

Product Name: Digital Data for GIS
Company: PennWell MAPSearch

GIS Maps and GIS mapping services for the Electric Power and Oil & Gas Industries. MapSearch offers data in file formats compatible with both GIS and CAD platforms

Product Name: On-call
Company: Petroleum Services at Deloitte

On-call is an on-demand support service providing companies with direct access to our team of Consultants and our suite of Information Solutions. The service draws upon our global databases, industry knowledge and technical expertise to provide assistance, answers and advice, quickly and cost-effectively. On-call is offered on a pay-as-you-go basis. This formalised support arrangement radically reduces administration and means that no question is too small and each will receive immediate attention.

Product Name: 3D Visualization
Company: Photo Science, Inc.

At Photo Science, we consider 3D visualization services to be an inherent part of our business and a natural extension of our daily work. This is primarily due to the fact that virtually every project requires the development, manipulation, and delivery of CADD and GIS data.

Product Name: Aerial Imaging and Data Collection
Company: Photo Science, Inc.

Precision aerial photography is a critical component to accurate surveys and mapping. Photo Science offers a fleet of aircraft equipped with precision cameras and state-of-the-art navigation equipment that enables the capturing of a wide range of aerial photography and digital imagery products.

Product Name: Aerial Photography
Company: Photo Science, Inc.

Photo Science owns and operates eight FAA-certified aircraft to provide aerial photo missions. Each aircraft is capable of supporting virtually any type of traditional and digital aerial photogrammetric mission and is equipped with airborne Global Positioning Systems (GPS) receivers, Inertial Measurement Units (IMU), forward-motion compensation (FMC), and gyro-stabilized camera mounts. Additionally, our flight crews utilize flight management system software to not only plan aerial photo missions, but use this information to feed the aircraft’s avionics systems to help ensure that the aircraft are in the appropriate position to accurately capture each individual exposure.

Product Name: Geographic Information Systems
Company: Photo Science, Inc.

GIS technologies allow new and innovative ways to look at the world around us. More than a pretty picture, these technologies offer powerful tools that can be used to programmatically identify, analyze, and recommend ways to better manage manpower, materials, and time.

Product Name: Image Processing / Analysis
Company: Photo Science, Inc.

Photo Science offers full-service image processing and analysis services utilizing a host of commercial satellite imagery sensors such as Landsat, SPOT, AVHRR, RADARSAT, and IRS, as well as remotely sensed data collected from aircraft equipped with multispectral and hyperspectral sensors.

Product Name: Photogrammetric Mapping
Company: Photo Science, Inc.

Photo Science has provided a wide range of photogrammetric mapping services including aerotriangulation, stereocompilation for planimetric and topographic mapping, and orthophoto generation.

Product Name: Remote Sensing
Company: Photo Science, Inc.

Photo Science has been a recognized leader in the remote sensing industry, providing an unmatched ability to acquire and analyze remotely sensed imagery. Utilizing a host of specialized techniques and software technologies

Product Name: Asset Managment
Company: Pinnacle Mapping Technologies

Pinnacle understands that maintaining and managing assets is a way of life for most public works, engineering, highway, water or sewer department employees. We offer solutions that can help greatly reduce the timely and costly process of keeping up-to-date records used to manage public or private assets.

Product Name: Mining & Minerals
Company: Pinnacle Mapping Technologies

Pinnacle understands the importance of having accurate and detailed monthly, quarterly or year-end calculations of coal, rock and sand stock piles.

Product Name: nuiEncoding™ Service
Company: Pixia Corp.

Pixia is pleased to offer nuiEncoding™ as a service. Simply send us your data in one of the accepted file formats, and we will take care of the rest. We will return the data in the nui™ file format – ready for fast access and instant viewing.

Product Name: GIS Consulting Services
Company: PlanGraphics, Inc.

The development, implementation, and integration of GIS solutions have been a primary focus of PlanGraphics since the company was founded in 1979. With more than two decades of corporate experience with GIS consulting,

Product Name: ICITI.IN
Company: Proficio GeoTechnologies Pvt Ltd

Proficio's provides Bangalore's residents access to their city through interactive maps using GIS technology. The site can be a source for comprehensive local business information online, and end users can use it to locate businesses anywhere in Bangalore. With an intuitive interface and handy functions like zooming and panning, has the potential to become the master index of this city's geography.

Product Name: Geospatial integration services
Company: Quantum Infotech, Inc (Quantum Infotech now Excyl, Inc)

Use of GIS for data visualization is becoming popular in all the federal agencies. In recent survey conducted by Business Week

Product Name: Technology Services
Company: Ramaker & Associates, Inc.

Ramaker & Associates' Technology Services team makes it possible for professionals to focus on their area of expertise, while knowing their information technology demands are being met. Our custom systems provide quicker and easier access to critical data, helping clients make better decisions and run operations more efficiently. We utilize the latest, cutting-edge software and hardware for creating information management applications to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Product Name: Data Management
Company: RAMTeCH Software Solutions, Inc.

RAMTeCH has been providing GIS and Engineering data management services to the utility, telecommunication, engineering, and local / state government organizations. RAMTeCH brings deep domain expertise and significant experience on both small and large programs related to the creation, manipulation, and maintenance of critical enterprise GIS data.

Product Name: Spatial Modeling and Analysis
Company: RMSI

RMSI has considerable experience in spatial modeling and analysis, and in building databases to model natural catastrophes such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and floods.

Product Name: Agri-Web GIS
Company: Rob Wooding and Associates

Clients need to be able to extract the information they require from our maps and then make it work for them. We advise and assist in the purchase and implementation of GIS systems. A combination of local knowledge and programming skills have resulted in a particular specialty which is the location, conversion and integration of spatial data from other sources

Product Name: GIS Services
Company: Rolta International, Inc.

Organizations around the world depend on Rolta for world-class geospatial and GIS-based services. Rolta has successfully executed multimillion dollar projects in sectors as diverse as environment, transportation, energy, power, agriculture, public safety and government.

Product Name: GEOBOOK® Author
Company: Sanborn

The GEOBOOK Author framework provides a flexible, cost-effective solution that makes it easy to publish and distribute geospatial data. Based on Sanborn's GEOBOOK application, the Author software provides the capability to quickly build GEOBOOKs by embedding interactive maps, text documents, images and other data visualization controls.

Product Name: Sanborn GIS Services
Company: Sanborn

Advances in technology have made geographic information systems more valuable than ever. Today’s systems are more powerful--and more complex--than their recent predecessors. Professionals who depend on a GIS to help make important business decisions need a full-service, experienced source to help manage this sophisticated and indispensable tool, and increasingly they’re finding it with Sanborn.

Product Name: Digital Elevation Models (DEM)
Company: Satellite Imaging Corporation

For the Orthorectification of Satellite Images, Aerial Photography and for the visualization of terrain conditions in 3 Dimensions (3D) a Digital Elevation Model (DEM) is generated from a variety of resources. In addition to the Orthorectification of Remote sensed Images, the DEM’s are also utilized in support of the pre-planning and lay-out of corridor surveys, area developments, Seismic line locations, Well sites and Engineering or Construction activities.

Product Name: Geographic Information Systems
Company: Satellite Imaging Corporation

Satellite Imaging Corporation combines orthorectified satellite images and digital aerial photography mosaics with extracted vector and client-supplied attribute data to create single, data-rich images. To achieve this multi-layered result, SIC utilizes among others ESRI programs: ArcGIS and ArcGIS 3D Analyst.

Product Name: Satellite Imaging & Digital Aerial Photography
Company: Satellite Imaging Corporation

Utilizing advanced Remote Sensing techniques, Color and Panchromatic image data processing services are provided, including orthorectification, pan sharpening with image data fusion, image enhancements, georeferencing and mosaicing and color/grayscale balancing. Optional satellite imaging features may incorporate specialized processing procedures used to analyze.

Product Name: Map Digitization & Conversion
Company: SBL

SBL Geomatics provides map digitisation services representing analogue signals or raster images by a discrete set of points.

Product Name: Field Data
Company: ScanControl, Inc.

ScanControl, Inc. is a field data collection and GIS solution provider. The company has developed a customizable, database driven, software product that can be easily adapted to multiple specialised field data collection functions. It is also possible to deploy language packs and terminology for each individual user to enhance usability of the software.

Product Name: Simple field service management delivers data direct-2-GIS
Company: ScanControl, Inc.

ScanControl, Inc. desktop and mobile field data collection software allows public domain service administration functions to be easily visualised, tracked and analysed through integrated server based GIS tools. Field personnel can record observations using GPS enabled PDA's or smartphones and synchronize data with a central database. The data collection interface provides the user with options to make selections from customizable lists.

Product Name: VPmap Series V3
Company: softelec

VPmap Series bridges the gap between raw mapping material and geographical information systems. Paper maps, satellite images, and aerial photography are a major data source for GIS. Fully equipped, easy to use, and independent from any target GIS platform, VPmap Series provides accurate integration, calibration, and conversion of original map documents with two product alternatives: VPmap and VPmap pro.

Product Name: Professional Services
Company: Spacient Technologies, Inc.

Spacient® offers a full array of professional services for implementing cost effective enterprise technology and field computing solutions. Through our team of professionals and certified Fieldport® implementation partners, Spacient provides unique capabilities in delivering solutions that drive improvement in operational efficiency and customer service.

Product Name: SWConnector
Company: Spatial Business Systems, Inc.

Spatial Business Systems Inc., a leading developer of geospatial interoperability solutions is proud to announce SWConnector 1.0, a comprehensive .NET API for GE Smallworld. With SWConnector Smallworld customers can now develop applications in C#, VB.Net or other dotnet enabled languages against Smallworld

Product Name: SWService
Company: Spatial Business Systems, Inc.

Announcing SWService V2.0, a Windows Service wrapper for managing Smallworld server based applications. The SWService product enables Smallworld server applications, such as SIAS to be run as Windows Services with comprehensive service management capabilities.

Product Name: EZ File
Company: Spatial Data, Inc.

EZ File is a user-friendly service provider line count tool to assist wireless carriers in submission of reports to the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC). These vital reports allow you to recover your fair share of the universal funds.

Product Name: VixxiLink
Company: Spatial Data, Inc.

Our data has been purchased by wireless, telephone and telematics companies around the world. It is without a doubt the most comprehensive, reliable 9-1-1 data of it's kind.

Product Name: FirePlan GIS
Company: Spatial Informatics Group (SIG)

FirePlan GIS is unlike other fire management because of the level of detail it uses deriving recommended management alternatives. For instance, in looking at the cost effectiveness of treating different stands, it factors in changes to treatment costs due to vegetation type, slope and distance to nearest road. In assessing visual impacts, it evaluates how many properties could see a treated stand based on line-of-sight viewability.

Product Name: Land Value GIS
Company: Spatial Informatics Group (SIG)

Hedonic analysis is a powerful statistical tool that analyzes the relationship between price and attributes in housing and other markets. One of the most common applications of hedonic analysis is generating price indeces for housing and land. That is, for a given housing market, it can help determine how much an additional bathroom, garage space or square foot of yard is worth. Likewise, it can be used to derive values for land, even in areas where there is no bare land. Increasingly, hedonic analysis is being used to derive price indices for more abstract "non-market goods," such as views, clean air, open space, or proximity to an industrial facility.

Product Name: Consulting & Custom Applications
Company: SpatiaLogic

SpatiaLogic provides a broad specturm of GIS consulting services. Our exceptionally trainined staff are experienced in tailoring custom software applications.

Product Name: CoverageViewer
Company: SpatialPoint

Gain a better view of the wireless service market. CoverageViewer combines the marketed coverage areas of every major US wireless carrier with detailed and cartographically superior MapPoint maps to enable quick visual analysis and compelling presentations.

Product Name: Wireless Coverage Data
Company: SpatialPoint

SpatialPoint's Wireles Coverage Database is a unique map database showing a comparison of wireless coverage areas marketed by wireless carriers including Sprint, Verizon, Alltell, AT&T, T-Mobile, and others. The dataset: Has over 150 different wireless carrier coverage maps allowing you to view marketed build-outs, compare wireless cellular coverage, differentiate affiliate areas, and much more!

Product Name: Data Conversion
Company: Speck SpatialTech Limited

Speck SpatialTech provides a complete range of data conversion services for clients around the world. Starting from customized individual services that allow clients the flexibility of selecting specific tasks...... all the way to end-to-end project management, Speck can offer the best data conversion solutions in the industry. Speck employs state-of-the-art tools and skilled professionals to deliver on-time, best quality services at competitive rates

Product Name: FORMOSAT-2 images
Company: Spot Image

Earth observation systems offer more or less broad coverage and ever-finer detail, but their revisit frequency is still limited for surveillance purposes. FORMOSAT-2, the first and only high-resolution satellite with a daily revisit capability, overcomes this obstacle to provide a new response to your surveillance needs.

Product Name: KOMPSAT-2: the alternative metric solution
Company: Spot Image

Spot Image, as KOMPSAT-2 (KOrean MultiPurpose SATellite) - the very-high-resolution satellite belonging to the Korean Aerospace Research Institute (KARI) - imagery distributor, is ready to offer you easier and wider access to a unique palette of data products

Product Name: SPOT images
Company: Spot Image

The images acquired by SPOT Earth observation satellites are an unparalleled source of information for studying, monitoring, forecasting  and managing  natural resources and human activities on our planet.

Product Name: Geo Spatial Services
Company: Suchan Infotech Limited

Suchan‘s GeoInformatics Division, a global geo-spatial solution provider focuses on a wide spectrum of industry such as utilities, telecommunications, transportation, land information management, geology, agriculture etc. in both government and private sector companies.

Product Name: Service GIS
Company: SuperMap Software Co., Ltd.

SuperMap Service GIS is specially designed for setting up GIS servers to serve your data and share your GIS capabilities out via web in a fast, standard and reliable way. It also provides multiple SDKs for GIS developers and programmers to quickly customize their own Web GIS applications (B/S structure), including JavaScript, Silverlight, Flex, Realspace, etc.

Product Name: Server GIS
Company: support systems ltd

Server GIS enables you to distribute your maps, models, and tools to others in your organization in a way that fits well into their workflows. ESRI servers include ArcGIS Server, ArcGIS Image Server and ArcIMS.

Product Name: GIS Services
Company: Surdex Corporation

For nearly 50 years, our goal has been to serve our clients - with quality, accuracy and precision. As fellow GIS users, Surdex understands the problems associated with designing, developing and implementing an enterprise or organizational GIS. In fact, many of our staff members have worked at the Municipal or County government levels at some point in their careers, thus providing Surdex with insight into the local government GIS community. Using our combined experience, we examine each client's specifications carefully and are prepared to offer what we believe to be the most logical, economical and timely approach available.

Product Name: Professional Services
Company: T-Kartor AB

Design, production and maintenance of maps and geographic data is an area we know from more than 15 years of providing services, enhanced by a rich breadth of staff technical experience. A growing number of clients entrust us with multi-year responsibilities to design and produce maps, or to maintain geographic databases. We focus on innovative development of methods combining modern digital mapping/database management technology with quality management principles. It is our aim and belief that this mix of IT and cartographic experience, together with a constant focus on the goals of our clients, allows us to offer an efficient, quality service unparalleled in the industry.

Product Name: Custom GIS Applications
Company: TAIC

Technology Associates specializes in developing custom GIS applications to enhance your organization's business processes, aide decision making, and improve situational awareness. We are experts in design, development, and deployment of several platforms and several different computer languages. Our solutions are designed to be secure, to maximize value and ease of use, and to enhance decision-making and analysis capabilities. We use a GIS fabric to encapsulate data and functionality within IT Web tools to produce enterprise-wide results.

Product Name: Environmental GIS Services
Company: TAIC

Technology Associates’ Environmental GIS Group specializes in GIS as a centralized data management and analytical tool on a variety Environmental Planning Projects, including habitat conservation plans, species and habitat modeling, environmental impact analyses, vegetation mapping, land use planning and general resource management studies.

Product Name: GIS Services
Company: TAIC

Technology Associates’ Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) service offering specializes in the development of GIS solutions that transform large amounts of complex data into enterprise knowledge. Our solutions focus on making information readily available through channels such as the desktop, the Web, and wireless applications.

Product Name: City Maps
Company: Tele Atlas

Tele Atlas’ 2D- and 3D-enhanced City Maps deliver a more lifelike experience for end users through user-friendly and attractive displays, and improved orientation and navigation. We currently offer multi-dimensional maps of the most essential cities in Europe and North America, and are continuously expanding our coverage.

Product Name: Telmap Services
Company: Telmap

Telmap's Hosting Services maintain a redundant, high availability, multi-tiered, scaleable and secured architecture. The multi-tiered model allows Telmap's Hosting Services to build a cost effective, secured, scalable and intelligent network, while maximizing the entire system performance. The services provide security and safety using automated fault recovery management, and include a web-based management console that integrates with leading systems management platforms.

Product Name: Tensing Web GIS
Company: Tensing

Tensing Web GIS is specifically designed to address those departments not requiring corporate GIS seats, yet require the ability to view, display, query, edit and control such data for their own purposes as a crucial part of their day to day business processes. Web GIS delivers the total solution for the Geo-presentation of digital maps AND access to existing corporate GIS applications through an intra/internet window.  Please contact us for a free demo.

Product Name: Terrapoint - Airborne LiDAR Data Services
Company: Terrapoint

Terrapoint provides many cost-effective and quality solutions to meet your geo-spatial information needs. We combine intimate knowledge of LiDAR technology with a unique focus on customer satisfaction to address a broad marketplace. Terrapoint’s operational flexibility—with multiple collection platforms (fixed wing, rotary and vehicular)—offers data capture methods that our diverse customer base requires.

Product Name: Environmental monitoring
Company: Terrasystem

For reasons of scale, cost, timing and complexity, the use of remote-sensed data has long since become essential in environmental surveying. This approach allows the user to survey ever-increasing quantities of data as well as being able to make generalisations from the acquired data.

Product Name: Cadastral Mapping
Company: The Sidwell Company

Cadastral mapping at Sidwell is performed through a comprehensive network of computer workstations, at which technicians perform map construction operations to create land information management systems.

Product Name: FARMS
Company: The Sidwell Company

Sidwell’s Farmland Assessment and Reporting Management System, or FARMS software is a true GIS-based solution for performing productivity-based assessment of agricultural properties. This powerful tool calculates areas for unique combinations of soils and land uses within parcels and provides a comprehensive workflow for post-processing raw GIS data all the way to assessed values.

Product Name: FARMS
Company: The Sidwell Company

Sidwell offers parcel map, soil map and land use, map construction and conversion services, and area computation services to support agricultural real estate assessment. Computations based on soil type and/or land use are applied against productivity indexes to perform calculations through to valuation. Additionally, to help assessors in their work to assess farmland, Sidwell has introduced a GIS solution. Sidwell’s FARMS (Farmland Assessment & Report Management System) application is designed to help assessors determine valuations for farmland based on soil types and land use. This multi-featured software is designed for use in the creation and analysis of data sets related to the process of agricultural real estate assessment.

Product Name: Photogrammetric Service
Company: The Sidwell Company

The Sidwell Company has been providing aerial photography and photogrammetric services since the 1960's. We have certified photogrammetrists and pilots on staff and we own all industry standard equipment including aircraft, high accuracy aerial photography cameras, airborne GPSm flight management software photo processing lab, a digital scanner, softcopy photogrammetry systems and stereoplotters.

Product Name: Photogrammetric Services
Company: The Sidwell Company

Sidwell has the equipment and software necessary to offer a wide variety of photogrammetric services and to complete your project from aerial acquisition through digital orthophotography. Using our extensive experience, we maintain careful control over the processes, assure product accuracy, and keep costs down. Sidwell’s staff of experienced technicians and certified licensed professionals has the industry expertise necessary to deliver superior products and services to your organization that are completed on time and under budget.

Product Name: Map Suite Professional Services
Company: ThinkGeo

ThinkGeo's project design, development, implementation and training services will help you bring your GIS ideas to market quickly and affordably.

Product Name: Technology
Company: Timmons Group

For more than fifteen years, Timmons Group has been developing computer technology solutions known as Geographical Information Systems (GIS) in order to provide clientele with organized, relevant and all-encompassing data. Our technology solutions can immediately reveal trends, patterns and answers to complex questions that are not readily achievable with other forms of data sets, presentations or reports, particularly in the event of an emergency.

Product Name: Laser
Company: Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc.

Some of the innovative features seen in Topcon construction lasers have their beginnings as a direct result of breakthroughs in products developed outside of the Construction Laser division. Many others were developed as a direct result of recognizing a need, and dedicating the resources to overcome it. We intend to continue on the path of innovation. And if you're thinking of purchasing a construction laser, we hope you recognize this fact and become a part of our revolution.

Product Name: MapBroker Web Services
Company: UbiEst

Our web mapping platform enables easy integration of UbiEst interactive maps to any corporate web site or custom and legacy applications.

Product Name: IcoMap v4.2
Company: UCLID Software

The IcoMap extension for ArcGIS is the most accurate, convenient and cost-effective way to create and maintain an accurate parcel layer in GIS. With IcoMap, ArcMap users create line and polygon features in a geodatabase quickly and accurately – an average of 84% faster than other methods.

Product Name: ID Shield
Company: UCLID Software

Identity Theft is an alarming trend and sensitive data in online public records puts citizens at risk. Reviewing millions of documents to locate and redact this information requires manpower and resources you probably cannot afford. Automated redaction is a fast, easy, reliable solution that is amazingly affordable and it can function as a stand-alone solution or be tightly integrated into your existing applications and workflow.

Product Name: ID Shield
Company: UCLID Software

Identity Theft is an alarming trend and sensitive data in onlID Shield v6.0ine public records puts citizens at risk. Reviewing millions of documents to locate and redact this information requires manpower and resources you probably cannot afford. Automated redaction is a fast, easy, reliable solution that is amazingly affordable and it can function as a stand-alone solution or be tightly integrated into your existing applications and workflow.

Product Name: ID Shield for Laserfiche
Company: UCLID Software

Identity Theft is an alarming trend. Personal data in shared documents and online records can put people’s security at risk. ID Shield for Laserfiche is a powerful and cost effective redaction tool that can help you streamline the process of securing the sensitive data in your electronic documents.

Product Name: Application Management Services

Infotech’s Application Management Services help clients improved application service levels with predictable costs without the need for their own applications staff, or systems resources.

Product Name: Geospatial Technology Solutions

Infotech engages with customers across the geospatial technology lifecycle: from consulting, system design and solution architecting; to application development, system implementation and integration; to training, maintenance and application management services.

Product Name: GIS
Company: Variac Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Variac's services: Are focussed around the area of Digital Mapping, the heart of any Geographical Information System being the map data base. The efficiency of a GIS is therefore related to the accuracy and detailing of the related map data.

Product Name: GIS Services
Company: VELOCITIE Integration, Inc.

VELOCITIE offers a full complement of GIS-related services for energy and water utilities, municipal agencies, and telecommunications companies. We provide effective technical consulting and management throughout the entire life-cycle of a GIS development project. We use modern design and development methodologies such as the IBM ® Rational Unified Process™ to identify requirements and build efficient and comprehensive solutions to meet them.

Product Name: VUEWorks™ Service Call
Company: VUEWorks Inc.

Designed for staff who regularly answer calls, VUEWorks Service Call provides a fast, flexible, easy way to log, track, display and report calls from citizens. Simply enter a name or street address and Service Call will quickly center the map over the area of concern ready for the call taker to enter information from the caller. The great thing about entering information is that call takers can enter the data in either table or form views. Either way Service Call automatically remembers user preferences and opens up in the last used view every time.

Product Name: Geographic Information Systems
Company: Western Air Maps, Inc.

Geographic Information Systems are limitless in application, and with advances in technology and on demand applications coming to the forefront, professionals are looking to Western Air Maps for solutions. Landscaping professionals and environmental engineers use GIS in the field to catalogue and inventory different types of vegetation and their health. Municipalities use GIS to perform tasks such as storm run-off, utility dispatching, watershed analysis, and traffic flow patterns. Military installation use GIS for mitigation studies, environmental impact assessments, and disaster response scenarios.

Product Name: Geospatial Extraction
Company: Western Air Maps, Inc.

Western Air Maps' geospatial analysts utilize stereo imagery to produce complex three- dimensional models. A variety of data sets can be extracted with the aid of softcopy work stations.

Product Name: LIDAR
Company: Western Air Maps, Inc.

Light Detection And Ranging (LIDAR) systems are a new and increasingly useful tool in the geospatial world. LIDAR units measure the time it takes laser pulses to strike an object and return in order to acquire an accurate three-dimensional digital data set of the target area. These systems can scan through dense foliage and acquire data day or night; attractive features for projects with challenging terrain and tight schedules. The combination of LIDAR and WAM's proven photogrammetric and cartographic expertise produces the highest quality geographic information for our clients.

Product Name: eServiceHub™
Company: XPAND Corporation

eServiceHub™ is a web based communication and collaboration portal that greatly reduces the burden and time required by stakeholders to implement suitable workflow, information sharing and tracking processes. The web-based solution approach and underlying technology have been developed by XPAND for other similar applications.

Product Name: Database Design and Information Collaboration
Company: Zekiah Technologies, Inc

The foundation for an effective and scalable information system is a well-designed database. Collaboration between systems, as well as people, is essential for efficient storage and management of information. Zekiah Technologies approaches database design from a simple point of view: information should be stored and maintained where it used by the people who know the information best.

Product Name: GIS Integration
Company: Zekiah Technologies, Inc

Advances in modern GIS technology have greatly increased the opportunities to insert GIS tools and data into traditional information systems. Spatial technologies can now be tightly integrated with relational database systems and customized with standard development tools and languages.
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