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GIS Database Systems

Product Name: WiSARD
Company: American Roamer

WiSARD is the Wireless Industry Search And Retrieve Database. This service is an easy to use web-based search engine that gives you the information you need - FAST! It's the entire commercial wireless industry at your fingertips..

Product Name: Airborne Geophysical Products
Company: AUSLIG

Geoscience Australia's National Airborne Geophysical Database contains magnetic, gamma-ray, elevation and electromagnetic data from more than 900 airborne geophysical surveys conducted by or for the Australian Government. They comprise more than 19 million line kilometres of mainly total magnetic and gamma-ray spectrometric data.

Product Name: Thematic Data (GIS)
Company: AUSLIG

Thematic data consists of a theme, which is the occurrence of a particular feature or phenomena above, on or below the earth's surface. The features are not necessarily physical features - they may be place names, administrative boundaries, or cultural features.

Product Name: Topographic (GIS) Data
Company: AUSLIG

Digital spatial data, or Geographic Information System (GIS) data, is a digital representation of the real world and spatial objects such as points, lines and polygons are used to depict spatial features.

Product Name: MAPdata World
Company: Avenza Systems Inc.

MAPdata World is a 3 part set of GIS map data covering the world at 1:15 million scale.

Product Name: SpatialWare
Company: Baseline Business Geographics

MapInfo's SpatialWare is the most advanced server technology for extending the power of Oracle databases through spatial analysis. It implements SQL-based advanced spatial access, analysis and modeling in an open, standards-based environment. For the first time, users throughout the organization can have easy access to spatial information from a single database source--made possible by SpatialWare for Oracle running on Sun Solaris, UnixWare or DEC UNIX, and the SpatialWare DataBlade for INFORMIX Universal Server. Each SpatialWare information management solution enables full integration into enterprise IT architecture and data warehouse environments.

Product Name: OS Sitemap™
Company: BlueSky International Limited

OS Sitemap™ is derived from the Ordnance Survey's National Geographic Database, and is the most up-to-date mapping data available.

Product Name: Map Your Own Data
Company: Caliper Corporation

Data Access: TransCAD lets you create maps using your own data. Map data from dBASE files and text files directly, or access data from any ODBC compliant data source such as Access, Oracle, SQL Server, and many others. You can also use raster images such as satellite or aerial photographs directly in your maps. These images can be used as a means of reference or in conjunction with the map editing tools to create or edit geographic files.

Product Name: Data Migration
Company: Clove Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

An advantage of GIS-applications lies in the possibility of setting in intelligent data models. In the migration, AutoCAD object structures that largely consist of polylines and blocks, should be transferred into a GIS data model.

Product Name: TathyaChitra
Company: CyberSWIFT

TathyaChitra will help the health industry in better health monitoring and respond quickly and effectively to changes. This product of CyberSWIFT is developed after closely understanding the needs of health sector in the country. TathyaChitra is easily customizable and one of its kind GIS based health-monitoring product.

Product Name: Data Normalization Tool Suite
Company: Data Transfer Solutions

The Data Normalization Tool Suite includes GIS-related products that have been developed to support the integration and utilization of disparate datasets for various levels of state, regional, and local governments.

Product Name: CrossLog Suite
Company: Divestco Inc.

CrossLog Suite uses digital curves and scanned logs to enable you to quickly view, print, and interpret your well logs.

Product Name: GeoVista
Company: Divestco Inc.

GeoVista is the leading oil and gas database browser offering speed and ease of use, integrated engineering and time slice tools, advanced query capabilities, and spatial accuracy. With an advanced yet simple search engine, GeoVista gives you the flexibility and speed to conduct advanced queries using hundreds of criteria, helping you gather the essential information and make key decisions. Whether you want to query a small region or an entire province, GeoVista can put comprehensive Canadian oil and gas data and maps at your fingertips.

Product Name: Automated Vehicle Locator (AVL)
Company: DPRA Inc.,

DPRA's AVL extension provides users with an interface that is fully integrated with monitoring data. The system takes advantage of the geographic functionality within GeoPortal web-based GIS.

Product Name: ArcSDE
Company: Esri

The ArcSDE technology incorporated into ArcGIS Server is used to access multiuser geographic databases stored in relational database management systems (RDBMSs). It is an integrated part of ArcGIS Server and a core element of any enterprise GIS solution. Its primary role is to act as the database access engine to spatial data and related attributes and metadata stored in an RDBMS

Product Name: GDSK SPATIAL
Company: GDSK S.L.

GDSK SPATIAL is the core of GDSK GEOPLATFORM. This component is a geographical database (geodatabase) that stores information about geographic features, geometry, data view, system configuration, metadata, security and exposes a set of high performance native GDSK SPATIAL geo-functions and communication gates.

Product Name: GeoPAD (Mobile GIS Application)
Company: Geo Soft

GeoPAD version 2.1 is cost effective Mobile GIS product for use on Pocket PC (PDA) running Windows Mobile 2003, 2003 Second Edition and 5.0. With GeoPAD user can perform field data collection, create, edit Map data, integrate GPS, create attributes, modify attributes, perform query on database, find, and Perform measuring. GeoPAD Version 2.1 is useful in mobile mapping and GIS application. GeoPAD provides database access, mapping, GIS, and global positioning system (GPS) integration to users out in the field via mobile devices. GeoPAD supports a multi layer environment with vector map and raster image display that includes aerial photographs and satellite imagery.

Product Name: GeoNetwork
Company: Geo Solutions

GeoNetwork is the Open Source catalogue for the management and the dissemination of metadata and related resources according to standards mandated by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and by the ISO Technical Committe 211. GeoNetwork is licensed as GPL and provides the capability of online metadata editor, search portal as well as registry and repository, it also supports metadata harvesting from other catalogues as well as the creation of federations via remote search.

Product Name: OpenSDI Suite
Company: Geo Solutions

The OpenSDI Suite includes Open Source components with proven robustness and reliability for which GeoSolutions staff members are core developer and/or member of the steering committees. Just to name a few we can mention GeoServer, GeoNetwork and MapStore. GeoSolutions is proud to offer five levels of professional support services  to help organizations with building enterprise-class Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI), integrating and tuning best-of-breed Open Source geospatial products, the OpenSDI Suite.

Product Name: ArcSDE
Company: Geo-Imaging

ArcSDE is an application that allows you to manage your spatial data within a number of commercial databases (Oracle, SQL Server, Informix and DB2) and most operating systems.

Product Name: Geocortex Optimizer
Company: Geocortex by Latitude Geographics

Geocortex Optimizer helps capture, organize, and analyze information about your ArcGIS Server sites and related infrastructure. With Optimizer, you can measure and optimize the performance of ArcGIS Server, understand and communicate how people are actually using your applications, and increase the overall availability of your applications.

Product Name: GeoDataSource™ Cities Database Gold Edition
Company: GeoDataSource

GeoDataSource Cities Database Gold Edition contains 2,880,880 entries with city names in original language and English, feature type classifications, country names in FIPS and ISO, regions, sub-regions, state or First-Order Administrative Division, county or Second-Order Administrative Division, longitude and latitude in degree and decimal, Univeral Transverse Mercator coordinate grid and Joint Operations Graphic reference.

Product Name: GeoDataSource™ World Land Features Database
Company: GeoDataSource

Database of worldwide man-made structural features in text format suitable for any applications requiring a comprehensive list of structures and related information such as regions.

Product Name: GeoDataSource™ World Structural Features Database
Company: GeoDataSource

Database of worldwide man-made structural features in text format suitable for any applications requiring a comprehensive list of structures and related information such as regions.

Product Name: GeoDataSource™ World Water Features Database
Company: GeoDataSource

Database of worldwide man-made structural features in text format suitable for any applications requiring a comprehensive list of structures and related information such as regions.

Product Name: Spatial Update Utility
Company: Geodynamic Solutions, Inc.

Much of the data required by your GIS community is maintained in database repositories. Creating and maintaining this data as spatial layers in your ArcSDE database can present many administrative challenges. Geodynamic Solutions’ (GSI) Spatial Update Utility eliminates these challenges by coupling these database repositories directly to ArcSDE.

Product Name: DataFrame™ ASG
Company: GeoFields, Inc.

Design sheet templates with virtually unlimited flexibility and distribute them to users for batch sheet production projects or on-demand sheet generation. A library of sheet bands allows you to display your data in a wide variety of styles for any type of sheet from classic alignment sheets to construction, integrity and risk sheets. Symbology, graphic representation and labeling are amazingly flexible using the same powerful tools available in ESRI's ArcGIS® suite. Press-quality sheet output is generated in batches or one at a time direct to printers or to formats including PDF and GeoPDF with embedded map data. 

Product Name: QA/QC
Company: geographIT

geographIT’s comprehensive suite of quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) tools and procedures ensure that data received from outside vendors are in total compliance with your database design specifications. We design a geodatabase which becomes the yardstick against which conformance and compliance of your delivered product can be accurately measured. This becomes the critical first step for establishing a solid and sustainable QA/QC program.

Product Name: GIS/LBS Server
Company: GEOMania Co., Ltd.

GMS(GEOMania Millennium Server) is an open spatial database management system which proudly boasts combined technologies of database, client/server technology and geographical information technology. GMS is a result of pure domestic application technology that has been developed to provide platforms for NT and UNIX servers while being able to be connected with the common clien

Product Name: MapVSession.NET
Company: GeomMatters Technologies

GeomMatters MapVSession for ArcGIS ArcSDE, is the first and unique .NET Component with a collection of programmable objects that enable developers to build ArcGIS ArcSDE management, monitoring and repositorie manipulation applications rapidly, having full access to the operations supplied by ArcSDE API client in a Windows Development Environment such as Microsoft Visual C#, Microsoft Visual Basic, Microsoft Visual C++.

Product Name: TuxedoDB
Company: GeomMatters Technologies

TuxedoDB for ArcGIS ArcSDE is a powerful graphical, unique and specialized tool that centralizes the ArcGIS ArcSDE Administration duties.

Product Name: GeoResults National Database
Company: GeoResults, Inc.

Our comprehensive national business database contains information on over 16 million U.S. businesses for analyzing market opportunities and targeting specific high-value business customer prospects. GeoResults uses a combination of bottom-up, top-down and rule-based predictive models to create unique estimates of telecommunications bandwidth demand, circuit demand, and total spending estimates for both voice and data services for each individual business and building in our national telecom database.

Product Name: EarthBase V 1.0
Company: Go Spatial Limited

We are happy to announce the completion of EarthBase version 1.0, a global database of spatial data, annotation and associated cartographic styles and symbols. An exciting line of EarthBase derived products are scheduled for release in 2006.

Product Name: Hummingbird ETL
Company: Hummingbird

Hummingbird ETL is a powerful data integration solution that spans the functional areas of data extract, transformation, and load (ETL) and enterprise application integration (EAI). It transforms, cleanses, enriches and directs information across the entire spectrum of decision support systems and corporate applications, for projects that might include data warehouses or data marts.

Product Name: Data Hosting Services
Company: i-cubed

The variety and volume of raster data - satellite imagery, aerial photography, lidar, DEMs, scanned maps - is growing exponentially. Finding the dataset your users need and distributing it on demand is a challenge for even the most robust technical departments.

Product Name: DB2 Connect
Company: IBM Corporation

Provides application enablement and robust, highly scalable communication infrastructure for connecting Web, Windows, UNIX, OS2 and Mobile applications to S/390 and AS/400 data

Product Name: IBM IBM - IBM Informix Dynamic Server Express Edition Informix Dynamic Server
Company: IBM Corporation

IBM Informix® Dynamic Server Express Edition provides a superior, embedded-database platform for building midsize business solutions. The solution does not require local IT resources to support, can be embedded within a solution providing a single installation. IBM Informix Dynamic Server Express Edition supports a wide array of development paradigms, including Rapid Application Development capabilities to speed time to value.

Product Name: IBM Informix Spatial DataBlade Module
Company: IBM Corporation

IBM Informix Spatial DataBlade brings all the functionality of the IBM IDS to location based data.

Product Name: Server Studio™ JE
Company: IBM Corporation

Server Studio™ JE is a comprehensive multiplatform tools suite for IBM Informix® servers that enables database administrators and developers to improve efficiency of daily tasks such as: application development, schema and storage space management, performance monitoring and optimization, event response management and server maintenance.

Product Name: FileStorm Appliances
Company: Inline Corporation

The INLINE FileStorm Appliance family is designed to offer a complete instantly available solution to many of today's data storage needs in a compact, quick to deploy appliance. These appliances (f10, f20, f30 and f40) range in size, functionality and performance for Network Attached Storage.

Product Name: FileStorm f2 Engine
Company: Inline Corporation

The FileStorm Engine family enables industry leading throughput and fast response times for Network Attached StorageTo deliver continuous system health monitoring and high uptime, FileStorm has incorporated an integrated yet separate management processor

Product Name: MorStor TruFibre 480
Company: Inline Corporation

The MorStor TruFibre 480 (TF480) was designed with flexibility, reliability and performance in mind. INLINE’s MorStor series is an innovative and cost effective range of high performance, modular storage systems, providing a highly stable and reliable enclosure for sixteen Low Profile Fibre disk drives in only 5.25” of rack space.

Product Name: SATAlite s10, s20, s30
Company: Inline Corporation

Fast throughput and flexible configuration options make SATAlite ideal for businesses and institutions that demand cost effective, high-performance storage. With up to 6.4TB of capacity and innovative tools for remote management, this breakthrough solution is easy to configure, easy to maintain, and powerful enough to meet your organization’s growing

Product Name: Ultra SCSI - Morstor U360
Company: Inline Corporation

INLINE Corporation's MorStor U360 uses the Wide Ultra SCSI2 standard, a 16-bit bus capable of 80 MB per second transfer rates, the maximum currently available using any SCSI storage standard

Product Name: VirtualStor
Company: Inline Corporation

VirtualStor is a data management module that provides centralized management for your entire storage network, regardless of OS, manufacturer or technology. VirtualStor modules allow you to customize your storage network to meet the unique needs of your organization.

Product Name: Mobile GIS
Company: Integrated Mapping Services, Inc.

Integrated Mapping Services, Inc. (InMaps) has, for many years, been helping customers use Smallworld in the field. Our approach is to use native Smallworld and replica databases to provide the same experience in the field as in the office. There is no translation of data into new formats, no separate applications to maintain, and no new technology to support.

Product Name: Data Conversion
Company: Integrated Spatial Solutions Incorporated

In many cases, GIS was preceded by computer-aided design (CAD) as a spatial data repository. Thus many companies’ spatial databases are held in CAD format. These spatial databases are therefore limited in accessibility to GIS functionality because CAD oriented data capture often results in limited attribute data collection and little or no geospatial referencing.

Product Name: Database design
Company: Integrated Spatial Solutions Incorporated

Database design is an important component in a successful GIS architecture. The design of a database will affect the efficiency of queries, overall data storage space, application functionality, and data maintenance. ISSI analysts have the experience needed to properly design a database that adapts to the unique demands of each individual client.

Product Name: SuperMap

SuperMap GIS is a new generation comprehensive geographic information system platform based on the scientific and technological innovation of SuperMap GIS Technologies, Inc. SuperMap GIS is made up of a series of software products, and addresses the needs of different kinds of users of every profession and trade

Product Name: Data Migration ETL
Company: Lagen Spatial

By using extract, transform and load (ETL) software, which includes reading data from its source, cleaning it up and formatting it uniformly, and then writing it to the target repository to be exploited. The data used in ETL processes can come from any GIS/CAD or database source.

Product Name: MapInfo Professional
Company: Lagen Spatial

MapInfo Professional™ is a powerful Microsoft Windows-based mapping application that enables business analysts and GIS professionals to easily visualize the relationships between data and geography.

Product Name: LorikDigital
Company: LORIENNE S.A.

LorikDigital is designed to explore cartographic repositories in order to generate digital maps applicable to the Internet or any electronic publication. LorikDigital exports high quality results in GIF, TIFF, Geotiff, JPEG, PNG, EPS and PDF tile mosaics. It enables the selection of data to be displayed in order to fine-tune the graphics while keeping a dynamic link with the source of data for automatic updating. LorikDigital embeds a batching system for mass production setup.

Product Name: LorikGISDigital
Company: LORIENNE S.A.

LorikGISDigital extracts GIS data in order to generate digital maps applicable to the Internet or any electronic publication. LorikGISDigital exports high quality results as web tile mosaics and proposes to create additional companion files such as KML. The unique tiles naming system brings a full compatibility with any webmapping application. LorikDigital embeds a batching system for mass production setup.

Product Name: Air Traffic Playback and Analysis
Company: Luciad nv.

It's one thing to be able to record and review air traffic control data. To understand air traffic control data is a whole different story. With the complexity of today's air traffic patterns, recording tools and simulation tools require a powerful, intuitive graphical interface to assimilate information, analyze trends and recommend solutions.

Product Name: EarthSat GeoCover
Company: MDA Federal Inc.

GeoCover-Ortho (Orthorectified) products are the actual satellite images derived from Landsat TM scenes and are the most accurate, commercially available base maps of the world. GeoCover-LC (Land Cover) products consist of a medium resolution land cover database, prepared from consistently orthorectified Landsat Thematic Mapper (TM) imagery.

Product Name: Microsoft MapPoint North America 2010
Company: Microsoft MapPoint

Map business data and streamline your travel with up-to-date maps, plus new features such as map settings, more pushpin images, and the ability to send routes to your GPS device.*

Product Name: Virtual Earth
Company: Microsoft MapPoint

Virtual Earth is a flexible and reliable platform for developing innovative, yet cost-effective location solutions with unique imagery, dynamic maps, step-by-step driving directions, various content layers and an intuitive user experience. With ongoing investment in innovation, the Virtual Earth platform continues to evolve, regularly offering new services, breakthrough visualization tools and content layers.

Product Name: agriMapper
Company: MSSB Consulting UK Ltd

agriMapper is an extremely simple geographical information system designed specifically for development professionals. A straightforward gis application that allows users to track, measure and report on the land use indicators that are common in environmental or agricultural projects. Multiple geographical areas can be measured and their characteristics easily stored and analyzed over time. Geographical measurements can either be made directly onto satellite imagery online or via uploading gps data.

Product Name: GIS & RS Data Products
Company: Nova Workvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

Used to Database, Town Cadastral Database (or Digital Cadastral Database)

Product Name: Space Lidar Systems
Company: Optech Incorporated

Optech is a high-tech renaissance company with long-term vision and near-term solutions. Our space lidar systems offer key technological solutions that enable robots and humans to sense and visualize the world around them at the speed of light.

Product Name: Oracle 9i Database
Company: Oracle

Oracle9i delivers the security you need to keep your business up and running, by protecting your data throughout your infrastructure, from browser to application server to database.

Product Name: Oracle 9i Real Application Database Clusters
Company: Oracle

With the Clusters, your back-office applications, your customer-facing applications--anything you need to run your business--turns into one failure-proof stronghold of data--can't break it, can't break in.

Product Name: Oracle Data Integrator
Company: Oracle

Oracle Data Integrator delivers unique next-generation Extract Load and Transform (E-LT) technology that improves performance and reduces data integration costs, even across heterogeneous systems. Oracle Data Integrator offers the productivity of a declarative design approach, as well as the benefits of an active integration platform for seamless batch and real-time integration.

Product Name: Oracle Database 11g Editions
Company: Oracle

The innovation continues with Oracle Database 11g Release 2 to lower IT costs and deliver a higher quality of service by: Consolidating business applications onto fast, reliable and scalable database grids. Maximizing availability  and eliminating idle data center redundancy. Compressing data onto low cost storage partitions for faster performance. Securely protecting information and enabling compliance. Doubling DBA productivity and reducing the risk of change

Product Name: Oracle E-Business Suite
Company: Oracle

runs end-to-end business applications entirely on the internet

Product Name: Geospatial Data Security with VectorLock®
Company: PAR Government

PAR Government and eMap International have teamed up to help customers protect their geospatial data with VectorLock®. VectorLock® is an ArcGIS® extension that enables organizations to protect geospatial data by controlling access to shapefiles.

Product Name: PCI Geomatics’ Generic Database
Company: PCI Geomatics

PCI Geomatics’ exclusive Generic Database (GDB) technology makes it possible to view and process geospatial data from more formats than any other geomatics software package.

Product Name: NETCENTS
Company: Raytheon Systems Imagery & Geospatial Systems Division

NETCENTS stands for Network Centric Solutions and is an Air Force IDIQ contract to provide Network-Centric Information technology, Networking, Telephony and Security, Voice, Video and Data Communications Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) products, system solutions, engineering services systems hardware and software, warranty, systems management, operations and maintenance support.

Product Name: R2-3G
Company: Raytheon Systems Imagery & Geospatial Systems Division

R2-3G is the U.S. Army Program Communications-Electronics Life Cycle Management Command’s follow on contract to the current Rapid Response (R2) contract.

Product Name: Data Solutions
Company: RMSI

RMSI leverages its domain knowledge and data expertise to develop high quality, cost effective solutions specific to its clients' needs. Our offerings include data enhancement, manual flood determination and data engineering services. RMSI’s expertise lies in process migration and development.

Product Name: Sanborn Database
Company: Sanborn

Sanborn excels in designing, developing and implementing geospatial databases that satisfy operational needs, be it remote information access, detailed GIS analysis, or the tracking of operational activities using integrated geospatial technologies. These solutions are built using industry standard development platforms, such as ESRI and Intergraph, coupled with DBMS platforms, i.e. ORACLE or Microsoft SQL Server, using the latest programming environments, such as .NET.

Product Name: ROU Master
Company: SECON Private Limited

ROU Master - a Right Of Use (ROU) Acquisition software developed by SECON - provides details about land records, ownership details and automates the complete land acquisition process. It is useful for managing enormous data collected and generated for various activities involved with ROU Acquisition. The laborious task of generating notifications and notices are simplified and errors minimized.

Product Name: Fieldport Field Inspection and Data Collection
Company: Spacient Technologies, Inc.

Configurable solution for GIS and GPS based field inspections, inventory, and field data collection.

Product Name: Natural Assests (tm)
Company: Spatial Informatics Group (SIG)

SIG's NaturalAssetstm Information System provides clients with the ability to account for and track these environmental assets in a fully customized, spatially explicit format. Combining Geographic Information Systems (GIS)technology with our extensive database of summary results from peer-reviewed environmental valuation studies, Natural Assetstm provides SIG consultants with the ability to generate interactive maps, graphs and economic statistics at a variety of geographic scales, from the individual land parcel, to the state level.

Product Name: Desktop GIS
Company: support systems ltd

ArcGIS Desktop is software that allows you to discover patterns, relationships, and trends in your data that are not readily apparent in databases, spreadsheets, or statistical packages. The products include ArcInfo, ArcEditor, ArcView, ArcReader and ArcGIS Desktop Extensions.

Product Name: Cruiser-polis
Company: Talent Information Systems S.A.

Cruiser-polis is an innovative system for geo-spatial planning and management of assets and resources, designed specifically for the needs of modern Municipalities.

Product Name: Data Verification & Validation
Company: Techni Graphic Systems, Inc.

TechniGraphics offers services to improve the completeness and correctness of third party or customer data sets by filling in missing data fields of attribute information, catching and modifying inaccurate data already filled in and PinPointing the geographic locations of all entities in the data sets.

Product Name: Points of Interest
Company: Tele Atlas

When you’re trying to find that perfect restaurant, or your gas tank is empty and you need the nearest filling station, you can count on Tele Atlas Points of Interest (POIs). We have nearly 16 million POIs available worldwide and, more importantly, the quality necessary to help you find your destination.

Product Name: The Tensing Scheduler
Company: Tensing

The Tensing Scheduler is a solution for mission critical field service resource planning, offering the flexibility and efficiency of geographical optimization algorithms. Through its tight integration with other systems, our scheduler effectively leverages the features of efficient geographical optimization algorithms to make it the compelling choice for mission-critical planning.

Product Name: Ambercore - Spatial Data Integration and 3D visualization
Company: Terrapoint

The powerful core base of Ambercore software processes and displays spatial data extremely efficiently and there are no limits to the size of data sets which it can handle. For example Ambercore software processes billions of LiDAR data points where industry software is limited to millions.

Product Name: Aerial sensors integration
Company: Terrasystem

TERRASYSTEM is involved in the design, development and integration of environmental sensors and airborne data capture systems.

Product Name: VAPS XT
Company: TERREX

VAPS XT is the logical evolution of HMI development. Built on years of industry expertise and developed through close consultation with top avionics and automotive manufacturers, VAPS XT is a next-generation solution for data display, simulation applications, and the development of embedded systems. The new XT 661 module allows you to specify and design any cockpit display system that requires compliance with the new ARINC 661 aviation standard.

Product Name: GIS Data / Map Maintenance
Company: The Sidwell Company

Sidwell’s experience and dedication to mapping technology allows us to efficiently perform and deliver GIS data maintenance in legacy (hard-copy) and digital formats, including MicroStation Reprographics, CAD, and ArcGIS. Let Sidwell maintain your GIS with professional expertise. Available services include, but are not limited to:
  • Cadastral GIS updates based on recorded documents and/or client requests
  • Customized change record forms detailing each completed change
  • Acreage calculations and reports based on updated soils polygons for agricultural parcels (using FARMS)
  • Custom mapping projects, including corporate boundary issues, land-use analysis, etc.
  • Production of hard copy map and aerial plot
  • Flexible payment options

Product Name: GIS Data / Map Maintenance
Company: The Sidwell Company

Sidwell's experience and dedication to mapping technology allow us to efficiently perform and deliver map maintenance on legacy systems and also in a variety of digital formats, including Reprographics, Geographics, and ArcGIS. Our depth of experience also qualities us to perform maintenance and upgrades on systems not created by Sidwell! This wide range of capabilities means that you receive the fastest, most accurate and cost-effective mapping services available in the industry.

Product Name: NAVTEQ
Company: Tier 3, Inc.

NAVTEQ digital map data offers accuracy, detail, reliability, and flexibility. Continuously updated to maintain its freshness and precision, NAVTEQ digital map data not only enables door-to-door routing throughout Europe and North America, it contains millions of Points of Interest (POIs), making it easy to locate everything from restaurants to hospitals and gas stations.

Product Name: Centrifuge Desktop
Company: Tildenwoods Corporation

Centrifuge lets users ask open-ended questions of their data by interacting with visual representations directly. Users can dynamically manipulate the displays, in a highly interactive fashion, to reveal non-obvious relationships and uncover meaning.

Product Name: Optical
Company: Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc.

Topcon is known for its innovation and top-notch optical equipment. We offer a full line of optical instruments designed using our exclusive optomechatronic technologies. From the most advanced robotic total station to the most rugged waterproof and affordable levels, our priority is your productivity.

Product Name: TGT BarcodeMapper™
Company: Tri-Global Technologies, LLC

If you are looking for a geospatial inventory solution for bar coded assets, look no further. Tri-Global Technologies introduces BarcodeMapper. A fully integrated barcode database for ESRI™ArcPad™.

Product Name: FMRS
Company: TriGeo Technologies Pvt. Ltd

FMRS is developed for multi-user environment using Client/ Server Architecture for a big farm equipment manufacturing company. The challenge was to design and develop a single system capable of dynamically displaying the user interface depending on the language the user chooses. This system has capabilities to interact with several dealer systems in different countries, to import / export data into / from FMRS. This package can run under SIX different languages. The building blocks of FMRS are Import & Export from different databases, Reports, On-line data entry and National language Support (NLS). The user can run the package in a language of his/her choice. FMRS was developed using PowerBuilder 4.0 as the front end and SQL Server 6.0 as the backend

Product Name: Galaxy Sentinel™ GMDSS
Company: Trimble Navigation

The Galaxy Sentinel™ GMDSS two-way satellite communications system meets the requirements for the International Maritime Organization's (IMO) Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS).

Product Name: USStandards
Company: Utility Sciences Corporation

USC's construction standard drawings are tied to detailed equipment and labor databases. Integrate USStandards with a variety of applications for construction and maintenance activities. The product runs over the network and allows multiple users to view manage and modify a job outside the USDesign environment.

Product Name: USView
Company: Utility Sciences Corporation

USView is a powerful tool to publish and distribute your GIS data company-wide. Completely user-configurable, in just minutes you’ll be using USViewTM to browse, pan and query your GIS from any computer on your network. With ‘pointand- click’ functionality enabling dynamic SQL search capabilities, GIS intelligence is no longer restricted to those with specific knowledge and training. Additionally, the USViewTM MultiSpeak® DEF allows additional access to AMR, Load Control, Outage, SCADA and Engineering systems and data.
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